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We at We Move U believe that a successful move requires proper planning and preparation. Every move has its unique needs and requirements. We are doing our best to fulfill your smooth and stress-free move.

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Our team figured out that a number of non-genuine reviews for this moving company were sent from the same IP address and/or the same computer, which may mean that someone was trying to artificially influence this business’s rating. Our review filter tool is still working, but from our point of view these movers are not very reliable.

We Move U Licenses & Certificates

We Move U is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. We Move You is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 784945

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 2298837

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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Be ready that the average long-distance moving costs will be around $ 2072 with interstate move average $ 736. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. We Move U is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

We Move U Reviews

I would gladly give this place no stars if given the choice. Their contract has more holes than Swiss cheese. Once they have your money you will never hear from them again to resolve any issues. They will always find a way to add additional charges to the contract that you signed for bogus reasons and hold your belongings until you pay the additional money at the other end. BEWARE of this company. I hate to see anyone else go through what we experienced.
- Randa S.

This company takes poor care of your furniture and items. Nearly every piece I had moved was scuffed or scraped, my vacuum was broken, my table had a chunk taken out of a corner, the support in my couch was broken, my light fixtures shipped in boxes were destroyed (both lamp shades and the body of the lamps), and the boxes I moved were crushed to half their original size. They may be less expensive than other movers, but I recommend factoring in the price of the furniture you are moving into that calculation. Ultimately, the time and money spent replacing items costs much more than other service quotes I received. I will not use them again. One positive about wemoveu is that the people who pick up and drop off the boxes/furniture don't try to rip you off like other moving companies. But again, I would rather pay more for a company that values my property.
- Dylan H.

We Move You is a rogue mover that uses every dirty trick in the book to rip off their customers, including threatening to hold goods hostage unless ransom demands are met and then threatening to humiliate the customer by putting a mocking video of them on Worldstar (youtube for African Americans). This is in no way an honorable business. I regret the day I put down a $800 deposit with We Move U. A better name for the business would be WeMoveYou-to-tears or WeMoveYou-to--beg-for-mercy. I experienced jaw-dropping dishonesty from the first point of contact (sales), to the dispatcher (who refused to honor the contract and tried to overcharge for storage as well), to the pickup and delivery drivers (Driver 1 who admitted that the company makes them inflate volume and and Driver 2 threatened to mock me on the internet). Lie #1: Volume of goods: I had sent We Move You a precise inventory of furniture and an estimate of boxes. The salesman said their very software estimated the volume at 750 cu.ft. But he repeatedly said that regardless of the inventory estimate, I would only pay for what is actually there on the pickup day, so there was nothing to worry about. Sure enough, on the day of loading, my furniture items were precisely the same and both box count and box volume were actually LESS than listed in inventory. I expected them to amend the contract to reduce the 750 cu.ft. But to my chagrin, the driver/foreman put on a 45-min performance about how, "based on his experience and visual estimate alone", the volume was 800 cu.ft. No proof provided. He knew that I had to vacate the apartment the next day and won't be able to find another moving company in a day. I had no choice but to sign amended contract with the 800 cu.ft. After signing he admits openly that executives at We Move You would give him a very hard time if he didn't inflate the volume. After loading the 26' truck, the stuff barely crossed 525 cu.ft., the 5th "line" on the ceiling (at 105 cu.ft per line). It was definitely less than 600 cu.ft. The driver/foreman could see it plainly as well and says "well, sorry, but I can't reduce the price now!". Lie #2: The company repeatedly claimed that their drivers are employees. But the pickup and delivery drivers both insisted they were independent workers that were subcontracted by We Move You. Lie #3: Packaging Fraud - The furniture was supposed to be disassembled and packed by We Move You (part of the base price). They charged me specifically for mattress boxes and I paid for it fair and square. When they arrived at delivery location, they were wrapped up in plastic wrap that was torn and tattered, with substantial water damage. Lie #4: Hostage situation at delivery: the salesman had specifically told me in writing that there would be no Shuttle or Redelivery fees and I had refused to sign that clause in the original contract. But after putting my stuff in storage, the dispatch coordinator informed me that the goods will not be delivered unless I signed a modified agreement that added on $600 in shuttle fees if needed. when the 53' delivery truck showed up for delivery, the driver simply declared that the truck won't fit in the street and he didn't want to take chances. The long-distance coordinator calls me and tells me bluntly that unless I paid an extra $600 in cash, they would take my belongings back in storage and I will have to retrieve them at my own expense after paying the original charges plus additional penalties that they would impose at will. This seemed like a well-practiced drill for them. Multiple neighbors came forward and told me that 53' trucks had come into the community many times before! I informed WeMoveU about it and they had nothing to say about it. Problem #5: Non-performance: the delivery movers did not reassemble a single piece of furniture even though it was part of the base contract. They dumped the some pieces of furniture close to the door and simply walked away. Problem #6: Non-performance: The movers flatly refused to carry some boxes upstairs claiming that they were too heavy, and company policy allowed them to refuse carrying it upstairs. However, nothing in customer's contract mentions anything to that effect. Problem #7: Massive pieces of furniture like king size bed, bookshelves, and a table simply went missing. The driver/foreman then tried to give me someone else's furniture and when I refused to take it, he had the nerve to tell me that I didn't know my own stuff. I then knew that he had given my bed, bookshelves and table to someone else. Problem #8: The icing on the cake: When I balked at paying the $600 shakedown for shuttle fees, driver/foreman tried to humiliate me by taking a video of me on his phone, put bunny ears and other gimmicks with snapchat or similar app, had a big laugh about it with his sidekick, and declared he was going to put it on Worldstar (youtube for African Americans). Is this any way to treat customers by an honorable business?
- Jay N.

It was a TERRIBLE mistake hiring WeMoveU, if you are looking for moving company to help with relocation, you will want to hear this. In short it was very unethical for them to took another moving job from a closer customer after they had taken our deposit and have a signed contract, and we were notified that LAST MINUTE on the morning they supposed to pick up our boxes. Read our experience with them below so you don't get SCREWED OVER by this company. First of all, we did our research on moving companies just like you would. We looked at BBB, google, yelp etc and thought we found the company we can trust because they have pretty good reviews. We spoke with Jeff first about how much stuff we have and what dates work for us. After Jeff confirmed that they can do the job we signed the contact and paid deposit. We had no idea this was going to turn into a disaster. A day before our scheduled pick up date, we got a call from Daisy who also works there, informing us they don't have a truck for us(are you serious?!!!), we'll have to wait 6 more days, which doesn't work with our schedule, as we have a set check-in day for our new apartment 1500miles away and need to get on the road. Daisy put us on hold while she spoke with her colleagues, then told us the movers will come the next day, she will update us the time frame later in the day but she never did. Around 9:30am on our scheduled pick up day, we got a call from Daisy, not to tell us when the movers will be here, but to tell us the movers won't be able to come here any of the date that works for us, we can cancel the job if we want!! We asked to speak with a manager or people in charge of the company to work on a resolution, Daisy said that will be James the owner who was not in the office at the moment, so we asked for a way to reach him, but found out later that she fooled us with a wrong number. We were told to "hang on" from 9:30am to 4:30pm, while they were "working on a solution". Mike, another guy works there called middle of the day said they will make this right for us, but waiting to hear updates from them was pure wasting time. We were completely kept in the dark, no calls following up so we called around 4:30 to see what's going on. Mike was on the phone with us and APOLOGIZED THAT THEY COULDN'T FULFILL THE JOB BECAUSE THERE WAS ANOTHER CUSTOMER CLOSER IN THEIR AREA, he referred us to a "friend" company, who has a 1.5 star review. James who we thought was not there then took over the phone from Mike to our surprise, basically repeated everything Mike has said and hung up on us to end the conversation. Based on our conversations with their staffs, this company has ZERO CREDIBILITY. We want to let you know how they do business and avoid being gaffed off by them like us.
- Jennifer Y.

This review gets 2 stars ONLY because the 3 movers that picked up our boxes and the one, Juan, who delivered them, were exceptionally courteous and hard working. We moved from NY to SC and shopped around and read reviews etc. We were very excited to find this company because of so many great reviews and the great price. Johnny, one of the salesman, and my fiancé got along wonderfully on the phone to the point they had conversations about hunting, What it was like where we were moving and such. We were told by Daisy that we would get a call on Monday to confirm our Tuesday pickup time. Well Daisy called on Thursday or Friday to try to move up our move date by 3 days which we just couldn't do. Late Monday we were told they would be there first thing WEDNESDAY AM(knowing we had to be in SC to pick up keys at 9am Friday). So after having to stay in a hotel because all our belongings were packed and we had gotten rid of our beds, we show back up to our house bright and early. We then received a call stating that they'd be a little late which we completely understood because it was snowing quite a bit. A little later meant 2:30pm apparently. When they FINALLY arrived, the movers themselves were very friendly, fast and courteous. Johnny told us our belongings would be delivered ASAP(this is also what is written on our contract unfortunately )because Christmas was about a week and a half away and the movers wanted to be home in time for the holiday. GREAT!! We called mid week to find out when we could expect them and were told that Daisy would call us back. That didn't happen. So we waited a day or two and called Johnny. He said that Daisy just left the office for the day and she'd call us back. Nothing. So we called the day after only for another young lady to tell us Daisy hadn't been in the office at all. But she let us know our belongings were being loaded onto the truck as we spoke! YAY I CAN COOK OR PUT MY HOUSE TOGETHER OR CLIP MY NAILS WITH MY CLIPPERS PACKED IN WITH MY BELONGINGS!!! The next day we waited for our call about the delivery time, BUT OBVIOUSLY NO ONE WANTED TO TALK TO US!! When we finally get a hold of someone, we'retold that the "jets" went on their truck(my fiancé is a mechanic, good try) and they had to get it fixed. The next phone call was about the weather. I double checked, NJ(the movers are based there) and NYC(company is based there) both looked clear according the National Weather reports and here in SC it was sunny, bright and in the 70's. So again, a call to Daisy with no luck. Johnny swears he's going to call us back, that he will "personally handle our call back". Nothing. So we call him and find out he wasn't even in the office yesterday. BUT BUT after picking up our belongings on December 13th and today being December 28th, the driver, Juan called to say he'd be here at 5pm. Then another call to say he'd be here at 8:30pm. It's now 9:03pm and no sign of Juan or my belongings. At this point I'm just praying they are all in one piece and working. My belongings, that is. As of 10:28pm my belongings are all finally here, delivered by ONE MAN, Juan, who was wonderful and friendly. He seemed slightly embarrassed however to be delivering 8 of 68 damaged boxes, 2 of which were severely damaged. We have taken photos of all the boxes(all uhaul boxes that we move u recommend we use) and taking inventory then will see if anything in the boxes is damaged. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU ARE SERIOUSLY DESPERATE!! Obviously many people have had good experiences with them and that's wonderful but between my experience and the other poor ratings, it seems to be becoming a trend. Pay the extra money for a bigger company, if you do use this company, make sure they give you an EXACT date for your delivery, NOT ASAP or depend on their "word", it's obvious that their word means nothing. And while Johnny is super nice he obviously has ZERO control over what's actually going on. This is why people go with "big box" stores and companies. These smaller family owned ones start to branch out and people stop caring. Edited to add that we have a box of broken coffee cups so far....that were wrapped in bubble wrap. One was a gift from a deceased friend that can't be replaced, the others from places we've traveled. Edited again to add another pic of the severely dented microwave/convection oven that looks as though it may have been kicked. Can't even use it now seeing as I have a defibrillator and it could set it off.
- Jennifer O.

Zero stars would be better. They quoted us a price. Did a great job on the front end. Destroyed thousands of dollars of property - including a big xerox copy machine which was thrown off the truck - and then demanded more money to actually unload our truck. It ended up being double the cost - and of course we didn't know our stuff was destroyed until after it was all unloaded. Of course they never made good on any of it - never returned my calls. Big joke! Do NOT use them - and if their ad pops up RUN! It is cheaper to by new furniture!
- Ann O.

DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU GET INSURED AND DOCUMENT EVERY DETAIL OF YOUR BELONGINGS AND THE BOX IT WAS IN. We had our move awhile ago but had a bose radio , nice coffee maker and crock pot taken value of over $800.00. Unfortunately(for us) , we did not get the insurance. They offered us .60c on the pound which amounted to $10.00. They knew what they were doing because only the valuable stuff was taken. BUYER BE WARY!!!
- Daniel R.

It is really unfortunate that my moving experience with this company didn't match my initial excitement of finding them. After shopping around, this company gave a really fair quote for my move from New York to Rhode Island -- the price was right, the people seemed friendly, and the extensive inventory gave me a good feeling. We were supposed to be leaving early in the morning on a Tuesday (between 8 and 10). We had to call the company several times when it became clear they wouldn't be arriving at the agreed upon time. Traffic happens, I totally understand that, but the lack of communication wasn't just unprofessional, it was confusing. When the movers finally arrived, they didn't try to charge us more money based on their assessment of the inventory -- which is something I have heard other companies do. They weren't super gentle with our possessions, which was a little disheartening. After picking up our items, it's clear that they take the pieces to a storage facility where they do NOT take care of your possessions (of approximately 10 large pieces of furniture at least HALF of those pieces now have major scuff marks, dents, or have been damaged to the point where we needed to replace those items). After picking up our items, the company said that the furniture would likely be delivered the next day. I totally understand that the next day might not be possible, but they didn't deliver the furniture until the following WEEK and only let us know when we called. When they delivered our items, the moving people were really nice but they didn't stay to see if any items were damaged. In fact, they brought up some furniture that didn't belong to us (we had to let them know, because those items hadn't been properly labeled). I won't be using this company ever again. If I were to move state-to-state again, I would hire movers to help move things into a truck, would drive the truck, and then would hire movers to move things out of the truck. Doing that will allow you to monitor and take care of your belongings.
- Adam A.

Nightmare experience. We used We Move U yo move from Pa to Fla. They showed up 3 hours late with no phone call to let us know they would be late. Then they said the didn't have gas money so needed us to pay half cash instead of the previously agreed upon check. They delivered our things 4 days late, lost several boxes and bins of our things and damaged about half of the remaining items. Then we got a runaround from the company. Do not use them.
- Penny F.

Hello 5 star review for this company!! I moved from NJ to TX and they assisted all my stuff. Respect and all, they gave me great customer service .with reasonable pricing for moving , this beats all other ones. I couldn't be any more happier with this choice of choosing them to help me move. I want to give a shout out to leon, rob l, daisy,James for all their help to make it possible. !!! Anyone looking to move , link up with this company!!
- Britney O.

Will not recommend this company. The dispatcher Daisy is rude, unprofessional and will lie in a minute. She will claim to have given you information when she had not. The are real nice and polite and answer questions until they get that money. My calls were not answered or even returned sometimes. My first time using a company for a peace of mind while moving to Las Vegas from New York. This company stressed me out. Had I known would have definitely went with someone else.
- Erik R.

I do NOT recommend this moving company. My move took an entire month to deliver my things, they don't keep you updated and most importantly I AM MISSING ONLY MY TVS. Yes, you read that right. The only items missing from the moving truck upon delivery were MY TVs. I'm fairly sure they were stolen. Seems to me that no one in that company gives a crap about my missing electronics at all. It has been over 1 month since delivery and they refuse to reimburse me for them. Update: 9/4/2018 James, owner of We Move U, refused to speak to me after multiple attempts (nearly 10 different calls and emails). They offered $117 for my two missing TVs. I'm currently awaiting an arbitration decision.
- Beth T.

I know it's long but it's worth a read if you're seriously considering doing business with this company. Also, to those of you in the other reviews who have experienced similar, I'm sorry. I hope you took steps to file complaints. I chose this company because they were in good standing with the BBB. They claimed, on their website, that they had an A+. If you followed the link it took you to the BBB website where they clearly had an A. This has sense been removed after complaints were filed with the BBB and they had to acknowledge their grade dropped. Well done BBB! False advertisement is the least of your worries though. Less than 24 hrs before delivery I was told I would owe more than agreed on. My items were held until I paid in full. I was shown a contract that had been altered after I had signed it, without my knowledge or consent. Once my things had been delivered, it was immediately obvious that several items had been damaged. Between being up-charged, the frustration of having no option but to pay, and the damages I discovered, I ended up pacing the backyard on the phone while they made the rest of the delivery. Yeah, I may have also been balling like a baby while my landlord stood by wishing he could help in some way. After the delivery man left, I went to unpack only to discover that my boxes had been opened, gone through, stolen from, and some of the boxes had been semi resealed with the brown tape used by the movers. I immediately contacted the company. I have been in communication with them over the last month, but they have not been of assistance. Instead, I have been called a liar. They have made no effort to locate my things, file a police report, or suss out who stole from me. Instead they claim that the driver has told them that he stood watch while I went through each of my boxes and verified that everything I own was accounted for. Who has ever asked their movers to take a seat while they unpacked everything they own? Is the driver lying? Is the company? I assumed it was the driver because the admin rep claimed to have seen my things loaded onto the truck in perfect condition for delivery, until I was lied to directly by the admin rep. She claims, within a BBB dispute correspondence, that they offered me $100. I was never offered anything. Ever. The irony is so thick. I was charged additionally for taking up more space on the truck than originally agreed upon, only to receive two thirds of my belongings. They have done everything they can to dodge responsibility of any kind. They will not allow you to speak with anyone in management. They will not provide the location of the storage facility. Daisy is argumentative and short tempered in her correspondence. She went from apologetic, even suggesting that I reach out to Microsoft to track my stolen Xbox (thanks, I did), to flat out telling me that I'm lying about the theft. What I have experienced is a complete lack of common decency. This is a company that operates outside of the law and you are rolling the dice considering doing business with them. Odds are, you will end up feeling just as violated as I have been made to feel. The real-estate market is such that I have moved (I'm a renter) several times in my life and I have never encountered anything like this. During these moves I've experienced delays, minor damages, and adjusted pricing. It was always reasonable, clearly communicated, and amicable. This company however, has driven me to write the first bad reviews I've ever had to write. For the sake of your sanity, and your belongings, steer clear of this company and the conscienceless people who operate it.
- Danielle S.

This is NOT an honorable or even a barely decent company to use. Here is a summary of our experience - move cost was based on volume. 1) Filled out an inventory form online and received a quote for a move cross country. We received multiple quotes with volumes that mirrored the volume we filled out on the form online from other moving companies. We Move U did give us (and will also give you) a low ball bid. It will seem extremely reasonable and therefore, we picked them - see what happened next. 2) Movers came as scheduled but said that the amount of the move was now to double as we apparently had double the volume compared to what we stated. Note here again that multiple moving companies came to our home and provided us written estimates close to what we filled online. 3) Due to time constraints and house close constraints, we had to go with these movers. And they knew it. 4) The representative said 2 trucks were a certain volume each and he had to fill 2 of them. We got our neighbor to witness us measuring the truck with a tape and found that each truck was only a little more than half the volume the representative told us. The moving guy refused to make any adjustments and shrugged this away. Basically, they inflated our move by lying about truck sizes. Were not even remotely scared when proof was presented. We took photos of the trucks and license plates to have as proof. They refused to adjust sizing and said they would hold our possessions if we did not pay what we were told to pay. 5) Movers when packing requested 15% tip of our inflated move cost (amounting to $1,500) and I quote "We are moving your personal items. You don't want anything to happen to your personal items right?" Any reasonable person would consider this a threat. These guys are cheats and I'm not entirely sure how the States of NY/NJ allows them to continue to have a license and stay in business. We have reported to the NY AG office, BBB, NY Department of Transportation and Fulton County, GA police. Moves are the worst - but when you deal with charlatans who extort..they are horrid. Do not honor them with even a call or click.
- Sing V.

I don't normally write reviews, but I wanted to warn other innocent people who are trying to move. Plain and simple, We Move You does business through bait and switch extortion. We moved from New York to Pittsburgh in early June. We had a trustworthy mover lined up, but Steve is a sweet talker (do not trust him!!) and convinced us to go with We Move You. We sent an itemized list of every item we were bringing and the exact dimensions of those objects to make sure that the movers knew what to expect and would give us an accurate quote. We had that in writing in the quote, in addition to the stops that would be made (we needed our things to be picked up from a few stops). Steve said if anything he was probably over-estimating the price, if anything. The day of the move, the movers showed up and decided they were going to charge $1,500 more than the quoted price. They will likely respond to this review saying that we had more items than they expected, but I will reiterate that the EXACT items with measurements were sent days ahead of time. We did not change a single item. In addition, the mover there (it was not Steve, but someone that We Move You contracted) simply said that he would not make the 4 stops quoted for $150, and that we would need to pay $600 for it, despite the fact that the exact addresses and the price were, again, in the quote. He wouldn't even look at the quote. It was as if it didn't exist and he pulled a new price out of thin air. At this time Steve claimed to conveniently be on a mountain without reception. It was very obvious that we were being scammed. Everyone was claiming that someone else was in charge, they brought my partner to tears, and after several hours of standstill we finally settled on a price $1000 above our quoted price, because we were emotionally exhausted and had no other choice. Then they tried to raise the price yet again at the 3rd pick up spot (my parents' house, and yet AGAIN when they dropped things off in Pittsburgh. They know that they have all the power and you are helpless. The only reason we made it out with only $1000 stolen from us is because my father is a lawyer and modified their sham of a contract. Thankfully, our items made it to their destination unscathed, but please save yourself the trouble and find a different mover.
- Elan K.

DO NOT USE!! I rarely write reviews, and I can't take back the poor decision I made by choosing this company, but if this helps someone in the future, then it's worth it. This was a NIGHTMARE experience that started off as poor customer service and worsened to many missing items and ZERO response. The sales guys (Johnny J.) are great at getting you in, easy to start with, etc. But then when it comes to fixing problems or providing the expected customer service, they are useless and full of BS excuses. The organization and communication with this "company" is horrendous. They don't respond to emails, they schedule times and dates and then cancel them. I received notices of pickup and delivery at the last minute with no prior communication. There seems to be only one person (Daisy) handling dispatch or questions, who is either overloaded with work or just incompetent. Either way, don't expect what normally passes as customer service or responsiveness or basic courtesy. Prior to delivery, I sent a list of complaints and received no response. After a HORRIBLE experience with delivery, and realizing that many of my things were completely missing or damaged, I again reached out several times by phone and email, and no one responded or answered, or called back after messages. The guy who unloaded my truck basically forced me to sign papers before unloading, and then completely ignored me when I asked about items that were missing. I know I was not smart by signing first, but I was scared I'd never see my things, and I was most definitely taken advantage of. I wont even get into damages on my things, or the state of the items crammed and stacked into the huge truck. People's lives and trust are in there, and there is absolutely no regard for that. What's most appalling is that someone should at least answer my enquiries or TRY to figure out what happened to my sentimental and valuable things. That doesn't exist, and they cannot call themselves a legitimate business. In short DO NOT USE this company, and be very smart and meticulous about anyone you choose.
- Shannon W.

Look at the pictures. Filed a claim with BBB and speaking with a lawyer. After speaking with them this week they informed me that because I had posted a review they were no longer going to consider refunding me. So basically they got mad at me and no longer care that their driver opened my boxes and removed items from one of them. Three legs broken off the coffee table, boxes were untaped and opened, suitcases ripped, hole punched in the back of the bookshelf, items (books and clothes) damp, furniture padding torn so everything was scratched, one of my boxes had been opened, everything removed, and then dumped into a different box that they company owned. Customer service told me that was unacceptable and against protocol and then did nothing. Almost all of my boxes had been untaped and/or opened. I had to call them repeatedly, daily, for nearly a month just to get the claims form and have been told for almost two weeks they were emailing me a refund for an additional charge "soon" "this week" "today" and I still have not received it. They do not respond or follow up once you sign a contract. It was difficult to contact the driver despite being guaranteed a 72 and 24 hour notice before he arrived. He kept telling me he wasn't sure when he'd come until the third day of texting when he said he'd be at the house in a few hours with no prior warning. Pick up team was great. Nobody else was. The company told me they'd be in contact when my items shipped from the depot. I got a call two days later with a "maybe" they were leaving today and I'd hear back by the end of the day. I didn't so then I called everyday until I got ahold of someone who told me they still hadn't shipped which was over a week from when they were picked up. The sales woman told me repeatedly it would arrive in 10-14 days. We spoke 3+ times about the delivery date and even pushed back the pick-up date she was so confident in this estimate. Took 20 days, 1 day less than the legally required time they needed to arrive. Sales woman also told me that the street I lived on was fine and wouldn't need a shuttle service. We discussed it several times and she confirmed twice that the street would accept the truck. Customer service told me a week later (once I'd signed and things were picked up) that there was "always" going to be a shuttle fee so they were sorry for the "confusion." They obviously had the delivery address the entire time but didn't communicate there would be a charge until the items had shipped, I had signed a contract and paid. The truck came and then they charged me an additional $350. I was only told of this fee a couple of days in advance of delivery, meaning over two weeks after my stuff had been picked up. I called the saleswoman and she told me to "be sweet" to the driver to see if he would remove the charge. That's the only help I got was to be "really nice and ask" him to not charge me for a service that I was told I wouldn't need. I wouldn't have chosen the company had I known it would be $350 more than the estimate especially because apparently they knew the whole time. I paid under protest and am in a BBB investigation and waiting to see if they follow through on anything to have to take it further. When I complained that my boxes had been opened (taped removed entirely or sliced open) they originally were very upset and said it was unacceptable. After two weeks of calling and not being responded to I got a very brief email that the driver said the boxes ripped because they were too heavy and did not address that they had been illegally opened and items removed. Frustrating since everybody assured me that this was unacceptable and continually brought up financial compensation and then stopped answering me suddenly.
- Saebra W.

Moving all the way to California was always my dream, but with any move of that magitude there is plenty of stress. I just recently purchased brand new furniture along with boxes of electronic equipment. Then out of the blue, I received a tremendous new job offer that I could not turn down. I searched all over for a reputable mover, but in the end I went with a recomendation from a old colleague and contacted We Move U. I could not have been more satisfied from start to finish. They talked me through the process, cost, time and the folks involved with the actual move. The workers arrived early, worked pretty much non stop in the heat and hauled my precious cargo all the way to Caifornia without one issue. I would use We Move U again and you would not be disapointed if you did the same.
- Steven J.

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