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About TransUnion Van Lines

We are a family-owned and operated full service mover, offering commercial, residential and long-distance moves. We take pride in our five-star service to every customer we work with. From our reliable trucks to our professional movers that undergo extensive background checks, every aspect of our business is tailored to providing the best client experience possible. Our goal is to fully grasp every aspect of your move, including your concerns and any special requests you may have.

Moving-Me about TransUnion Van Lines

TransUnion Van Lines is a full-service moving and storage company established in 2013. Its professional team will arrive with a 26 foot truck with all equipment and extra boxes. What differs them from others is that the efficient movers will wrap all your belongings with blankets to protect, and provide boxes for your extra items. The teams of the company are punctual and reliable with high class service.

TransUnion Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

TransUnion Van Lines is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 798427

US D.O.T: 2338330

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is TransUnion Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2200. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. TransUnion Van Lines is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

TransUnion Van Lines Reviews

This company UPCHARGED US from 1700 to 5000, and STILL has not delivered our possessions. Reading all the REAL reviews, it sounds like we'll receive them broken and items missing. This is a horrid company. If they change their ways, I'll write another review. If not, they will be sued. More than once. This company is also SUSPENDED by Shirley N. Weber California Secretary of State; google it. This is NOT A GOOD COMPANY. GIVE US OUR POSSESSIONS BACK!!!
- Andrew Chung

70days and counting and I still have not received my furniture and belongings. I have no way of filing a claim. I've called repeatedly and only get a voicemail. I can get no one to call me back with a status of my move. Aside from not receiving my belongings, it is a lack of human decency to be treated so poorly as a customer.
- Jason Kirkland

I had to move ASAP and Transunion Van lines really came in to take all my stress away. They had a team at my house the next day doing all the work while I was directing them how I wanted everything packed. They were very hard working and patient with me. They even helped me set up in my new home exactly how I wanted, Thank you Transunion Van Lines for the team is the best!
- franco nelsen

If you are looking for a moving company Transition Van Lines is the company to call. They really are a great team that can have you moved very quickly, they all work very hard from start to finish making sure they are not taking up more time then needed. The prices here are great compared to others around the area, overall this has been the best moving company I have worked with.
- bell church

Transunion Van Lines has never disappointed me whenever I needed to move. I saved their number on my phone since I had moved the first time, they provide the best of customer service I have ever experienced with a moving company. They were very friendly and made sure all my belongings were secure, they had me moved into my new place within a couple hours, rate them a 10/10!
- Rhodia Joanne

Used Transunion Van Lines about a month ago for my move and they were amazing! They are very eager to help you move and provide nothing but great energy throughout the process. I had no issues for the first time ever moving all thanks to the wonderful team, very happy customer!
- Aufderhar Twila

Used Transunion Van Lines about a month ago for my move and they were amazing! They are very eager to help you move and provide nothing but great energy throughout the process. I had no issues for the first time ever moving all thanks to the wonderful team, very happy customer!
- chas e payne

Took money then decided that they didn’t want to do the move and stopped responding. These people are crooks. Do not believe their fake reviews from unverified “customers.” Please read all of the reviews before you call them and spare yourself the disappointment. I will be reporting them to the BBB.
- Bijana Stoikovich

I called this company to move my things from Los Angeles to Georgia. I initially spoke to Mike who was professional at that time. I told him the items I was moving, my home would be ready on the the 30th and I needed the items at that time. I also told him that they could not come earlier because there would be no place to store them before the 30th. I set up the time and paid the deposit in good faith. I told him what needed to be transported and was told by Mike that I needed 300 cubic feet and I took his word for it since he is in this business and I relied on the "professional". I get a call on Friday, April 17th, the day before pick up to confirm the pick up and spoke to Alex who told me that I needed more than 300 cubic feet which increased my bill to $650 that was not in my budget. I was angry because my description was accurate so Mike being in this business should have known what I needed initially. I then called the company on Monday April 20th and informed them that I was not sure what time I would get my keys on the 30th and asked if the delivery could be done on May 1st instead. Dispatch agreed. The movers get there on April 25th, 5 days before scheduled delivery date so I had to have the items stored at another location and pay another $400 to another company to move my things into my home on May 1st that I paid Transunion Van Lines to do. When I called the company on Monday, April 27th, to complain about what happened and insist that I should be reimbursed, they would not answer my call and NEVER responded to me which was extremely unprofessional so I was taken advantage of. I also emailed Mike who never responded to me. Upon further discovery, my television was cracked during the move and I had to keep calling them just to get the number to the insurance company for reimbursement. I hope this is a real insurance company because I was only able to make a claim online and not talk to anyone about what happened. I would not recommend this company but if you choose to use them, be very specific about your needs, gets names of everyone you talk to, follow up before you pay out any deposits, inform them about your due dates and reiterate these date with whoever you talk to. Also get the name and number of the insurance company which was not on the contract. This cost me an additional $1000 that was not expected and they never ever called me back to even discuss matter after I called them daily for weeks. Poor customer service, Poor communication and just plain thieves as far as I'm concerned.
- Tamara Daniel

This Movers Company is brilliant. They were all incredibly friendly and polite, and they performed as fast as they could. During the transfer, nothing was broken and all the packages and furniture were stored in their quarters. There's no better company going out there they are the best!
- GIanna Graziano

If you want a company that will outsource to another mover to do the job, give you as much of a headache as possible, and change the prices continually throughout the move choose this one. The woman who seems to be in charge of customers has no customer relations ability whatsoever. We were constantly questioning the changes in price and payment options as those frequently changed. The person they contracted to actually move out items was a young Russian guy with a language barrier that made both coordinating out drop off a hassle to which he was already a week late to doing as well as he demanded we pay cash the night before he was suppose to be there in the morning... On a weekend, when our banks were closed. The whole process felt very sketchy and I was continually lied to along the way. I would not recommend this company to anyone except my enemies. Honestly the only reason I'd even give it one star what's the very nice gentleman that helped us move out from original location. I really wish that they just took care of the whole trip. If you guys ever read this, thanks.
- Otto S.

These guys did a great job from start to finish. They worked so hard and made sure that my things were safe, wrapped and unharmed. They were responsive and punctual with accurate arrival times.
- Vardui C.

Using them second time, recommend everybody, thank you guys!
- Arina Sukheeva

I have always used Transunion Van Lines because they really value their customers. I have always been treated well, and my belongings are always in great hands. They safely load and unload the truck, I love the way this moving team works!
- Amelia Kent

Pleasure working with Transunion Van Lines! They were on time, and worked very hard throughout the moving process. The team was in a great mood, and even secured my belongings in perfection! I really enjoyed the way this moving group worked, I highly recommend!
- Spencer Shonna

I highly recommend this moving company! They provided the best move, they made sure to be very organized and careful. They come on time and have a great attitude throughout the move!
- Alexander Michelle Constance

Great service! The guys were were very helpful and overall I was very impressed with their work ethic and their kindness. To anyone who needs help in moving these guys are right for the job and I highly recommend them as they provide top notch service and furthermore are very friendly and helpful!
- Alexander

This was by far the most stressful times of my life moving to another country, my company relocated their offices and I was told from a coworker she used trans union van lines to move her 3 bedroom house, I was skeptical due to some negative reviews although after seeing how satisfied my coworker was and she wasn't ripped off, I decided to give them a try, the guys pulled up on time did a thorough walk through and explained everything before I signed. It was a stressful time in my life that made it super easy and comfortable after they finished with my pick up and delivery. Cheers to that!
- Desiree W.

This is literally the worst company i have ever worked with. Alex and edward have the worst customer service. They took apart our fridge during our move and that was over two months ago and have yet to get it back to us. This company is the most unprofessional company i have encountered. During our move i have several very very expensive glasses broke that are worth over a hundred dollars each. First the quote they gave us was so incorrect we had to pay $3,000 more than what we were quoted. I don't know about anyone else but i cannot look at my house and quantify my belongings in amount of boxes and weight. Now alex is telling us that we have to file a complaint through someone else. We have been given nothing but the run around. If anyone else uses this company please think twice before they give them a call. Also the write a lot of their own reviews.
- Daniel C.

BEWARE! StAY AWAY!! If I could give negative stars I would. Whatever you do, stay far away from this company. Save yourself from the headache, and the stress. We were given one quote and had to pay over double because if we didn't the driver said he wouldn't deliver our belongings, as he was in our driveway. We had broken glasses, missing screws & things that were not supposed to be taken apart were. In the move our refrigerator door ended up on the other side of the country. For TWO WHOLE MONTHS after countless calls, texts, emails, complaints being filed, and being ignored a man NOT with the company shows up with our door. Hooray! No call or notice that he was showing up but he did. This company belittles their customers, overcharges, and is just plain disrespectful. I can not stress enough how hard it was for us to live without something that we would use 24/7. I have 2 small children & had to beg our landlord to let us borrow a refrigerator for the mean time when a refrigerator was not included in our lease. They made our moving experience from CA to TX my worst one yet. Now I have to deal with a dent and scratch on my door, and file another claim. Also, a few of their 5 star reviews are from people that work with the company. (It's a family business) Shady how a company has to do that because they themselves can't keep customers happy. **You've been warned!**
- Katt C.

*WARNING* DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH TRANS UNION VAN LINES. I hired Trans Union Van Lines to pick up my belongings 12/8/17 in Los Angeles, CA & store them for a few months before shipping them to Nashville, TN. They have failed to honor the contract, have treated my belongings with extreme negligence, delivered half the shipment incredibly/irreparably damaged & stolen the remainder. They have shown zero remorse for this behavior & have treated me as though I am being unreasonable for expecting them to conduct their business with integrity, protect my belongings and honor the terms of our contract. Consumers need to be protected from Trans Union Van Lines. A full description of events to this date can be found below: We were told that it would take no longer than 21 days for my belongings to arrive in Nashville once we provided an address. On 4/19/18, we notified Alex at Trans Union Van Lines of my 5/5/18 move in date and provided an address. We were told we would be contacted 48 hrs in advance of arrival and to expect a truck in mid-may. We heard nothing and received no updates. On Thursday 5/24/18, after many attempts at contact, we reached Alex who told us that my belongings were on a truck currently leaving Los Angeles & to expect them on either Tuesday 5/29 or Wednesday 5/30. They never arrived. On 6/1, we were told the van was just then leaving Los Angeles and could be expected Tuesday 6/5 or Wednesday 6/6. We were given no reason (or apology) for the misinformation given the previous week. On 6/6 we were told the driver of the van was out of a phone service area and his arrival time was too variable to be determined with accuracy. My belongings never arrived. We were then told that everything was still in a warehouse in Los Angeles. At that point, I asked for photographic proof that they could indeed identify and locate my items and was ignored after repeated requests. On 6/28/18, I filed complaints with The Better Business Bureau & The Department of Transportation. A truck finally arrived on Tuesday 7/3/18. The day prior I had arranged a 14% discount ($725) on the move fee with Alex to compensate for the extremely late delivery and the inconvenience/expenses it was causing. I paid for the move via Money Order before they would open the truck to begin unloading (as per their demand). It turned out that almost half of my delivery never made it onto the truck & the majority of the items that were delivered were badly, if not irreparably, damaged. TO BE CLEAR, NONE OF THIS DAMAGE COULD HAVE OCCURRED THROUGH THE COMMON HAZARDS ASSOCIATED WITH TRAVEL/STORAGE. MY BELONGINGS HAD TO HAVE BEEN TREATED WITH EXTREME NEGLIGENCE/CRUELTY FOR THIS TYPE OF BREAKAGE TO OCCUR. One of my solid wood dining room chairs was snapped in two. For this to happen, it would have to have fallen from a great height or been struck by extreme force. Trans Union insisted that they pack all of my fragile items themselves with their boxes & packaging. They said this was to ensure their safety. They told me that if I packed the items and they broke then I would be 100% responsible. This is INSANE considering the way they packed everything. Most of the boxes arrived smashed with holes in the sides. The most fragile items did not have any sort of wrapping/protection and were placed on the bottom of huge boxes with heavier items on top. The blankets the company wrapped furniture in were badly damaged (which was not the case at pick up). All of this is far beyond any damage that could have occurred accidentally. This is intentional negligence without proper oversight. AS OF THIS WRITING HALF MY DELIVERY IS STILL MISSING, and Alex at Trans Union is unable to tell me its whereabouts. They have an itemized list of the original pickup. It is unfathomable how they failed to notice so much of the move was missing when they loaded the truck. A huge media center/credenza is missing. I don't know how that gets misplaced. All of my valuable artwork is missing. They have made no attempt to resolve this issue or assure me that they are working to find/deliver the rest of my move within a reasonable time frame. They have made no satisfactory attempt to address the damage that was caused, not by travel, but by their gross negligence. They have not refunded the money I spent storing my belongings in their facility. How can they legally charge for safe storage if they cannot locate the items? At no point in time should my belongings have been separated. They have asked for more time while they look around the warehouse. It has been months. My belongings have been stolen. This company's business practices are being allowed to continue because strong action has not been taken by organizations set up to protect the consumer. PROTECT YOURSELF. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY.
- Jenny W.

Amazing service!! Moving can be very overwhelming but I'm so glad I put my trust in TransUnion. They worked very efficiently and in a timely manner. The movers were extremely accommodating to my needs and went above and beyond to take care of my family. They were very careful with my valuables and fragile items. TransUnion provided me with great customer service and I'm very satisfied with their work.
- Armine G.

LISTEN TO ME AND HEAR ME WELL!!! If you don't do ANYTHING ELSE please DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY to move ANYTHING for you!! They work with Ranger Relocation with a guy named Stephanray Melendez who is the biggest liar on the frickin planet. TransUnion Van Lines are the BIGGEST THIEVES on the planet!! Their trucks are beat up and they move other peoples items in the same truck as yours and make you pay for those items as well as your own -- lying the entire time saying that all the items in the truck are yours, claiming to charge by weight! The mover help they hire speak no English! If I could give them zero stars I would! They steal, mishandle, break, and have NO respect for your items and CONTINUE TO CHANGE THE PRICE OF YOU GETTING YOUR ITEMS. Not only am I going to call the Better Business Bureau, I am also going to call the Attorney General for the State of California to look into their business practices and I am sure when they do they will be out of business!! Simply put they are liars and want you to pay them either by cash or postal money order!!! Not what the HECK IS THAT?!?! They try to charge for EVERYTHING even stairs!!! They are crazy and that Eddie is a money greedy man with hair all over his body!! IF THEY CALL YOU HANG THE DANG PHONE UP AND PUT THEIR NUMBER ON BLOCK!! I am not kidding! Ranger Relocation said they would move my items for $6,000 and no more, saying they were a sole company, but they own no trucks and they piece your move together with crazy TransUnion who doubled my move price! Stephanray with Ranger Relocation will tell you he goes to church and is a christian and his christianity won't allow him to do people wrong -- DON'T YOU BELIEVE THAT STUFF!! RUN FROM TRANUNION!!!!!! EVERYONE SHOULD CALL THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE AND REPORT THEM!!! I KNOW I AM!!
- Tina G.

I moved from D.C. to LA and only I can say that these guys were very professional and when the driver came he explained me everything in advance. I was charged little bit more extra because I didn't indicate all items through the phone but it was reasonable and the driver Samy was very helpful. Very good team!
- Arina S.

Where do I begin? First they were 2 days late picking up my boxes - they were supposed to arrive July 30 and I wound up leaving on August 1. I had to change a flight because of this which cost me $250 on Delta. I was the last to leave my apartment so I verified with my neighbor that the apartment was empty and there was nothing in it. It was vacant. This means that they picked up all of my items. After calling many times asking where my items were, they finally arrived over a month later. In the meantime, they demanded 2300 on delivery (!) when the total for the move was less than 2100. I paid $500 for a deposit and then $700 when they picked up my stuff. I have no idea where they even came up with that amount, however, I had to constantly fight with the owner. They harassed me for money that was not owed to them. Needless to say, the bag containing my shoes and handbags is missing. First they denied it. Then they said its in the warehouse, then they said that they do not know where it is. Now they said that it could be in a warehouse but I am not allowed to access it. This has been the worst moving experience of my life. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I am hiring a lawyer, filing another complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will fly to LA to find my things if need be. They harass customers, do not follow contracts and downright lie. I have never been treated like this in my life.
- Katie M.

This is truly the most garbage moving company in the entire world. Not were they WEEKS later than when they were supposed to have delivered, but multiple times they said it was going to be delivered only to never show up. I missed 2 days of work to "wait" for their deliveries only to have night time fall with no communication from them. Literally unless you want to have the most horrific move that ever was stay away from them
- Allison G.

Like other people who have reviewed TransUnion Van Lines my experience was disastrous. They were sub contracted by a broker and from start to finish it was a horrible experience. The truck showed up late didn't have complete paperwork and they more than doubled the price of the move. I had already quit my job and given notice where I lived and had no choice but to go through with the move. When my belongings arrived in Pennsylvania multiple items were damaged missing or belonged to someone else. I left a similar review on google and they took it down along with other reviews that were the same . Avoid this business at all costs.
- Tony S.

Worst moving company! They never answer or return calls. I still have two missing items and no one has called me back.. it's been over two weeks from my final delivery and it's been frustrating. You still have to spend the full rate for a move even if you receive damaged items and not everything is delivered to you. Such bad customer service. I should have gone with another moving company.. save yourself the hassle and go with another one if you move out of state!
- Chanel B.

I beg you with tears in my eyes. Do not use this company. I'd sooner juggle knives. A movie, NAY, an entire 10 season series could be done on how awful they are. In many ways I only have myself to blame. I saw the reviews, but saw them too late. Please, please, please look elsewhere.
- Chris L.

They have all of my belongings and they won't call me back to schedule delivery! They didn't come on the scheduled day to pick up my things. I called and got no response. I left several messages. No one ever called me back. The following day I finally got in touch with them and they ended up coming 3 days after scheduled. They have so much of my money and all of my things and now I can't schedule delivery!
- Carson C.

This is a scam!!!!! DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CROOKS! they are not a real moving company!!!! Josh was in touch with me 24-7 about my move until he charged my CC $400 then he completely dissapeared! The mover showed up to my house 4 days later and said he refuses to pack my stuff (although it was in our contract) he said he wont do the job and he left. I paid the company to pack my stuff and move it! Every company does that! Then he wanted to charge me an extra $500 and i said i waited for you for 5 days, you should give me some sort of discount not charge me more $! I called multiple times. No one will answer. They never even offered to reschedule or to return my money. The 4.9 stars on google is FAKE! THE REVIEWS HERE ARE REAL!!! Do not give this company any of your information! You will never get your money or your belongings back!
- Kristina K.

AVOID! TOTAL SCAM. These guys have an "F" with the Better Business Bureau and when I tried to reach them AFTER they got my $400 deposit they blocked my number. I will be disputing the charge which is a no brainer, but please save yourself the heartache and hassle and deal with professional movers. These guys respond right away until they have your deposit, then nothing. I will be reporting them to BBB and to the Federal Trade Commission.
- Kenn B.

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