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About United Van Lines

United Van Lines is a large moving company that offers local, long-distance, cross-country and international moving services. Each move comes with loading and unloading, online tracking and full valuation coverage. The inclusion of full valuation coverage with every move is a standout feature. You can take advantage of a wide range of additional services to make your move as effortless as possible.

Moving-Me about United Van Lines

Some companies give a rough estimate of moving costs after you submit basic information, but this mover prefers to perform a more thorough in-home estimate before giving a quote. The quote the company gives after your in-home inspection remains the same unless you move more items than expected. If you’re looking for local movers to move you across town or to a new city in the same state, their nationwide network of interstate agents can also independently provide local moving services through their own businesses and brands in metro areas across the nation.

United Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

United Van Lines is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. United Van Lines is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 67234
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 77949
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is United Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2700. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. This moving company is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

United Van Lines Reviews

We were sold on the private container concept. Packed at our house and opened at our new house. It cost more, but seemed worth it. The day of the move a truck showed up without containers. What could we do at the last minute? So our furniture was packed on a truck that was headed to another house to be loaded together. When it arrived, it was packed in wooden crates, not the metal containers shown in the promotional material. This private container concept is a sham. Never use United Van Lines.
- John

1) Told patently false things multiple times during transit. 2) No-proactive notifications. 3) Shipment ended up split onto multiple trucks with one still MIA 3 days after the outside date of the window. 3A) Forced to pay for whole shipment when 1/2 shipment showed up. 4) Brilliant little things like brought bed missing slats so filled bedroom with an assembled bed frame that could not be used with no room for just putting mattress on floor. 5) Careless handling of identified high value items. 6) Stone-aged processes. This is 2019 and somehow every other logistics and freight company uses technology - prepare for carbon paper and wonderfully descriptive tracking items like "carrier pack box" Overall could care less about customers. Corp relocation and massive consolidation in the industry means you are simply not a concern to them.
- Nick

My furniture was picked up on August 2, 2019. One dresser was dropped. Accidents happen. I was told the repair guy would be at my new home to pick it up. This was a cross country move. Two weeks later my furniture was put in storage. The repair guy was there at the time to review the furniture. Almost all of my furniture was damaged. He picked up my furniture three weeks later when I closed on my home.
- Nancy

The movers lost or broke a huge amount of items. They were 10 days late and unresponsive to the issues that occurred. The movers actually dropped and broke things in front of us. They also hide broken items in garage. Some items have not been returned after 2 months. The telephone conversation are void of taking responsibility.
- Sarita

Lost my items and damaged other items. The driver was in a hurry and he took everything apart that had screws. He slept most of the time. When he dropped off he said that he was in a hurry and to rate him 5 stars or don't rate him. He was in such a hurry to drop the move off he didn't drop off everything.

Recently moved from PA to MA and selected United Van Lines even when they were more expensive than 4 other firms I contacted - I thought I was buying peace of mind. Surprises started with a bad estimate (even when I requested to do it twice) asking me to pay more than what they promised in their offer... and they were late in delivery due to poor coordination at their dispatch office. Submitted a claim for additional expenses I incurred due to their delay in delivery and received an email agreeing to pay about 15% of my out of pocket expenses. Hope this review helps others not fall in same trap I did.
- Jaime

Must avoid absolutely! Most of my furniture, some of which were registered as valuable items, arrived without any protection or moving blankets (light colored Italian leather sofa, velvet chair, floor lamp, bookcases, etc.). Some were dirty, full of gravel, and almost all were damaged. Yet, they were all carefully packed by the moving team at origin. The unloading at destination was sloppy, hasty, careless of the furniture or the premises. The small team of movers was partly made up of obviously inexperienced contract workers. For example, they dragged my bookcases on the floor, in the elevator, knocked my floor lamp on the ceiling, on the walls ... The team seemed overworked, rushed and dispatched for my move at the last minute at the end of the day.
- Ludivine

I would strongly recommend not trusting anything you value to United Van Lines. This is the story of our move from the midwest to the state of Washington. We contacted UVL in October for a scheduled January move. They were very easy to work with and friendly. I was just recovering from surgery, so perhaps not my most alert because… Warning #1. The gentleman I spoke with did an on-phone (no visual) inventory of our stuff and sent us an estimate. I warned him several times that we had a lot of books and a very large hutch. Apparently, he did not pay attention to this because our initial estimate turned out to be $4000 less than what we were charged on the actual day of the move (when all our belongings were already in the van.) In all previous moves, someone had come out to give the preliminary estimate, so he/she saw what we had. Apparently, not part of UVL’s protocol.
- kresha

We are no stranger to moves- this is our 7th, but 1st with United. We paid $9000 to move 1300 miles. We had everything packed, United was hired to load, transport, and unload. They failed on 2 out of the 3 things they were hired to do.
- Samantha

Moved cross country in 2019. The move was good, the workers and truck driver the friendliest people. But we did receive broken furniture - specially a console very damaged. After many emails to be able to be guided on how to file a claim I did through the instructed web link that same day (about 1 month after the move). I expect a time delay in response and let them do what they need to do but looked back now (just about 9 months after the move) to see the status of the claim since no one ever contacted me and I find out the web page doesn't work well sometimes and maybe it never went through (I even emailed all the info to the company back then after the move and they gave me a claim number. How was I supposed to know it never went through?).
- Alejandra

Everything the movers did was with care, professionalism, and hard work. They helped guide me through every step in the process. I was amazed at the quick time it took to tag and document all my items to loading up the semi with a 3 story house full. When we got to our destination all my items did not fit so they drove to a very tight fitting storage facility and unloaded the rest of items into 2 storage rooms full top to bottom. After everything was done not a scratch on anything and nothing missing or broke. Bravo.
- Punkin

As far as United Van Lines, they moved us across the country in July and did an excellent job. They also did all of the packing and some of the unpacking and moved our two cars. No damage at all.
- Daniel of Howell

They were efficient, polite and attentive to our requests. Would recommend them again. This was a long haul and they were on time and unloaded everything without mishap.
- Carol of Palm Coast

Just finished a cross country relocation with United Van Lines and S&M movers. I couldn't have been more pleased. They did an in house inventory and were upfront and honest from start to finish. Furniture was packed/unpacked professionally and conscientiously. Everything arrived in separate containers exactly when they said it would. Moving is neither easy nor inexpensive, but the bottom line is that when I do it again, I will make the same call. A special shout out to Denise ** and Mike **. You guys were great! Thank you so much.
- Anita of Fredericksburg

They charge unreasonable amount for over $1000 for extra labor and one more day storage fee. But there are no extra labor for any package or moving process. Also, although the delivery date changed, but it is totally required by the driver. He called us that they had to deliver one day later. We compared the receipt from our relocation company and the one from us, which was signed on the delivery day, many items were different and were changed by them without any notice to us! And the worse part is they refused any disputes even in front of the evidences we showed! Horrible experience! Will NEVER look for their service any more!!
- Jolly G.

Excellent service. My things arrived early during the delivery window, it was the ideal situation for a 1,200 mile move! Affordable and dependable. Was very pleased with the teams in both Brooklyn and Kansas City. Easy video conference estimate. They were always available to answer my questions and my driver checked in regularly about his schedule. I knew when to expect him and I was ready. Thanks for the excellent service and communication!
- Ashley G.

Absolutely the best experience I had with a moving company. The agent company Hilldrump is the model that all movers should emulate.
- Jim M.

We had excellent movers- Felix Gonzalez and Alex Rodriguez were so kind and professional! They worked hard and handled our belongings with care. They were also very mindful of the walls, rugs so that nothing was damaged or soiled. We were so grateful for their kindess and help during a stressful time. Thank you again to Felix and Alex!!
- Anne R.

The Mesa office staff and estimator were very easy to work with. The movers were nice, but they damaged two pieces of furniture. A painted chest has a 1.75" x 1.25" area with the paint rubbed off down to the wood. An antique telephone table has a long and deep scratch across the top. I stained it two weeks before moving, and the top was dry for at least ten days. I will have to refinish it. The boxes were stacked with the writing underneath 70% of the time, making it difficult to know what was inside. Unfortunately a good personality doesn't compensate for a poor job.
- Jane W.

United Van Lines is a complete rip off. Do business with United only if you want to be lied to and overcharged. They gave me a "maximum" quote and then proceeded to charge my credit card for over $1,000. more than the quote. This is a fraudulent organization to be avoided!!! James V Rohde
- James R.

United / Planes subcontracted to a local company to prepare our grandfather clock for shipping. Subcontractor broke the clock while doing so. They lied to us and to the BBB saying it was broken before they touched it. United's movers plastic wrapped two of our four couches; not sure why they didn't plastic wrap all of them. One of the non-wrapped couches was white. It arrived covered in black streaks on the bottom 8 inches as if it was dragged through dirt. They also lied about that claiming it was dirty before they touched it. They also broke the door to our dryer, 3 picture frames, and a few smaller items, and refused to take responsibility for any of those items either. They just kept lying until we filed a BBB complaint and then refused to respond at all. Stay FAR away from this awful company.
- Laura S.

We chose United after researching many companies. Huge mistake! My family and I moved from Seattle to Georgia. We drove across the country and they told us we would see our stuff within couple days of our arrival. They took approximately 30 days to deliver. We were in a empty house for 3.5 weeks over Christmas with nothing. They also held our stuff at ransom until we paid more for their error in measuring. After all that the broke multiple items from our bed to dishes to tv. Also 3 boxes were lost. Worst experience ever! DON'T USE!
- Todd A.

To United Van Line's credit, after posting my previous review, their customer service team reached out and quickly resolved the issues that were still outstanding in our file. Adding a star back for that. Thank you for your prompt response. Now if the company could improve the original experience instead of after the fact, I would consider using the service again.
- Alice M.

My husband and I had a very pleasant experience with the movers from United Van Lines, the crew we got was amazing and very professional, courteous and funny, they made me feel at ease the whole time. They accommodated all of our needs, we had 3 full large and midsize rental units plus more furniture and boxes at temporary home and they were able to get all of our stuff without any problems, it took them 3 days. The crew in Arizona that packed our stuff was great and did an amazing job packing and loading. The crew in Texas was also great, all of our stuff was delivered and without any delays. No move is ever going to be perfect and yes, maybe couple of things might get scuffed, wrinkled or broken but considering the amount of items they have to pack and load, I am so grateful that I was not the one doing it. Also, I am 100 percent sure that if I would have done all of the packing myself, as careful as I am, I would still items broken. Moving from one state to another -which we have done 6 times- it's a major undertaking and I am eternally grateful to these moving companies that are there to help. They deserve a lot more credit than what they get. Material things are not important, take it from someone who is very ill and now understands the true meaning of what really matters in life, memories and the connections you make in this life. Stay safe and God bless you all.
- Marcia O.

I relocated from Washington, DC to Sacramento, CA. United was the only company that guaranteed exactly what day my belongings would arrive, rather than giving me a range of dates. Just as promised, my stuff arrived first thing in the morning on the day they said they it would be there! The time between pick-up at my origin and drop-off at my destination was 12 days -- quite reasonable for a 4,000 mile move. I used their container moving service, where they load your belongings in containers that are then moved on flatbed trailers, rather than your items being loaded and unloaded individually each time they need to transfer between trucks. I received quotes from five different moving companies and United's was right in the middle. The difference was their professionalism and ability to guarantee delivery on a specific date. Everyone I worked with (movers on both ends, office staff, etc.) were communicative and provided high quality service.
- A. B.

My wife and I recently relocated from Las Vegas, Nevada to Houston, Texas. Finding movers was a difficult process until we came across United Van Lines. They listened to what we wanted and structured everything around what was important to us rather than what they wanted to do. They gave us a very reasonable delivery window and sent a driver named Sonny who was phenomenal. He made the process smooth and kept clear lines of communication. While moving is always a stressful process, we highly recommend United Van Lines.
- Chris A.

HORRIBLE COMPANY! Attempting to move from CA to NC. House was loaded June 24. As of today, June 30, our items remain in CA with no driver and no idea when we will have one! Are you kidding me? How do you accept a cross country move without a driver? No one proactively called to tell me there was no driver. Only learned this after I called corporate numerous times. They are "sorry" and are "escalating" this but still no answers. As long as they're sorry I guess we're all good . Unbelievable!! Stay far, far away from United (United's sister company is Mayflower so I would avoid them as well).
- Chris K.

Avoid United Van Lines at all costs. Not sure if I am posting this to the right place because they are nationwide. But they are H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. They lie. They told me every box would be accounted for using a label with my name on it, a bar code, and that I could tell where my boxes were at any time. Oh and they lied anyway saying my truck would be the same truck picking up as dropping off so when I saw their inventory tag was a tiny little orange label with a number on it, I felt defrauded but not as worried.
- David W.

Unlike broker companies that give a quote that doesn't reflect the actual cost or service, the quote was binding. It came in thousands of dollars under a competing company. The service from start to finish was very professional. We were packed up, moved, and unloaded by United. The packing process took all day and the two guys were so hard working and diligent. The moving truck arrived one day ahead of schedule. Everyone was courteous and professional. They helped us move existing furniture that was left behind to another room and then moved everything in and put it all in each designated room. They were very grateful for the lunch and the tips.
- Angela M.

Given the tons of horrible reviews I found for most long distance movers, I was very nervous to make the move from Boston to Chicago. I was also a little taken aback by the binding quote, which was several thousand more than I anticipated. But after I obtained competing quotes, I found that United's was undercut only by a company that later turned out to be extremely shady and unreliable (Northern Moving Systems, I'm looking at you). Happy to report that United, and their affiliate partners, were totally worth the money. They were absolutely amazing at every turn, and pulled off our three-bedroom house move perfectly. They performed a thorough virtual survey, were extremely patient as we waffled with the quote and requested many different iterations (full or partial packing included, unpacking included, a different set of dates with last-minute notirt), and packed us up with truly stellar professionalism and attention to detail. Both the loading and the delivery were on time -- the delivery was actually a day earlier than predicted -- and not a single thing was broken in transport. I'm particularly grateful to Steve at United, Ryan Wiltfong at Wiltfong movers, and Vitaly at Humboldt in Boston. All of them provided exceptional service. I wouldn't hesitate to rely on United again.
- Lana H.

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