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About A One Van Lines

A One Van Lines provides quality comprehensive moving services to all of our clients. There are no obstacles that our relocation specialists are not able to overcome. Our team of professionals will be able to provide you with the most effective and direct solutions in order to ensure a smooth stress-free relocation.

We pride ourselves with being the industry leader in top quality client service. For us every client is VIP. Each of our valued customers receives a personalized moving experience with our helpful staff that is ready to answer any questions, provide any assistance and facilitate a smooth and easy move from any to all locations.

Moving-Me about A One Van Lines

From the beginning of your move to its completion, you will receive the A One Van Lines Advantage. This embodies all aspects of your move, from the pre-move planning phase to the unpacking and removal of your moving boxes. Your A One Van Lines Personal Relocation Consultant will be there with you every step of the way. A One Van is a moving company based in New York and provides Local Moves and Long Distance Moves. They will take complete and utmost care of your move and make it an easy transition to your new place. Your satisfaction with their quality service is very important, since they are looking to retain you as a client for all of your moves to come, and hope to have you recommend them to your friends and family.

A One Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

A One Van Lines is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. A One Van Lines is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 788514
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 2276259
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: T38619
New York State Department of Transportation. To verify the license, contact NYDOT at (800) 786-5368, or e-mail at [email protected]

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What is A One Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2500 together with local $950. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. A One Van Lines is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

A One Van Lines Reviews

KISS YOUR VALUABLES GOODBYE!! I am a career mover who worked with several moving companies and this is by far the worst! Trust me, you are better off selling everything of value and buying new before you use this company!!! I really wish I did! During delivery, the truck was so packed they needed to cover my yard with another customers entire move just to get to mine! Yes, this is a money making game of TETRIS. All the bubble wrap, foam and moving blankets in the world will not stop these guys from damaging items you worked hard for. I literally spent over $400 in bubble wrap and foam to secure fragile items. I didn't complain too much about the small stuff like dishes and mirrors. However, the most expensive item on the truck was damaged, my TV! In addition, the boxes that contained only clothing and linens were smashed open as if a heavy dresser was placed on them. Another customers dresser perhaps? My new desk top computer and monitor that was in it's original box was also damaged. As I continue to carefully open more boxes, I have this mental picture of things being thrown and tossed carelessly by the workers. What makes me even more upset, I hosted the staff with refreshments and gave each and everyone of them a healthy tip. Then here comes a guy asking for additional cash for TOLLS! I conclude with this...DON'T BE TOO BUSY TO READ REVIEWS. It could save you from a big headache!
- Miki V.

Today I had the pleasure of moving with one van lines...I was very skeptical at first Because of bad experience in the pass with other movers but from start to finish I was really impressed by the way the whole aone team was very friendly and patient with me...From the office staff off Mark,Lewis and Susan ..to the 3 men crew of Vernard,Francis and Errol you guys made my move very satisfying....Thank u again aone for all the help
- Akisha B.

I'll start by saying this READ ALL THE BAD REVIEWS FOR THIS COMPANY BECAUSE THEY ARE TRUE Suzanne will tell you that they are all just angry people trying to give them a bad name but the issue is A One Van Lines I hired this company a week ago and I debated on if this review was even worth my time I was quoted $780 for 5 hrs 3 movers from Bronx to PA I was told that the travel time was $180 and labor time was $120 an hour I would only be paying more if I used the workers for more time there were supposed to be "no surprise charges" when they called me the next day to confirm I was told that what I was told the day prior was incorrect and the travel time does come out of the 5 hr labor time, fine i figured it should still be ok because the drive to Pennsylvania is only 2 hrs max. Well they arrived at 11:15am and were done at 12:50pm in the Bronx I left the move site to drive to pa at 1:10 they were still standing outside smoking cigarettes they did not arrive to Pennsylvania until 4:16pm and gave me a bill for over $1,000 they will tell you the blue moving blankets are free but they probably won't tell you that you have to pay $3 per roll of tape to wrap the blue blankets which for me came to $60. I gave them their money and I just wanted them to leave. Once the movers were done I called them to see why the movers took over 3 hrs for a ride that took me an hour and a half they Said the truck can only go 50 mph on the highway which I feel this is bs my advice ask all the questions you need, write down names because they all tell you something different and don't leave the truck, follow it everywhere it goes. I did not tip their movers because I was pissed off and I feel like they should have got the tip from their boss who overcharged me for an hour and a half that they can't even explain to me where the truck was. This has been an ongoing issue after reading the reviews they will tell you one price and upcharge you before you take your stuff off the truck makes sure you have extra money when booking this company.
- Jasmine M.

This company will take you to the cleaners! You have been warned! Quoted us at $600 then ended up paying more than double at $1350! They will charge you for everything incl the use of there quilts. So slow to move and took 4 hrs for a trip that usually takes an hour. They will charge you even for removal of their quilt ! Horrible is an understatement for this moving company.
- Celine C.

Please don't think because there are a few good reviews on here that this company is anything but a scam. Its been 5 years since my initial review of them and I must stress again how awful they are. All the same,​ employees are still at the company. I cannot stress enough how rude, unprofessional, and scathing they were towards my husband, myself, my mother in law. They never acknowledged​ anything and never tried to remedy anything. I don't engage in negativity, but I want to make sure this "company" (and all the employees that are still active) that told me with a sarcastic tone "Just try to post a bad review on Yelp. No one cares. We will still be in business" gets what is coming to them. My past review is as follows: PLEASE RUN AWAY, THIS IS THE WORST MOVING COMPANY! I beg you, please don't use them!! They damaged our furniture and goods, were SO rude to us, and upon arrival,​ the driver tried to extort us for more money. This is just a cliff notes version of how awful they were to us. This company should be CLOSED FOR GOOD. This is our original review and since then we have seen good reviews pop up for this company. I don't know why because they were awful and even told us "Your review on Yelp won't hurt us, don't even bother" They are disgusting people **Original review in 2013. And we STILL tell people to avoid them like the plague** PLEASE HEED OUR ADVICE. DO NOT HIRE THEM. We hired this company and they have been nothing but horrible to us, our family, and damaged our goods. We moved from NYC to California and the company all the way up to the owner have treated us terribly. Our things showed up 2 weeks late, damaged, and the driver demanded we give him cash instead of the certified check or money order the contract stated. He almost drove away with our things unless my husband ran across the street to the bank and get cash. After our things were delivered and damaged, we mailed a claim form to be reimbursed from our couch being ripped and TV cut on the top...and they have been condescending on the phone and rude. Told us they "don't care if it takes 6 months before they deal with us." We also have a baby boy and had to sleep on the floor for a week because they didn't show up with our things on time. I have NOTHING NICE to say about this company or any of their employees. Susan has been rude. Barbara. Josef. And they stole a tip from my mother in law and have yet to pay back Josef said "Tips were mandatory. We have families". I am giving the short version because SO much time and energy has been wasted on this company. Please don't ever use them. I say this to help you, the customer, not have to deal with what we are now dealing with. Thank you for reading and listening.
- Meredith B.

It was a NIGHTMARE!!!!!! I was given a quote of $1100.00 to move a sofa, 2 arm chairs, dining room table & 4 chairs, a queen size bed and 3 side tables. I was charged $1400.00 when all was said and done! At 9:45 pm the night before pick-up I was told this amount, I canceled the truck. My sales man ( Mike B. ) couldn't call enough and assured me that I would only pay the $1100.00. We set up a new truck, upon pick-up I was presented a contract with the $1400.00, at this point Mike is passing the buck to a supervisor named Suzanne. She is never available and does not return calls! My furniture has been delivered and I had no choice but to pay the $1400.00! I have yet to receive a call from anyone representing this company! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! Best way to describe my experience... It was a hostage situation with my items!
- Jennifer N.

Horrible experience with this moving company. Moved from Devon, PA to Houston, TX. 1. They lost my TV stand in transit. After you report it to them, they bury you in a mountain of paperwork. Movers blame the office, the office blames the movers. Its been 3 weeks since I complained and nothing yet. 2. The office can never give you a ballpark estimate of when the stuff will arrive. I travel for a living and cannot be at home week after week waiting for their stuff to arrive. The office actually told me that they couldn't give me one because "the movers don't pick up their call", causing me to work from home for 2 weeks. They wouldn't even give me a date within a couple of days. My stuff (broken and items missing) arrived almost 25 days later. 3. The initial estimate given was obviously under quoted. Ended up paying more than double for actually loading approximately 50% of the items that the initial estimate was based on. They were obviously playing me. I had to dump a lot of stuff because of the expense. 4. The movers (both loading and unloading) were very aggressive in demanding tips. 5. My furniture turned up broken in may cases. They didn't take care of my items. I understand some of the items were pressed wood furniture. I am referring to the items that were not. All in all I am convinced that I got played. I will never use A One Van Lines again.
- Divyendra N.

I worked closely with Eric at A One Van Lines on a tight timeline move from Astoria to Buffalo, New York. Moving is usually stressful, and I wanted to write this to say I appreciated their customer service from beginning to end. We did an over the phone estimate (tip: have your list of items ready when you call) and the final total was very close to the estimate. No surprises, which was good. The bid was much less than other moving companies, as we were able to combine my apartment move with another customer headed to the same area. I really appreciated the good rate and was happy about Eric's patience and transparency on extra fees/costs we might run into. The crew, led by Bob, was on time (3pm on the dot) and wrapped everything well. They did an overnight move and delivered everything to Buffalo at 8am the next day. Everything arrived in the same condition as it left, and all the boxes were in good shape! As with any moving company, don't be afraid to ask questions... moving is complicated and you don't want to gloss over things like packing needs, large items, etc. Eric was helpful on explanations of most everything, though I wished we had talked about insurance options earlier. I was highly organized for their arrival -- you should number your pieces and do your own inventory list before pickup. I can't thank these guys enough for helping me navigate an interstate move. I wouldn't hesitate to use them in the future. Thanks again Bob + Eric and team, we nailed this move!
- Megan R.

HORRIBLE company. Broke 1 out of every 3 items, charged 3 x their quote, were over two weeks late with their delivery. Eric is a complete asshole and Susan is psychotic. These are people not worth talking to and definitely not worth giving money to. Other than the kind, but clearly doesn't care at all,truck driver, every conversation with these people was like trying to reason with a really stupid, rabid animal.
- Alison W.

I recently used A One Van Lines to move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, and the experience was completely positive! Joseph is very communicative and honest. He even made himself available on the weekend to speak to me when I needed to make a last-minute change during the move. Talk to him directly if you have any concerns. My stuff arrived in great condition exactly when they told me to expect it. Any movers will give you an estimated quote on the phone, which may go up when they actually pack out your stuff, but the price they quoted me when they departed was what I ended up paying. It was all completely fair. The movers were all gentlemen and worked very hard! I would highly recommend A One for long-distance (or any) moves!
- Valerie S.

Moving is a headache and finding the right mover was something I was really worried about.I had many glass items and antique vases that are irreplaceable so I was nervous about them being broken by the time the truck got to my new place. The truck arrived on time to my house , and the workers were polite and helpful.They carefully examined what items I had that are fragile and made sure that they'll arrive in one piece to my new place. The price was very reasonable, especially with the care that I received from them was worth every penny.I was so relieved to see all my stuff in one piece when the truck arrived to my new place.The workers were quick both loading and unloading the truck. If you're looking to have a smooth moving, use these guys.You definitely won't regret it!
- David S.

This was the best moving company! They arrived on very short notice .they made my move easy and pleasurable and they even packed a large majority of my household items the day of move. they had everything available boxes, bubble wrap, tape, cloth. they are very professional & very competent quick /flawless . I was very impressed.snd would recommend them to anyone in need of moving!
- Laura C.

Highly recommend! They're we're a pleasure to deal with and made my move go as easy as possible. They were competitively priced and they were very professional. Everything they said they were gonna do they did and that's all you can ask for! Joseph was very accommodating and answered all my questions. I can't recommend this company enough!
- Larry B.

I used A One Van Lines for a move from NYC to Atlanta. Prior to the move, they quoted me $1,100 when I listed all my exact furniture and assured me that could fit many small boxes as well (ended up shipping only 4 boxes). Like many NYC movers, when they give you a quote, they purposely severely underestimate the amount of space needed to underbid other brokers. I ended up paying $1,443 because I needed an extra 40 cubic ft + charges for other moving materials like packing tape, even though I had already purchased some. Also FYI, for some reason they only accept CASH on the receiving end of the move which is very inconvenient to have to keep that large amount on hand. I will say that Eric in their office was great - my building had strict COI requirements and on a tight timeline he helped get everything sorted quickly. Still, $75 for a COI fee seems high. When it came to moving, I was not impressed by the company professionally. Moving out was okay, although because I paid with credit card they needed a copy of my ID (I already paid the deposit with my credit card, so they should have had it on file) and so the mover had to take a picture of my ID on his phone then delete in front of me after sending it to his manager. Not comfortable with my ID being texted around to unknown numbers. They were far more unprofessional on the receiving end - the mover called to tell me the day beforehand that he would show up anytime from 12-5PM the next day, then a couple hours later he changed it from 8-10AM. He showed up right at 10AM and proceeded to demand all the cash up front (over $500 of cash) before even moving anything or just letting me see that they had all my stuff, so I had to pay the balance then (I took out the extra cash I had to tip them after that). Unbelievable. I only had a minimal amount of things that only took 35 minutes to move, yet the movers complained about my front yard having a slight slope and dirt , saying his shoes would get dirty and that he had other customers, even though I'm the customer on hand who paid them $1,400!! And I had let them use a side door to my house to avoid my steep driveway yet they still complained, though it was such an easy move for them. Stuff was in okay condition, though some of the boxes were damaged as was my TV stand. The movers attitude was very poor and I definitely would not recommmend them. Very unprofessional attitude towards someone paying almost $1.5k.
- Rohan V.

I had a very good experience with this company. Three people came to pack and they did a fantastic job. They were very efficient and did it very quickly. They were polite and asked before charging for any extra boxes or packing materials. The price overall is also reasonable. Will certainly book them for another move.
- Navya K.

After I submitted the quote online This scammers called me from 10 different tel numbers trying to convince me to use their service. First thing they said:"we are professional company, we drug tested our workers" etc blah blah blah The guy on the phone sounds like a crackhead himself. He kept trying and trying to convince me to send them deposit, because if I don't send today than price will grow up twice lolll. What a bunch of a**holes . 100% Crackheaded company BTW most good reviews are FAKE
- Zohara W.

Worst move I've ever had. They are unorganized, and unprofessional. Susan is the worst of them all. Long story short my move cost me almost 700 more than my original quote and then when I wasn't going to have the money until 2 days after the delivery date they wanted to charge me fee of 1050.00 and 250.00 to store my items for 2 days. Save yourself the stress and some money and just go with another company. I got several quotes but went with them because o thought they were one of the cheapest and the person I originally spoke with was nice but I should have just gone with a slightly more expensive company to begin with and I wouldn't have ended up paying almost 700 dollars more than the estimate.
- Sylvia R.

Manuel R called leaving a message that the person taking care of my sister's claim no longer works for this company and there's nothing he can do to make this right.Scam Artists.They have every excuse why they can't honor their company obligations.Over a year in the making Joseph made himself scarce,not to trusted
- Janice W.

At first, I honestly had written a different review about my concerns regarding my recent move. After speaking with Joseph, I am very happy with the way things were handled. He was very understanding and professional. If you have any issues, talk to him first and he will take care of you. All of my stuff arrived unbroken as well. My additional advice would be to make sure you read the fine print and be aware that you are responsible for gas, mileage, tolls in and out Brooklyn ($60) in addition to labor and material. These may be things that typical of all moving companies but just make sure you factor them into your price so you have no surprises at the end.
- Juli M.

Dear consumers researching movers: our experience has been that there are unconscionable low-lifes out there, in the form of masters of deception and fraud. As other reviewers have said, don't be too busy to read reviews. Another alleged victim of this company has stated, "This is a shady company playing the game of gotcha with a lo-ball estimate + jacking up the price after loading..." I hope our experiences serve as a warning if you are considering this moving service. Thought you'd all like some entertainment this LD weekend, and our story will not disappoint! I'll even promise you 4 good laughs (or disgusted scratches of the head) at the end, for your trouble! This is an update to our prior review (there'll be plenty of updates), but so much more deception has occurred since that time, I had to share it with you all! As with so many other victims here, A-One lo-balled our estimate ($1,667), provided us with a written itemization of every single item and its size with our estimate, then attempted to almost double it at time of pick-up ($2,904). But here's the kicker: their 2nd itemization of our belongings, prepared by them and provided to us at pick-up, was identical to the one they prepared with our estimate. A-One's defense to our complaint was that our shipment was larger than we represented to them. This is a blatant lie, as they have allegedly scammed so many others with the same story. I reiterate: the itemized, TYPED list of every item and its size, prepared by A-One and attached to our estimate, was replicated by them, VERBATIM (in handwriting), after inspection of our shipment and loading it into their truck. This verbatim itemized list was attached by them to our Final Bill of Lading prepared by them at time of pick-up, only containing a near doubling of their charges. I'm a good record-keeper, especially documentary evidence! When catching them in their deception, they credited us $400, resulting in their owing us a remaining overcharge of $840. Now for the humorous parts I promised you: the grandfather of all deceptions and lack of integrity! They agreed to refund this $840 to us (yes, in writing), and even required us to sign and notarize legal documents to effectuate it. We did, and returned to them, at our expense. End result: they refused to refund the $840, claiming TWO MORE deceptions: (1) that their check was mailed to us twice, but returned "undeliverable" (refusing, of course, to disclose the postmaster's stamp containing the reason) and (2) requiring us to be responsible for obtaining THEIR settlement check by other means, citing "fraud" in their USPS account. After meeting with our postmaster, he confirmed to us that no mail correctly addressed to us has ever been returned, undeliverable (yeahh, we tend to trust him a bit more than these so-called businesspeople). We are in the process of ascertaining whether their "returned, undeliverable" mail story constitutes federal mail fraud, which, simply stated, is "a conduct that breaks a legal or moral duty to another person, causing damages" and "defrauding another person by means of using postal service for the purpose of wrongful financial gain". Stay tuned! Oops, I meant THREE deceptions, not two. They refused to re-mail their settlement check by USPS (after our re-confirming our correct address), citing fraud in their USPS account. That fact later morphed into some type of fraud in their Chase bank account. Which is it? Fraud in their USPS account, or fraud in their bank account? I have BOTH "stories" from them in writing! What an unlucky group of people, suffering "fraud" in both accounts! They can't even keep up with their own lies and contradictions. The last, and perhaps funniest part I promised you: In their answer to our complaint filed with the NYS Attorney General, Consumer Fraud Division, A-One accused us of threatening to place bad reviews "all over the internet", and "I can do it". In fact, words to that effect were not stated by us, but by one of their other alleged victims, on 3/20/19, which can be found here on this site. Perhaps A-One should try to get its alleged victims straight before quoting them. 😀 We are grateful to this site, and similar ones below, where victims can expose the con artists of the business world. There are many agencies to which companies completely devoid of integrity can be reported, and some will even take action for you, among them, the NYS Attorney General, Consumer Fraud Div., the FMCSA (federal DOT), NYS DOT, BBB, Consumeraffairs.com, the FTC, mymovingreviews.com, ripoffreport.com, movingscam.com/forum, and of course this site. They're all there to help us with unscrupulous business scams. Even the 4 major tv networks have consumer fraud exposure programs in place.
- FrankKathy O.

At first I thought they were going to take great care of me. The movers did an excellent job, however beware that there are many surprises above and beyond thier estimate. They were remiss in telling me at least 5 other financial issues which brought my total bill up to 500 dollars more than I had intended to spend. Then before they reach destination they ask me if theres enough clearance for a 32ft 18 wheeler? Course I really didn't know the answer to that but if there wasn't they'd have to switch trucks all on your dime. My opinion, these movers are probably all the same.
- Conni H.

I recently hired A One Vanlines for my move and it was a great experience. The workers were on time and did what they were instructed to do . I highly recommended this company to those that need a hand in moving. All four guys were well mannared and extremely hard workers. Great job guys ! Thank you for this wonderful experience! God Bless !
- Dennis W.

A One Van Lines is a company with a heart. I cannot express enough gratitude about excellent customer service I received with this company. They truly understand the stress involved in moving across state lines. When I received my things they were in good condition and the driver arrived the exact time he promised. I highly recommend this family business because when you work with them ... they treat you like family. You are more than a number and a flatbed
- Michele H.

They where so nice. They told me to sit and let them do all the work. Prime service and highly recommend!
- André T.

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