Moving to Miami

Moving to Miami

The beautiful weather is one of the primary reasons why many people moved to Miami. Mild weather, a variety of beaches and a stylish Latin American culture, let’s see everything that Miami, FL, can offer to their new residents!

    • Housing The City of Miami is not an apartment-style town, and owning your plot of land is an achievable dream there. But of course, for young people with good incomes, prices are still too high to buy homes in the right areas. The rental market in Miami is booming because of its demand, which makes rentals high across the city. Apartment hunting in Miami pretty much similar process to all other big cities in the U.S. At the same time, brokers in Miami are comparatively more affordable: they will usually charge you 6% of the final price.

Advise: September to January is the best time to rent an apartment while the worst deals are made between May and June.

Monthly rental prices in Miami

Type of apartmentsRental Price per month, fromLocation
1-bedroom apartment$1,300 City Centre
1-bedroom apartment $1,000 Outside the City Centre
3-bedroom apartment $2,000 City Centre
3-bedroom apartment$1,650 Outside the City Centre

Home purchase prices in Miami

Price per square meter (10.7 square feet), from Location
$5,200 City Centre
$2,100Outside City


    • Jobs If we are talking about job opportunities when relocating to Miami, it is a significant center of commerce, finance; it boasts a strong international business and trade community because of its coastal position. It is also a center of many cruise companies and large tourist industry. It is a major television production center and the most critical city in the U.S. for Spanish language media.Fact: In Miami, your job doesn’t define you. Lots of people at parties in New York or Washington, D.C. are used to talking a lot about their essential roles, but in Miami, you will feel that people are just able to separate work and play.


    • Culture When moving to Miami, you are going to explore the city with a significant influence from Cuban culture. Thirty-four percent of the town has a heritage based in Cuba. One of the most notable characteristics is demographics. The City received the title of ‘Capital of Latin America’ due to its high Latin American population: around 45 percent of the city is Hispanic and close to 35 percent is non-Hispanic. You will use your Spanish again if you’ve taken a Spanish class back in high school. But do not worry if you haven’t used your Spanish in years, it is an excellent opportunity to finallypractice it !Note: Spanglish of Miami is surprisingly catchy, even though sometimes it is hard to understand.


    • Living costs If we compare the cost of living in New York and Miami, you’re definitely in luck. In total, with food, clothing, housing, transportation, personal care, and entertainment combined, New York is about 4o% more expensive. Read everything about moving from NY to Miami.Because of its expat population, the cuisine in Miami is presented with different types of food in restaurants from all around the world. Fine dining and good burger places, with seafood certainly on most of the menus. The relaxed, outdoor lifestyle with drinking is popular in Miami too. There are some everyday expenses with costs you can see in The City of Miami:
      • Inexpensive Restaurant: $12 – $25
      • Takeout Coffee: $2.70 – $5.00
      • Bottle of Coke: $1.40 – $2
      • 1L of milk: $0.77 – $1.25
      • A loaf of Bread: $2.45 – $4.30
      • 12 Eggs pack: $2.00 – $4.00
      • 1kg Chicken: $4.40 – $16.55
      • 1kg Beef: $8.80 – $19.90
      • 1kg Apples: $2.20 – $8.80
      • 1kg White rice: $2.75 – $6.60
      • Mid-range bottle of wine: $13.00 – $18.00

    • Transportation “Miami-Dade” is the transportation system in Miami, which includes trains, buses, and trolleys, – the whole of Miami is covered. It was built to keep the roads in Miami free from traffic jams.
        Here are some ticket costs:

      • Adult Single Metro – $2.25
      • One day ticket – $5.65
      • Monthly season ticket, unlimited – $112.25


  • Entertainment The beach isn’t everything when you move to Miami. There are plenty of things to do there that don’t involve a bikini. Miami has the next largest performing arts center in the country after the Lincoln Center in NYC, the Adrienne Arsht Center. Also, be sure to take an art walk to the many art deco hid little galleries. Many artists, from musicians to actors and dancers were attracted to Miami for its rich culture. The Florida Grand Opera, the Frost School of Music, the New World School of the Arts are all located in the city of Miami.
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