Large cities are growing at twice the rate during the opening decade of the 21st century. There are some advantages and disadvantages of living in big cities, compared to small towns. Big cities offer more job opportunities, cultural experiences, entertainment and dining options, and of course – plenty of singles ready to become a couple. That is why America’s big cities have become an extremely popular choice among young professionals.
Moving the bed and mattress by yourself is a good idea for some important reasons. First, you will save money by not hiring movers. In fact, hiring a professional moving company to move your home can cost you good money, depending on how far and what you’re moving. Second, moving the bed yourself will give you total control over the move. If the bed is a valuable item, for example, you’ll be able to choose how to pack it up and relocate it to your new home.
Packing your books and clothes may seem simple, but packing your electronics can take some extra time and care. Moving electronics between two homes can be a risky attempt due to the extremely fragile and sensitive structure of all electronic equipment.
If you’re thinking of hiring a professional moving company to handle your next move, be aware that it won’t be cheap. In fact, according to the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), the average cost of a simple local move is $2,300 for four movers at $200 per hour. And if it is an interstate move, it’s going to cost you more then $4,300, according to the information from the AMSA.
It is not easy to pack and move all the clothes you have. A little organization and the right techniques will show you how to pack clothes for moving the best way. Prior to the packing process, you will have to figure out which items you should keep, get rid of or donate. We’ve gathered some effective packing methods that will simplify the moving process.
When it comes to packing the books that you want to keep and move to your new home, there are several important steps to take to do it the appropriate way. The truth is, improperly packed books are often the first reason for an accidental mess in the back of the moving truck. Plus it is the risk of damaging them that makes moving books a nightmare for book lovers.
Moving long distance can be an awesome way to open yourself up to a new adventure. Starting a new life in an unfamiliar place is important, do it right so that you can fully enjoy this new chapter in you life! Once you’ve decided to move from the USA to Canada, it’s time to prepare for your international move. Let’s look at some tips to make such a considerable move go smoothly!
Moving isn’t necessarily easy on anyone, but there are tech ways to reduce the amount of work and eventually even decrease the price of moving services, and packing/unpacking faster. There were times when people used to keep track of their moving plans, checklists, and items by pen and paper.
Moving costs vary depending on several factors. Be aware that the costs may get higher the farther you move. While local moves usually cost under $1,500, long-distance moves cost upwards of $4,500.
All moving companies must provide you with a booklet ‘Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move’. That is created by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).
Every year there are thousands of complaints filed against moving companies, including loss or damage to property, overcharges, and reports of a situation where movers refused to give back belongings. Look at our 12 warning signs that will help you recognize a fake mover before it is too late.
If you choose to move without hiring the moving services, and do It Yourself, then it’s very important that you have a basic understanding of the fundamental moving organizing and safety tips. Remember that moving is exhausting work, which includes heavy lifting, packing sharp knives, and other precarious factors that can be more dangerous than you might expect.
Moving to a new apartment is one thing, but moving long distance to another state is entirely another. Preparing for a long distance or interstate move is not the same thing as preparing for a local move. With our professional guidance, and carefully organized long distance moving checklist, you can be better prepared for your move and minimize some costly mistakes. The better prepared you are, the greater the chance to avoid stress and lower moving expenses.
Nowadays everybody tries to save their precious time so planning your events is very useful. It's relevant in a situation of moving. Here are some topical tips according to the statistics (our company has already made).
A move is stressful in different ways, but you can reduce stress by learning some simple tips for preparing fragile and valuable items.
When choosing something to buy you don’t just pop in the first shop you come across and pick at once, do you? You most certainly have a number of requirements, preferences and expectations that will have to suit your practical needs, tastes and budget.
The common question for those who are planning their move is “What size truck do I need?” to answer that question you should understand the approximate amount of items you plan to move. When you decided to hire a professional moving company, they will figure out what size moving truck is required based on the inventory you need to provide them. But when you do it yourself-styled moving, it’s on you to make this important decision. It is not easy to predict how much space it is required to fit all of your boxes, furniture, and other belongings, but guessing wrong can mean not having all the space you need or wasting money on a truck that’s too big. Just like professional movers would ask you to start with an inventory, to figure out what size moving truck you’ll need, you should start by belongings inventory too.
When moving cross-country or a long-distance move, after the question of how to pack your things, the garage is often the last room to be packed. Let's face it, garages are full of tools, landscaping equipment and it is the space that we dread packing. Take a deep breath and follow our tips for the smartest ways to pack up your garage.

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