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About Tri-State Area Movers

We are the best full-service moving company in Erie, PA with a team of dedicated, professional movers and packers for the entire tri-state area. We have over 30 years of moving experience.Our movers provide a variety of moving labor services including packing, loading, unloading, rearranging furniture and can also help move large or fragile items like antiques, pianos, gun safes, hot tubs, large furniture and more. We offer many discounts for our moving labor services including seniors, students, and military. On top of that, we collaborate with the good folks at Birkmire Trucking, ABF Freight, and Go Minis.  We work one-on-one with these companies to save you lots of money.

Moving-Me about Tri-State Area Movers

Locally owned and operated in Erie, PA, Tri-State Moving Service company has provided professional moving services to their customers for over 25 years throughout Erie, Meadville and the surrounding regions, including long distance moves to and from Ohio and New York states. The company offers a wide variety of local moves; including apartments, single-family homes, retirement communities, dorms, condos, and more. Also the mover provides commercial moving services and offers a wide range of solutions to corporate customers for their specific needs. Their move team can relocate offices across the tri-state area and also domestically. The company offers two-man, three-man and four-man crews of moving helpers. They have 10% discounts for military, college students, and senior citizens for all  moving services.

Tri-State Area Movers Licenses & Certificates

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we could not find the company’s licenses. To legitimately operate the company must have an Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number, US Department of Transportation number or Local State License.

ICC MC number: not provided

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: not provided

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

Want more detailed information on moving documents to check? Click here to be informed.

What is Tri-State Area Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Tri-State Area Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Tri-State Area Movers Reviews

The 3 guys worked all day to complete the move from Brooklyn to Long Island. They went to 2 different addresses and worked so hard. Their efforts and hard work are greatly appreciated. We were able to carry on with our normal daily schedule without it being disturbed. Many thanks to Try State. I will definitely be recommending to use you again.
- Rachel Avgi

Tri state movers was an excellent company from the beginning, having a last minute cancellation with another company.. tri state was able to come the same day and move! Linda and staff were great from the start. The movers when they arrived were very genuine and helpful, they wrapped everything in plastic wrap so no damages were done! Thank you guys!
- Vincynthia Pristina

The most amazing movers!! These guys came on time, wrapped up all of my furniture and were so careful and completely accommodated my needs! I’ve never had such an easy experience with a moving company before! They were all so respectful and friendly And made sure not to damage or misplace anything. They went completely above and beyond and I am so thankful! Moving is so stressful and I’m very happy they made it Easy! If I could give 10 stars I would. Thanks again Tristate movers!
- nancy hartofilis

Speaking from experience this is a scam company. Check their complaints on the bbb website. They will give you a decent quote and once u agree they will come and load your property then Jack the price up to an amount that was never spoke of and hold your stuff hostage to get you to pay it. If your moving out of state you cant sue them unless you return to NY for every court appearance and they know this. Do not do business with these people. The owner is crooked!! (EDIT) After seeing that tri state has responded to my post, take notice that all of their responses to customer complaints are the same smh very dishonest company again do not do business with these scammers.
- Harry Douglas

The movers did an amazing job we will def be using them in the future thank you so much!
- Melody Perlberg

Don’t use this company they are very unprofessional they also damaged my neighbors property and refuse to pay for the damages but I’m am going to get a lawyer and go after them in court. They won’t even provide the udot number for truck so I can report them To department of transportation trucking . They are probably running a illegal company because they are far from legit .
- Jerry Gray

My friend was scammed, harassed, and left with damaged and stolen items from her recent move. This is extremely irresponsible. Since this incident she is unable to recover her items AND has been blocked from contacting them. What kind of business does this? We need answers and action!!!
- Emily Picart

Great place jamar is great mover love the service they provide
- Daquan Fletcher

The most reliable moving company. I am extremely amazed at their punctuality. They came into move my services 9 am in the morning and to my surprise they way they handled all my stuff and took acre of it i never even realized that i have some one from outside moving mu stuff. If you are really looking for a professional and reliable moving company Tri state is the place you should go to.
- Darrell Arnold

Rich was wonderful..and professional and got the work done in a very timely manner...
- Theresa Depietro

I paid for a moving service to deliver my bedroom set to upstate NY since July 6. To this day my delivery has not happened. They have given every excuse in the book for delivery and the owner even promised August 4th delivery no matter what. He lied and you can't get him on his cell phone. Either they lost my furniture or sold it. Now the police are involved.
- Cherolyn Shawe-Stratton

This was the worst experience I ever had with a company. I was charged for going over the allotted hours on my move, however the movers lost parts to my bed and spent time looking for them. They then sat on my furniture outside the truck instead of bringing it in the house. It was so obvious that they weren't working that even my neighbors were noticing and passing comments. BUT WORST OF ALL, they dented my brand new walls trying to move my couch. I was told by Linda that a claim would be put it in. Then the story changed and the owner would fix it himself. Gavrielle would say he was comming to fix the damage and would never show up. This happened on 4 different occasions. When I would call Gavrielle, he would forward my call to voicemail. I have never been treated this way by a company an I am disgusted that they are trying to get away with damaging my house!
- Andrea Plunkett

These people are thieves! If you try to hold them responsible for things they steal or damage they will threaten violence. They are unresponsive and will block your number if you try to work out issues with them. Don't waste your time or money.
- Kristin Kahl

Worst experience ever. Horrible customer service. The owner Gabriel and manager Linda lied to me about getting my delivery on time and there was thing missing when I received my property. It took over a month to get my property. I am taking legal matters now since the company does not want to reimburse me for my property that was damaged. I am also reporting them to BBB. They were very inconsiderate, unprofessional and rude. I would never use this company ever again.
- Benjamin Gil

Fast quick and helped me load the storage unit. Jamar was great!
- Mike Tisdell

Tri State Movers competed against multiple other prices we put against them. Rich was super accommodating and really cared about our move, you could tell he is genuine. The day of our move was stress free, the movers called ahead of time as promised, took direction well and were both careful as well as efficient with moving our items. Our movers were polite, energetic, and more than willing to go the extra mile by putting together our guest bedframe that disassembled into what felt like 600 pieces lol Totally recommend!!
- George Murphy

The delivery and unpacking done on the second leg of the move by rich and his team was the most professional experience I could have hoped for. Would always recommend rich and his team.
- Michael Itzhaki

They were fast, efficient and did the job well, all during a tropical storm. I don't know how they manged to protect the furniture so well through a driving rain, but everything was clean and dry and in good shape. Great job!
- Carolyn Covelli

Stay Away!!! You get what you pay for. It is understandable that things happen that are out of your control, however.... Tri State does not tell you what is going on just what they think you want to hear. A pick up time is confirmed and hours later I was told they should be there within a few hours, the truck however was over 600 miles away. This happened on both legs of the trip, pickup and delivery. I do not recommend at all.
- Joan Scholl

Updated: BE WARE!!!!!!!!!!!! do not use this company. Please look else where. If you use them you will have the worst experience ever. You will have head ache after head ache. They keep telling you lie after lie. They promised to deliver items in 14 days and still waiting after 2 months!!!!! I already filed report with Best Business Bureau. I can not believe this company is still in business. I own a business and this is not the way to treat their customers. You have to be honest, professional and do the best your customers. I wish I can give them a 0 star. Worst experience ever!!!! Do not use them. They promised to bring my stuff (Jose Alvarez , my husband) in 14 days. It has been more than a month and my items are not here yet after a month and a half. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!
- Abigail Moran

The movers were very courteous and quick. They took very good care of my items especially the difficult to move bulky furniture. The call center staff were very nice and courteous. They met my date and everything was punctual and seamless. It was an excellent experience during a very stressful time!
- John Amorin

Movers from Tri-State Area handled all my possessions with great care. They made this very stressful move easy from NY to IL. I highly recommend these highly professional movers.
- Miguel Atwood

Best move!!! They communicated their pricing and services clearly up front. They arrived on time. They were extremely careful with our furniture and boxes during our move from NY to NJ. They were pleasant and professional. We highly recommend!
- Sandra Smith

The movers were on time, friendly and professional. The estimate and the management's answers to questions about the estimate were very misleading. Expect to pay 50% more than the estimate. I couldn't have been clearer with what I had to move. I was given an estimate of 2 hours labor and 1 hour travel which sounded right (Levittown to Kew Gardens). I was given an estimate about $500 (don't have exact figure handy - this included a few boxes). The whole move took exactly 3 hours. I was charged $768. The travel time was also counted as labor time. So I was charged 1 hour traveling and 3 hours labor all at $155/hr. There is no way the man who gave me the estimate thought it would take 30 min to pack in Levittown and 30 min to unpack in Kew Gardens. The intent was clearly to deceive. In addition they charged $75 for extra stairs. I told them I was moving from a second floor to a second floor. I was told I was charged because outside my new apt building there is a flight of stairs down to get to the entrance. Also, they charged the entire estimate 2 days before the move. The woman I spoke to claimed it was just a hold/authorization but the transaction posted the day before the move. They charged the balance to my card the second I got off the phone complaining about to bill.
- Patrick Quinn

I cannot recommend Tri-State Area Movers enough. The day I moved, it rained all day. By the time they were at my new location in FL it was pouring. And yet, they finished the job in just over 3 hours, took GREAT CARE of all my items and they even were able to start early after finishing their morning job quicker than expected. They were nothing but professional and efficient. Recommended.
- James Sanchez

Followed the recommendations on their site and sent them pictures for my move. On 6/8/2020 received a quick call from a gentleman offering me a quote based on my pictures for $495.00. I said lets do it and scheduled my move for Monday, 6/29/2020 and gave him a $100 deposit. On 6/26/2020 called to confirm my move, and the rep I spoke with asked me how I was going to pay the balance. I asked her for the amount, and she said $395.00 but there is a chance there will be extra fees if they need to do more work. She said it would just be an authorization and not a charge until the actual move is complete. I said to use the same card. On Sunday 6/28/2020, I noticed a CHARGE for $514.80. - RED FLAG #1 I tried calling, but could not get is Sunday. On Monday 6/29/20, the movers arrived and completed the move. Even though they completed it, there were issues. They reassembled my bed incorrectly and threw out 13 out of 14 screws for my foot board and did not tell me. They attached it with 1 screw...and attached it incorrectly. Also scratches and dents on both furniture and apartment. At the end, the foreman had me sign a paper stating they arrived at 10:30 and left at 4:30 (6 hours) also asked me if I wanted to leave a gratuity. I said yes, so he called whomever but they didn't speak to me. The foreman stated they were going to call me for authorization and amount. Never happened. I went downstairs to get items from my car, while walking back up, I saw the movers leave and they said goodbye. When I went back upstairs and started looking at my items closely, there is some minor damage and the issue with the bed. That evening, Monday 6/29/2020 I noticed another charge for $556.40 I immediately reached out to them via their website, and no one got back to me. Today, 7/1/2020, I reached out to them and spoke to the first rep, who was very polite and who agreed with me that I was over charged but stated a portion of it is that they worked an additional 1.75 hours at $140 per hour. I agreed that they did. But based on my calculations that an additional $235 on top of what I was quoted, which was $495.00. He stated he was going to have someone call me within the hour to discuss it because he wasn't sure. I called within the hour again, and spoke with Linda who started out professional, but quickly became combative and rude. She accused me of not being able to read their quote and that they also charged me for some truck fee and $150 tip to the drivers. I explained that the original quote was $495 and I paid my deposit and should have been charged an additional $395 plus the extra 1.75 hours of labor, but I told her no one explained that they were charging some sort of truck charge as well as I did not authorize a $150 tip, especially since they broke my bed. The conversation escalated to the point where I did not want to continue it. I explained to her that if they do not fix the issue, I will be forced to contact my credit card company and file a dispute, she told me to go right ahead and that they will tell my credit card company that I am committing fraud. I hung up and called my CC company and will deal directly with them. BE AWARE - THESE PEOPLE ARE DISHONEST CROOKS WHO WILL LIE AND OVER CHARGE YOU. Obviously I will never use them again and will do everything in my power to make everyone aware of their terrible business practices.
- Jacob Levinovsky

I called several moving companies and a friend of a friend who uses his truck and some friends to help move - tri-state movers' quote was less than 1/3 the price of any of the other people I spoke to. After the took a small deposit, they were incredibly flexible with scheduling and were extremely communicative. In the end, family from PA offered to come up and help us with our move at which point tri-state refunded our deposit. Even though we didn't end up using them, I wanted to share our positive experience.
- Jenna Prada

Great service, fair price! These guys are awesome!! If I ever move again from NY to NJ, I am sure I will hire this company again. Moving is always painful but Tri-State Area Movers help a lot during the process!!
- George Santana

This company is a SCAM!!! The online reviews are FAKE!! We got a quote from them of $500 for 3 hours after giving full information about the number and size of furniture, but they ended up taking 6 hours and breaking a furniture that they never refunded (now they stop receiving my call) and leaving multiple scratches on the floor. Here's the breakdown of what happened .. The guys came at 1:14 (which was within their window of 1:30), looked at the furnitures, and took my signature. 20-25 minutes later they showed up with the blankets and other accessories. They were extremely extremely slow from the beginning. But after 2.5 hours when I realized that there's no way they can finish on time, I asked them whats the plan!! At that point they told me that they were told that it was a pickup only job which is incorrect and started arguing with me. I called the office and tried to find out what happened, but now they started blaming on the elevator and parking and whatever. Note: they brought in 3 people 1 of which is new and absolutely useless and was on his phone for the most part. He at least had 5-10 phone calls that he received. In the process, they totally disregarded some of the instructions which would have helped them to pack faster, and ended up breaking one of the furniture. After more than 3 hours they finally started towards the destination. Mean while we called the office and tried to figure out what went wrong, the manager started yelling at us and telling us that these are highly professional people (who doesn't even know how to put a sofa in an elevator) and I didn't mentioned that it was 7 flight, we didn't have dedicated elevator this and that and hung up on us! Then they arrived after 45 minutes (which is a 20 minute distance at most) And asked for the money. If we don't pay, they are not going to bring down any of the furniture!!!! We paid them and they started bringing stuff in. We told them not to setup some of the furniture by seeing their incapability and knowing that it will cost us more if they setup everything they only put together 2 beds one of which was left dangerously loose. The office said they will reimburse us for the broken furniture. Its been 3 months, I tried multiple times to get the money back. Now they stopped picking up my phone call altogether. I picked them by reading the reviews online. Please know that the reviews are fake and paid. They are a scam artist. be very very careful of them.
- Mahmud Islam

A friend recommended Tri-State Area Movers and I am so glad she did. They were HIGHLY ORGANIZED from the start, kept in touch before the move, and got the job done at fast rate. The four guys who moved me were polite, friendly and very professional. I plan to recommend them as often as possible!
- Krista Velasquez

So much Damage, (Approx $2,000.) Five mons ago. Owner takes absolutely no responsibility for anything. Does not respond to BBB or us. Still no reimbursement of any kind. 42” tv, closets destroyed, antique heirloom broken, etc. Too Too much to list. Too old and tired to argue. Senior citizens Beware!! Should not be in business at all. Still want our money $$$$!
- Gerard Grieco

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