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About U-Pack

ABF U-Pack boasts having helped more than a million families move since the company launched in 1997. U-Pack is owned by the massive freight shipping company ABF, which lends shipping expertise to ensure your belongings get safely where you need them to go. U-Pack is widely available throughout the U.S., as well as in Canada and Puerto Rico. Nobody wants to add more stress to their move by discovering hidden costs that drive up the price. The quote includes taxes, fuel, and a ramp for loading and unloading.

Moving-Me about U-Pack

If you’re making a moderate- to a long-distance move, you should definitely get a quote from U-Pack. There are a few things that put U-Pack behind the competition, though. Its services are not available for local moves at all. And you have only three days to load and unload your containers. But U-Pack is a solid option for a long-distance move, and because of its simple website, numerous online features, and extremely transparent pricing with a no-hidden-fees guarantee that means what you see is what you pay. That is the reason why we gave U-Pack four out of five stars.

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What is U-Pack cost?

The average cost of a long-distance move using U-Pack ReloCube moving containers is $2,200. Pricing for ReloCubes is based on a per container/per 30-day period basis. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as container size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. U-Pack is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

U-Pack Reviews

The worst. Supposed to pick up on the 16th didn’t pick up till the 18th and been a week and still don’t have my stuff. Never again will I use upack. Even if they were cheap
- Kevin Simon

I was told my moving truck would arrive 11am. After several calls to the local office trying to understand where the truck was (I had several people lined up and paid to help me load the truck upon arrival) I was told it would be delivered when they had time. The woman Sheila I spoke to at the local Belgrade office might be the rudest person I have ever encountered in customer service. I also heard through several friends in the community that they have personally dealt with her as well. And that she was so incredibly disrespectful and unaccommodating they would never do business with this company again. After having to pay the people I hired to stand around for two and a half hours and do nothing, the moving truck did not arrive until 530pm. I made several phone calls through out the day trying to get an ETA of when my truck would arrive and kept getting the same rude response that they are busy and they would drop it off when they had Time. Despite the fact that I had a scheduled time of delivery per the gentleman Jordan that I made the reservation with. She also told me that the truck driver would call me when he was in route and that never happened. The gentleman that helped me at my destination was very kind. However, SEVERAL items were destroyed beyond repair and he simply said “well that’s why we aren’t liable” for anything and just continued on with his day. This company clearly doesn’t care about taking care of customers items or driving in a safe and careful manner. Never again will I use this company and will be telling everyone I know about my experience.
- molly marquis

I am posting this because we had a good experience with ABF/ U-Pack but I almost didn't hire them because of all the bad reviews here. We moved from Philadelphia to Florida on very short notice and in the midst of this pandemic and U-Pack made it possible! We don't have a ton of furniture so one cube was just perfect for us and made them much cheaper, plus cubes are available on short notice even during COVID. It is also a good option if you want to avoid movers having to come into your house right now, to minimize exposure. We had never done anything like this before and I have to say that I was concerned because of bad reviews, people saying their cube didn't arrive, things were broken or they ended up having to pay more than the quote says. So we were extra cautious but U-Pack did a great job! The employees at ABF at both the destination and origin facility were very nice and everything was on time, the cube even arrived earlier than expected in Florida! Nothing was broken and their quote was exact. I think to minimize pitfalls it is IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND that you get what you pay for and that you are responsible for packing that cube right! They are not a moving company that loads your stuff for you and that therefore is responsible if something breaks. You have to tie everything down, pad it and take your time to really pack things tight so it is safe for the long journey and all the bumping around that will occur. You also have to be on top of scheduling delivery and pick-up at the origin AND the destination facility, if that cube just sits around at your house or the destination facility and you are waiting for it to magically arrive you have to pay for it. Also one thing was not very convenient and that is why I gave 4 stars is that they say you get 3 days to pack the cube. That is not quite correct, they will deliver on day 1 before 12pm but you don't know when exactly, you have the rest of day 1 and all of day 2 to pack. Then they will pick up the cube at day 3, but again, you do not know when that will be (we were told could be as early as 6am, they ended up coming somewhere between 10am and 11am) so everything should be in the cube at the end of day 2! That was inconvenient for us as we only found that out when we called them to schedule the pick-up. I also understand that other people had problems like water damage, which is no fault of their own and very unfortunate and luckily did not happen to us. But in general this is a great service for the price if you have to move right now and are willing to put effort in and take some risk.
- Julia H.

UPack moving is very convenient! HOWEVER, everything was broken, damaged, wet, stained, or otherwise damaged. The movers I hired said that "every trailer they opened from UPack looks like this". It quite literally looks like they put it trough a crusher, soaked it all in water, and then shoveled dirt on it.
- Josh Christianson

We called and negotiated down to a pretty great price about 2 weeks before our move (although I probably wouldn't recommend doing it so close to the date)! The pod drop off and pick up was very easy- a mixture of online and over the phone. Everyone I talked to on the phone was great, but keep in mind that they can't give you a time estimate for the day. The only thing to be aware of is getting permits! I moved from San Francisco to Cambridge, MA, and both cities required permits about a week in advance. If you call AVF they can help (there is a phone number somewhere in fine print on the confirmation). Otherwise that is an added cost that you may not expect and needs to be done about 7-10 days prior to the move. Otherwise, it all went decently smoothly and the pod fits inside a parking spot, which comes in incredibly handy.
- Cailey P.

From the very first inquiries to the pick up of the truck on the other end it was seamless. We packed the truck ourselves to save money. They delivered the truck on time at point A. they drove the 1800 miles and delivered on time at point B. They always new where the truck was if I called for progress updates. Unlike AT&T that still can't get our TV and internet working after two weeks. U Pack was GREAT
- Shon S.

We have moved with Uhaul boxes in the past and wish we went with those again. The U-Pack trailer was a bumpy ride for our furniture and almost every big piece of furniture was damaged--even with furniture pads and wrapping everything in cellophane. The movers who unloaded our trailer said they never recommend U-Pack because the trailers have very little suspension and the ceiling is so hard that it makes it difficult to pack everything well. In addition, the U-Pack boxes require for you to be there at drop-off since you do not put your own lock on them. We're sad we learned the hard way, but we will never use this moving option again.
- Clint P.

I had a great experience with U-Pack and would recommend to anyone! My wife and I moved last week from SF to Chicago. U-Pack dropped off two containers at our apartment complex. They take up one parking space each. They have a forklift attached to their trucks so they can drop off the pods in tight locations. We filled up the pods and bought some nylon rope at Walmart to keep everything securely strapped in. You will have to buy/use one lock per container (you don't need two lockers per container like the pictures might suggest, because you can't open one door without opening the other). Almost any lock should work fine. I used a standard Master Lock that you see on any high school locker. You don't need a lock that is super long. U-Pack is super organized and efficient and has excellent customer service. They called us, sent updates, and text you a link that you simply click when you are ready to have the guys pick up the containers. You don't even have to be there when they pick them up. Their sales people have a little wiggle room on price. I suggest getting a quote from another company and if it's lower, let U-Pack know and see if there is anything they can do "because you heard they have great service but are price conscious".
- Nick B.

Let me start by saying moving sucks but an out of State move sucks more... U-Pack made this tolerable.. ha ha I researched all of the moving options when our family decided to move from California to Washington State. Not only was U-Pack the most cost effective it was the best for scheduling, packing and delivering. I was in a position of selling my house in Ca and purchasing a house out of State so there were quite a few obstacles and barriers to deal with along the way, fortunately U-Pack did not add to them. U-Pack was my savior for this type of move actually, I was able to schedule a drop off for one of their trailers to be dropped off early enough for me to load it a little each day until the move date and then when i had a few week lay over before the new house closed escrow I was able to utilize the service and pay for storage using the same trailer we loaded up. When our house finally closed they were prompt in delivering my trailer the day after we closed so we could finally move in. This was huge since we did not have to move all our stuff into a storage unit for a few weeks and then move it again into trailers or a Uhaul to get it to our house. HUGE PROBLEM SOLVER FOR US! On another topic the driver was absolutely great in his effort to try and get the trailer up our long driveway. He was very talented as he had to back in, uphill for over 100 ft. with a few obstacles to avoid. SUPER HELPFUL to us as we would have had to unload it and shuttle things up that same driveway in order to move in. He showed us great customer service by going the extra mile and getting us taken care of. For anyone that's ever done an out of state move or are thinking about it check into U-PACK to compare, they were far cheaper than the others and in my opinion far superior due to the fact that I had flexibility options by being able to rent storage from that same trailer we loaded. All good experience overall. Thank you U-Pack !!
- Ben D.

I've now completed my second move with U-Pack - this time I was transporting a few remaining large and heavy items and used a ReloCube. The experience was as smooth and trouble-free as the first time when I used linear feet in a truck. Once I confirmed the reservation all the information was available online, when I came to load the Cube in Oakland everyone was extremely helpful, and it arrived in NJ exactly when promised. Unloading was just as simple and this was the cheapest way I found to move large heavy bulky objects coast to coast. By the way, knowing what Relocubes look like and that they are subject to elements I brought some plastic tarps and one real rain tarp to put on top of everything, even though it was pouring rain the day we were packing and drizzling the day we were picking up, my stuff inside Relocube stayed totally dry.
- Asya K.

Nothing but good experience with U-Pack! They arrived on time, delivered my stuff with no damage or issues. Definitely recommend U-Pack, not to mention their competitive pricing!
- Di L.

I am going to be moving this month and as such, I had been looking at different moving options when I came across U-pack. Their advertisement boasted that it was cheaper than renting a truck and that I would get a free instant quote. Renting a U-hall truck is going to cost me $212. A U-pack container wants to charge me $651 and won't deliver to my address and I have to rent a truck anyways to get my stuff from their terminal. So I would pay more to get less service. Don't use U-Pack
- Andres P.

These guys saved our interstate move after another company failed to show up on time, did not communicate and could not be reached for 12 hours. This was a situation where multiple steps were coordinated together, and everything had to be rescheduled on the fly. U-PACK came through and was able to get us taken care of with minimal disruptions to our original plans. Note: pack your own things and pack them well. U-PACK provides a shipping service with containers, not a moving service.
- Kane R.

I used UPack for the second time on a cross country move, and for the second time I am thrilled with your service. Every person I've interacted with is fantastic, you truly have great customer service. The cost is half of any other company and for a superior unit. Your drivers are excellent - on time and on the early end of the range you give. They are very friendly and very competent at navigating large cities. I recommend Upack to everyone doing big moves!
- C W.

We have just moved to a different State and U-pack helped us so much. They delivered the container on time and they gave us time to load all our stuffs. It was also delivered on time to our new place and gave us as much time as we need to unload. The price, can't beat them. I compared them to another company, to companies of movers, and even if we would have rented trucks, U-pack beats the price of them all. Thank you so much and I would definitely recommend you guys. You are awesome!
- Amy B.

Nope. Especially if you are a single female I would NOT recommend U-Pack for the simple reason that their container delivery guy, at least the one who came to drop mine off, is condescending with an incredibly aggressive vibe. Like, I don't know if the guy just got out of jail, or if he has some personal problems in his life, but his RAGE for me out of the gate was insane. We ended up agreeing that he should take the containers with him after he was finished with his diatribe. Which left me with no containers at a critical point in my moving journey. Awesome I ended up going with Pods. In a situation like this, it just pays to go with the bigger, well-known brand. The Pods Pod was delivered by a friendly and helpful woman, for what its worth, who didn't act like I'd just personally knee capped her favorite athlete.
- Ardn T.

It was seamless. The cube arrived and the man was so nice. He put it exactly where I wanted and helped me figure out when to call for the pick-up so that it would arrive at the right time to our new location. All of this happened during the Christmas and New Years Holidays. When it was delivered same process. The driver was terrific and very careful about placement so swinging doors would not destroy plants. The pick-up was SO EASY. I just tapped a link on my phone, was told the pick-up would happen the next day and I did not need to be home. I went out and returned and the cube was gone. I would and will use them again in a heartbeat. Thank you UPACK easiest move ever!!
- Nancy H.

The good: Everything showed up damage-free. The bad: I called 3 weeks before the scheduled delivery and gave address and time information. I call the day before to do one last confirmation and they say, "Oh, we must have had this in the system incorrectly. I don't think we can deliver it to you tomorrow." After 4 hours, 8 phone numbers and 20+ conversations, it was finally sorted out by Old Dominion, one of their partner shippers. It turned out okay in the end, and why I didn't give them a 1, but such a hassle.
- Jordan J.

UPack's service was outstanding for my first cross country move. The price point was within my means to afford to keep my belongings and furniture. The service was great; every time I called UPack or ABF they were pleasant and professional and went above and beyond to help me. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to move and won't hesitate to use them again.
- Beth A.

U-Pack's representatives are very informative. But after we reserved the trailers for pick up, we found out they use ABF for the carrier. We paid over $10,000 for two trailers to move our stuff from near Los Angeles, CA to near Atlanta, GA. The end result is the first trailer got water damage on our expensive furniture due to a foot long leak on the trailer's roof. The furniture in the second trailer got broken table legs, dents and scratches on almost every piece of furniture. We had all of them wrapped by plastic sheets. We made the water damage only because it was very obvious that their trailer roof had an opening causing the water leak. ABF sent me an email offering to pay $700 on the condition we have to sign agreement that we would never publish any comments on any social media or what so ever. We did not accept this condition. Our damage is way too big than an offer of $700 to keep us to be silent on such poor quality service. I felt U-Pack's customer reps were very nice. But we did not hire ABF for the moving service. When there are damage claims, there is no U-Pack customer service provided. I would not recommend anyone using their trailer moving service. I have a ton of pictures to show the scale of our furniture damage. But I am not given a choice to load any pictures in my review here.
- Min P.

Fantastic experience! This is a first rate company w/ excellent customer service. They saved me a considerable amount of money on my move. To use Pods would have been more than double for less space. They were polite, happy to work w/ me on my pickup and delivery schedule. My house is in an HOA and had to have same day pickup/drop off and they were on time and efficient. I would use them again!!
- Heidi K.

I moved from Oakland, CA to Scottsdale,AZ and it was my first move out of my family home. However the ease of UPACK eliminated unnecessary extra stress of moving. Thank you so much to the customer care agents. I called so many times, only due to me not knowing what i was doing, but each time no matter how ridiculous or simple the question the agent was able to assist me and go above and beyond. I use a relcocube and boy those things are huge inside. I had 4 large boxes, a full sized mattress, a microwave, bed frame, 70inch floor mirror, 50 inch tv, table, tv stand, chair and about 10 more items and i still had plenty of space. I love how they give you call when the cube is being dropped off and delivered. And you don't have to be home for the pick up. Thank you 1,000 UPACK!!
- Ashlee B.

I DID read the reviews. And this is not my first time considering U-Pack for a long distance move. Back then they were way too expensive to even consider compared to uHaul. And I've used uHaul twice now with mostly positive results - but this time they could not meet my time requirement. Others were just way too overpriced. In my case I had to do a rather quick move due to move in requirements; so I got the U-Pack so that I could have the bulky items delivered to me while I drove the important smaller crates and boxes up. I'll save you the lengthy bit. Ultimately here was my takeaway from my U-Pack experience: - That they offer guaranteed day delivery for only $170 (in my situation) was a HUGE plus. No other carrier comes close to this. People complaining about not getting their deliveries on time had to have either declined this or didn't ask about it. Don't cheap out on your delivery. - uPack does not charge you anything until after it's on the way. No deposits, nothing. They'll collect a card but it doesn't get charged until (basically) you're good. - The rep assisting me with figuring out the right order did a great job optimizing the cost and time to exactly what I needed. There were zero issues getting my box loaded, delivered and picked up exactly when they said things would happen. - uHaul's box is wood and items tend to shift around a fair bit. With the completely metal U-Pack, the way it was when it got picked up at the origin is exactly how things were at the destination. The door also closes more solidly than uHaul's. - The most expensive thing in here was a $2500 OLED in a TV box. It's what I was most worried about because they are notoriously fragile. It arrived in perfect condition. The only negatives: - A foot piece to my sectional had a small gash. I don't think this happened during shipping, I think the movers that loaded it didn't notice this when loading it. - U-Pack claims that one ReloCube can fit a 1-bedroom apartment. This is not true. It can maybe fit 1 bedroom, but if you're rocking a king bed and fairly large couch, there's simply no way you're filling it with all of the contents of a 1-bedroom apartment. Get 1 PER ROOM if you're not sure. Especially if you're moving appliances ( I was not). - ReloCubes recommend a lock with a 2" neck (I say it's not required). These aren't common locks. I was fortunate to find one at the local AutoZone. Overall I was very pleased with the service I got and the delivery guys on both ends were polite and awesome.
- Tempting R.

Everything happened as they said it would in initial quote, very easy to use system, would definitely recommend. There were no last-minute surprise fees/charges - price I paid matched my quote exactly. Items arrived exactly when they said they would arrive. Really liked the online tracking so you knew where your ReloCubes were. Tip #1? I found the cubes to be significantly larger than expected, there is a lot of space! Are you a professional mover? If not, may want to hire a helping hand. Once you meticulously stack your boxes, etc. just remember your items will be bouncing around on the back of a truck, might be good to have some expert help with stacking it all - the cubes are taller than you think. I read here on yelp someone else gave a similar tip and it did help me when packing - remember, your items will shift during transport. But I have to say, after watching the drivers load and unload, they were extremely cautious with the cubes. But once on the road, items will naturally move around. Upon arrival, slowly open the door in case items have shifted toward the door, don't want anything falling on you! Tip #2: Don't forget your padlock! You will need to provide your own padlock for each cube. Upack's site gave a diagram of the size padlock that works (standard padlock), and I was able to order one in advance online. Tip #3: Have a plan for where you will have your cubes parked while you load them - closer to your move-out/move-in location would be ideal. Surprisingly, despite their large size and the amount of weight that goes in them, they left very minimal marks in my grassy front yard. Make sure they are in a space you can leave them overnight (especially if you are in an HOA or area with parking restrictions). All around, drivers and staff were courteous and friendly - you'll need to call in once on both sides (pickup and delivery) to arrange a timeslot for pickup/delivery and that can vary - my pickup side was a 4-hour timeslot; my delivery side was a 12-hour timeslot. All around, a great experience, would definitely use again and recommend.
- Don D.

I think that U Pack is THE BEST mover around! They are moderate in price, but more important, they keep their word about prices and their actions. Additionally, they are very polite and totally professional. My relo cube was the perfect size for my stuff. UPack moved my cube across the country from NYC to Las Vegas. I myself was delayed with my move because of business, and I told UPack I couldn't pick up in December as originally planned. They assured me it was all right because they are able to do storage as well as moving. What a relief! I was able to tend to my NYC situation without having to think about my stuff which was already in Las Vegas. The cost of storage was moderate. Long story short, I finally moved here to Las Vegas and quickly got an apartment in February, yet continuing to keep the relocube stored at UPack while I got settled. Today, I had the cube delivered and everything was in perfect condition. It was very reassuring that the lock on the cube was mine and I had the only keys. UPack is a great company, extremely organized and well-run! By the way, I asked UPack to recommend people who could unload my stuff. They gave me some recommendations, and I chose Umbrella Movers. They did a great job today unloading and bringing everything to my second floor apartment, and they were fine with the need to use the steps, since my building has no elevator. Again, totally professional. All in all, my experience with UPack has been excellent, and I would do business with them again in a heartbeat! Thank you, Shirley G.
- Shirley Gifford

This company needs to decide whether they want to be a consumer-facing company or not. The salespeople are nice and reassuring, but...... 1. You are not guaranteed a trailer that DOESN’T HAVE HOLES IN THE ROOF. Yep, you could get stuck with a trailer that has tears in the roof,exposing your stuff to rain. I showed up to the LA yard, there were two trailers left, one was ok and the second had a huge gash in the roof. The people who showed up after me were really bummed out and the dispatcher could care less- this is just a side hustle for the company to get income from old trailers, their business is moving freight. 2. If you load Commercial freight at the yard in LA, your trailer is parked at a covered loading dock. The U-pack trailers are at the far end of the yard, completely exposed to the elements. My trailer was open exposed to the west, so it got the brutal afternoon sun scorching into it. I was really afraid my two movers were going to quit or get heatstroke. It was brutal, and you have to go up a fairly steep ramp to load the trailer, unlike a loading dock where it’s level. Frankly, they could care less about the moving customers. Also, there is no guarantee that a ramp will be available. 3. The trailer leaked. Not too bad, but there were wet boxes upon arrival. Believe the other horror stories here. 4. The trailers have no suspensions like moving vans. Expect broken stuff-I’ve moved cross-country a couple times And never had so much broken stuff, just from bouncing and rattling. I’m a super careful and experienced packer, I pack like professional movers using lots of new supplies, nothing you do will prevent stuff from getting broken. The moving boxes looked like they’d been used 3 or 4 times after one move and I ended up throwing out most of them. 5. Pay attention to the insurance- they’re pretty much liable for very little even if you buy the supplemental. And don’t believe the salesman when he tells you your renters or umbrella policy will cover damage. All I can say is, believe the other horror stories. There are lots of them and they’re pretty consistent. I wish I had. I’d get rid of all my stuff before I use them again. They are 100% a commercial freight company and could care less about you and your self-move, nut they’ll take your money.
- C M

I'm thinking about using this company u pack. I'm not sure because of the reviews! ? #911 Does anyone have comments or pointers? To offer.
- Kinikki York

Don’t use! Way too expensive for such terrible service. Pod sat in Kansas City for 5 days, paid $3300 and it’s been over a week. Tried calling and the rude lady just kept saying that the 3-5 delivery day is just an “estimate” so don’t expect your stuff to be on time. Will definitely use a different moving company next time.
- Rocky

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