What Is a Moving Container & How Does It Work?

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What Is a Moving Container & How Does It Work?

Moving containers have become very popular because of many advantages. Whether relocating across the country or within the city, using a moving container costs less, and it is an effective way to make your move possible. It used to be that moving with a rented truck took days and required exhausting trips between two places. Moving containers make moving from one location to another faster and more convenient. Here is a quick review of what exactly a moving container is and how it works.

What is a moving container?

Basically, the moving container company deposits the moving container. You are given a specific period of time to finish loading your boxes and furniture, depending on the company. You may choose the size of the container that you need, depending on the volume of the load. The smallest size moving container at most companies typically holds up to a room and a half of furniture – or the equivalent of a small furnished apartment. Larger moving containers can hold around three to four bedrooms worth of furniture. You can request several moving containers for placing your belongings too.

Some companies allow for the free return of unused moving containers – others charge for pick-up of unused containers. Usually, moving containers come with a lock and key for added security. The moving containers are ground level, eliminating the difficulty of carrying heavy items and boxes across a ramp.

How does using a moving container work?

A few days before the move, storage containers are delivered to your front doorstep by the moving container company. Customers are then given the exact time to load their moving container with their possessions. Moving container companies provide a list of items not allowed inside its containers, including live plants and animals, flammable or corrosive materials, frozen or fresh food items, and hazardous goods. Once you packed moving containers, the company will pick the container up and drive it to your new location. When you finish unloading your moving container, the company will pick the container up and return it to a service center.

What are the benefits of using a moving container?

The three main benefits of using a moving container over other moving services are:

    1. Affordability

Moving containers offer a less expensive option for moving. You will only pay for the container rental, the delivery, and pick-up. You have a choice of different sizes of moving containers, and your cost will vary a lot depending on how little or how much you need to move.

    1. Flexibility

When you choose using moving containers for your move, you get to do your packing and loading as long as you need. You can get as much as a month to finish packing your belongings and loading them to your container. If you have that much time, using a moving container can give you the speed you need and, accordingly, less stress.

    1. Security

For some people it is uncomfortable to let strangers into their home. With moving containers, you can work on your own and follow your own timetable. You control access to your things with your own key so your belongings are always secure and safe.

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