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About White Red Moving & Storage

This moving company helps you organize your moving, transport your things, and assist you along the way with moving coordinators to answer any questions and doubts you may have. With more than a decade of experience in the moving industry, we are dedicated to providing both residential and commercial customers with moving and storage services to meet all their needs and requirements.

Moving-Me about White Red Moving & Storage

Established in 2010 family-owned and operated, the mover has been delivering quality moving services to all customers in San Mateo, San Francisco Bay, and San Jose Bay, CA. Besides relocation, the company does packing, storage and specialty moves: if you need to move pianos, antiques, or heavy items.

White Red Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: not provided

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: CAL-T191519

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What is White Red Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. White Red Moving & Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

White Red Moving & Storage Reviews

Jose arrived on time on very short notice (2 hours) and he and his colleague were very professional and efficient.
- Carolyn S.

He is good and recommended.
- Eva C.

They did an awesome job! I booked somewhat last minute (< a week before the move) because I had gone with a different company but wanted to change since I felt they were charging too much. I asked Jose if he could offer a flat rate, so he came by that same night, looked around, and offered a much better rate. I was happy I didn't have to worry about something going wrong and taking extra time. He sent 3 guy and we finished the full move in less than 4 hours for a move within SF. The guys were friendly and worked quickly. I'll recommend to friends and will call them up for sure if I ever need to move again.
- Cristina F.

Move large furniture items from Cupertino to Reno. They went the extra mile to meet our time line, and packed many extra items, many bottles of wine and assorted wine glasses...not one broken.
- Jerry W.

Jose and his team moved me from SF, CA to Washington state. They offered a full pack load and drive. The service was seamless and exceptional. I've had a number of cross-country, even international moves, and this one was by far the most fair, efficient and professionally managed. I highly recommend White Red Moving & Storage.
- Kristin Norell

Jose and his team of movers are exceptional! He has helped my family through several local moves in the past year and I have been very impressed with his responsiveness, quality of service, and fair pricing. He takes pride in his work and it shows! Thank you!
- Angie Y Chan-Geiger

we had agreed on everything. I shouldn't have worried. All that paperwork is the sort of thing massive moving companies with tons of overhead generate. Instead you get the same great moving experience for, no joke, about half the price of the next cheapest competitor. I have no idea why anyone uses anyone else or how these guys aren't swamped with too much business. They came in, well prepared, at the agreed upon time, packed everything up incredibly quickly, and we were out of there in no time. Everything was moved safely and unpacking was even quicker. I have nothing but good things to say about these guys and highly recommend them if you're moving from San Mateo.
- David Silva

White Red Moving & Storage moved my household quickly, reliably and without damage to any property. Jose and his crew are awesome! My quote was $500 below the next least expensive option. Jose came by to check out my situation and we had just a handshake agreement. I gave $150 check for deposit and we set the move date. The crew arrived on moving day and quickly loaded their truck with stacks of boxes and furniture. The move was over 100 miles, and I rode along to my new home. Once we arrived, the crew quickly emptied the truck into the garage. They also carried heavy furniture into the house for me. White Red Moving & Storage is a reliable, quality moving company. I recommend them.
- Lee Hounshell

I have moved multiple times from cross town to cross-country and cross-oceans. Considering all of those, this was the most seamless, efficient and great value move. Jose and his team were organized and his man, Juan, who drove my items directly for over 16+ hours was incredibly responsible, considerate and took true care of my items as well as looking after the boxes that they took away. I highly recommend White Red Moving & Storage. I had Jose come out for an on site inspection and he over-delivered on his promises from keeping my items packed well and safe to just being punctual ... even in hard SF traffic. Don't look elsewhere if you're considering a moving company. You will not be disappointed.
- Kristin N.

What a pleasure it was to work with Jose and his team!! We absolutely recommend him- no doubt, White Red Moving not only move us once but twice!! We’ll technically three but what a great job they did. Great to have meet him,Jose you are awesome thanks for making our move stress free. Highly recommended!!
- Leslie Stevenson

If you are moving this is the company you want to use. We were putting our furniture in storage and they wrapped all my furniture. Moving can be stressful but Jose takes all the stress out. I recommend with a 5 star rating. Professional, efficient, and fast. Jose is very flexible and is willing to accommodate you!
- Hazel F.

Jose (Owner) is a total professional. When I called him about our plan to move from the bay area to Sacramento, he asked me without hesitation when would be the best time to walk-through our home so he could give an estimate. In less than a week, I was able to get his service. He and his buddy are very thorough in packing and they're very fast. His assistant- Junior is just a perfect helper because he remembers how and where exactly you want your stuff to be moved without having to repeat yourself. We're so lucky to find White Red Moving Company. I would highly recommend these two to anybody I know that's moving. In closing, they charged a very reasonable price and were great to work with. Kudos to them and their prospering business!!!
- Nikkie N.

These guys are the best!! Jose is super responsive, reliable, professional, and affordable. We just moved houses in Burlingame. At first my wife was skeptical about using Red & White because they were small, local and submitted such a competitive bid (half what Bekin proposed). We are SO happy that we went with Jose and his team! He and Junior did everything they said they would, arrived right on time every time, worked their a$$es off, and agreed to do additional work for us when certain requirements came up. We voluntarily gave them a $400 bonus because we felt that they all just deserved it. Seriously, this was the best small business experience that I've had in years, and I deliberately seek out small business experiences.
- Tim G.

Excellent workers--very good service, responsive, competent and friendly. Jose is great to work with, and is quite the professional. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him highly!
- Nancy W.

We had them move us about two weeks ago. They were awesome. The boss guy (sorry I forget his name) came over and gave us an estimate for free! That's pretty nice considering I didn't think we needed movers. His crew of 2 other guys came over and moved an entire 2 bedroom house in about 2 1/2 hours. They even stayed while my wife was deciding on how things should be placed.
- Patty M.

Jose and his guys were awesome. They showed up on moving day and within minutes of arriving got to work on hauling our stuff. They worked tirelessly and were very careful with our belongings. They were kind and professional and super flexible with our strange multiple apartment-shuffling move. One of the guys even noticed an elderly neighbor struggling to move a trunk to her car and he quickly offered to help her. We would recommend them (and use them again) in a heart beat!
- Natalie S.

I was recommended to use this company by an RE agent who refers services like this to his clients. Unfortunately, my experience wasn't so great. They are not the worst but I'm not exactly thrilled. My first interaction was with Jose. Jose was prompt with pricing and very thorough. He gave me pricing and I immediately relaxed thinking I'd be well taken care of. The day of the move, Jose showed up on time and his movers showed up shortly after (about 10 minutes after) He directed his team on what to handle. I have a 1 bedroom apartment on a 2nd floor of a building. Jose left shortly after and I had 2 movers. One of the movers made an inappropriate comment which I just bypassed and ignored since i just wanted to get the move going. Anyway, Most of my items were packed up sans some loose items that went into wardrobe boxes that they brought. That's pretty standard. They did a great job of wrapping up the bed and the dresser. I noticed the move seemed a little slow in comparison to other moves i've done but I assumed it was because there were stairs involved, etc. 3 or so hours later, we were ready to leave. My car decided to misbehave so I had to ride with the truck. We got to the destination and things seemed to be moving along. A couple of times, I noticed that there were spurts of times where I didn't see them come in. I happened to look out the window and I noticed the 2 of them hanging out in the truck. Once I came out, they started moving again. I can not confirm how much time was spent taking breaks but needless to say, I wasn't exactly thrilled. By no means am I saying that these guys didn't work. It's clear they put all the stuff in and did the work. We continued on. I got a ride back to the apartment which again, I thanked them for. Overall, I spent a lot more than I figured I would and after talking to several people who have done similar moves with more stuff, I found that they paid less even with my Yelp purchase. Now here's the worst part. My landlord and new housemate has noticed damages to the walls from items being moved in. Not only is he upset but that certainly makes me look bad as the new tenant. On top of that, I spoke a neighbor from my old building who was around during the move. He told me he saw them hanging out at the truck a few times not doing anything while i was occupied and overheard them saying inappropriate stuff. Though I can't say that is true since I was not there to witness it but it certainly does not leave a good feeling at all.
- Jennifer C.

If I had written this review a year and a half ago, it would have been four stars (they were a little slow), but I didn't write a review of their move from my house to storage, then from storage to new home. The move was good enough that I used them again...big mistake! I confirmed twice that Jose and his guy would arrive at my condo at 8:30, the latest 9:00am. The cost would be the time spent once he arrived at my door until the end of the job in San Jose, plus drive time back to San Mateo (30 minutes). I had a very tight schedule that day, which I had made Jose aware of, and arranged other professionals around the times they would arrive and be done. Right around 9:00, I called Jose and he told me he hadn't left San Mateo yet (to get up to San Francisco), but would bringing another guy. I confirmed that I wouldn't be paying for the extra mover as we only had two beds, table/chairs, bookshelf, and a few of boxes. Jose finally arrived at 10:00...an hour and a half late! They were able to load the items up in about 30 minutes and we left for San Jose. One of his guys came with me so I could drop some items from my car off in San Mateo. I confirmed while we were in the car that he was taking 101 and he said he was on it by Candlestick (about 5 minutes behind us). Well, his guy and I dropped off an SUV FULL of items in San Mateo, then got back on the road. I called when were about to get off the freeway in San Jose, assuming he was ahead of us, but NO, he had switched over to 280 and was only in Woodside! We got to San Jose and waited . . . and waited . . . and waited. We had to wait over 40 minutes for him to arrive. Then when he arrived, he wasn't apologetic, he didn't offer any consolation, knowing I had an appointment to get to that I would now be late for. Then when they were done, Jose tried to tell me he was charging me for drive time to San Francisco (from San Mateo), a minimum of two hours, and an hour back to San Mateo (only takes 30 minutes). We had agreed when we spoke on the phone that the clock would start when he arrived in San Francisco and then he'd get an extra 30 minutes to get back to San Mateo when the job was completed. I was furious! He had arrived an hour (or more) late, wasted well over an hour traveling between San Francisco and San Jose, then tried to charge me extra money. We ended up agreeing to a charge (which was still more than I believe he deserved, but I needed to get to pick up my children and get to my next appointment). Overall, a horrible experience and I would NOT recommend White and Red moving!!
- Alexia M.

We used White Red Moving to move all of our furniture and belongings into storage while we sold our house and had our new house renovated. Jose and his team were very professional. They provided us a quote on pricing - which they kept to. They treated our belongings with the greatest care - wrapping almost everything in plastic or blankets to protect it. We took advantage of their storage facilities. When we finally moved in to our new place, they unpacked everything and placed things in the correct room. They even disassembled and reassembled our bed! Overall, we were very pleased with the service we received. I would happily recommend them.
- Chris K.

When the movers showed up with a rental truck, I was a little nervous but these guys crushed it and then some. Took less than two hours for them to load up a 15x15 storage unit, drive about 10 miles and unload it into my new place. I had a great result with my movers in Portland who loaded things up but certainly not this fast! Everything was loaded well, no signs of damage... Fantastic result and can't recommend these guys enough.
- Ted S.

My wife and I were in the process of moving to Sonoma County from San Mateo. We realized at the last minute that the task of loading our truck ourselves was too great. I called Jose and he was able to schedule for the next day! He and his two men superbly wrapped the furniture, packed the boxes, and had us ready to go in no time. Later that day, I asked him if he could come and load the remaining furniture on his own truck and haul it to Sonoma County for us. He said yes! Our furniture arrived beautifully padded and packed! Jose is extremely professional, and he and his men are wonderful to work with! Give him a try!!
- Robert W.

What a pleasure it was to work with Jose and his team!! We absolutely recommend him-no doubt!!!! White Red Moving & Storage not only moved us once-but twice!!!! Well-technically three times and what a great job they did. My parents are moving soon and they will soon get in contact with him. Almost forgot to mention, we also used his storage unit too. Great to have met him-Jose you're awesome thank you for making our moves stress-free.
- Kristie P.

These folks are the BEST. We needed to move our office pronto ~ it was technical and messy. We tried to be organized ~ but well... These folks took us cheerfully in hand, moved and placed everything in an astonishingly efficient amount of time. Want hard work with a smile? Check. Want someone to look out for you? Check. Want good advice? Check. Caring, hard working and great value.
- Anne S.

I was told that moving my 1 bedroom apartment would take about 3 hours. It took 5. I only had 8 pieces of furniture to move as I'd moved everything else myself during the week prior to my appointment with White Red. The two young men that showed up were very polite but extremely, aggravatingly SLOW. I've moved many times and I've never seen two people take so long to move a sofa, a queen bed, one dresser, a kitchen table, a small desk, an easy chair, and two bookshelves. There was also a bit of a language problem as they'd ask me where to place things and they consistently put them somewhere else. Some items were dinged and scratched a bit too, but I know it wasn't because they were rushing to get the job done. In the end, I ended up paying over $200 more than I'd planned to. Never again.
- Bob K.

These guys are the best! We decided to hire movers at the last minute, and they accommodated us on a Saturday with only 3 hours advanced notice. They were on time, well-priced, and super fast! Highly recommend.
- Ishika A.

Jose has moved me and my husband twice now. I have referred him to my cousins, parents, workplace, and friends. Everyone agrees that he is the absolute best - professional, smart, flexible, and reliable. His crew is amazing. They are efficient, reasonably priced, and get the job done in no time. Among other things, we have an extra large Big Green Egg bbq, a huge treadmill, weight bench, and a large vanity with a mirror. Jose and his team dealt with all of this seamlessly! Top notch service - you would be foolish to hire anyone else.
- Vanessa E.

Jose and his crew helped us move last September from San Mateo to South San Francisco and they were awesome! Jose and his team were very quick at loading our boxes and furniture into his truck and unloading everything at our new place. They disassembled and reassembled all our furniture with no problems. None of our stuff got damaged during the move. They were very professional, responsive, and a pleasure to work with. Definitely recommend them for folks looking to move in the peninsula.
- Garen D.

Updated review: I appreciate Jose for trying to rectify the situation. But I did buy the mat from Amazon and I have the receipt for it. It's absurd that I am trying to scam them. First review: I liked the crew. They arrived on time and work hard. After the move, when we were unpacking, I found a damage on a baby item due to the residue of the moving tape they used. It would not come off. I contacted Jose and he said he would send a check to replace the cost of the item. I waited and waited but no check came. I called again and he insisted that he has mailed the check. I asked him to check his bank account in case someone have stolen the check in the mail, but never heard back. At this point, I don't bother anymore.
- sari h.

I am grateful I met Jose and his team - they never fail to deliver! I have used Jose's moving services twice now in the past 18 months and he ensures everything runs smoothly. Moving is super stressful with hundreds of details and Jose keeps it all running flawlessly and efficiently! It is clear he was well trained before he started his own business and his work ethic is second to none. Highly organized, focused, professional, reliable, and Jose goes the extra mile to help with anything that takes pressure off you as the customer. He always stays one step ahead of what you need on moving day! No detail is too small for Jose. Highly recommend this company for any moving needs...you will be in great hands!
- JR S.

This is a long overdue review! I have used Jose and his crew for 2 house moves and several office moves and I can't say enough good things about them. Efficient, on time, respectful, kind and CAREFUL are the best words to describe this company. Booking is always a breeze, Jose is quick to reply and transparent on availability and cost. This is definitely a company I will use time and again for all my moving jobs. Thanks Jose!!
- Jaimie C.

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