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Moving day

Not everyone without moving experience realizes and understands clearly how important it is to plan everything beforehand. Moving, especially long-distance moving requires thorough planning. Don't put off hiring professional movers and starting packing until it is too late. First of all, you must understand that...

Moving is not easy with all that planning and preparations. If you happen to set your moving day around the Holiday Season, be prepared for some additional hassle. To avoid it would not be a bad idea, wouldn’t it? Watch our video guide on Moving During the Holidays and try not to lose your Christmas spirit in between two homes. No matter if your move is a planned one or spontaneous, you have to make sure you avoid breakage and loss as much as possible. In the above named happened, be prepared to deal with your moving company on the reimbursement issues. And that is when you need to prove your words of any cracks, scratches, or chipped corners on your furniture. Even if you were able to arrange NO-Contact Move that is becoming very popular these days, do not neglect the idea of taking pictures before, during, and at the end of your move. The reasons for taking pictures when moving might be obvious, but they are worth repeating. Accidents are real even in case your movers are highly experienced professionals. Better to be prepared, so you may be appropriately compensated for damage if that occurs.
When it comes to moving from one state to another, there is a lot things to do. Let's start with careful planning and then packing all the stuff inti numerous boxes. So it’s no surprise that some things are eaasy to forget. To make it easier we’ve compiled a list of  things people often forget to do before moving. Remember these tips as moving day approaches to make your move smoother.  
  If you’re planning your budget for an upcoming move you should be prepared for possible hidden costs of moving. Not every moving company is honest enough to inform their customers completely on the full price of the moving services. Added to that there are some unexpected costs connected with COVID-19 restrictions. The best way to control your bank is to be informed. Start planning your money by choosing services you will need for sure and cutting on those you can go without. Before packing your life into boxes you better read this article carefully. These helpful tips might prevent some surprises.

Moving furniture through the door is not only the problem for those who moving. You may also face it when you fall in love in a beautiful leather sofa in the nearest fashionable shop. Sofas always seem to be too large to fit through the...

One of the things you can’t avoid when moving is packing. And one of the first things you start looking for is packing materials: boxes, containers, plastic bags, and such. If you have trusted your move and packing to a team of professional movers, they come totally equipped, set, and ready to get you going. If you are in the middle of your first move ever, you might get stuck at the stage of choosing appropriate packing items for good. There are tons and thousands of moving boxes offered in every DIY store or even the nearest supermarket. Use our help to choose the best from the offered variety. Vast pieces of furniture, mirrors, bathroom ware, or your wardrobes; all present their packing challenges. But, you can quickly and safely pack your belongings if you understand which moving box to use for each specific thing.
Owners always worry about loading and unloading the piano for obvious reasons. Moving a piano across the room or to another place in the same location is the most frightning moving scenario. Hiring a professional mover definitely won’t have to fret over having your favorite musical instrument damaged during the haul inside the vehicle.
Whether desired or forced, moving is always an internal shock. And one of the biggest is about the people you would want to trust your move. Check out our full catalog of the most reliable moving companies near you and find the one that perfectly meets your moving needs. We are here for you to help find ways for managing the stress of moving. You can rely on us choosing proven de-stressing techniques due to our years of professional experience.  

Neither moving or unpacking generally sound fun. Moving is, for the biggest part, a very difficult and troublesome task, and proper preparation for it is great art. Yet even more artistic art is to stay a loving partner and a caring parent during the move. Especially if you happened to move in the middle of the holiday season or a world pandemic. First things first. If you want to move and unpack easily you have to pack light first. Declutter is our big word here. Easy to say, not so easy to do you say. Watch our tips on what to get rid of before you pack for your move. In order to move without losses, you need to learn how to pack properly. When it comes to moving to a new home, opinions differ. For some people, packing up is real punishment but unpacking at the new house makes them feel energetic and full of opportunity. Many other people take part in packing up the household with pleasure, but they hate the drudgery of unpacking once the moving trucks have parked near their new house.
Everybody knows different approaches to pack your belongings for the move: you can toss your clothes into any box, and your electronics into their original packing and they will be appropriately protected. But the most difficult is to save your valuables. Their high cost makes them genuinely worrisome. You need to create a plan to prevent your valuables from getting lost. Here are some valuable tips that will ensure the safety of your priceless items. This article reveals how to move valuables including packing furniture, collectives, antiques. You can also trust us in choosing the best moving company near you to take good care of your belongings.

Moving gym equipment is always about heavy lifting. Being heavy, gym equipment is not safe when moving. You definitely need some additional as well as some useful advice from professional movers. It is important to plan a relocation of your sports gear as much ahead...

  If you are moving you may need to lose some so-called dead weight before the forthcoming relocation. While it’s seductive to just throw your things in storage, keep in mind that renting a storage unit can be costly – especially when renting a unit over a long period of time. Selling your unnecessary items will help you save and make money at the same time. New life-new things, if hesitate, sell. Here’s a look at mobile marketplace apps gaining popularity in recent years, these peer-to-peer smartphone apps make it easy to find, buy and sell pre-owned items in your local area.  This article reveals mobile apps for moving.  
  Every year there are thousands of complaints filed against moving companies. The complaints are mostly about loss or damage to property, overcharges, and reports of a situation where movers refused to give back belongings and kept them hosted demanding extra payments. That is the reason why many people opt for a DIY move in an attempt to avoid a rogue moving company. If you decided to pack and move without any professional help, you would still appreciate some professional advice on packing, loading, and moving your belongings. And, if you happen to move in the middle of the holiday season, find a minute to watch this and learn how not to miss all the fun while moving. Whatever moving option you would choose, look at our 10 warning signs that will help you recognize a fake mover before it is too late.
Packing up and moving house is an unforgettable experience, but at the same time, it can also turn into a stressful one. We want to make boxing and unboxing your items as painless as possible. These extremely useful hacks will reduce the stress and expense of packing for moving. To fit every item into your rental truck, may at first seem like a bit of a puzzle, but there are some general tips like, not leaving everything for the last minute, start packing beforehand or make sure you have plenty of packing tape in stock. These extremely useful hacks will minimize the stress and expense of packing a moving truck for moving.
  It is not easy to plan a perfect move and organize it in the least stressful way. Unfortunately, moving is never safe and due to this very obvious reason we always recommend to entrust your move to the strong and trained hand of professional movers. That is exactly why we at moving-me have prepared a thoroughly checked full database of the most reliable and trustworthy moving companies near you. If you opt for a DOY move, be prepared to deal with some common injures. It’s very important that you have a basic understanding of the fundamental moving tips. Check out the best professional advice. Moving is exhausting work, which includes heavy lifting, sharp packing knives, and other precarious factors that can be more dangerous than you might expect. Your moving day may suddenly become too dangerous… unless you have prepared well with a good understanding of basic moving safety tips. Protecting yourself during your move is just as important an objective as protecting your belongings. Get a closer look at our 7 safety tips when moving. Also, find out what other moving mistakes you can easily avoid once you follow our advice.
  Everybody knows that moving is a 1-2 month process. But in reality, even moving in a hurry is possible, but it requires some ingenuity, a lot of energy, and help in getting organized, which is where these 5 tips for moving in a week or less can help. This article reveals top 5 moving tips.
The earlier ahead we plan our move the better. Everyone knows that. But not always you have this perfect period of six to eight weeks to plan, negotiate and pack your move. If you’re moving out in a hurry, there’s only one way to survive this last-minute move – excellent organization and effective packing. After all, your money, time, and nerves will be at risk during the short period you have until the moving van parks in front of your house or apartment. And when the three moving factors above are throwing a party together, another one usually finds its way to join – Mrs. Moving Panic. But don’t worry, we’re there for you and have prepared a list of quick-moving tips so that you can get completely ready for the big day as fast as possible and, what is more valuable, with minimum effort? This article reveals packing tips for moving in a hurry.
  Moving is stressful. Documents, losing track of important paperwork can bring more stress to your move. Prepare these moving documents before the move. Put forms and receipts close at hand as you’ll need them to complete a lot of tasks related to your upcoming move.  
  Prepping to move? Moving is a real headache with all that planning ang packing, what to talk about organizing everything once you’re finally in your new home with all your belongings. But first, there’s moving day itself. Follow our moving day tips to know how to make it as stress-free as possible.