Why you should choose Jersey City when moving to New Jersey

Why you should choose Jersey City when moving to New Jersey

Jersey City can be undoubtedly named one of the most comfortable areas with reasonable prices located in the heart of New Jersey.

With the renovation and improved neighborhoods and redeveloped waterfront area, it has gained its deserved popularity. It is also considered the best place to move to because of its proximity to Manhattan. Young professionals and small families are frequent guests of Jersey City. So, we propose reading these useful facts about the city to ensure a right moving choice.
Neighborhoods to Choose

Jersey City is a profitable bargain if you need  a directly adjacent location to Manhattan with affordable pricing. Before making the final decision look through this list of recommended places:

Downtown The waterfront walkway provides a great variety of shops, restaurants and other places to spend time with pleasure. This community is presented by renovated residential towers, cozy condominiums, excellent schools, and impressive transportation facilities.
Bergen-Lafayette This place preserves its simple architecture that catches the eye. The newly renovated Beacon includes more than 1,150 luxury residences.
Paulus Hook Calm place with close access to Manhattan across the river with charming restaurants and small cafes.
Other Hamilton Park, Van Vorst Park, Newport, and the Liberty State Park area.


Transportation Options
The great thing is that you don’t need to buy a car living in Jersey City. But, be prepared for the expensive public transportation system. The city has multiple means of transportation including

  • the PATH train
  • ferry
  • buses
  • The majority of people take bikes to get to work-it’s cheap and healthy. You may notice bike lanes.

What to See and Where to Go
The benefits of living in Jersey City are entirely diverse.  It is probably not so dynamic but positively beautiful and can please any taste:


Historical Part

Novado Gallery Comprehensive Art Advisory and Curatorial Services
SAIL NYC Boat Rental You may charter a yacht for a private boat tour of the Statue Of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan Skyline. Boat rentals for sightseeing and sailing include a Captain and a private party.
Lincoln Park The Lincoln Park Nature Walk is part of wetlands restoration project adjacent to the Hackensack River.
Liberty State Park is a green oasis with the Manhattan skyline, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island as a spectacular backdrop, Liberty State Park is one of the state’s most dramatic parks.


Leisure Part

Clinton Hall This place introduces a unique and exciting craft ale adventure, otherwise known as SUPERDRAFT. Good Beer. Good Food. Good Times.
York Street Tavern Provides great drinks.
Morgan Fish Market and Restaurant Provides cheap and tasty food.
Organic Basic Food Provides healthy food.
Cookies N’ Crepes Provide sweet treats.
Head to Joe’s Crab Shack Considered to be an excellent choice for families with children.


Affordable costs, comfortable transportation, diverse dining choices, breathtaking views, and a historical impact make Jersey City very catchy. However, it’s your point of view what will make the most significant difference. Every move in our life is made to be better. But, if you are preparing for a move to Jersey City and need help, we can assist in all of your relocation needs. Let us take care of your move and contact us immediately!

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