Moving to San Antonio

Moving to San Antonio

Being the second largest city in Texas state, fast-growing San Antonio attracts more and more new residents. Even with a population of around 1.5 million, the city still has a small town atmosphere. When relocating to San Antonio, read this useful information before packing up your belongings.

    1. Living costs

      Comparing with Austin or Dallas (understand “Costs of moving to Dallas”) San Antonio has more affordable costs of living for their residents. It is 14% less than the average national cost of living. Near $44,000 is the median annual salary amount, $900 is an average renting price, and $185,000 is an average home purchase price.


    1. Weather

      When moving to the south of Texas, be ready – it is sweltering. Typically in summer temperatures reaching 90°F to 100°F. But the winters in San Antonio are mild, and you can pack your light jackets for December and January there.


    1. Transportation

      Because San Antonio is such a big city, be ready for traffic. If you’re moving there and planning to drive your car try to avoid rush hours. It is not that big of a problem as in New York, but still there a lot of drivers. Public transportation in San Antonio does not have metro, but its bus system “VIA Metropolitan” includes 89 lines. Of cause, you always can use San Antonio’s bike-sharing program ” B Cycle.”

    1. Military City

      One of the largest group of active and retired military people in the states live in San Antonio. Joint Base San Antonio one of the largest military bases in the U.S. Now it has four central locations with military training, health care, education, and combat support. People in San Antonio are proud of its military history and commitment.


    1. The River

      When moving to San Antonio, one of a year-round attraction you will have is a pedestrian-only street along a beautiful river, also known as Paseo del Rio. Every year you can enjoy several popular festivals on the river there. But restaurants, bars, and local shops along the banks of the San Antonio River are usuallymore popular among tourists .


    1. People

      San Antonio was on many records a fast-growing cities with booming economies. It is considered to be a diverse and friendly place with an air of optimism in the city. There is a sizeable Hispanic population group and all other nationalities. The average age in the town is 34.


    1. Taxes

      If you are one of those who hates paying taxes, moving to Texas state is the right decision for you! The state sales tax in Texas is not steep, and state income tax doesn’t exist there. On the other hand, cities and counties can add their own sales taxes, and the local sales tax rate of 8.25% is a little high. Same time the average active property tax rate is over 2% in San Antonio.


  1. Food

    Not just tacos, but the city has a highly valued food scene. Great diverse cuisines offered in the restaurants there, also as local coffee roasters and Hill Country wineries. As usual for Texas people, in San Antonio residents especially like outdoor barbecue.

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