Useful Hacks How to Move

Moving cost
Tipping your movers is not mandatory. But it is a nice way to say “Thank you” for the job well done to the people who spent the whole day taking care of your belongings. If you decided to leave the heavy lifting, loading and unloading to the experienced helpers, which is a very good idea to start with, you might appreciate some tipping suggestions. But what is the amount of money that is acceptable for you and would be pleasant for those you are going to praise? So “how much should I tip movers?” is today’s topic of our article. 
You are relocating soon and you would like to know how to do the moving right: to save time, money, nerves, and efforts. While it is always a good idea to research the topic first, we can show you a shorter way to cut your expenses while moving and avoid an embarrassing number of mistakes as well as additional expenses!Transportation is one of the elements of moving, which takes no more than 15-20% of the move. One of the biggest ones but still only one. The rest are:
  • deciding on the type of move
  • decluttering
  • changing your postal address
  • packing
  • covering your bills
  • cleaning after packing (might be extremely important if your deposit depends on it)
  • unloading and settling after the move
And every step requires your full attention even if you have ordered a full-service moving pack. At every phase, there are some common mistakes that almost everybody does. Almost everybody doesn’t mean you have to make them in your move. Learn how to avoid those mistakes here.