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Since 2002, we’ve been solving an old problem in a new way. Whether you need a storage or moving container for relocating the contents of your home or your business, SMARTBOX has developed a system that gives you more flexibility, greater convenience, better customer service and less stress than existing moving companies and storage alternatives. Not only that, but SMARTBOX prices are fair and competitive because you only pay for the storage containers you need.

Moving-Me about SMARTBOX

SMARTBOX team is highly caring. They know their customers have more appealing things to do on weekends than dealing with traditional, time-consuming, labor-intensive self-storage, or renting a truck to move across town or undertake a long distance move. SMARTBOX knows that you have a lot of portable storage options to choose from, but they are here to say that none of them stack up to what SMARTBOX can offer you.

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What is SMARTBOX cost?

Be ready that the average cost of a smallest cross-country move using SMARTBOX moving containers will cost you $3,000-5,000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as container size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. SMARTBOX is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.


I paid for 7 boxes. They were supposed to be delivered today. Called in morning to get idea of delivery time. Was told 8am-6pm. Called back at 4:30 & was told will be delivered today. Was supposed to get call when they were 30 min out. Here it is 9pm & I'm angry. Never received a call. Don't know if they will deliver tomorrow. Called them & was on hold for ever & didn't speak to anyone. Lost an opportunity for help loading pods tonight. Very dissatisfied. Fearful my move will fall apart.
- Cookie Z.

I am a mid-age mother of three in the process of a two-year bitter divorce. I choose SMARTBOX because of it perceive convenience. I used the company for three years. At the time of rental, I stored the boxes on my personal property in my front yard. Code enforcement cited my property. Portable storage containers require a permit in Orange County. One mobile unit is allowed for up to 14 days, once every six months. I had two units on the property. NOTE: In Orange County, Florida, ONLY ONE storage unit is allowed on the property at a time. However, the sales representative did provide this information. Renter Beware. Three years later, I obtained the necessary permit for Orange County to have my items delivered. I requested that SMARTBOX only place one box at a time due to the permit requirements. My point of contact, who later self-identified herself as Lauren McNeil (Manager), advised the permit is only required for units off personally property, such as the road. I explained what I encountered and provided directions for storage delivery to comply with Orange County permit. Lauren advised there would be an additional $99 fee for delivery. I expressed my concern with paying the extra cost and she stated did not have the authority to waive the $99 fee for double delivery. Un-empathically, Lauran advised despite the ordinance the fee was required. She further stated that is the customer responsibility to be aware of the permitting requirements and encouraged that delivery both and empty them before code enforcement becomes aware. I requested a manager; at this time, Lauran identified herself as a manager and stated, "the one you contact because of your non-payment." I was appalled. As a customer, with hardships, I have paid over $3000 in rental fees and late fees. Nevertheless, I paid for them. For this reason, I would recommend that you do not use this company for the following reasons: Lack of disclosure Unprofessionalism Inflexibility to long-standing customers
- Desheila R.

I was very pleased with SMARTBOX! I found SMARTBOX after one of the other "pod" companies disappointed me, and left me in a bad spot. SMARTBOX came on time and communicated very well. When they first dropped off the two boxes, I'll admit, I was freaking out. They looked so much smaller than what I had pictured. My family and friends came and we fit everything from my one bedroom apartment! IKEA L shaped couch, queen bed, ottoman, book shelves, kitchen table, all my stuff! The boxes fit nicely in one parking spot of my complex so as not to take up too much room from other residents. Absolutely recommend SMARTBOX!
- Amanda T.

Breakdown of communication, missed appointments for pickup and delivery (which led to other fees) and lack of empathy from management. Rented 11 pods to move our home and on multiple occasions the driver was uninformed, couldn't complete the work or just didn't show up. Because you can only fit 7 pods on a truck at a time, there were multiple deliveries and pickups and none of them went well. At one point the driver never made his appointment. No call to let me know he wasn't going to make the pickup, which caused a crew of workers that were dispatched to fix the curb in front of my home to be rescheduled and I was left with the fee. When I called Ned to get the issue resolved, he said he didn't understand how any of this was his problem and wouldn't help with absorbing any of the fees, then told me he would call the driver to get the issue fixed and call me back ... guess what, never called me back. Eventually I got a text from Ned at 5:30pm THE NEXT DAY saying "I have not forgotten about you, waiting to hear from Shabazz that you are picked up. I am heading to a networking Dinner/meeting, so if I don't s" And the was it... I came home late that evening and the pods were gone. I've not heard from Ned or SMARTBOX concerning this whole ordeal since the careless, half-written text. I'm extremely disappointed with SMARTBOX, their services and their mission. Pay a little extra to have someone do it right the first time.
- Nelson C.

Hired Smartbox to freight my stuff from NYC to Los Angeles, and despite the good yelp reviews on the LA Smartbox page, braced myself for a nightmare scenario- but couldn't have had a better experience! Zero damage, really friendly and communicative pickup/delivery guys, and cheap storage rates on the recieving end (I stored my stuff for a month before getting it delivered). HOWEVER: be aware that: a.) Their call center is eastern standard time, and closes at 5pm *EST* (which was a real pain for me on the west coast) b.) If you call them after hours, rather than telling you they're closed, their automated system puts you on hold, then eventually offers you a call-back that you'll never actually get. So be sure to call when they're actually open. c.) Once your box arrives to their center near you, you'll need to set an exact date with Smartbox to deliver it. Book your dropoff date as far in advance as you can to make sure there's a local driver available to deliver it when you want it- I got stuck waiting because i tried to book my local delivery too short notice.
- Theora V.

This company is so unprofessional. The product is not worth the price. The boxes are in crappy shape, hardware ancient/very torn up, and suspect if the boxes leak or not. DO NOT ORDER!! BEWARE!!! DONT DO IT!!! RICHMOND VA- NORFOLK location poor customer service, ill equipped employees, and they don't care!
- Kehyonha B.

Unacceptable. This company is willing to work with you up until giving them your credit card information. First, there is NO communication between the long distance department and the local Smartbox facility. NONE. If FedEx can provide their customers with a tracking number, the Smartbox company should take some notes and follow their lead. In the initial stages of coordinating the delivery (before your credit card is happily swiped), you will be asked for a delivery date to the RESIDENCE. Don't be fooled as this is a "timeframe" of when the container will be delivered to the local Smartbox facility. Understanding this from the very beginning, I repeatedly confirmed a date as to when my container would be delivered to the local facility and also the new residence. So if you coordinated time off from work or are requesting people to help you unload your container, make sure you tell them the delivery date promised, the following promised delivery date, or even better the following week promised delivery date! BE AS FLEXIBLE as you can because you are now at SMARTBOX's mercy. As the manager, Shantelle of the Upper Marlboro, MD location stated "This isn't a pizza delivery!" Unfortunately, if this were an actual pizza delivery, you'd at LEAST get a free pizza! I barely received an apology let alone a free pizza. As for the manager at the local facility (Shantelle), please note, your customers don't appreciate the snide remarks such as the pizza delivery comment. I was promised a date, when it was rescheduled by either the long distance department or the local location, I should've been notified of the new delivery date. My main point is, Smartbox failed to communicate this major detail of the set delivery date despite doing my due diligence of making several phone calls between the long distance department and local Smartbox facility in between the coordination process and en route for the long distance delivery up until the day before delivery to the residence. Between the two departments, they can put you on hold and talk amongst themselves, but neither one took the responsibility of failing to notify me, the customer that the delivery date had been pushed back. Thankfully, I was able to give my family a heads up that the "promised" delivery date is no longer valid and not waste anyone's time or money, other than my own since I paid for it! Potential Smartbox customers thinking about a long distance delivery....don't spend it here unless you don't mind the lack of communication, unnecessary snide remarks from management and of course wasting people's precious time.
- Ruby B.

Overall great experience. The interactions with the corporate office could have been smoother - hence the four stars instead of five - but I'd do it again. The Tukwila location/staff were outstanding. I felt at ease sending my belongings off in their care. The delivery and pick up timing was flexible and communicated well. The corporate office staff were also friendly and helpful, but they seemed to be thwarted by their computer system. There was confusion about what was charged and when (I ended up adding another box after the original quote) and I never did get an exact new quote in writing. I also never got a final invoice showing the total of what I paid for what. However, it was relatively inexpensive and my belongings were transported and stored safely and efficiently. The people all seemed to genuinely care about what they were doing.
- Christie S.

Terrible company. Misrepresented what kind of space was offered to me with the box and charged a ridiculously high deposit before ever sending me a contract. Once I received the contract and realized I was not getting what I was promised they refused to refund my deposit, despite having never signed any contract. Shady business and practices and extremely over priced. Just get a moving truck, don't waste your time with these con artists.
- Jawn K.

They were cheaper than Pods/competitor's, and a friend recommended them. They worked well with my timeline, and followup seemed to be good. When the boxes were dropped off I could see why they're cheaper, they're flimsy containers and the latches wouldn't even close right (but they also give you locks). I never got a confirmation that the boxes were picked up - I had to follow up with them a day later (I moved to a new location and drove by and saw they were still there). Then my items were being stored for 4 months, eventually moving from the west to east coast. I called to schedule the move, and with the holidays we thought it was going to take longer than normal but turned out timing was going to be perfect. Or so I thought. My boxes were supposed to be picked up on the 27th of Dec. and I called to confirm. I was told to check back the following day and I did, I was told the boxes left. Yay. The woman I'd been working with was on vacation, so there was usually a delay in them getting back to me (which i was understanding of as it was the holidays/many people are usually out of the office). What i was not understanding of, is that my boxes were supposed to be delivered on the 3rd or 4th. They weren't delivered until the 10th, and I didn't find this out until I called them to follow up on the 2nd. They completely lied to me when the said the boxes left. Apparently the shipping company came and their truck was full and they couldn't take them. NOBODY called to reschedule the pickup, which is the fault of both smartbox and the shipping company. I know a week might not seem like much, but I moved across the country to start grad school/I'm living off my savings. I could've delayed my drive so that I wasn't there a week early and saved on air bnb costs - I couldn't sleep on the floor of an empty apartment for a whole week, and I already own an air mattress and wasn't about to buy a 2nd one. I'm also going to design school and had none of my supplies for the first week of class. It was not how I wanted to start school. I also had family here with me to help me unload the boxes, and since the boxes were delayed I had to pay movers to help as I don't know anybody here. Between my air bnb costs and hiring movers, I ended up being out almost $1000 that I had not been planning on spending. Thank you smartbox, I know never to use your services again. I don't understand how a moving company has only 1 person in charge of long-distance moves, and that there isn't proper training of other employees to handle their job if that particular individual is out of the office. I've never had to follow up with a company where customer service should be so important. Moving is stressful enough, let alone a cross country move. If you're doing something local they're cheap, but I don't suggest them for cross country moves.
- B R.

Smart box delivered my pods, picked up and dropped off my pods on schedule. The over all process was good and the boxes are fine. The biggest problem is that they charged me 4 times racking up $12,000 on my credit card for $3,000 move. My credit card was obviously maxed out during a stressful cross country move. It took a month to completely resolve the issue with company. The help number was not very helpful and I had to send the same information and bank statements to multiple people and follow up constantly. Be aware to all potential users and check your bank statement daily!
- Bethany B.

Two pieces of furniture were damaged.
- Ginny P.

From start to finish we were super happy with this service. We had a complicated move and Tripp (the owner of the business) was so helpful and worked with us to schedule pick ups and deliveries that accommodated our needs. The drivers are courteous, efficient, and super polite. Ryan did our first set of drop offs and pick ups. He placed the containers exactly where we needed them (it was a tight fit). We then had the containers in storage for about 8 months. We chose SmartBox because the boxes are stored indoors. I'm please to report that everything came out of the boxes in exactly the condition they went in. Didier was the driver for the second drop offs and final pick up and again he was super careful, quick, and helpful. Not only would I recommend this service - I have recommended it to several of my friends. PS I don't review often on Yelp, but SmartBox exceeded our expectations.
- cameron s.

The company has amazing service. Tripp is SO quick to respond and caters to your schedule to the extent possible. The drivers that brought and picked up the storage units were very friendly and accommodating. Everything we stored with SmartBox was in perfect condition when we unpacked. If I needed storage service again, I will definitely contact Tripp!
- m h.

I have moved four times in the last two years so I have a real working knowledge of what's available in the storage and moving industry! Having renting a storage unit, moving trucks, pick-up trucks and movers alike, I found Smartbox to be the best choice! You can make arrangements to have Smartbox delivered to your home, you can pack your items, (or coordinate and have them packed for you) store them and have them delivered to your new place when you're ready! I like the idea of having a few Smartbox's so I can organize my long term and short term items for storage and it's economical too, you only pay for what you use! Tripp, the AWESOME owner and manager of Smartbox has assisted me beyond the excellent customer service he provides! The Smartbox warehouse is located conveniently near most major freeways, (710,405, 91 and 105 accessible) in a commercial setting that is spacious, providing a dumpster on site, packing materials, and clean restrooms for clients, making your in-between visits both productive and accommodating if you needed access to your Smartbox. My Smartbox delivery was exceptionally executed, pre-arranged, scheduled and confirmed by Tripp. His team members, Ryan and Didier are reliable,punctual, and professional. Tripp and Smartbox made my moving experience a positive one! I have moved four times in the last two years due to extenuating circumstances, so I really have a working knowledge of what's available in the storage and moving industry and after renting storage units, moving trucks, pick-up trucks and movers alike, I found Smartbox to be the best choice!!! You can make arrangements to have Smartbox delivered to your home, you can pack your items, (or coordinate and have them packed for you) store them and have them delivered to your new home when you're ready! I like the idea of having a few smart-boxes so I can organize my long term and short term items for storage, it's economical too, you only pay for what you use and it is prorated, a little bonus to keep you moving along! Tripp, my Smartbox manager has assisted me beyond the excellent customer service he provides! The facility has a dumpster on site, packing materials and clean restrooms making in between visits productive if you need to disseminate some of the clutter! My delivery was exceptionally executed, pre-arranged and confirmed by Tripp, the prompt drop-off and pick-up service by Ryan at Smartbox made my moving experience seamless!
- Sheri M.

I reclaimed my furniture that I had stored with SMARTBOX for about 4 months. I had never stored my belongings before and I was a little nervous about what I would find when I opened the box after 4 months of storage. Bugs? Damage? Funny smells? Some one else's stuff? Phew. My stuff was in perfect condition just as I left it and the pick up and drop off was seamless. Tripp was super easy to communicate with and I highly recommend this company.
- Amy F.

Smartbox was a pleasure and a breeze to work with from the start. I like that they have one size box so you don't have to figure out which one you need. And one box holds so much! Didier delivered and picked up my box. He was fast and communicative. And early which I like! Very impressive forklift skills 🙂 I feel comfortable knowing my stuff will be stored with Smartbox for the next couple months and that they will then ship it across the country for me. No hassling with storage units and driving back and forth. Thanks Smartbox!
- Sasha S.

My experience with Smartbox was very positive overall. I needed two storage units to store the items in my garage while it was being renovated. Tripp, the owner, was very responsive and answered my questions right away. Within days, two storage units were delivered to my driveway. The drivers who delivered my storage units originally placed them in my neighbor's driveway. But a message to Tripp quickly resolved that issue. The storage units were not in the best condition - they looked like they had gone through a lot and they were not the easiest to close and put a lock on. But this was not a big issue. After I was done using the storage units, a phone call to Tripp led to the units being removed the very same day. Because of the responsiveness of the business, I am very happy I went with Smartbox and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs their services!
- Telly T.

I'm very happy to be able to update my previous review. About five minutes after my original posting, Tripp called me (he was out of the office that day, so I really appreciated that) and did a great job of working things out for me. He explained what that original quote was based on, which was general to my area and not specific to me. Honestly, my experience with Smartbox has always been this current accommodation, and not the previous, which is why I have been a return customer. So, my pods arrived this morning right on time (early, actually) with Ryan, one of their nicest transportation technicians. Seriously, really nice. I'm gonna get them unloaded and send them right back, but Tripp actually gave me the latitude of keeping them all day. For $300. More than fair. Many, many thanks Smartbox. You genuinely ARE a five-star company. I would use your services again in a New York minute!
- Vickey V.

We have used smartbox for many years to store some of our stuff. We are now moving across country and were going to use smartbox. We had a delivery scheduled for a smartbox to be dropped off in the afternoon, instead we arrive home after errands in the morning and find the smartbox that we partially packed GONE! At this point, I don't know what happened. I try to get a hold of someone and after waiting on hold for 20 minutes get an agent at the 800 number, and then the call drops. Calls do that from cell phones, but no call back from the company. I call again and after another 20 minutes get the same agent, who explains that they can't get a hold of anyone at the local office. I have been calling and texting the phone number that sent the text notifying us of when the smartbox would be delivered, never get a response. About 20 minutes after I hang up with the 800 number agent the driver calls, explains he made a mistake. I am not mad at the driver. Then the local owner calls and apologizes and gives us a discount to make up for the error. So, we are happy that our stuff wasn't stolen and that the company stands behind their product.
- Joseph V.

Dustin is terrific. Called day before to give me time of drop off, updated me the day of the drop off and pickup. Friendly and great at his job. A plus service!
- Kiran M.

This is a review for the San Francisco group, especially Dustin. He was professional, prompt and a joy to work with. He made contact regarding when he would deliver and pickup the boxes, he even got me an extra one when I realized we needed one more in a pinch. He has been very supportive during a stressful move. Thanks Dustin!
- Annie H.

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