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About Trico Long Distance Movers

Trico Long Distance Moving Company started off on the principle that moving should be a quick painless experience. We have found this is what customers want, and happy customers are our top priority. Since 2010 we have upheld this principle and have built a reputation as one of the most trusted Long Distance Moving companies in the US.

Moving-Me about Trico Long Distance Movers

This moving company offers competitive rates for every long distance move. Many moving companies offer “low low rates” laden with hidden fees and charges. Trico provides a guaranteed rate for every long distance move. They also provide free, no obligation consultations, so you will know exactly how much your move will cost before you even hire Trico Long Distance Movers.

Trico Long Distance Movers Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 889368

US D.O.T: 2552260

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Trico Long Distance Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $7000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Trico Long Distance Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Trico Long Distance Movers Reviews

Helpful and professional. The staff I worked with were approachable and prompt. When I called, their response time was fast we planned and scheduled the entire move within an hour. The pricing was very reasonable and not a single thing was damaged throughout the process. I had a good experience and I am not one to use moving companies but this one worked out very well.
- Artisnemomex5

Trico helped me ship my daughter some things to help fill her apartment up in Rhode Island. Everyone I dealt with over the phone as well as in person was easy to deal with and friendly. Moving things far away is expensive but if you're going to pay I feel like might as well come from a good company. That way you'll be less likely to have issues. Trico looked good online but more importantly they were good in person.

Horrible customer service experience, do not recommend Overall, my experience with trico was a nightmare. Setting up the pick up of my stuff went smoothly, and the delivery men on both ends of the move were wonderful to work with and did a great job. But dealing with this company administratively was the problem. It took almost two weeks of daily calls to the company to get any answers on when my stuff would be delivered, all under the pretense that dispatch would get back to me. They showed no remorse or understanding about the need to schedule in advance, because sorry, I have a job and can't just take time to move anytime. When I finally heard from dispatch, I was given 4 days notice for a 4-day delivery window. 2 days before the delivery window began, I still hadn't gotten an exact date, and then suddenly got a call from the delivery truck driver that he would be delivering the next day (1 day earlier than the delivery window they set). 4 hours before my scheduled delivery time, the delivery was cancelled, and they asked to reschedule for the following day, however my building had strict regulations on moving and time slots were already booked. I worked it out with the driver to reschedule for 2 days later. Following this, I got called by 3 different people from dispatch (one who literally yelled at me) telling me it was my fault that my stuff couldn't get delivered when they had notified me, and they would be charging me extra fees to put my stuff back in storage during the 2 day hold over period. After rectifying this with help from the delivery man, trico sent him on other deliveries that lead to a second cancellation on the day of my scheduled delivery. My stuff was finally delivered the following day, 8 hours outside of the scheduled time window. Thankfully, I received all of my belongings with very minimal damage, and again, don't blame the delivery men. Though it initially seemed that I would have very personal assistance in scheduling the move, the company was completely unhelpful when it came to getting my stuff delivered, and in the whole time I dealt with these problems with dispatch, there was never any follow-up to see how things went or make any apologies. I also directly asked when I booked if trico used third party delivery men/storage places for their moves (because I had researched and heard horror stories about these issues), and was told they did not when THEY DO - which was part of the issue in getting my stuff delivered. I felt taken advantage of and it was truly one of the worst customer service experiences I have ever had. I would strongly recommend against using them.
- Julen H

Time and time again I've finished a move and get hit with some extra fee. Some truck charge, a third mover hourly charge. It's always something. For once it didn't happen. Trico told it like it was. I wanted the full price all in and they gave it to me. I paid upfront by request and it ended up actually being less so I was given money back at the end of the move. First time ever seeing that. Thanks for keeping it honest.
- Johnson Jamie

I normally hate moving but this wasn't so bad Moving is something that I despise. I'm sure most people don't like it either but for me I really don't like it. So while I searched around for a place I wasn't in the best of moods. I did what I read online to do. Get as many quotes, compare and contrast from the info. It wasn't fun calling around at all but it's the best thing for your wallet and piece of mind so you don't have regrets later. Trico looked fine and dandy online with multiple great reviews but that's not why I chose them. I chose them because they didn't swindle me into some moving package or try and use some special wording to trick me into using their top notch service. They kept it straight with me. To the point just how I wanted it. I can't stand those places tell you one rate and then you find out it's another. Trico told me a rate and stuck to the quote. Never adding extras on for unexpected delays. The movers worked hard and the staff handled themselves well. I got a lot of respect for these guys. I'm also normally the one who only writes negative reviews when things go wrong. This time I'm giving credit where credit is due.
- Deanna Douglas

hat a time saver Was working round the clock up until the move and really had barely anytime to pack. When I get home I'm usually exhausted so packing became something I knew I was going procrastinate on. I ended up having Trico take care of both the packing and move. They labeled all the boxes and categorized them by rooms in my place. Honestly this is something I never really did in the past. I would box things up last minute normally. It was nice having someone put in a bit more time and detail into it. It made unpacking so much easier. I can't think of much I didn't like about working with them. The company was far more put together than a lot of local movers I've used in the past.
- Mary

These guys were easy going, no stress and serious about all parts of the move. I got a new job in Nashville which meant we needed to relocate our family with a safe affordable company. We did as much research as we had time for. After reading online Trico just felt like the best option. We took care of the majority of the packing and the movers handled the rest. We sold our home a couple weeks prior and we were excited for a change of pace. Trico made sure to keep things positive with a solid move. Stress was a factor before hand but once the move got going things began to feel much better. The price estimation was accurate and nothing arrived with any damage. If I were to nitpick I would say the price is higher than average but we were willing to pay a bit more for a reliable company rather than save a few extra bucks with a questionable one.
- Andy Harper

These guys were awesome! I just recently moved 200 miles away to college and they made the process so easy for me. They packed and loaded everything carefully and were very professional throughout the whole experience. Prices were great, too! I highly recommend this company!
- Robert Harper

I went into this move dreading it and finished the move with a smile on my face. International moving to me was whirlwind of emotions. Sunset gave me a free quote and was willing to somewhat price match with competitors but, to be honest there wasn't much competition that had experience like Sunset did.I found another business with better rates but their customer reviews were very up and down so I didn't want to risk it. Sunset did the majority of the lifting, packing, organizing and paperwork. They took extra time with fragile items and worked quickly with things that weren't delicate. The movers were in and out much faster than I expected. The waiting game was in between places. The packing and lifting went by very quick. Just about every box arrived in perfect condition. One box I saw had some dents in it but when I opened it up it was only books. I had insurance with the moveas well so I was covered regardless. If I can remember correctly the insurance was only a small percent of the total value of everything. It was like a $100 or so honestly. Overall a good move. It seemed like a high price before the move began but they really took care of so much it made sense later on.
- Ammie Wyant

It was not fun at all calling around and trying to figure out which company to work with. I did my best to do research on each one but the clock was ticking and I just wanted to get my move situated. Trico was the only place I was able to easily find online that offered a bundle deal for shipping my car and my 1 bedroom to L.A. I saw vehicle shipping businesses, moving businesses and the few that did both charged too much for my budget. Trico delivered on price and experience.
- Sandy Sandy

It makes a huge difference when you do business with people you really get along with. The team at Trico was more than friendly, they actually had great personalities which made moving from Boston to Atlanta go by without much stress at all. The majority of the stress was finding the right business. So I'm hoping that if I share my experience others will have much less of headache than I endured when calling around. I called every option I could find in the Boston area and made comparisons. I compared their pricing, their reviews on different platforms and their customer service. Please note that Trico did not offer the cheapest price. They did have the highest overall rating online and their customer service I felt was the best which is why I chose them. In the past I've used super cheap local movers and had problems. So I'm more than aware that price can reflect value. In the end Trico got everything to my Loft apartment on the day and time window that was promised. They gave me a few updates along the way as well. If you're moving out of state and having difficultly on how to chose. I highly suggest you give these guys a call. They'll save you from a headache else where.
- Robert Miles

Trico really saved me with a last minute booking and they did a terrific job. Moved my 2BR apartment (including taking down and setting up my bed frame). The movers arrived right on time during the move out. Which is big deal for me, love to see punctuality. I think any company that takes scheduling very seriously I can respect. That sets the tone for the experience. I do advise to be very clear up front with how much stuff you need moved to get an accurate price and time estimate. Recapping my move they basically took care of everything for you from A to Z. I paid for full service packing and it was 100% worth it. If you're looking to move long distance - this be the place.
- Malcolm Crist

I contacted other places, and none of them were as upfront and willing to help like Trico was. Within a day after scheduling I got a call from the agent reminding me what time a driver would come. I had a concern about the ETA as I was shipping a car for someone else, that was expecting it to arrive during a certain time. The foreman handled every single tricky detail and made everything work out. If you're looking to get info right away I would recommend calling them up instead of leaving your contact info on their site. I was able to get service right away that way. They matched the price of the other quotes I got but the main difference is they are much higher rated so I went with them. Happy I did, vehicle got their right when promised in great condition. These guys don't just handle moves, they ship cars too!!
- Anna j. Gallaher

This was the second out of state move I've ever done and it was a completely new experience, so much better. It was surprising to have everything go as planned. On my past out state move, which was over a decade ago there were delays and a couple damaged items. With this move there were no delays, in fact they arrived earlier than promised. No only that but everything showed up in the same condition it left in. The manager went over all boxes and furniture when it was moved into our place. They showed me that everything was in good condition and then signed for the move in. Can't think of one critique I could make. They did a terrific job.
- Wayne L. Rooks

My movers were Todd and Daniel. They arrived on the early end of the time window, handled my belongings as if it were theirs, and me moved out of my old place in under an hour. That included the time it took to take apart my bed frame plus loading and securing all the furniture in the truck. I really appreciate their professionalism and courtesy. They worked hard were very polite throughout our move from Portland to San Diego. As a precaution the movers wore masks and brought hand sanitizer with them. Their attention to detail was impressive to say the least. Can't think of one complaint at all. I really liked this moving service.
- Jonher Son

They were right on time and called ahead to double check if I was ready for them. Movers were very respectful and made sure to wipe their feet before they got in my place. My move was in a high rise so it was a process of moving things into an elevator and then down to the truck. They worked very quick and came prepared with water bottles. The movers never stopped until I was all moved out. They were especially good about making sure not to bump anything against the walls. For oversized things like my couch they wrapped the corner legs just to make sure nothing would get broken. The move to Chicago was done in a day and half. The truck driver called me once he reached Illinois border early in the morning. I slept through the first call but answered the second when they were an hour out. Nothing arrived damaged and the move in was exciting. This was one of the very few moves I've enjoyed and it to think they got it done during Covid-19 all while keeping things safe. Tremendous job by the whole staff.
- Rodney

Trico helped move a lot of things from an estate sale to my place in Colorado. Estate sales happen all over the place in major cities when someone passes away and if no one claims next of kin then everything has got to go. I found a large home online that was looking to get rid of everything for next to nothing prices so I jumped at the opportunity. The locations was in Detroit which I use to live. So I had a close friend go in and take pictures immediately when the sale started. I ended up buying a few rooms with of furniture. Step one was done but step 2 was finding a way to get it to me. I started calling around to movers that specialize in state to state deliveries. The search ended with Trico. They were able to get the move started sooner than anyone else and their pricing was competitive. I wasn't there to supervise so I put full trust in them to not take advantage of the situation. They spoke with me many times when the moves started. Calling and texting me when they were loading everything up. It all arrived with zero damage. The company has some cool people working for them. Doing business with them turned out to be easy.
- Tony Bassett

Trico handled our move well which was work related. They were very careful with all of our stuff. Movers wrapped things individually and were very going. I really got along with everyone here. Felt a bit spoiled getting help packing. I usually handle it myself but the move overall was much less stressful having the extra set of hands and know how. To us it was an extra charge that was 100% worth it. Packing is the most time consuming thing. Having that extra time - I was able to focus on other projects. We booked them far in advance, and later had to change the date and start time but they were flexible and easy to work with. Movers came on time, called ahead, and made sure the process stayed smooth.
- Karree Pearson

Price was less than other quotes. ($1299 LA to TN). Picked my car at my residence. I had a 3 day pick up window but called them to report a conflict so they worked with me and narrowed my pick up window to exclude my conflict. Delivery went very smoothly 6 days later. Would definitely use TRICO for repeat businesses
- Leslie Mullen

I paid top dollar for a move from LA to Denver. I had left half of my items in storage until I had bought a new home in Denver. First, they were unable to give me a proper accounting of the items in storage. I repeatedly had to ask them where items were that they had originally moved. It took them more than a week to give me a full accounting. Next, I gave them a delivery window that I wanted my belongings moved to Denver. The repeatedly lied to me about when they would make it. Ultimately, they were more than two weeks late with the delivery. I received a call from their mover who had no idea where THEIR storage unit was located. They then lied to me about the phone call. I was never able to get a straight answer from them. Finally, when they did arrive, they brought a dolly that got grease all over my brand new carpet, broke my Eames lounge chair and then the workmen left their tools behind. This service is NOT recommended for anyone who expects decent customer service.
- Michael Dean

Overall great experience with Trico. They gave me 3 dates and time frames when I first contacted them. None were a perfect fit but they were nice enough to switch things around with a date that worked for us. I had a long list of question I wanted answers for. I anticipated they were going to rush through the conversation since that’s what two other moving companies did when I was calling around. Instead they took their time answering each question and made sure I completely understood each answer. Moving out of state is a different ball game than going moving to a new area in the same city. Not only that but with the pricing being higher compared to local moving you want be absolutely sure your money is well spent and it was with Trico. Movers arrived head of schedule, were outgoing and friendly. They helped me take apart my guest bedroom furniture and they stayed organized throughout our move to Phoenix. I don’t think I’ve recommended a moving company to anyone before but for these guys I’m making exception. For the price we paid we felt like they did offered a level of service and dedication to our move.
- Shirley Deirdre

checked out about a bunch of movers in the Los Angeles area before narrowing it down to Trico. They not only had solid pricing but they were easy to work with. Everything was out in the open. No hidden fees for blankets or fuel surcharges like some of the others. They quoted me a flat rate and that was what I paid. When moving, day came they go to my place 20 mins early (first time I’ve ever seen a mover arrival early) and got right to work. They did not take a break until everything from our 4 bedroom loft was moved on to the truck. Truck and all our stuff arrived safely and was placed in the house where we wanted it. They even took some time help us organized our furniture. Super thoughtful of them.
- Taylor

I am extremely satisfied with such an exceptional service. Just last week, I shipped my Prius to New York. I last minute called this company in hopes of them bringing my car safe and quick to my destination and wow.!! I just cannot believe how quick and professional they were with everything. From the Customer services to the transfer. I’ve called them so many times to check up on the status. And i felt so annoyed with myself because I called so many times to change nnumbers and such. But they still gave me such outstanding service.!!! I would definitely recommend. They picked up my car jan 2 I believe and it was received Jan 8!!! Upon arriving to New York I was able to drive my car as I was hoping too. Everything that I packed in my trunk was just the same as I left it. Outstanding!!! Thank you trico!
- Charly B.

I chose Trico because of the great reviews, even though another company quoted me for slightly less. I wanted a company I felt I could trust, with great customer service and no hidden fees. (I’m not saying the other company had hidden fees, I was just too exhausted to take that chance.) It was a long move, Los Angeles to New York, and I was willing to pay to not have to deal with hassle, especially since my apartment in New York is a 4-floor walk up. The communication with Trico was superb. Matthew, my point of contact, was reachable by text, phone, and email. This was my first long distance move, so I can’t say how it compares to other services necessarily, but I can say I loved the webpage that had a visual breakdown of all of the things I was planning to move. It made it easy for me to visualize what we were agreeing to, and it was also very easy to make small adjustments to that quote. After they got my stuff, I began getting text messages updating me as to which state my stuff was in every day or two, which was kind of interesting, as I was able to track the progress of the move, and even tell my friends. ("Look, my stuff is in Colorado." haha) I absolutely thrive on communication and organization, so these little things were a big deal to me. I have to say I was really dreading the day my stuff arrived, because I felt very sorry for the movers who had to carry all of my stuff up four flights of narrow stairs. Complicating things was the fact that there was absolutely no parking or place to stop in front of my building. After a small bit of concern on the point of the two movers who arrived, they simply got to work and made it happen. They were both friendly, intelligent guys, and what struck me most was how gentle they were with the boxes. They were careful in the way they brought them in, stacked them, and moved them. I was transporting a lot of delicate African masks, and ceramic art, and everything arrived in good order, with no broken items whatsoever. I was extremely pleased with the service, especially all of the communication and evident care, and will definitely use them again for my next move. Moving really sucks, so as far as I’m concerned these guys are doing god’s work. Thank you Trico movers.
- Beauty S.

Due to last minute request especially on the weekend I wona an auction car, from Portland Oregon to Los Angeles. I got a great quote than most Transporter’s out there. I recieved my car less than 2 days, I expected at least one week to recieve my vehicle. Overall, I had a great experience first time transporting a vehicle to a another state. Trico keep me updated on details on who is my transporter and i felt at ease.
- Israel S.

After reading the reviews, I decided to use this service for a car delivery. Just sent a car from West to East Coast. Customer Service: Great job and friendly drivers. You can call the hotline to get an update of status of delivery. Delivery: Delivered on time as informed Price: pricing was similar to a few other companies but base on the feedback, i felt more safe. There were other companies that offered cheaper about 30% but seem skeptical. Therefore base on an educated guess, i went with the higher price and reliable feedback transporter. You get what you pay for. If it sound to good to be true, it’s not. Transaction was quite easy and quick. Payment was charged on my credit card. I would highly recommend this company if anyone wants to move anything.
- Loc N.

I used Trico to move my son’s furniture and boxes from Orange County, CA to San Antonio, TX. Like a lot of people, I was dubious of moving companies after reading and hearing about other people’s nightmare experiences. After reading the reviews, getting all my concerns addressed by Matthew in Trico’s sales department (who was very professional and accessible) and carefully reading their binding agreement and very competitive quote, I decided that Trico was my best option. To say the least, my expectations were completely surpassed by Trico! Everything in the agreement was adhered to, as well as everything promised by Matthew. The local movers who picked up my order were on time, extremely professional and packed everything with care and precision. All items were labeled and included in an inventory list. Furniture with legs were disassembled and labeled, including the screws. There attention to detail was impressive. While I knew, according to the agreement, that delivery could take as long as fourteen business days, I was given assurances by the customer service office that they would meet the timeframe. I was notified when the movers left for San Antonio and given status reports along the way regarding ETA. My son, who accepted delivery, was also in communications with the movers. They arrived sooner than we anticipated and completed the delivery into his apartment without any issues. My son was extremely pleased with the way his furniture was unpacked and reassembled. There was no extra payments upon delivery and no issues or damage. What more could we ask for! Thank you very much Trico for making what I feared could be a disaster into a very pleasant and hassle-free experience. I would never hesitate using Trico again or referring them to a friend or member of my family.
- Jan S.

My experience using Trico was great! Jason helped me every step of the way and made sure that any time I emailed him, he called within 20 minutes and helped me with any issues and concerns I had. I was dealing with a very tight and specific time frame for my pick up and Jason helped me find someone to take my car at the last minute. The driver that picked up my car was also incredibly nice, helpful and kind. The whole team I dealt with was patient, accommodating and friendly which made the whole move stress free. My only complaint is that it was a little pricier than a lot of the other places I had originally researched, but with the service and kindness I dealt with, I am completely fine with that. Thank you guys again! I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family.
- Courtny G.

Well trico is a love hate relationship. The car service was awesome. Moved from Texas to California and had our cars (my husband’s and I) here in Cali within 3 days. The house movement however was another story. The rep was sweet handling both of car and home move. He made me believe that while they give you a 14 days window for home delivery, we would be getting our items long before that. He actually gave me a specific time frame... And we planned our hotel stays accordingly. Well, packing day came and it was nice (other than them saying we had more than they anticipated and they would add about $1500 more to our initial quote). I would have argued this with them but I gave in because my husband’s company was paying and I really couldn’t be bothered. Their service was awesome so I just kinda let things be. The part about their service I hated was when we didn’t get our things on time and they kept referring back to their 14 business day policy even though I told them that I was told by the service rep that things usually don’t actually take the full 14 days. Finally talked to a customer service rep and she told me that my goods were still in storage in Texas because they were waiting for more customers who wanted to move things from Texas to Cali as well (consolidation? ... Basically they were holding my things hostage to make the move worth it for their company... even though I paid full price to have MY things here on time). Long story short, we got our things, the move was excellent for both cars and home goods from Texas to Cali... But the part that left a really bitter taste in my mouth was the latter delivery of our home goods because they were pushing to wait for more customers who might want to move things in the same trip as ours. I’ll use them again but will make sure to plan my hotel stay longer and prepare to wait the full length of time their policy gives.
- Lizzy O.

We are beyond thrilled with the service of Trico, their team coast to coast was outstanding!!! We did a move from LA to NY since we got a new apt still have primary places in LA. They were so accommodating picking up at 2 locations in LA (BH and Venice) and then transporting across the country to NYC. Not too familiar at the time when I was getting quotes on how it works, you get a window of time on when your items should arrive in the city you are shipping too which was within the time for about a week we would be in NYC then head out on vacation. We really wanted to be here when our stuff was delivered and Trico was trying to accommodate us but let us know our time frame would be cutting it close. We got the call our stuff was in NY couldn’t be delivered until the day after we would already be gone. It was okay, we had family that could accept on our behalf. Well a few days later we got a call saying they could deliver that Wednesday which we would be there. That’s what I call awesome service. The drivers at the local LA branch did a great job picking and wrapping up our furniture in LA and the delivery team in NY did a fantastic job dropping off and helping us place the furniture according to our apt layout. Thank you loads Trico!!!!!
- Monica S.

First time moving across the country and I had to ship my car. Upon browsing different car companies, I decided to go with Trico because of their great customer service (although the price was very similar to other companies). Mike was super nice via the phone and tried to arrange my ideal pick up date. Whenever I had a question, the staff would take time to explain or call me back to clarify. Trico contracts their car shipping service to CAA, which I think also picks drivers from other car shipping companies. While the pick up date was a day earlier than my ideal date, everything still went smoothly. A local driver first picked up my car and then another local driver contacted me about dropping off my car at a Target nearby. The drivers were very responsible and called me the day before and the day of the pick up/drop off. The car inspection went smoothly and they were quiet lenient about putting stuff in the back of my car. Overall, the experience wasn’t as stressful as I thought! Trico and its partners were great (:
- Nicole N.

Thus far, great service. I will update after I receive my stuff in a few weeks. I was moving long distance from LA to the DC area in March. After reading some horrifying reviews of other companies that stole your stuff, lost your stuff, arrived late or were rude, Trico had the best reviews here and on other websites listing good long distance movers in LA. I’m so glad I listened to reviews. Price: They were fairly priced (about $4.5k to move across the country, pack myself, no car). Quotes: From the beginning, they were really polite and helpful. I reached out for a quote, and they asked me to list all my items. I asked them to appraise my things in my home, which they scheduled for just a few days later. That guaranteed the price so they couldn’t change it. They honored my price, even though I had a few more boxes than expected (because I ended up not taking a large, heavy item). Pickup: The pickup was great! Four men called me an hour before coming and showed up on time. It rarely rains in LA, but these movers were prepared for my move on a rainy day. They laid out blue carpets to avoid tracking mud into my house. They pointed out every item that was broken (before they got there) and photographed them so there wouldn’t be confusion on the back end. Everything was labeled and cataloged. I knew exactly how many items they took. Scheduling the pickup: I requested a Wednesday morning, and they said they’d try, but that they’d call me the day before with a time window. Sadly, their availability was now Wednesday afternoon, so I had to reschedule some things at work, since they require that someone be on site for the whole pickup (which makes sense from a liability standpoint). It wasn’t the end of the world, but I wish that they’d just said that it would be Wednesday (and that I’d find out a time window the day before, not that they’d try to get me a morning). Followup Call: They called me to see how service was and were really nice to find out about all the details of the move. This made me feel like they actually care about what customers think (and improving the experience). Five stars just for this part! Storage Fee: Storage is free at the pickup site. When I asked them if they could move my things across the country before I had an exact address and store there, they made the exception to do that at no extra charge since there was extra space in another shipment going to DC. They normally charge $600 to move to the new destination and then store there. That was so nice of them! Review to be continued when I get my stuff!
- Liza H.

My family has used Trico for two cross-country moves, but will probably not use them again (and we WILL likely be moving within the next few years). The number of things that arrived broken put a damper on our experience with them. Our first experience with them was moving from the East Coast to San Francisco. They were well reviewed across a few different sites and quoted us a fair price to ship our boxes (a 1bd/1ba worth of stuff) and our car across the country. The experience with the movers on both ends was fine. It was obvious that a couple things were broken on arrival: a bottom piece on a *very* heavy Ikea cabinet was snapped (the entire unit was too complex to disassemble for transit) and the primary support beams for a metal Ikea shelf were bent and irrecoverable. Some of the other boxes didn’t look like they were in good shape, but everything else survived. Since the two items that fared the worst were just Ikea pieces, we chalked it up as a loss and repaired one, replaced the other. Not a huge loss. A couple years later when faced with a move from San Francisco to the Midwest, we decided to hire Trico again. This time, we also had them pack all our large furniture items (while packing all the smaller things ourselves). The moving team that came was friendly and efficient, and we felt good about the move-out at the time. Fast forward to our items arriving in the Midwest. The move-in went well, but unpacking our boxes yielded some unpleasant surprises: 1) The TV screen was broken 2) The paint was extremely scratched on the bases of our 2 end tables, because they had been packed together and must have knocked into each other in transit 3) The bottom support beam on an Ikea dresser had snapped, interfering with the bottom drawer (essentially requiring us to replace the whole unit) 4) The bottom support beam on the matching Ikea dresser was also not in good shape--but the back was completely covered with mold (likely transferred from a mold problem in our SF apartment) but it was packed and shipped anyway instead of being brought to our attention. Yes, we purchased insurance. We understand there are risks in cross-country moves – we've done it more times than most people would consider reasonable -- but of course the value of the items we had to replace came in a couple hundred short of the deductible. Did we lose anything with high or sentimental value? No. Is it all replaceable? Yes. One or two of those "surprises" alone wouldn’t sour my opinion, but there are a few things that get to me: -- All of the things that arrived broken were major furniture items -- All of the things that arrived broken were things that *Trico* packed -- In addition to filing an insurance report, we also contacted their customer service and received no response. Your mileage may vary, but I was ultimately disappointed in the experience with Trico. Next time I’ll try spending a little more money in hopes that I won’t have to replace over $1000 worth of broken possessions during my next move. (If a representative from Trico would like to respond, the arrangements were under my husband’s last name, not mine. I can provide additional information upon request.)
- Jen L.

I shipped my car from Los Angeles to Virginia in January and I am so happy with the service I received from Trico. I went with Trico based on the reviews I’d read; every other company had an equal mix of "it was awesome!" and "it was horrific!" reviews, and Trico’s were almost entirely positive. The price was comparable to that of other companies, if just a couple hundred more. What clinched my decision was reading a couple of reviews that said that even when things went wrong, Trico made it right, and I’m glad to be able to say the same. From our first conversation and throughout the whole process, Jason was incredibly professional, helpful, and kind. I was nervous about shipping my car but he explained the process from pickup to delivery very clearly to set my mind at ease. He also set right the only negative aspect of my experience: A driver called me at 10am on the first day of my pickup window and told me he was ready to go so I needed to be ready by 10.30. This was unexpected, because I was told I would have 24 hours notice of pickup. When I told the driver I wouldn’t be ready (because I hadn’t received any notice), he became pretty rude and said he was the last truck going to Virginia that week so I needed to make it happen. This conversation was so startlingly different from the experiences I’d had so far, so I called Jason to ask what was happening. He also seemed to be surprised by the driver’s behavior and timing, and he wasn’t aware that the driver had contacted me. Jason investigated the situation and figured out what happened--there was a last-minute opening on the truck and someone was trying to fit my car on the unexpected space. However, it was not actually the last truck going to Virginia, and Jason told me he would get my car on another truck the next day because he didn’t want me to have to deal with someone who had been rude. The person who picked up my car the following day contacted me 3 hours before pickup and updated me on his ETA several times. He was very friendly and I was glad to work with him. Now for the best part of my experience: the delivery! I moved to rural Virginia, off the standard paths of the auto transport trailers. Jason told me he’d get my car as close to my address as possible, but I’d likely need to meet the car in a city off a major highway at least an hour away. He also gave me an estimated delivery date of 7-14 days because of winter storms across the country. Both of these were reasonable expectations, so I was thrilled when I received a text from the truck driver after just SIX days letting me know he would arrive that evening...and I should meet him 5 MINUTES AWAY from where I’m living. I was prepared to have a friend drive me for 1-2 hours to pick up my car, and instead it was just 5 minutes! The driver updated me on his status throughout the day and multiple times in the final hour. My car was delivered almost to my doorstep, in perfect condition, from across the country in the middle of winter. I couldn’t be happier with Trico and particularly the customer service I received from Jason. Almost everything went smoothly, and in the instance that it didn’t, they did go above and beyond to make a wrong thing right. The potentially extra $100-200 (versus the charge of other companies) was worth every penny, not only for peace of mind but for a damage-free delivery. I will absolutely use Trico again if/when I’m in need.
- Liela F.

I couldn’t recommend Trico any more highly. After extensive research, I chose Trico to move my car from Los Angeles to Virginia in January 2019, and the service was remarkable. (See my review from March 1, 2019.) Because of the exceptional experience I had with my car, I chose Trico again when I had to move my household items to Virginia, too. Jeff was the epitome of professionalism through the whole process. He returned my calls and emails promptly and was patient with my multiple questions about what was my first long-distance move. Because I was in Virginia when I booked the move, I had to make a guess at the square footage of my items in a storage unit in LA and I was going to be charged accordingly. When I got to the storage unit a day before the movers arrived, I saw that my belongings took up less space than I guessed. I took a picture and emailed Jeff, asking if my guaranteed price could be recalculated according to the new square footage; he recalculated the price without any questions. The team of 3 who loaded (and packed free-standing items) my belongings were also professional and so efficient. They confirmed their pickup window the day before, then called 45 minutes before arriving, which was just about 15 minutes into the pickup window. Each box was numbered and I was given a detailed copy of the box list. I received a text as soon as my belongings began their travel across the country and continued to receive a text each day, indicating the city and state the truck was in at the time. I received both a text and a phone call two days before (and again the day before) the truck arrived, giving me the expected delivery day and window. I received a call from the driver almost 2 hours before the truck arrived. My delivery window was from 10am-2pm, and the doorbell rang at 9.59am. The delivery team, Uros and Ricky, were amazing. Again, they were so professional and efficient, and they tasked me only with marking off the box numbers as they came in the house. Every single box and piece of furniture arrived, and nothing was broken. I couldn’t ask for or even imagine a smoother process for moving across the country. The price was only slightly more than others I’d seen, but the value is second to none. The stories of terrible moving experiences abound. My sister moved from California to Texas a few years ago and her moving company "lost" the truck for several weeks; it took almost two months for her to receive her items. A friend just moved from Virginia to Colorado, and the movers stole her items. But Trico delivered everything I owned from one side of the country to the other, in six days, with zero losses. This is after they delivered my car, in the middle of winter, also in just six days and in perfect condition. Bottom line: If Trico delivers to/from your area, BOOK THEM!
- Carla M.

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