What Is Moving to Capitol Hill Like?

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What Is Moving to Capitol Hill Like?

Whether it’s because of the job opportunities, the great honor of living in the nation’s capital, or the political pulse of the land – whatever might be the reason for your moving to Washington D.C. (21 Useful Facts You Should Know Before Moving to Washington DC to Make Your Moving Process Less Stressful) – the city definitely won’t disappoint you. Colorful and inclusive, Cap Hill has the most personality of any Seattle neighborhood. Before moving to any place find time to explore your new home first.

Capitol Hill is a trendy neighborhood and for good reason. It is the perfect variant for families and their children with significant public and private schools. Seattle University and Seattle Central College bring the youthful vibe as there is the right amount of students living in the area. The city is full of exciting restaurants and cozy cafes located throughout the neighborhood. People here have a strong community spirit. After all, there’s nothing more pleasant like meeting up over a hot cup of your favorite coffee with your friends.

The well-known Eastern Market is located here. The cultural part of the city is also vivid and represented by museums and places to worship. Specialty Hospital provides health care. You can see the metro bus stops throughout the neighborhood as well as two Metro Stations. You have Seattle Central Community College and right across the street is linked light rail which provides quick and affordable access from the airport to Northgate, currently with major stops being downtown, Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill, the University District, and Northgate, in a few years is going to Lynnwood and Bellevue and Kirkland.

The Capitol building is a big building shaped like a wedding cake on the horizon that gives you a great sense of pride of being an American. The Statue of Freedom is standing on top of it. The Supreme Court and the Library of Congress also frame the city. You may even feel the fragrance of politics that is in the air.

The gem of Capitol Hill is the Century Ballroom with vintage jazz yelling out the windows of the club for one of the best Lindy Hop scenes in the nation as well as one of the best instructors. They also have Salsa, West Coast Swing, and Tango nights as well as a quaint restaurants and bars.

The neighborhood itself is one of the most beautiful but, at the same time, the most expensive places to live in the city with its tree-lined streets and well-maintained homes. It is especially picturesque in spring when the blooming cherry trees of Market and Marion Parks attract citizens and tourists from all over the world. Living here is a lot of fun as there is a great nightlife, Q Nightclub, and the Garage to name a few.

Moving to a new life needs a lot of planning so before all this fuss let’s have a look at the place you are moving to. Believe us, you will fall in love at first sight. If you need help, we can assist in all of your relocation needs. Let us take care of your move and contact us immediately!

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