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If you are reading this, you have probably made one very important decision: you have decided to relocate and start a new page in your life. The reasons for such lifetime decision may vary from a brilliant job offer or entering a university away from...

It’s said that moving is one of the top stressors in a person’s life. And that is not only about moving itself. Surprisingly, the most depressing part of a moving process is unpacking and settling down at your new home after the move. It is mostly due to the unpacking procrastination that keeps holding you somewhere in between the I-still-miss-my-old-place and I-feel-like-this-is-a-home-of-my-dream. We know unpacking can make people go crazy with just the thought of having to find a place for every piece of belongings you moved into a new home with.If you are the lucky one to fit your move not only in the middle of the world’s pandemic but also into the hottest spot of the holiday season, you will appreciate our tips on Moving during the Holiday Season or some ideas of NO-Contact Move that is becoming a nice option for those who relocate in the pandemic.If you ever thought packing is insane, check out some tips on packing and you’ll see that it is unpacking that can turn into an overwhelming process. How to stay calm while you are unpacking, in order to be organized? Here are our few tips to help you stay sane while unpacking.
To keep your moving day comforting and free from stress, declutter your life before you start packing. The good side of moving is that it forces you to get rid of things you do not need anymore or the stuff you didn’t even know you owned. Just remember that the fewer things you move,the cheaper it is, when hiring a moving company and easier if there's less to pack if you move yourself. This article reveals tips to reduce clutter when moving out.
 Moving into a new space often necessitates the purchase of a lot of things. The list of must-haves can get very long very quickly. Unpacking is still awaiting. And you’re so excited about making your brand-new apartment or house into a home that you’re spending days on Amazon, comparing a bunch of things and loading up shopping carts to see how much everything is going to cost. But buying everything you want right away is a mistake. Take some time first to get to know your new place before filling it with furniture, appliances or even a piano you move. Here’s what you should buy right away and not before you even step foot in the door.