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About UNITS Moving & Portable Storage

Established in 2004, American-owned and operated UNITS® has earned a reputation for providing competitively priced services and excellent personal customer service focused on relationship building. UNITS national network services over 500 cities in North America and offers clean, climate controlled, and conveniently located sales and storage facilities. UNITS® brings a portable storage container to your specified location and gives you the option to load and arrange your belongings at your own pace. When you’re done, you can have the truck transport your portable storage unit to your new home or business. Or, you can have UNITS® store your container in one of its secure, climate-controlled storage facilities, which are located all throughout the United States.

Moving-Me about UNITS Moving & Portable Storage

UNITS Moving & Portable Storage is a local moving and portable storage company, providing service to residents and businesses. If you want the best of both worlds in terms of flexibility and professional assistance, UNITS offers professional moving services for those who would rather take a more hands off approach. Not only will professionals drop off and pick up your container at the locations you specify, but they can also help with the more tedious aspects of the process such as packing and loading your boxes.

UNITS Moving & Portable Storage Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 2492646

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is UNITS Moving & Portable Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. UNITS Moving & Portable Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

UNITS Moving & Portable Storage Reviews

I was refurbishing my garage in my home near LAX and needed temporary storage for 2-3 months. I read the reviews online and was impressed; also, the prices were lower than PODS. I was not disappointed. The service was outstanding, and my interactions with staff, including both delivery people and the office staff was excellent. Use them!!
- lynn j.

I just wanted to say how amazing Hilda and the staff are at Units. From the first email everyone has been very professional and friendly. The customer service has been above and beyond our expectations and I just wanted to thank everyone for the tremendous experience. Thank you very much! Ken Laszlo
- Kenny L.

Very easy to work with. Pods are clean and easy to operate. Hilda is great and so were the three drivers I had. Completely satisfied... painless.
- Tammi B.

So here goes another 5 star review. Hilda and Elizabeth are awesome. Elizabeth is literally a life saver. I got myself into a bind when I didn't arrange for pickup on a weekend and the soonest that it could be scheduled was Monday. Well that wasn't going to work for my girlfriend, and rightfully so seeing as we both wanted to be out of our old place sooner rather then later. Seeing as it was my bad that I hadn't arranged pickup when I should have I was on the hot seat to fix it. That is where Elizabeth comes in, and boy did she save my neck. After some finagling she was able to get me a pick up by Saturday and drop off at my new house. Andrew gets a shout out here because he is the one that I had to f'up his day in order to fix my bad, and he came through too. So for all the trouble I gave them this is the least I can do to thank them for going above and beyond for me. This UNITS is worth every penny and any company that is able to emulate what they do and who they hire will be a success. Thank you Elizabeth, Andrew, and Hilda I wouldn't be sleeping in my bed at my new house without your hard work.
- Sam B.

This company is Amazing!! Called and spoke with Hilda on Thursday. She had the unit delivered to my home on Saturday. Delivery guy and Pick up Guy was GREAT!! I Highly recommend this company. Thanks again for a tremendous job well done.
- Sherita C.

If you are looking for excellent service look nowhere else. Hilda has been a life saver during our double move, she made it smooth for us and their flexibility and accommodations helped us tremendously. The drivers were really nice and helpful. I would highly recommend this compagnie to anyone looking for a temporary storage. Thank you for everything!! Pascale ( South Pasadena )
- Pascale B.

Word to the wise: Read your contract carefully and stay on top of your monthly "anniversary" date. If you're even one day behind schedule on having your UNIT returned to the warehouse, you will be charged for a full month of rental and insurance.
- Nicole S.

I rented a unit in early 2016 with a written contract and in 2018 I went to relocate the unit and then got final pick up. I called for pick up and John said he would call me the night before with a pick up time and that did NOT happen. He also told me that I would NOT owe anything else as my new location was within the free distance, and that DID not happen. So as an end result, he told me that it would be a final billing of $109.00. OK, I paid it and figured it to be done and over with. Today I received another automatic billing via email for an additional $131.00 for final pick up and this was NEVER mentioned to me by John. Yes it was in the contract from 2-years ago and I admit I did not research it back, however when John had my file and made these statements, then I was believing what he was telling me was true, not that I had to pay $240.00 MORE. Also, the driver that came to pick up the unit, RAN OUT OF GAS on the lifting machine, so I had to take his 2-gallon gas can down to the local 76 gas station and buy fuel. Never did he offer to pay me back. Do NOT use this company (especially the Cypress office-Los Angeles) use POD or anyone. I'm sorry I referred others to this company. Homeowner BEWARE.
- Steve M.

Been a customer for few months now. Always excellent customer service without exception, especially Elizabeth. Even pick up the phone on the weekends, when closed. Not a call center, actually human beings answer the phone. Much better product and service compared to Pods.
- Ray T.

Where to begin, this has been the best experience I have ever had renting a portable storage unit. Prices are fair and the customer service was impeccable! Thank you Elizabeth for being so helpful and coordinating in such a professional manner. Highly recommend them for anyone in need of a mobile storage unit for any occasion. Thank you!
- Lamont A.

I needed to temporarily store some furniture while doing some remodeling. When I called UNITS, they gave me a 16 foot container for the price of a 12 foot container. It was delivered on time. It was very clean and when we were finished, it was picked up on time. I highly recommend them.
- Roger U.

I am a local Realtor who sells a lot of houses in Los Angeles. I will never use them again!! I rented a storage unit from them. They are very nice and friendly when you order their storage unit. It's when you cancel the service that their professionalism, tone and customer service goes out the window. Because I did not need the unit anymore, I was told that there would extra charge of about $100 to pickup a unit after paying for it for the full month. ( I only had the unit for about three weeks unfortunately) I wasn't expecting to get any money back but could not understand why I had to pay this extra charge after being told there was no contract and the pickup was free within a certain number of miles. I was also told that the unit would be picked up by 10am and each time I called after 10 am to inquire about the eta the representative had much attitude....like I was bothering her. Storage unit was finally picked up over three hours late.
- Rick C.

We rented a Pod for the first time after having a lot of water damage from Florence a few weeks ago. We placed the order and were told it would be a couple of days. I explained our situation and we had one out that afternoon. The driver placed the Pod perfectly on our drive which is hard to get thru the gate with a car. We've had the unity now for 35 days and their picking it up tomorrow. Everyone we dealt with was courteous and the Pod was perfect dry and easy to lock .
- Sam R.

I called several portable storage businesses and after a nightmarish experience with PODs I switched it up and went with UNITS. I could not have been more pleased with their service, prompt response to delivery, pickup and return request. I had my unit stored in their warehouse for 5 months and no items were damaged. John and Elizabeth have been wonderful to work with on all my various requests for deliveries and pickups. Will not use POD anymore, I am converted to being a UNITS customer. Thank you!
- Adam F.

This is such a awesome idea with wonderful potential.The initial set up with Maria was fast and easy - I was very pleased. But when it came time to deliver the unit - they did not let me know when they were coming, got into a huge argument with my neighbors. Totally ignored my request on where I wanted the unit and left the unit in the most inconvenient placement possible. After calling and trying to get it fixed - they came out and angled it wrong again and left it. I wasted time and money not too mention my relationship with my neighbors. Since the unit is not accessible I have no choice to return it after two days .
- Karina M.

Easy to work with and good prices. When you call an actual person answers and they don't have a whole bunch of limitations. The communication for delivery and pick up wasn't the best but friendly service. Will use again if needed in the future.
- Emily M.

Lack of follow through, lack of response. Had a unit delivered to the house for storage. All of that went well. The man who delivered it was very adept at placing the UNIT for best loading. Set up for the UNIT to be picked up April 1. Got done early, and called 5 business days in advance to pick up earlier. Of course, not able to budge from original pick up. Moved out of my house on Sunday, March 31. Have to pay someone to be there to close the gate after they pick up the UNIT on Sunday April 1. No pick up, no call, no notification at all. Had to call, and they then picked it up on April 2. So gate left wide open while waiting, Payed again for someone to come out again after they left. Spoke with supervisor Elizabeth who had no reasonable explanation as to why no call, no pick up on April 1 as promised. If you need something done on YOUR schedule, use someone else
- Steve E.

For a month, I researched what moving companies to use for moving and storage. Many companies had negative reviews from people who lost valuable items, received poor customer service, poor scheduling service, etc. I came upon Units and we visited their warehouse in Cypress Park, just outside downtown LA. The warehouse was very clean and secure. We stored our belongings (furniture, pots and pans, clothes, lamps, etc.) in two 8 ft x 16 ft Units for three months. Due to our excellent packing where the Units were filled to the brim, everything was in tact when they arrived at our new home. Not one item was broken. There were no musty smells. The drivers, Bill, Andrew and Ruben were very good and conscientious. Maria and John were excellent in customer service and provided good follow-through. If you need to move and store your belongings, I highly recommend using Units moving company.
- Kris M.

Grateful for Units, their pricing, efficiency, flexibility and customer service are second to none! Elizabeth, Maria and Andrew worked quickly to help meet our needs, and were flexible with some unanticipated changes in our plan. Will be using and recommending Units for all our friends!
- Milem H.

After several bad experiences with another storage pod company I reached out to UNITS and have been so impressed with their great customer service. We've been using one of their UNITS for over a year and Maria and Elizabeth have taken such good care of us. UNITS prices are comparable to other companies but their customer service is MUCH better and for us that has huge value!
- J S.

UNITS is the best hands down. The people the phone are professional all the way down to the person delivering the units. Contracts are easy to read and to understand. Didnt get hit with any hidden fees and any questions we had was answered right away. Also made are move extremely ease. All my friends that helped us move said they would use it.I recommend it to anyone moving if you do not feel like dealing with a truck rental place.
- Mason C.

We just finished our rental with them. They were okay. The only times we really had to communicate was during pick up and drop off. This is where they failed miserably. I was told that they would contact us when a driver was on the way but that never happened. We had a ton of construction going on and needed the pod in a particular place. We also wanted to place a lock on it immediately after delivery but weren't able to do so because nobody ever called. For pick up, I called on a Friday and let them know that I wanted to keep the lock on until we knew when it was to be picked up. They told me they dont do weekend pick ups so it would be 1-3 days from the following Monday. He assured me that someone would call me so we had time to remove the lock. Guess what? Nobody called again. Monday passed. Now its Tuesday. I had to call them to ask when it was getting picked up and I was told around 11am. It was already 10am and I was at work. So now I had to leave work to go home and take the damn lock off. All because they couldn't be bothered to follow through on their promise yet again to communicate when it would be picked up. I could have saved myself the time and missed work if they had just been courteous enough to follow through. Would I use them again? Probably not. We are all busy and I don't think that after spending over 2k with them it was too much to ask that they let me know the pick up date.
- J M.

What a great company ! From receiving a quote, to container drop off, pick up and re-delivering. Even when I screwed up a past due balance because their emails went to my spam this company was kind and understanding. Thank you Elizabeth for your patience ! I will ONLY recommend your company to anyone that asks! Customer service award to all !!
- Christine A.

This company is so effective in communication and delivery and pick-up that it is hard to give enough accolades. IN order to drop the unit off was difficult due to where we live. A tight space on a private narrow road. They had it all figured out and they arrived with a special mobile robotic moving device. All well done. In addition I want to commend Maria who handles the scheduling. She is efficient, polite, friendly and in general good at her job. If I need to store and move anything in the future, I would go nowhere else.
- Ana B.

Highly, highly recommend UNITS! Excellent customer service and professional. We had a complicated move because we were buying and selling homes at the same time with different closing dates/in different cities. Dan spent a lot of time answering my questions and helping me sort out the best approach for our move. Thank you UNITS and Dan
- Courtney Peters

Great experience with Units. Prompt follow up and quick delivery.
- Gent Welsh

My wife and I just had our floors refinished and needed a place to move our furniture for the two-week job. I called up Viden at Units and he delivered a storage unit right on time. It was so clean and beautiful that my children wanted to move into it and were disappointed when we told them they couldn't. When the floors were finished and we emptied out the box a few days earlier than anticipated, Viden was able to change the pick-up date and give us our much-needed driveway back. Excellent service from a local company. Kudos all around.
- Keith Sherman

I needed to store most of my furniture and personal items in order to "empty" my house in order to sell it. UNITS brought the storage unit to my street (I recommend arranging to have the parking blocked off if you live on a narrow street like I do) and picked it up once I had it filled. They took the unit to their Renton storage location (charging a monthly storage fee) and then delivered it to me on Vashon Island (some companies won't deliver to Vashon) on the day I needed it, positioned it exactly where I wanted it to make unloading easy, and picked it up after I was done. The delivery person is very careful about COVID-19 and was skillful in maneuvering the unit under difficult conditions (3 contractors' trucks and another truck delivering a generator all at the same time.) It's not cheap but well worth the money and they were very clear about the total cost from the beginning.
- Wendell Bowermann

I called them at 9:15 am and had a 16 ft container by noon the same day! I was super impressed with the robotic delivery system, a robot thingy (for lack of better term) was able to shimmy it down my driveway- something PODS CAN'T do! Unit is super sparkly clean, and the delivery guy was the nicest ever "Jimmy"--Thanks! I already referred this place to two realtor friends.
- Rachel Rosen

Units has been super responsive, prompt, and easy to work with. They pick up and deliver in a timely manner and the drivers are always wearing masks and keeping social distance. Awesome job!
- Ashley Williams

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