Why you should choose Morristown when moving to New Jersey

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Why you should choose Morristown when moving to New Jersey

More and more people are moving to New Jersey these days. New Jersey, also known as the Garden State, is an excellent place to live. So, you should consider the benefits of relocating to New Jersey as a viable option if you are looking for a new place to live. Morristown is on the list of top places to move.

General Information

Morristown is a town and the county seat of Morris County. Because of it’s strategic role in the war for independence from Great Britain a variety of locations throughout the city has a visible mark. Several large companies are located here. The transportation system is extensive and comfortable. Morris town is very family orientated. You may notice a lot of picnics and cookouts in the area. The city provides an excellent education at all levels. Citizens are very hospitable and keep their yards neat and clean. It has everything needed for a cozy life handy (pools, grocery stores, gyms, restaurants, parks, theaters, libraries, and museums). Morristown offers outstanding nightlife too.

Nature and Parks

Morristown National Historical Park, Washington Headquarters and Museum


The waterfall and a small park across the street where you can also find paths that run alongside the peaceful river make this place very quiet. You should certainly see a water-powered mill and sluice. Beautiful stone structures throughout the park make the whole situation even more mysterious. Jockey Hollow is a recreated campsite. They are working to develop more visitor traffic and recognition for this significant historic site. As it is on most days, this is a quiet retreat for a history buff.
Lewis Morris ParkLovely county park with a small but picturesque lake, many picnic spaces, a children’s playground with all sorts of play structures. Also provides hilly hiking, some mountain cycling, and softball fields.
The Frelinghuysen ArboretumThe arboretum features thematic collections of plant life. It is the site of outdoor concerts in the warmer months. You may also attend different nature and horse trails.


Morristown is a very historic town known for great restaurants as well.

Pascarella Brothers Delicatessen and Cateringis an Italian eatery which provides the best sandwiches in the area.
Rod’s Steak And Seafood Grilleis a great place with its sophisticated atmosphere. The whole restaurant is decorated with rich wood paneling and highly polished brass that adds classic elegance.
Roots Steakhouseis a lovely steak house with a fabulous atmosphere, a very private place with reasonable prices.


Unusual Fact

  • Morristown is the birthplace of Morse Code.
  • On January 5, 2009, five red lights were spotted in the Morristown area night skies. The event was a staged hoax using helium balloons and flares but became nationally known as the Morristown UFO hoax.

Affordable costs, comfortable transportation, diverse dining choices, breathtaking views, and historical impact make Morristown very catchy. However, it’s your point of view what will make the most significant difference. Every move in our life is made to make it better. But, if you are preparing for a move to Morristown and need help, we can assist in all of your relocation needs. Let us take care of your move and contact us immediately!

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