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About United American Moving

With over 10 years of experience in the industry we take pride in our work. We are family owned and operated, reliable, experienced people whom you can trust with your most cherished belongings.

Moving-Me about United American Moving

The mover is a full service moving company. This is a licensed moving broker that provides a connection between the clients and moving companies. From the clients’ reviews, it is obvious that not all of their cases are successful. Please, note that and check the company’s background before you sign the moving contract.

United American Moving Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. A properly licensed interstate broker, such as United American Moving LLC is not a motor carrier and will not transport an individual shipper’s household goods, but will coordinate and arrange for the transportation of household goods by an FMCSA authorized motor carrier, whose charges will determine by its published tariff. All estimated charges and final actual charges will be based upon the carrier’s tariff which is available for inspection from the carrier upon reasonable request.

ICC MC number: 1033878

US D.O.T: 3273640

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. United American Moving is another representative of the modern move for your consideration.

United American Moving Reviews

Scammed out of deposit This place is definitely a SCAM. I was told during two different phone calls with them that they would call to confirm my items a week prior to move, but 3 days before the move date they haven't called. I tried calling their customer service, but the phone just went right to a voicemail box that was full. I emailed their customer service and they were happy to cancel my move but refused to give me back any of the $964 security deposit because I was outside of the 3 day cancellation window after signing the contract. They tried to claim that they only call 24 hours prior to the move, but this is not what was told to me on the phone nor in their confirmation email. I was also told they didn't answer the phone because they merged with their parent company Razor Van Lines. It doesn't say this anywhere on their website and their phone isn't forwarded at all. Super duper shady? Definitely. I have filed a complaint with the Federal Motor Safety Administration, if you've had a bad experience with these guys I urge you to file as well!
- Sebastian Greenholtz

Long-distance move from Warroad, MN to Oxnard, CA Last minute tell me they can’t anymore This company told me they could move my but in the last minute they tell me they can’t because I’m next to the border of Canada. They should of told me that since the beginning that was a week ago that they couldn’t. I would of had time to look for another moving company.
- Abby Arzola

LIES/SCAM After we paid the 1st deposit, every single person we sp/w gave us a different price. Robert told us that he "has been in this industry for 10 years. Don't quote me, but I'm almost certain that your items will fit w/in (the allotted cubic feet) ...!" He also stated our move shouldn't cost us more than $5500 (I don’t remember the exact amount, but it was under $6000). Our move from PA to AZ will cost over $10,000 (no exaggeration)!!! The week of the move, Ronnie became our rep. He gave us a different "estimate" with the same items listed. We added & took away MANY items to keep this $$ amount down, but he ALSO stated our HHGs (Household Goods) would fit in the allotted space. Weirdly enough, we had 1 amount after adding an entire full-size bedroom set. We removed this set and added a commercial ladder and standard ladder. The amount did not change; it actually increased about $1000. Removed the ladders (BOTH) and the amount seemed to not go down! How does that happen? The day the truck arrived, we took Ronnie's advice and had a list of items that we were not taking; this was after providing box counts, box sizes, tote counts & sizes – as requested by Ronnie. He was nice enough to give us the box dimensions that were considered Small, Medium, Large, XL. He said this would help with our final total in the end. This meant nothing to the movers because they only had 1117 cf. for all our items and what they UAM considered “S, M, L, XL” was not the same as the moving company (who by the way, used the exact same size Penske truck that we had reserved for the move). The 1117 cf. wasn’t even half of the truck. The Forman showed us the initial space on the truck. It was barely enough for my mom’s king size bedroom furniture. After contacting UAM customer service, the lady who answered went thru every item we provided with us & the Forman (on speaker phone, mind you). We stressed "REGULATED" Olympic size pool table; they listed a regular pool table. That 1 item does not make a difference in the size we were given...believe me!! My mother literally got rid of almost her ENTIRE home items/furniture to make this move less expensive and we still got screwed! Once the rep thought we were all in agreement, she was removing herself from the call/about to hang up! My husband & I yelled AT THE EXACT SAME TIME, "NO!" we were NOT done! Of course, no supervisor is available on the weekends. Not 1!! We were very polite & understanding at the beginning of our conversation. Even told her that it was not her fault, until she tried to close out our conversation while we were still trying to figure things out. Then she became rude & short with us! The Forman contacted his boss/owner of the 3rd party moving company who gave us “a little” more cf. on the truck. Yes, of course we went over this amount and is still paying for it greatly! I would advise everyone to NEVER EVER use this company! Of course, you don't get the deposits back. Of course, we had to go to the bank the day of the move to get more money out, of course we still have over $3100 to pay to have our furniture delivered. Of course, we have no idea what condition our furniture will be in once received. So many things we were told & promised & most of it was a lie. "You will have the peace of mind knowing you won't have to deal with gassing the moving van for a cross country move; doing the heavy lifting yourselves, etc, all for just a little more than what you are booking the moving truck for." - Robert ? He got us with, helping a fellow servicemember. "Free storage for a month" - not really. "Drop off in 2 states to help us" (since this was our plan in the beginning - Nope! Not happening! The movers are not allowed to do so unless we want to pay more. We will now be out of more $$ to get part of the HHGs to our home 4.5 hours away. $10668 for a move we could have done ourselves for $4000 (that's including gas). To top it off!! Once we paid the 2nd deposit, we could NO LONGER see the contract anymore! No matter which email we opened, they all had a banner at the top that read, “CONGRATULATIONS on your move on {date}!! Please contact Customer service for any questions.” We're so upset that I'm truly considering contacting my lawyer. Yes, we signed the documents, but they need to be stopped! This is sickening! I found out this weekend that another lady went thru the same exact thing! I didn't mention it to her. She volunteered the information. How is this ok?
- Drecia Wilkerson

THE WORST DEAL I EVER MADE; SHAME ON ME! DO NOT USE THESE SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!! They do nothing for you yet collect their fee up front which is never refundable! Hire a mover directly do not use this broker; they move NOTHING, just rake in your cash. Initial quote was just under $5,000 for a 150 mile move; second time they called it went up to just under $10,000 by the time the move was over it cost me just under $12,000. Once they have you hooked they have you by the balls literally...scammers. Once they get their money they totally fail to communicate and remove your on-line estimate so you can't get to it again! I called back acting as a new client and once I mentioned my move they hung up on me. GO DIRECTLY TO A MOVER.....NEVER USE THESE GUYS!!!!! They should be shut down for fraud. I learned my lesson the hard way but maybe you can avoid the problems I had. STAY AWAY!!!!!
- Tom Czop

DO NOT USE THIS PLACE this broker of a so called company is a rip off. they lie to you about the cost of your move. what all that cost covers.pick up and delivery dates. then once you sign they sell your contract to anyone with the highest bid. then that company such as G&H moving(from NEW YORK) comes to your home and double or more than the agreed upon contract. when you call United Amer. moving .. you get told that they have their money and its not their problem. PLEASE DON'T LET THEM DO THIS TO YOU ALSO.
- Penny Evans

I selected United American Moving as broker because they had a truck in the area and could give me a good price. The following day I called United to find out who the carrier was and was told it had not been assigned. Two days later they selected CR 7 Moving and Storage as carrier. When CR 7 arrived their first order of business was to initiate a new estimate ignoring the previous estimate from United. A speaker phone call with United customer service revealed their estimate of 286 cf was generated by a computer program and ignored the detailed inventory with dimensions of each item furnished by myself. CR 7 was estimating 450cf after checking the items. A heated discussion followed between myself and the United representative when she suggested I had two choices. First, take as much of the load as 286cf would provide or pay the extra as a bulky item charge. Neither the CR 7 foreman on site or the United representative had any knowledge of the detailed inventory furnished the United sales agent. To their credit the CR 7 personnel behaved like gentlemen while caught in the middle of the exchange between myself and the United agent. After hanging up on United the foreman and I agreed on a new total and the loading proceeded which was done en a very efficient and thorough manner.It appears United produced a low ball estimate to generate a broker fee with our regard to the impact on the carrier or customer. I asked the foreman if the load would stay on the same truck for delivery and three times he replied yes. Two days after the departure from my house I called the CR 7 office and was told the load was off loaded at the ware house and a truck for Michigan would be scheduled later in the week. Six days later, on a Sunday, the load arrived with damage in Michigan. Both of these companies will tell you what you want to hear but ignore the promise when it comes to actual performance. United will lie about truck availability and quote any figure just to generate a broker fee. CR 7 takes a fly by night approach to transporting delivery. DON'T TRUST EITHER COMPANY
- Michael Mutchler

Cancelled within 72, deposit still not received I signed a contract and then decided to cancel. As informed, I requested the cancellation in writing on May 10th. Today is June 15th and would you believe I have yet to get my 90% refund back. They are just as friendly when they are trying to get your business but as soon as you want to cancel, those positive friendly attitudes turn into bullies. The guy I spoke with actually kept repeating to me, “ so you want to play hard ball!” Very immature and unprofessional. In addition, he kept invalidating my concerns by asking me why I think they have a 4 point something review and I’m like well if y’all are so great why does my little cancellation matter?! I would not recommend. Every negative review, I have read has matched my experience somehow. Something seriously needs to be done. They should not be able to treat people this way and get away with it. I want my money back.
- Asia Vl

WORST COMPANY EER!! SCAM ARTISTS SCAM ARTIST I signed a contract with this criminal company not knowing they are BROKERS, was giving a pic tag of 4400.00 to move from Wichita Ks, to Orlando Florida and got RIPPED OFF. they brokered a company called United Relocation Movers and was told a delivery dated of June 24th , and i hired them on may 28th 2020, and i still don't have my belongings, i was told there is nothing they can do. I've contacted the FBI, attorneys generals office ,FMCFA, st louise state patrol, st louise state police and many more. as my belongings are located somewhere in st louise mo and not florida. I've called them many times with paid 2291.00, onto the carrier charged me 2500.00 upon arrival and told me i won't get my deposit back, i know have to pay 3100.00 extra upon delivery , whenever they feel like delivering! so you do the math. I'm out of my entire life , and now all my savings and i still have no house hold goods. stay away from the company! total crooks!!!!!!, i will not stop until they go under. they have stolen or aided in stealing my belongings and simply get rude when ask questions, or hang up on you. this company and united relocation movers needs to go down!!! Thieves. i only gave them a 1 star because it has no option to say nothing!!
- Yolanda Moore

United American Moving is a giant SCAM! They will give you and amazing quote. Then... 1.They will require 30% of that for a deposit. Over 5k in our case. 2.Even after you give them an itemized list of your items, they will call before your move and ask for more money, “just in case” it won’t all fit on a truck. They wanted an extra $1000 from us. We did not pay it. 3.When the people they broker for you show up, they will ask for more than the remaining balance by giving you a “re-estimate”. In our case, they wanted double what we owed. 4. They will broker a truck carrier, some day laborers to pack and load, and then a whole different company as your “movers”. Who gets your money?! 5.Moving companies require a weight so their trucks can get through the weigh stations. NO weight was taken. We are sure that if we had let them take our stuff, we would have been asked for even more money before they relinquished our stuff. 6.Even if they are in breach of contract, you will never see a penny of your deposit again. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY ANY MONEY!! IF YOU’VE USED THEM, FILE A FORMAL COMPLAINT WITH THE FMCSA!!
- Carrie Walser

Worst extortion scam EVER all lyes lyes Will give you a great quote than sell your contract to someone like Brooklyn Movers who have no license or bond ! Strait off of Craigs list despite there website. Got3 fourths of my items back after 36 days and all of it was stolen or broken .If it was locked up it was broken into or never arrived!! DON'T USE THEM they are evil and will block your number when you reach out for help. As in my stuff is missing for over a month and neither them or who the contract with will answer your calls. My 5000 doller quote cost me 8000 pluses 600 to the truck driver under the table to get him to drive down a perfectly accessible street! Pluses the loss of anything of value and the total destruction of what actually arrived. Screw THAT andnoCCB licence or bond!
- Laura Battin

TERRIBLE!! DO NOT USE!! Definitely a bate and switch. Total scammers. I needed to move 8 items from my dads house in West Virginia to my home in NJ. The items had to be moved in a very small window because we had to drive to WV (7 hours) on Saturday night 10/5 and then turn around and come right back Monday morning 10/7. I was on google to rent a U Haul when I saw the moving company add and thought wow that would be so much easier. I entered my info to request a quote and before I got off the website my phone started ringing. I didn't answer the first two times but they kept hitting redial so I answered. I explained my situation to Eric and he said "no problem, we can help you". Granted they were odd items but when I requested the quote I told them they were commercial, i.e. two ATV's, a riding lawn mower, a planer, a hutch, a dresser, a chest freezer and a wooden chest. I estimated the sizes because I was in NJ. The items were in WV. The quote was $2600 for 8 items. That was more than I was willing to pay so I was going to go with the U Haul. Before I could get downstairs to tell my husband, they called back and said that they had a cancellation in that area and would rather have my business than a partially empty truck. The quote was 1880. I figured OK and signed the contract on 10-1-19 and paid 635 down payment. WHAT A MISTAKE. On 10/4/19 I received a call from Jordan who said that the items were miscalcuated and because they were "bulky" they had to charge more. He gave me an estimate of 2342. I said I could not afford that and said I wanted to cancel. He said because I booked within 7 days of the move I would forfeit my deposit. So I said fine but I was not paying more than 1880 so he said that they would put as much as they could in the 430 cubic feet on my estimate. On Friday evening and Saturday I was contacted numerous times to see if they could do the pickup. I explained numerous times that I was in NJ and would not be in WV until 11 am Sunday. Soooo Sunday comes, it is pouring rain, the moving truck arrives and when he opens the back, there is "MAYBE" 6 feet of space on the back of the truck. I said my stuff is not going to fit in there. I showed him what needed to be moved and he just kept shaking his head. He said that my items list said 2 motorcycles, not ATV's and the other items were too big. I said forget it. If I have to rent a truck I might as well do it myself. He said he would take 3 of the items for 2300.. I said no. I tried calling United American and go voicemail 3x. The driver got in his truck and then started honking the horn for me to come over (still pouring rain) rolls down his window and said he would take the 3 items for 2200. I said no. He said if you rent a U Haul you will have to pay a lot more than having them do it and I would have to load it myself and stop and pay at weigh stations. (I found out at U Haul that is not true). Finally he hits the gas a flies out of the drive way. I felt like I was lied to from the minute I got on the phone. The first guy did not write my items down correctly, and they tried to increase the price before they ever got there. I am out 635.00. The 15 foot U Haul cost $414.00 and $120 for gas. It took us 2 hours to load the items on the truck. LESSON LEARNED!!! This company contracted out to others and never gave them the correct list. If you can do it yourself, do it. READ THE FINE PRINT ON THE CONTRACT, make sure your items are listed correctly and if possible measure the items. BUT.......DON'T USE UNITED AMERICAN MOVING.
- Susan Scully

So first of all, as some others have pointed out, the 5 star reviews are fraudulent, which is obvious by how they are all worded almost the same. Anyway, I hired United American Movers to move me from Portland, OR to Minneapolis, MN. On the phone, a man named Archie assured me that it would be an easy move (for cross country that is) and that I would have plenty of space and that the price he set for me ($1975.00) would be accurate. Little did I know this would be the last time I would hear from Archie. So, the day comes to load up my stuff (9/27/19).I had stuff located at my house and also at a storage unit. I was told since the storage unit was close by we could do a 2 location pick up. They get here to my house, and I have just a few boxes there (most of it was at the unit). They get confused when I mention the storage unit and have to call dispatch in order to confirm it. They then tell me they have to go to the storage unit first before they can pick up the stuff at my house. A bit weird, but whatever. We get to the storage unit and they tell me that there should be plenty of space (I had very little stuff) and that we can start loading. Great! Then, they open the back of the truck, and one of the large items they had back there had fallen over, blocking where my stuff was supposed to go. I should mention that this large item was a pill counter for hospitals. Its a piece of machinery easily worth $10k. It had completely fallen over, and I find it difficult to believe that there wasn't any damage done to it when it fell. If whoever the owner of that machine was needs confirmation that this thing was damaged in transit, I have photos of it. Anyway the two movers try desperately to life this machine back up, but the thing weighs easily a literal ton. They then approach me and my father who was with me, and ask us both to try and help them. We agree to it, because we are anxious to get the move on the road. We were unable to lift the machine, and one of the movers then has the idea to use a car jack to try and help lift it up. He then asks us if one of us can drive him over to a car parts shop so he can buy one. I'm beyond annoyed at this point, but we agree because we don't really have any other option. 20 minutes later we are back at it trying to use a car jack to help us lift, and of course it doesn't work. They then decide to just crawl over the thing and have us pass our stuff over the machine to load the truck since my stuff was meant to go behind the machine anyway. So, after spending 2 and a half hours loading a job that should have taken 45 minutes max, they come out and say that my stuff was bigger than they imagined, and that they were going to charge me and exyra $470 for the move. Keep in mind, this was AFTER they loaded my stuff, and AFTER we helped them try and lift a machine we didn't even own and AFTER we drove one of them to Autozone. They then say that before they go to Minneapolis, they are going to take my stuff to LA, Needless to say we were outraged. Unfortunately, I was due to leave the next day so there was no way I could hire another company, so I was basically forced to pay this or screw over my entire timeline, which wasn't doable since I had a new job starting. So, onto part 2 of this obnoxiously long story. I set a delivery date of October 2nd, and they said that it's very unlikely that they will have my stuff there by then, which I expected and understood. They said to expect within a week out from the 2nd, due to driving times and stops, etc. So the week of the second comes, and my stuff hasn't arrived, in fact I haven't even heard from the company at all. I give them a call, and they say this "Your stuff hasn't left LA yet, call again later." This continued for ANOTHER 2 WEEKS. I was calling constantly, and they kept saying call again later, which is just them saying they have no idea where it is. So, finally, today on October 21, 19 Days after the scheduled delivery, they finally arrive here. And now we get to part three. My stuff arrived here and it was in HORRIBLE condition. I had a total of 18 or so boxes, and all but 3 of them looked like someone had taken a baseball bat and went to town on them. I had a bookshelf that is practically falling apart now, and a bed frame with broken pieces that I can't put together now since they are so messed up. One box was incredibly damp, and everything inside of it had molded. Every mug and glass I had were shattered. I am also missing my desk. It is obvious they absolutely did not care when they transported my stuff. All throughout this, their customer service representatives were incredibly rude, and it's apparent that this company does not care about its clients belongings, they are just out to lowball estimates at you and milk you for what you got. If I could give these people negative stars, I would. PLEASE do yourself a favor and get literally any other company to do your move for you.
- Geoffrey McPherson

This is not a moving company - it is a bait and switch scam. They will give you a bid, sign an agreement, and take your deposit. Then they will call you 5 days later to say the bid has increased (by $2000 in our case). You request a refund of your deposit but they will refuse to give your money back since you did not request it within 72hrs of the agreement - even though you signed the agreement based on the original bid. There have been class action lawsuits against companies like this in the past. I have filed a complaint with the Florida Atty General and the FMCSA.
- Katie Wells

I AM REQUIRED TO CHOOSE AT LEAST ONE STAR ZERO IS APPROPRIATE. NO STARS FOR THIS COMPANY United American Moving represents themselves publicly as movers. They are brokers. J.P. Hernandez ( 954 -633 -7723), a company salesperson, contacted me and bid $1427.00 for my move from New York City to Baltimore, Maryland. After pressure, I signed an electronic estimate, which was to become a contract, and he (Hernandez) took a payment of $547. The estimate disappeared, and I was not provided a contract. Monday was chosen for moving. The moving company did not show up. Subsequently, the moving company - Safeguard - arranged a date of October 26, 2019. Upon arrival, they inspected my material and informed me that the move would be $2,400. They reported United American Moving did not provide a valid estimate. They added that they have no relationship with the company. Safeguard was innocent of any malfeasance, but I did not use their services. They were polite and above board.
- Brian Keller

The worst experience I ever had. They will try to take only more money from you and will not give you any delivery dates until you will pay them more and more. Customer service is unable to help you and their managers are never unable to speak with you. Never even try to hire this company for your move!
- Alys Herrington

Horrible Scammer!! DO NOT USE!! Definitely Don't even talk to them. Total scammers. Once they take your money as deposit they talk you like a trash. A bunch of ashole employee they have. I needed to move from CA to Tx, we have a deal to ship for $ 1600 and two weeks priority they came up with additional cost of 1200 which total of $ 2700. Eventually we were not able to agree and they took deposit and I find a better company with 1700. I wish there is zero star I would give them. Stay away from this scammer or you lose your money.
- Seid Adem

DO NOT use this company at any cost. Any money they get from you you WILL NOT get back, even if they never provide any services. I don't know why they have 4 and 5 stars on Google, but my guess is they're buying them. Here's how they work: They give you an extremely low rate so they out-price more legitimate competitors. They make you pay a deposit to reserve your move date. (In case you're unaware, like I was, this is NOT standard practice. Reputable moving companies don't do this.) Then they jack up the prices (in my case the cost DOUBLED) at the last minute before you move for insignificant technicalities. In my case it was things like a double bed was listed on the original estimate, but they later said that didn't include the bed frame (a very small one), and I had originally guessed I would have 8-10 boxes but I ultimately had 12. I told them I wanted to cancel, because this increase put the cost way out of my budget, and they told me my deposit was nonrefundable (unsurprising), and I said I wanted to cancel anyway. When I tried to cancel, I was hung up on four times, and they disconnected the email I had previously been communicating with them on when I tried to send a cancellation email. After I finally got a cancellation confirmation email from them, I thought it was all done, but then three days later they took another $1,200 out of my account and claimed it was part of my deposit, so it was non-refundable. They charged me $1,800 and never moved a single thing. DO NOT use United American Moving.
- Claire Ferguson

I’m so stupid for letting them taking up 54 mins of my time. PLEASE DON’T. Just felt like I was talking to scammers on the phone the entire time. They’ll just take your money and you won’t hear from them again.
- Maia Nef

I would avoid this company at all costs. They have very little interest in properly helping you once you give them money. My initial call with a representative to book their service was pleasant and easy. But after encountering an issue that forced me to cancel, I called less then 24hrs after booking—talked to two people and received a cold response that it would be handled. The booking however was not thoroughly dealt with and a week later the third-party movers were aggressively calling me to confirm my move. After countless phone calls over a three-week period, they refused to give me my refund, stating that a phone call isn’t sufficient to cancel the service and that I needed written confirmation. When I repeatedly asked why the two different people I spoke with failed to inform me on how to properly cancel the service, they had no answer other than that they were sorry. I essentially paid $600 to have back and forth phone calls. During an unprecedented time like this, you would expect better customer support from companies. Don’t bother with them; there are better moving companies that actually understand how to run a business and retain customers.
- Tolu Akinyemi

They are a scam. The WORST experience ever!
- JOE Gillman

Do not use them - they pressured us into signing a contract that was deliberately under quoted. Took our deposit of over $2400. When we realized the under quoting - they would not return any emails or phone calls. They did not do the move but kept the deposit of over $2400.
- Janice Roy

DO NOT USE THIS BROKERAGE AT ANY COST. If I could give them zero stars, I would. This place was an absolute nightmare for my cross country move (1,400 miles). First off, the present themselves as a moving COMPANY but they are a moving BROKERAGE. There is a big difference and you should do more research if you are unsure between the two. It will save you a lot of hassle. My original quote was for $1,800. Michael, the sales agent, called, we talked and went over inventory. At first, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He "forgot" a few things on the original quote and when I went to put down the deposit, a few things needed to be added. It cost me an extra $300 but I thought I would be good after that. A few weeks later, their primary guy (forgot his name at the moment) called to confirm inventory. We went over my inventory in detail. When all was said & done, my "new" price went from $2,100 and change to darn near $3,900. On top of that, he gave me an ultimatum that I could either pay the extra $1,200 in deposit ($2,200 in total) in that to "lock in" that price or if I waited until the next week for the movers to show up, it would be "double" the price. He gave me absolutely no time to think about and forced my hand. He also informed me that despite his sales agent clearly lying about the inventory and purposely miscalculating size that it was more of my fault (the customer) than his own sales agent. Not knowing any better, I agreed to the extra $1,200 deposit. I didn't have time to find new movers and spent another $3,500 in 5 days to find a new company. They also told me that none of my deposit would be refunded if I backed out, even within their 72 hour window after they charged me an extra $1,200 in deposits. The next week, the movers showed up. Yes, the actual moving company who was packing my stuff up and taking it half way across the country. Upon arrival, he presented me with the wrong invoice. I showed him the most recent one and right away, he called his manager. Long story short, United took damn near $2,200 in "deposits" and left the moving company with less than $1,600 to actually do the 1,400 mile move. Their way out of it was to send the actual moving company an old invoice and then try to fight about it via phone once the movers showed up. After an hour of them fighting back & forth & United hanging up on ME twice, they told the moving company to leave and that they would have another one out the same day. It wasn't the same day, it was the next day. The next moving company came and moved everything without much of an issue. Due to another FALSE estimate the week prior, I ended up having to pay another $700 to the moving company itself. So, here's what I learned and why you should NEVER use this place: - United is a brokerage that is only allowed to take a certain portion for a deposit. All they are doing is being paid to line up movers. THAT'S IT. - If you go straight through a moving company, they will come out & give you an actual estimate. That way there's no surprises along the way. - Most brokerages are out of Florida. The reason they are out of Florida is because they can still legally get away with this stuff. - United has told multiple moving companies they are going to change their name AGAIN soon and that they aren't worried about legal repercussions. - If the price seems too good to be true, it's because it is. Long story short, United American Movers is a fraudulent company that is a brokerage and not a moving company. They'll leach every cent out of you, then screw you and the moving company in the process
- Aaron Leming

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. It is a scam. They take your money and you never hear back from them. I called this company and Lloyd Burns picked up the phone and told me they could guarantee my shipment would arrive on my desired date, he said he was holding our spot and we would need the money right away to secure it. Later to find out he was lying and we haven't heard from them since.
- Connor McCubbin

The moving cost was $2,389 to begin with. Which was to include any blankets or tape needed for furniture dresser mirrors and so on. I agreed to let this company move me on May 23rd or 24th. With the pickup date May 29th and the delivery date of June 1st. I was told that there would be one truck that came to my home loading my belongings and drove straight to Florida to my new home. But when the movers got there I found out it was all a lie. I was being charged by the square footage needed in the truck, the number of pieces I had, the weight of the load, and other things that were not told to me. then I find out that the movers don't even work for the company. They increase my price buy $1,500 or more. Then I was told my belongings would go to New York and sit anywhere house and wait to be loaded with other people's belongings to come to Florida. I was backed into a corner and had no choice 2 continue with the service because I had to vacate my home in Pennsylvania on the 29th and they knew it. Meantime I have been in Florida for almost 6 days and still do not have my belongings. I have service animals who are starting to become it'll do to stress. They want their homes and their belongings which of course is on a truck somewhere. Do not under any circumstance use these people. They will do nothing but lie to you and sell your contract to some unheard-of so-called moving company that will double if not triple your price
- Penny Evans

Please do not use this moving company… If there was a way to give a negative 5-star review, I would. Never have I ever had such a demeaning experience with a company as I have had with this one. In the beginning things seemed to go fine. The gentleman we had original contact with was friendly and personable. I was able to call and text him and the company with no problem at all. The only snag seemed to be that when my husband tried to call them from his phone, he would get an automated system saying that the call couldn’t go through. This seemed weird, but since it worked from my phone I thought little of it. Things changed, however, once they received our deposit of over $800.00 dollars. In less than 72 hours of giving them our deposit, we started having problems. Normal questions regarding the move arose and we tried to call the numbers we had original been given, but none of them worked. I was now getting the same automated message that my husband was getting on all the numbers I tried. After an agonizing time of internet searching, I finally found a number that got through to them. (I was relieved, because I was beginning to believe that we had fallen for a scam.) My call was answered by an extremely rude woman who kept talking over me as I tried to explain my concerns. I had originally called to ask a simple “moving” question, but by this time my trust had been shaken, and I had become uneasy. My main concern now was to make sure we were still in good hands… We. Were. Not. In. Good. Hands. After multiple times of being hung up on, and after multiple times of being transferred over to other rude customer service representatives, we decided to go another route. By this time, however, we had now passed the 72-hour window given us to be able to cancel and still get our deposit back. We are now working with our credit card company, going through the agonizing process of trying to get our deposit back. I will be reporting my experience to the BBB and I am hoping to make a difference. We cannot afford to throw away $800.00 during these trying times, and I hope to help others from falling into the same trap of being taken advantage of that we have experienced. I seriously feel this is a company that should be put out of business.
- Karyn Manumaleuna

I decided a few days after signing an online contract, that I no longer wanted this company to move my things. I emailed my request within my 72 hours and after a month, I am still without my deposit. Every time I call, I am given some excuse that accounting has me on the list and I will get it a week later. I don’t know what calendar they use, but those weeks have come and gone and still no refund. When asking for a manager, I’m informed that no managers are on duty at the time. So basically only the people with no authority are available to continue to give you the run around. I would not recommend this company to anyone. I really think their positive reviews are paid for.
- Asia Veal

I try my best to write good reviews on companies so that they are recognized for their work and service. Unfortunately that is not the case with this company! I do not want anyone to have their money STOLEN from them like we did. The company admittedly had their phone lines and emails disconnected for serval weeks. They said they were moving offices. In their contract it states THEY MUST RECEIVE your cancellation in 72hrs to receive a refund on your deposit, at this point they will still charge you a 10% fee. In our case their non working phones and emails made this impossible. Our deposit was $3,600. I have made multiple attempts to call and resolve the matter with them, but the representatives that answer the phones will not transfer me to a supervisor and simply states they do not have the authority to refund me. Please do NOT use this company it is set up to scam you!!! They are a broker not an actual moving company.
- Tamara Randolph

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