Your List of The Most Important Moving Documents & Forms


Your List of The Most Important Moving Documents & Forms

When it comes to moving documents, losing track of important paperwork can bring even more moving stress. Be sure to have these must-keep moving documents, forms and receipts close at hand as you’ll need them to complete a lot of tasks related to your move.

    1. Moving Estimate

Once a moving company has surveyed your belongings in-person or through video, they will send you a written estimate or quote for your move. It will include transportation charges, labor, packing services, storage charges, insurance, and any other accessorial services. Before agreeing to an estimate, check the specific type of moving estimate your mover has sent you. It can be a bon-binding estimate; binding estimate and binding not-to-exceed estimate.

    1. Bill of Lading

The bill of lading is the most important moving document you receive when you hire a professional moving service. This document is a legally binding contract between you and the moving company. It will list all items included in the shipment, origin and destination, your moving rate, payment method, insurance information, and moving company information.

    1. Order for Service

Working with a moving company, this document is typically attached to your bill of lading and includes moving estimate details, pick-up and delivery dates and any special services.

    1. Inventory Documentation

You will receive a descriptive inventory form, which describes all inventory loaded onto the moving truck with its “condition at origin.” If you did packing yourself the driver will only note that it was “packed by owner” with the condition of the contents unknown.

      • A Copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities” and additional explanation of liability options.
      • Statement of Services – after delivery

This statement includes the final cost for your shipment, reflects the tariff charges based on the actual weight and services. When moving long distance, after delivery of your things your interstate mover should provide you with a final Statement of Services.

Summing up, if you hire a professional moving company, make sure to bring together copies of all these important documents. It is good to know what exactly which are the most important documents and moving forms you are going to have before organizing your move.

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