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Quality of service: 4.2

Punctuality: 3.9

Accuracy of Estimate: 4.6

Customers’ rating: 4.1

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About Waters Moving & Storage

Waters Moving & Storage is an established family owned and operated moving & storage company with a longstanding reputation for providing quality service to both residential and commercial customers for over 43 years, since 1975. We have a tradition of building trust and mutual respect with our customers. Waters maintains high standards and offers a well-rounded team of professional packers, movers, drivers and office personnel. Training, education and years of experience are the keys to our quality of service. We never hire independent contractors and every employee has passed a background check to ensure your move is in good hands.

Moving-Me about Waters Moving & Storage

This moving company has experienced hundreds of relocation ranging from long distance to local, labor to full service moving and storage. They love what we do, and they’ll work hard to make the experience enjoyable for you. Working in teams, their people have the skills to communicate fully with each other and with customers, and the authority to make on-the-job decisions that ensure success.

Waters Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. This moving company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 481361

US D.O.T: 1125579

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Waters Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Waters Moving & Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Waters Moving & Storage Reviews

We had a very smooth move from the Bay Area to the Sacramento area using Waters Moving & Storage. We appreciated the crews professionalism and expertise. They were quick, careful and efficient. They were on time and had us moved in before 2 pm. Working with Waters helped to make our life less stressed during what is considered a highly stressful time. Thank you Waters!
- Melodi Alltop

I recently had a great experience moving. The movers came on time and were very hard working.
- Alicia Clum

Waters is a go to company. The guys were great to work with. They were fast and efficient. They took really good care of us. Highly recommended.
- Carlton Smith

Our moving crew arrived exactly when they said they would, were efficient, careful and understanding of a somewhat complicated move. We highly recommend them.
- Paul Gardner

I have used Waters for business and residential moves and either full-service or simply moving packed boxes. The team is incredibly quick and self-sufficient. Their "take a load off, we're here to help" attitude makes for the fastest, most stress-free moving experiences I've ever had. I will continue to use Waters for my moves anywhere in the bay area.
- Heather Soderquist

I've used Waters Moving and Storage for over 15 years both moving and storage. They always do a great job, accommodating, gracious, on time, and very reasonable. I've moved six times in a 15 year period, hopefully I'm settled at least for 2 years, but when I move again, I'll use Waters Moving and Storage. They are the best. Thanks, Bob
- Bob Eustes

Great company! Very efficient and friendly. Movers were on time and very careful with all our stuff. Highly recommend.
- John Fiaschetti

I Have used Waters several times to move and twice for long term storage. They are wonderful! I can’t say enough good about their service their employees, their professionalism. The movers every time we’re careful and caring as if they were a part of my family. I highly recommend them and would definitely use them over again. They go over and above!!!
- Ann McNamara

Not just because I worked there, but the customer service is off the hook
- Aaron Williams

Working with Waters for our residential move from the Bay Area to the Sacramento Area has been a pleasure. We've experienced several job-related relocation moves over the years and have worked with many moving companies; Waters is right up there at the top of the list along with the national companies. Their dedication and professionalism were evident from the onset in working with Ed Hernandez on the scoping & bidding process for what will end up being a two-stage move. When the time came for "phase 1", the team was efficient, careful and very professional. I particularly want to give shout-outs to George and Cal, who worked with us throughout the 3-day event of packing, loading and unloading. We will definitely be calling on Waters to handle the final phase of the overall moving process!
- Linda T Cook

Waters moved me from one apartment in Oakland to another, a few blocks down. At the time, I was very impressed by the quickness with which these three guys cleared out of my apartment (I packed it all myself, they just moved it), not to mention how conscientious and proactive they were. However, a couple weeks after the move, I am finding more and more of my pristine dark wood furniture dinged up and scratched (not to mention the top of my brand new microwave). I'm extremely disappointed and really upset that everything looks so crappy now. I guess that's the price you pay for speed. I had used Waters before and been very happy with the results; but this was definitely my last time.
- Katy H.

First time using water and also the last . Called to schedule a move everything seemed ok but when I went to pick up totes was told I was not on the schedule finally after 20 min of questioning if I had actually called and if I did I did call Waters I finally was told that yes they could do the move as was originally planed but they wanted to see how much stuff we had to move (2 one bedroom apts in the same building) . So it's all good till my girlfriend tells me a couple hours later that she has been told they will not be able to move us . They claim they never said this. The next morning the estimate guy shows up and first thing he tells me is you are not getting moved on Saturday , WTF he has attitude . Well I tell him that I was told I was getting moved on Saturday and if I'm not why is he here , then he decides that I that I will be moved but no way for 1000$ and the 4 hour minimum because first they have to take a lunch and even though we are only moving about 2 miles that is 1 hr off in travel time so 4 hour min is really 2 hrs and 15 min he ends up quoting me 1300 plus to move most of one apt and the bed , couch and 5 boxes out of the other . So we went from a time based rate to a per piece rate . So it never got better they took 6 hours to move us and the estimater told me if I want to switch back to a per hour move that he would also add a fuel surcharge of 12 percent of the total cost. There is more but you get the idea felt scammed by the time it was over but few options on Thursday and need to move Saturday. Luckily it was only 1300$ they won't get another chance from me!
- Charlie W.

Rude, inconsiderate. Neighbor using them and not only did they park across my driveway blocking it without asking, they also moved my full trash can out for pickup onto the sidewalk so there was no way for it to be picked up. Geez, if you can move it up on the sidewalk, you can also roll it another 20 ft in front of your truck so it could be picked up. Lucky I noticed it and moved it. While I was moving, one of the movers saw me and asked "do you need to get out" - no apologies for trash can or blocking driveway without permission. Not a very professional company - trucks being used are old and banged up and dirty. First impression of new neighbors is being made by movers and it is not very good. Just noticed they did the same thing with two neighbors across the street blocking their trash cans.
- Bill P.

I moved several times with waters and each time I ask for the same movers. Cory and George did. a great. job for me. I have had both of them before and both times they were professional and experienced.
- Tami

Second time using waters. First was a household then a business move. They were on time, professional and friendly. Moving is never inexpensive, but their charges were fair and costs were provided upfront. No surprise costs. They also use bins. These are reusable and on wheeled dolly platforms. No cardboard to go to landfill. Their team was efficient and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Waters for your next move. From a Boomer Consumer.
- C J.

Waters Moving is amazing! We utilized their moving service for our recent move from Fairfield to Emeryville and it was so easy and stress free! Firstly, they send out an estimator to your home to give you a free estimate based on your stuff. They also offer packing services and storage tubs. Our moving team was made up of the nicest, funniest, and efficient guys! They really went above and beyond and showed great care for our belongings during the move. Highly recommend Waters Moving!
- Ferial T.

I recently hired Waters for the 3rd time in my life. The quotes they give are fair and they are always so nice and understanding which is exactly what you need during such a stressful time. We hired them to move us from Livermore to Brentwood, packing as well as moving. The packing team was a little rough around the edges and packed random items together which made it a little difficult to unpack, but they were very, very nice and packed items in the boxes with care, nothing was broken when we arrived at the new place. A couple days later the moving team came to move us. These guys were awesome. They worked super hard and were very thorough in their job. I was very impressed with how fast they were able to unload everything and how they care for your belongings and your home as much as you do. They are the friendliest, most honest guys and were super focused on making things easy for us. Hopefully we will not be moving for a very long time, but if we ever do, we know who to call.
- Kailey M.

We recently used Waters moving company to move from northern CA to southern CA and this was the BEST moving experience possible. The employees are professional, courteous, careful and hard working. On the morning of the move 8 men in Waters uniforms arrived on time and one by one introduced themselves. As a team they all walked through the entire house with us to make sure everyone was aware of the job to be done. They provided wardrobe containers (lots of them) to be used for the 3 day job at no extra charge which is a big plus. Our packed possessions were all on one truck and the truck is not shared with another person's belongings so there is no chance of your boxes getting mixed with another families or "lost". Waters isn't the least expensive moving company but they are the best, by far. I highly recommend them.
- Jan G.

These guys moved me this week . They were great . Mine was not an easy move . I am a wood worker with many heavy tools and board feet of hardwood . Not to mention heavy wood furniture I have built over the years . Thanks great bunch of guys doing a difficult job .
- Steve V.

Think twice before using Waters, my experience was nothing short of terrible. They stored my belongings for 6 months . When returned, many items were either missing or broken. I asked to file an insurance report, and was told I was a scammer, lier, and cheat by Mr. Waters. I'm a 70 year old woman, and anything but a lier,scammer or cheat. I can only surmise they don't like filing insurance claims, and use intimidation as a way out. If you value your belongings, and don't like being yelled at , USE ANOTHER COMPANY.
- caralee c.

I'll keep it brief, as the details and photographs I could provide of all that went wrong are too numerous to list here. The absolute worst experience moving in my life. I have moved 18 times in 25 yrs so I am no stranger to moving nor moving companies. I know how moving works. There are many other choices out there--look at them. Good luck with your move!
- Lori M.

When we planned the moving our home we called and received quotes from 3 different moving companies. My husband met with each salesperson and walked them through our home we've had for 12 years and went inside and out. We received a very similar quote from each company, all of them coming in at approximately $2200. A quote should be an accurate quote! We then made our decision based on who we felt would be the most honest and decided on Waters Moving Co. since we knew they had been around for a long time, were family owned and we felt they would take the best care of our move and our upcoming very stressful day. We were simply moving from one house to another house in the same city and only 3 miles away. We had no idea what we were in store for that day. My husband received the quote from Ed and when his crew, being led by Brandon showed up that day he had a concerned look on his face as my husband took him around the house reminding him of what needed to be moved. Brandon then notified us that Ed was missing numerous items on his list that were in the house. One of the items was a fountain we had in the backyard that was an item my husband specifically discussed with Ed since we knew it would be heavy. My husband not only took the fountain apart for the move but also brought home a dolly that would assist the movers in the moving it, Ed did not have this and many items on his list. Brandon then called Ed to discuss and Ed basically said too bad to Brandon and to us. We then began to realize that we had been scammed. We have pictures of all of the items he claims he "didn't see" on our pictures from our real estate listing when we put our house on the market. Why on earth would someone getting ready to move, move items they didn't have there, moved in only to have them moved out. Of course Ed knew he had us in a predicament, we could not do anything about this since we had to be out of our house that day. Were told they had to bring out two more movers and that we would have to then pay by the hour. The final amount turned out to be $3800, over $1600 more than quoted. This is an unacceptable way to do business. The only positive from this day was that Brandon and his moving crew were spectacular and very helpful!
- M A.

Ed, Frank, Alfredo and crew made the packing and moving as painless as it can be. What a relief!
- G W.

This is a family-owned company that takes every step to anticipate your needs and make customers happy. They are very responsible, organized and professional. They did several commercial projects for us and they were highly effective and customer driven. Everything was carefully planned, logistics were coordinated to our benefit And everything about the move was easy for us(besides the fact that we had a huge project). Ken, his sons, wife, Abel, Paul and DK were extremely responsible and wonderful with every aspect of our moves.
- David C.

We had a very good experience with Waters. Good group of people, professional and hard working. We had multiple pick-ups and deliveries for one move, that included using their storage facilities. Not one problem, would certainly use them again.
- Jackie J.

Great group of movers. Very professional. The packing of all the kitchen items saved us hours and all the glass made it intact.
- Douglas M.

Waters is the greatest! Used them for house move 15 years ago. Moved us to new house 2 weeks ago. Movers were very skilled and efficient. Moved our upright grand piano with ease. Recommend for local Bay Area moves.
- John K.

I first worked with Waters through my employer. They were so good that I had them move some items of mine into storage while I am having some plumbing work completed. They were awesome from the first phone call. I received a quick response. They came out within a few days to give me a bid on the cost. In less than a week, they came and picked my materials up and placed them securely in storage. They were super quick, but always mindful of the materials. Their storage facility is climate controlled and very secure. I have seen higher storage prices from facilities that have little security and are not climate controlled. After everything was moved, they called me to make certain everything went as I expected. They are high on my list of service providers when so many organizations do not think of the customer. Waters all the way, I highly recommend them.
- Sandra F.

Anthony and his teams were first class professionals at both ends of our move. From packing day to loading and unloading, the Waters Team was efficient, courteous and always willing to provide the little extra help I'd requested. I'd Highly recommend Waters for an out of state relocation.
- Ken N.

I talked to Chris, prices were competitive and made a reservation. The reservation was conformed and the mover were there at 7am. The movers were beyond helpful and truly amazing on a stressful day they were always cool. (Until you read below and they damaged my new house) Then came the problems.... The office called me saying that they wanted to check on the service provided. What a lie! They were calling because I was undercharged and once I got on the phone there was not a care in the world about the service provided only about getting their additional payment as they did not bill me correctly the first time and did not provide a receipt. I find it VERY rude and disrespectful to call and lie about why you are calling. If the bill is not correct, be honest. I was honest and had no problem paying the correct charges. I did not need to lie or manipulate; however, they do. I really had an excellent experience with the booking agent and the movers, they were all professional and helpful. The real let down, disappointment and change in my mind on the service is when I had to deal with the office. Watch your bill, get a receipt and remember they are not always being honest!
- Bailey K.

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