Moving to Orlando

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Moving to Orlando

Orlando is the most-visited destination in the U.S.,It is alsohome to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Living in Florida’s largest city is often associated with theme parks, attractions, and shows. Let’s look at fundamental reasons why tens of thousands of new residents are moving to Orlando each year.


The cost of living


Excluding housing, the cost of living in Orlando, due to our research, for a single person is around $900 per month, including costs of healthcare, groceries, clothing, and other basics.

Depending on the neighborhood you pick, when moving to Orlando, FL, the average range for renting a 1-bedroom apartment is between $1,100 to $1,600. The average Orlando salary is around $3,000 per months, after taxes.


Job market


With around 70 million visitors each year, the city has a well-developed tourist industry. But at the same time Orlando is a center for innovation in digital media and software design. The Central Florida Research Park is home to more than 130 companies, employing more than 9,000 people. With Electronic Arts, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Universal Studios settled nearby, the television, film, and video-game industries in Orlando occupy a large part of the market.


For those who move to Orlando and are interested in the healthcare industry, there are many opportunities in Orlando Health and Florida Hospital, VA hospital and the Nemours Children’s Hospital. In a Lockheed Martin facility are presented the nation’s military simulation and training programs.




When moving to Orlando, you should know that its highway traffic is terrible.  Due to tourists, the understanding of the typical rush hour cannot always help. Take into consideration the high tourists seasons and roads heading to popular parks.

The LYMMO, a BRT service, the LYNX bus system and the SunRail are several options for public transportation for those who are relocating to Orlando without a car.

For people who would like to travel in and out of Orlando, there are Greyhound stations, an Amtrak station, the Orlando International Airport and the Orlando Executive Airport located in the city.

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