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 The holiday season is a common time to move, and for us, it’s our busiest time of year. For families moving during the Christmas holidays it is the perfect time to avoid a mid-year school change. The downside of moving over the Christmas holidays is that it’s combining two intense events into one relatively short period of time. The good news is that with professional movers on your side and a clear plan of action, your interstate move and all packing should go off without a hitch.When you are getting ready to move some common considerations may worry you, and yet sometimes you forget about the simplest things until it is too late. When it relates to moving and packing, especially with fragile items, a simple mistake can be costly. In an effort to help you keep all of your precious items like Christmas decorations intact, here are a few moving and packing tips for those that require a bit more care. 

Moving is stressful, there is no doubt about it. No one enjoys the mess and chaos of a move, especially a move out of state. However, there are ways to minimize the stress and troubles you are going to face. If you follow these top...

 Moving into a new space often necessitates the purchase of a lot of things. The list of must-haves can get very long very quickly. Unpacking is still awaiting. And you’re so excited about making your brand-new apartment or house into a home that you’re spending days on Amazon, comparing a bunch of things and loading up shopping carts to see how much everything is going to cost. But buying everything you want right away is a mistake. Take some time first to get to know your new place before filling it with furniture, appliances or even a piano you move. Here’s what you should buy right away and not before you even step foot in the door. 
 If you need to move your business, the best way is to start with a plan and strategy on how to pack and move to a new office space. Office relocation is a lot of work, regardless of the size of your company. The key to a successful move is to involve people or teams who can motivate and coordinate the rest of the office staff. You do not have a lot of time to get it all done because you can’t exactly shut down business for a week to sort things out. But you’ve got big, bulky furniture, difficulty packing electronics, and multiple rooms to get packed up. Follow the tips below if you’re willing to have the office relocation go as smoothly as possible. 
Packing up and moving house is an unforgettable experience, but at the same time, it can also turn into a stressful one. We want to make boxing and unboxing your items as painless as possible. These extremely useful hacks will reduce the stress and expense of packing for moving. To fit every item into your rental truck, may at first seem like a bit of a puzzle, but there are some general tips like, not leaving everything for the last minute, start packing beforehand or make sure you have plenty of packing tape in stock. These extremely useful hacks will minimize the stress and expense of packing a moving truck for moving.
 Everybody knows that moving is a 1-2 month process. But in reality, even moving in a hurry is possible, but it requires some ingenuity, a lot of energy, and help in getting organized, which is where these 5 tips for moving in a week or less can help. This article reveals top 5 moving tips.
 Making all the necessary preparations for relocation will probably remain a tedious task forever. We have prepared some useful tips which won’t leave your bank account empty. Stress, anxiety, worries and tensions are the things that go hand in hand with questions of relocation. Professional movers take less time. Expert movers know what to do and how to do it professionally and fast. This article reveals how to move on a budget.
You finally got that great job offer and the company is paying to move you cross-country. Negotiating a package when changing a job is a must-know. You may think that you will need to prepare a budget for your move as well but the secret is that many firms back up their employees with the formal relocation transfer and even package. Here’s what you need to know about what to negotiate when relocating a job and how to do that. Below is a list of things that companies might include to overcome these inconveniences. Of course, the basics start with a moving truck, but you might be surprised by some of the other things. These are possible options of what companies may offer. Contact your HR department for details. Your particular relocation package must include:
It is not easy to plan a perfect move and organize it in the least stressful way. Unfortunately, moving is never safe and due to this very obvious reason we always recommend entrust your move to the strong and trained hand of professional movers. That is exactly why we at moving-me have prepared a thoroughly checked full database of the most reliable and trustworthy moving companies near you.If for any reason you don’t choose a full-service moving pack and opt for a DIY move instead, be prepared to deal with some common injures. First of all, think twice before making this decision. Remember, it is not easy at all to pack and load your move. One of the biggest issues you’ll have to deal with is how to choose the right size of the moving truck and pack it properly. There are multiple ways of utilizing truck space effectively and maximizing your storage space in the back of it. Loading a rented moving truck might significantly cut down your moving costs. So, if you have chosen a DIY move, you will need some professional advice on packing and loading.There is one thing you should be aware of this packing and loading procedure as well as the whole moving process: you should start planning it way in advance. Find time to study every stage of the process from purchasing the packing materials to optimizing the space in the truck. You can find more packing tips here.The other thing you should also be aware of is how big of a truck you should order. You would never want to transport a half-empty truck. Nor would you be willing to pay for another truck if you don’t fit all your belonging into a what-seemed-normal size vehicle. We can help you to check the size of your move and find a perfectly matching truck.Your moving day may suddenly become too dangerous… unless you have prepared well with a good understanding of basic moving safety tips. Protecting yourself during your move is just as important an objective as protecting your belongings. Get a closer look at our 7 safety tips when moving. Also, find out what other moving mistakes you can easily avoid once you follow our advice.
 Moving to a new home is an expensive affair. It might get even more expensive if you have to keep your belongings stored before settling into a new house. In that case, you need to make sure your things are properly kept in a storage facility. Hopefully, you don’t have to repair your new place of residence after the previous tenant and will be able to move right in. The statistics show the greatest damage that can be done to the hose during the move is floor damage. It is also the longest to be fixed, and among the first reasons why people cannot move right into their new house. Damaged floors due to an incorrect or unsafe moving of heavy furniture will only be an additional waste of money for your family budget. Try to avoid costly property damage during your move.
Hiring a professional moving company eliminates the stress level but may cost a fortune. A DIY move, on the other hand, is time-consuming but may reasonably cut down the cost. So, how to make the best choice and avoid regrets afterward? Learn here.Once your move is a set deal you start planning and figuring out how to make it as smooth as is only possible. And that is definitely not an easy task. Hundreds of moving companies are offering their help added to thousands of DIY advice that in many cases contradict each other or lack logic and common sense. Let’s see what some of the moving options have to offer. 
The earlier ahead we plan our move the better. Everyone knows that. But not always you have this perfect period of six to eight weeks to plan, negotiate and pack your move. If you’re moving out in a hurry, there’s only one way to survive this last-minute move – excellent organization and effective packing. After all, your money, time, and nerves will be at risk during the short period you have until the moving van parks in front of your house or apartment. And when the three moving factors above are throwing a party together, another one usually finds its way to join – Ms. Moving Panic. But don’t worry, we’re there for you and have prepared a list of quick-moving tips so that you can get completely ready for the big day as fast as possible and, what is more valuable, with minimum effort? This article reveals packing tips for moving in a hurry.
It’s always hard to make the right choice between a full-service pack and a DIY move. How to find a perfect balance and the best quality/price ratio? Here are some tips to stay sain and not to go broke while moving.The first thing you need to plan is your moving date. Sure, no date in the middle of a pandemic is good enough. BUT, if you follow some simple and very effective recommendations, arrange a NO-contact move, and trust your moving company, your move will go nice and smooth.If by any means your move cannot be postponed any longer, and you absolutely have to move during the Holiday Season, you will appreciate some ideas on how to make this time productive, and still happy.
 Moving can turn into a terrible headache. One thing you can do to make it less painful is to think about protecting your household possessions while they’re in the hands of a moving company. Movers usually propose varying levels of insurance or valuation protection for different causes of loss.
 Moving is stressful. Documents, losing track of important paperwork can bring more stress to your move. Prepare these moving documents before the move. Put forms and receipts close at hand as you’ll need them to complete a lot of tasks related to your upcoming move. 
 Prepping to move? Moving is a real headache with all that planning ang packing, what to talk about organizing everything once you’re finally in your new home with all your belongings. But first, there’s moving day itself. Follow our moving day tips to know how to make it as stress-free as possible
If you're among those who move, then you already know how unpleasant moving can be. Without exaggerating, packing up all of your belongings, traveling to your new house, and getting established in a new location can be very stressful. Hiring the right moving service makes moving a lot easier, but it can add a new stress to the process. This article reveals how much moving company cost.Interested in how much a moving company costs? If so, this particular article is here for you. It's common knowledge that if a professional moving company is involved, it won't be cheap, but hiring movers is one of the most effective ways to relocate successfully. Local or interstate moves make a difference too.