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Two Marines Moving was founded on November 10th, 2008. TMM provides Award-Winning moving services to residents around the entire Washington D.C. Metro area.  Services include local moving, long distance moving, packing, and storage. At Two Marines Moving, we believe that we are a customer service business that just happens to be in the moving industry. We are motivated to live up to the title “World’s Finest Moving Company” and are dedicated to providing you with the absolute best service. We were once trusted to protect and defend our country. Now you can trust us to move your most prized possessions.

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The Company has successfully completed 40,000+ local and long distance moving missions during the course of the last 11 years. Two Marines Moving has been recognized by the Department of Labor, Department of Veteran Affairs, the Washington Post, INC Magazine, and the White House for our efforts in hiring, training, and retaining America’s heroes.

Two Marines Moving Licenses & Certificates

Two Marines Moving is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 663808

US D.O.T: 1830335

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Two Marines Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1100 according to customer reviews. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Two Marines Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Two Marines Moving Reviews

We used this company at the suggestion of a friend and couldn't have been happier. They were exceptional in how they wrapped all our furniture with blankets and shrink wrap to ensure no damage, as well as carefully navigating the floors and awkward angles of our old and new place. Each mover of our team of four was incredibly professional, friendly, and fast as they worked for hours to get through the move. This company brought in some truly great marines for our move!
- Jenifer A.

I had a great experience with Two Marines Moving, well in my case three marines. They were efficient, friendly, and hardworking. They were on time, a bit early I think they are still in a military time . They were great, and the prices was more than fair and they gave me a military discount which was a good bonus!! What I liked was they were honest and they didn't try to milk the hours or anything. I am definitely referring them to other people who will be moving and using them again when I move next time. I am very satisfied with their service!!!!
- Sumeya G.

I hired TMM for a one bedroom move from DC to Arlington. Even with the help I needed packing and a 45 minute drive, it took less than 2.5 hours. The 2 movers were polite, efficient, friendly, and took direction well. Could not have been happier with the process! This is the third moving company I've used, and TMM were leagues better at itemizing costs and walking me through the process and charges, compared to other companies who seem to wing it and arbitrarily quote a price (on top of running 1.5 hours late with no heads up). would absolutely hire TTM again!
- Matthew S.

I find it really interesting that the CEO only responded to the positive reviews. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and I intend to use it. If I had received some sort of refund for the horrible job they did, my view would be much different. Oh, I'm sorry, they gave me back my $200 deposit. But after a lot of back and forth, they didn't budge and it took them a while to let me know that they weren't. I really hope I save someone a lot of aggravation.
- Larisa T.

Second time we have used them and I couldn't be happier with their performance today. I was so worried we'd have problems finding a good moving company, since we'd always had such good luck with TROSA in NC, but Two Marines has been very reliable, a pleasure to work with, and very reasonable in terms of costs. The four young men today were extremely professional, courteous, conscientious with our belongings, and hustled all day long for us. If they keep their customer service the way it is and their workers are as stellar as they were today, this company will have a long future. Thank you for making such a difficult experience easy and smooth.
- Matthew H.

What happened? I'm a Navy veteran and I used Two Marines and a Truck for a move 4 years ago and I was impressed. My most recent experience was nothing like that first one. I had a couple of broken things, not a big deal, it happens. What shouldn't happen is the lack of hustle. At one point, I walked outside and there was one guy on his phone, a couple of other folks leaning on furniture chit chatting, and the crew leader giving instruction to another mover (mind you there was still stuff inside the house that needed to be wrapped and a yard full of furniture). They wound up charging me $500 over the estimate. I can't imagine how much it would have cost had I not busted my hump removing the shrink wrap, the blankets and bringing their blankets to the front yard. The entire crew was personable but I'd rather have no personality and a productive, efficient move.
- Tobin S.

I contacted 2 Marines because my son is a Marine. My first interaction for a quote was good. When I called back to discuss the quote and explain my situation ( my son is deceased and my daughter ha stage IV cancer)the interaction was way less than favorable. I asked if they offer any discounts or could they give me a break on the cost due to my situation, which I felt was a bit high for the small amount of furniture I needed moved. I was promptly told "no, this is a business not a charity". Not what I expected from Marines. I emailed the CEO who did not respond but instead chose to turf it to the operations manager. This person did apologize, via email, for the treatment I received and offered the military discount and then offered to double it. This offer doubled was $50, not even 10%. How sad that this is a company started by Marines, claims to hire military and only offers them a $25 military discount. Let alone the treatment I received and the CEO did respond himself. I for obvious reasons did not go with 2 Marines for my move and wish I had read the reviews prior to contacting them. It would have saved me a bit of distress. I would not recommend them to anyone. If I could give a negative numbered of stars I would.
- Anne T.

Excellent job with our move. My boyfriend and I moved from a one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom condo. The three movers couldn't have been better. Professional, extremely responsive, and our move cost slightly less than the quote. Everything came in great shape, and they even helped us move boxes. Great experience!
- Felicia K.

Let me start by saying that my husband is a retired marine and he was DISGUSTED with the outcome of our move and the lack of integrity of Two Marines Moving (TMM) company and their employees. Please don't believe the hype or mission of this company; it's just a ploy to hook you and charge you 3 times the amount of what they originally quote you. Plus they claim to be pro military but don't even offer a military discount to military families. Price: We decided to go with this company because my husband is a former marine and the owner gave my husband what he thought was a fair quote but we paid over $4000 to move us out of our one bedroom apartment ( they charged us $1000 to pack our items the day before the move and the rest on the day of the move). During our move the team chief kept hiking up the price (to include adding another man) which made a simple job that was suppose to take 5 hours turn into 10 hours with 4 workers (We originally moved a year ago and it took a different moving company with 4 movers 4 hours to do the same move). Movers: The movers had trouble lifting our items and the chief mover stated that they needed another mover to help them move. Please keep in mind we filled out an inventory sheet and they packed up our items the day before our move and charged us $1000 just to pack a few boxes. Plus during our move some of the workers were hanging around outside talking and texting and even asked us to help move some of our items. Insurance: We paid for the insurance they recommended because as a military family we know accidents happen. When I tried to point out all the items they broke and damages (scratched walls and floors) the movers made excuses as to why the item broke and the lead mover explained to me that those items weren't covered by the insurance we bought. Former Military: Please remember even though this company claims to hire former military members not all military members are law abiding citizens. Some of them have criminal records and were dishonorably discharged (speaking from experience with our move with TMM). Conclusion: DO NOT HIRE! Overall we would not recommend this moving company to anyone. Plus their customer service is nonexistent. My husband called them 3 times and we still haven't received a response.
- Rach R.

I used them for a recent move. The moving crew was fabulous and did a great job. They did go over the estimated price, but it was on the estimator and probably me, not the crew. They worked as hard as possible. I really like the fact that they employ service members/vets.
- Scott C.

I hired the service as they were recommended by a friend. Unfortunately, I didn't have the same experience she did. We had a 2 bedroom apartment with minimal furniture and had already donated our couches. It took 2 people over 4 hours to get everything on the truck. Mind you I only had 6 boxes that we packed ourselves and no small items. I heard one of them saying they couldn't unscrew my dining table, and so they took it out in one piece. This is a very heavy and bulky table which was severely scratched because they didn't break it apart nor cover it. My tufted headboard was also not covered and as a result it was dirty upon arrival. Last was my mirror nightstand, it was shattered in some areas. Overall a move that was supposed to be quick, took forever. Management did take time off from the final bill to compensate for the delay, and while I appreciated it, our bill was still over $800 to move a few items which weren't even properly cared for. Their insurance is garbage! At 6 cents per pound their money isn't going to cover anything. TERRIBLE!! I do not recommend this company.
- Giovana V.

After spending $16,000 on a 2-phase 8.5 mile move, I am disgusted with the result of my move. The movers were weak, overworked and tired-- definitely not marines. They dropped numerous pieces of expensive furniture leaving several pieces damaged. They scratch my hardwood floors. The stairs were marred. And, after opting to pay extra for insurance to cover damaged items, we have seen no reimbursement for any of the damaged pieces. Definitely would not recommend.
- Audrey B.

In February 2015 my wife and I hired Two Marines Moving for our local move to our new home in Springfield. We were quite pleased with the Two Marines Moving's crew professionalism and care during the 2015 move. We are remodeling our Springfield home and needed the refrigerator and gas range moved to the garage along with several items moved up from the basement, so we chose Two Marines Moving based on our previous experience. That was a terrible mistake. We will not hire Two Marines again, and recommend to our friends that they chose another mover when the need arises. I scheduled a 2 p.m. appointment. The crew arrived at 2:57 p.m. I understand delays, and your firm called me at 2:27 p.m. and advised me that the crew would arrive in a few minutes. The crew brought an appliance dolly with which to move the refrigerator and range. The refrigerator's size requires one individual to steer and one to guide. The crew members clearly were unfamiliar with the proper use of an appliance dolly. They placed the load strap over the refrigerator handles. I stopped them and advised them that placing the load strap over the handles would likely bend the handles. They reconfigured the load strap under the handles. I have relocated many times since 1977, moving myself nearly every time, and used an appliance dolly literally hundreds of times to move appliances and other furniture. The first rule of appliance dolly safety- the strap must be as tight as possible. The second rule- always walk the appliance dolly down the steps, never walk a dolly with the appliance up higher than the user. Never. Yesterday your crew broke these rules repeatedly, endangering their personal safety. The crew did not examine the refrigerator interior before moving the unit, nor did they examine the top of the refrigerator before tilting it on the dolly, as the refrigerator top stood above eye level. I had emptied the refrigerator and cleared the top, but the appliance mover has a duty to check these items before moving any appliance. The path from the kitchen to the garage required the movers to lower the appliance down two steps into the family room and through a sliding door, onto a patio, and then walk the dolly to the garage. The crew placed the refrigerator on the dolly, and one crew member proceeded to lead the dolly down the steps. The refrigerator, a GE Model # GFE29HSDSS, weights 390 pounds! The crew member nearly lost the refrigerator as in the down position all the weight was on his arms. He bounced the refrigerator down both steps! When moving the range they did the same, except this time they did not tighten the load strap securely, and again they bounced the range down the steps. This time, however, the range lifted with the load strap slack and the range side landed on the appliance dolly steel lip, badly denting the side of the range. The range should not have been loaded on the side, rather than from the back. When the crew moved the range from the front, instead of walking it safely down the steps, the unit tilted downwards, and the entire burner, grate, and burner cover assembly fell unto the floor. One burner cover landed near a crew member. He KICKED it across the room, hitting the wall! Yes, I refused to sign the papers at the end. To send untrained and unprofessional crew members to a job amazes me- the cost of your reputation far outweighs the pecuniary value of this job. The job ended at approximately 3:20. I had others items I needed moved, but not by this crew of clowns. Yet the crew sat in their van in my driveway until 4 p.m. As the crew and I exchanged words when I refused to sign the papers, I was concerned that the crew remained in my driveway for less than professional reasons. The sight of the damage to her range sickened my wife. PS- Eight months later, TMM has refused to pay for the damages to the range.
- Far O.

Jonathan and Dorelle were simply amazing! We've moved several times from coast to coast and in between in the last 5 years. Your team restored our faith in moving companies! These two men hustled and provided us with much more service than we ever imagined was possible. I truly can't say enough about them and your company's commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We will definitely keep you in mind for our next move! Initial communications were prompt and well done. I did email twice and left a voice mail, however I cannot be sure these communications were received as I did not receive a response.
- Diane R.

I just completed a local move here in Arlington, and my experience with Two Marines Moving was great. Getting an estimate and putting down a deposit was easy, and I never felt any pressure to book the move until I was ready, instead of other companies who call daily once you get your estimate. I had a few hiccups with the building I was moving out of, but my movers took it all in stride and never let it affect the move. I was impressed by how well they wrapped all of my furniture before moving it, as well as how quickly and efficiently they moved everything. The move came in a full hour under the estimate and I appreciated how careful they were with all of my things while still moving quickly.
- Liz C.

Just moved today (6/25/2020) and could not be happier with the experience! All 3 gentlemen were so quick, careful and efficient! They finished in time and were so professional. We will definitely use this company for our next move!
- Anna A.

Please do not use this company. Initial communication was good, but that is where it ends. Put in a claim on July 5th our moving day and just found out today (August 6th) they only offered $25 on a $900 claim. They made over 50 scraps and dents on our brand new freshly painted stairwell and wall. This is unacceptable from a so called professional company. They showed no respect for my family, the house and our belongings. Total disgrace.
- Gary B.

Incompetent and unresponsive to multiple attempts at contact and claims. They knocked over items in my home when I let them used the restroom (I ran out of toilet paper and they used my paper towels, which I can only assume they flushed) and left it for me to clean up a rather large mess. They stacked items irresponsibly - books marked and which I repeatedly mentioned were antique and fragile on their sides - dishes and glass picture frames (broken) dropped and stacked under book crates. The job was slowed due to injury (they charged me for an additional worker, who arrived late in the job who refused to coordinate with his coworker, dropping his end of a heavy piece of furniture and leaving me to assist. In fact, I helped with the move throughout the day to reduce the lag and because there was no leadership or coordination among them - I constantly repeated instructions. They also stacked tall bookshelves on their sides in my basement, as they were too tall to stand up there - this despite my repeated instruction to leave them upstairs. Infuriating. Amateur. Destructive and expensive. I used this company to my satisfaction in the past for much larger moves (the last time from an apartment on the 10th floor to a 3rd floor condo over a distance of more than five miles. This fiasco was from the same condo to rambler with a basement perhaps a mile away - and involving less items. I am disgusted by my experience with the unprofessional and unresponsive TM. I went with them initially because of the quality I assumed, based on the name of their business. Purely, sadly, a lure. Read the other reviews before you throw you throw your trust and your money away on this company.
- Ben W.

Bottom Line Up Front: Don't use this company for your move! I wish there was an option for zero stars!!! Very expensive rates and the quality of work is not that good. These were the worst movers I have ever used. Towards the end of the move, the crew didn't even bother wrapping large items (e.g. floor mirror, ping pong table, etc.). They also did a horrible job loading the truck (they just started stacking furniture on top of boxes). It also took them a really long time to complete the move. In contrast, we used A-Anytime Movers for the second leg of our move and the experience was night and day. They completed the same job in 3 1/2 hours and the cost was a third of what Two Marines charged. I really regret using Two Marines Moving for my move, but won't make the same mistake again.
- Damian D.

I've used Two Marines Moving in the past and before booking I knew that their rates were expensive. I am willing to spend the extra money to help support fellow veterans and receive high quality service with the same attention to detail that I know I would provide to others if the roles were reversed. The initial quote over the phone went fine. I provided as many details as possible to ensure that the quote would be accurate. I needed a quick turn-around time on this move as my closing date had been moved up due to COVID-19. During the quote I explained that I had done the majority of the move myself and only needed a few pieces of furniture moved to a storage unit as well as assistance with packing and boxing up odds and ends. Roughly 30 minutes before the crew was to arrive, within the scheduled window, I received a call from the lead on the move asking to add another Marine to expedite. I was told that the additional body would be billed at the same labor rate but that having three people would take less time (I was originally quoted for two). This seemed reasonable so I agreed to the extra person, knowing that the total would likely increase, slightly. I wasn't given a revised quote at this time. When the crew arrived they were professional and courteous. They worked diligently and reasonably carefully. My walls did get banged up a little bit from carelessness and a very expensive couch did get dropped, but I did my best to look past a few accidents. Overall, I believed they were putting in work and effort to get the job done well. After the truck was loaded we went to the storage unit to unload. The crew unloaded things very quickly. Unfortunately, they were not overly concerned with placing items in the storage unit in an efficient manner. The goal appeared to be to unload the truck as quickly as possible in order to complete the job within the window. Again, I look passed this because it wouldn't be that big of a deal to rearrange some things at a later date. It was a minor frustration and inconvenience. When the job was complete and it came time to settle the bill, the total had doubled in price. I was expecting a reasonable increase due to them needing to furnish boxes and some blankets, but to double in price from the original quote is out of hand. While waiting for the lead to finalize things with dispatch, I learned that there was only one veteran on the job. The other two movers had never served in the military. I get it. The military isn't for everyone. But...this is unfortunate because Two Marines Moving markets themselves as a company owned and operated by veterans. I looked past many things on this move because I thought that I was supporting my fellow veterans. I was willing to accept the significantly higher price, the carelessness with a few items, the dropped couch, and the inconvenient placement of my items in storage. In reality, I fell for a marketing gimmick that uses military service to attract customers.
- Ian D. P.

Do not hire this company! The rates are expensive and the work is horrible. There was very little professional about them. They didn't know what they were doing and didn't care, which resulted in busted furniture and wall/paint damage to a house that was just professionally painted. Furniture pads over railings would have kept a lot of this damage from occurring. Paying attention and having the physical ability to carry furniture would have prevented the rest. You don't get the level and amount of damage that was done to my belongings if the move was done by a professional team. It took them over 4 hours to wrap everything and they still managed to damage almost every piece of furniture they touched. They took the front door off, put it back wrong, didn't test that it worked and actually locked before they went to leave. They took my recliner apart and put it back together wrong; somehow busted my mattress; took apart my dining room table and put it back together completely wrong (luckily I noticed that before they left); and took chunks out of almost everything the touched, including family heirlooms, antiques, and items with extreme sentimental value. Additionally, they used bathroom and left it disgusting, which I then had to clean. And when they arrived at the new house one walked past me and smelled like weed. Then dealing with the claims department was nearly impossible, and when they finally settled, they said that most of the damage that THEY had done was due to "normal wear and tear" and denied the claims. I hired professionals so that my belongings would be handled with care. That wasn't even remotely the case. If someone walked into my house and did this amount of damage they would be arrested. But somehow because I paid this company, doing damage to almost everything I own is acceptable. This was absolute negligence and I would suggest you find someone else to help you move.
- Se D.

This was the best move ever! Not a fly-by-night moving company but a professional group of young men who are energetic and careful. They exhibit all the positive traits of Corps - integrity, dedication and positive focus on accomplishing mission. Both ends of my move were seamless execution. Watching them maneuver the three flights of stairs on first end was a delight...they weren't intimidated at all! If you have to move, call Two Marines - they may not be the cheapest but I can assure you...they are The Best!
- Pamela L.

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