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A lot of people are decided to relocate to Spokane downtown which is one of the healthiest areas in the nation. You will rarely find parking lots in an urban environment there. Its diversity of neighborhoods will fit everyone, from hipsters to families and everything in between, sometimes at price points far more affordable than you imagine. When moving to downtown Spokane, you will find lots of family-friendly, active, walkable, and dynamic urban atmospheres, together with big companies like Apple and Nordstrom for work opportunities.

In this article, we’ve collected everything you need to know when moving to Spokane, Washington’s second-largest city.




Spokane’s nature and weather is just the perfect thing for skiing in the winter and hanging out at the lake in the summer. The beautiful waters of Lake Coeur d’Alene are located thirty minutes from downtown Spokane. There are dozens of lakes within 1-hour of the city center, and hundreds of lakes within a 2-hour drive.

Ski season in Spokane starts around Thanksgiving and finishes late March, but it’s almost always snowing in the mountains. Five ski resorts serve the market, and they are all within 1.5 hours drive of Downtown. It’s effortless to get from the city to one of the local hills for those who are living in Spokane.

Did you know that Spokane has big waterfalls right in the middle of downtown?

Niagara is the only urban waterfall in the U.S., which is larger than Spokane’s largest waterfall.

Located just 92 miles from the Canadian border, we can name Spokane,the paradise for lovers of the outdoors. One hundred twenty-five parks and municipal golf courses, including nationally ranked ones that are also for you to enjoy when moving to Spokane.


Spokane’s University District is a neighborhood, located next to downtown, with about 15,000 students living in one place with the flavor of a college town! There are five universities (Washington State, Eastern Washington, University of Washington, Gonzaga and Whitworth) and community colleges, presenting higher education, also two medical schools.



If we are talking about cost of living, when moving to Spokane, you can have a pretty good idea of its affordability with the following information. Approximately $43,000 is the median income in the city and the median home price there is around $160,000 (a home with two beds, two baths). Yes, houses in Spokane, WA are still genuinely affordable.

    Good news for business people who are moving to Spokane, an office space there is also affordable. Primo commercial space is around $23/sq ft. If we will compare this cost with other major markets:

  • Vancouver retail space is about $60/sqft; (Read more “Moving to Vancouver, WA”)
  • Seattle commercial space is around $65/sqft; (Read “Moving to Seattle”)
  • Portland commercial space is around $50/sqft;
  • Bay Area retail space is approximately $70/sq ft.

All in all, when moving to Spokane, you are just going to have an off the hook quality of life. Nature is perfect for skiing, the food there is spectacular, arts, music, and theatre scene is stable. Rush hour in Spokane is just that, an hour! There are right places for running, biking and it is easy to walk or take a bus to work. It seems like Spokane’s neighborhood are meant to please everybody.

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