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About Top Notch Movers

Top Notch Movers is a company with the expertise beyond their years, we will go out of our way to make the move perfect. We will also apply discounts where necessary and do what they can to get the cost down for you. Nothing is too big for them to move. Whether it is a piano or an ATV, we have the means to move it. We also offer wrapping of each item to ensure its safety throughout the move. If you are moving and are not ready for you household goods, you might want to look into storage options. We offer storage as well. This means we will load your items, take them to storage. When you are ready to receive them, we will deliver them to you.

Moving-Me about Top Notch Movers

Top Notch Movers began about 9 years ago in 2009. They relocate businesses, families and individuals. Conveniently located in the heart of south Florida, they offer local, long distance and commercial moves. They have all of the knowledge and resources to make the best move for you. They understand that moving is stressful, but very important. This company knows that most people do not enjoy relocating on any terms. They do their best to make it the greatest experience for you. The company is here to provide you with the necessary resources.

Top Notch Movers Licenses & Certificates

Top Notch Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 838356

US D.O.T: 2431847

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: IM 2241

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What is Top Notch Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Top Notch Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Top Notch Movers Reviews

The perfect move No words can fully describe the amount of professionalism that those workers had. This move could not have gone better. First they came to my house, smiled and let me know their process again. I could not have been more thanksful for this moving company, for they have been so patient with my chaotic life, and has definitely made it easier than it should be. I would definitely move with them again. My family and I were a little hesitant about this move, and to be honest, at first we chose them because of how affordable the price was. However, we soon realized that it the right choice, despite the price being cheap for the summer. This local move from northern Florida to Miami has been an absolute delight.
- Eric Jacobs

The Worst! Presently We still don't have our furiture 11:30 A.M 8/23 I'm presently dealing with the worst experience ever! Not only do I not have my furniture that was picked up in NJ on June 9th and should have been in Florida last week I'm getting no feedback. There is a 21 day delivery time in my contract which the company is still within but this is what has happened so far. The truck broke down somewhere in the Carolina's and they had to wait for a part. I was told I would get a call in which I did not! My wife called them days later to find out that we would have our items delivered Thursday (yesterday) or Friday (today) and would get a call the day before. Yet again, no call! We called last night at 6pm and spoke to someone who said they would find out and get back to us. Today 10:30 am no call! We call again to find out that the truck broke down again and are now waiting for more information.. The lack of communication is appalling! How do you tell your customers that you will be Thursday or Friday and never call to say you're not showing up??? Needless to say I work for a big company that moves a lot of employees and and this point, I will make sure they never use Top Notch. My wife, my 8 yr old and myself will presently be sleeping on an air mattress until further notice.
- Julie Bosco

Amazing!! My roommate and I used Top Notch Movers to move from Fort Lauderdale to Sarasota. Not only are they helpful,but they were friendly and fast. We were surprised to see our stuff was not damaged at all. We would highly recommend Top Notch Movers!
- Lynnee Chappell

First time hiring movers, I’d never use anyone else! This was my first time moving an entire apartment opposed to a minimally decorated room. I have quite a bit of stuff that’s been handed down to me, so I’m really sketchy about letting anyone else handle it. I found Top Notch on a recommendation, and I couldn’t be happier with the job they did. They were significantly quicker than I expected, and their customer service was wonderful throughout the entire experience. Every piece I was worried about arrived in perfect condition. I’d never use another moving company again. Thank you!
- Julia Holland

Best Moving Company I moved from Boca to Wellington and looked up the best moving company. Top Notch Movers came up and I decided to give them a try. I was not disappointed! They came in and gave a reasonable quote and were on-time to help me move. Top Notch Movers took care of my stuff and the delivery went very smoothly with nothing damaged because of their careful wrapping of my furniture. They were very helpful and put my mind at ease through the whole process. I highly recommend Top Notch Movers to everyone!
- Louise Douglass

beware My move was terrible. Late arrival. They refused to move our items from the truck to the single level outside entrance storage unit. My nephew had to move the items himself. They lost 8 boxes of special keepsakes and belongings. They put someone elses things with mine. This other person had to drive 6hrs each way to pick up her things, Top Notch lied and said they were sending help. They never looked for my things. I was not reimbursed ( they offered a total of $6.00). They did not even check items off of their own inventory list. Some items were damaged. Again, not reimbursed.I made numerous phone calls, not returned.
- Mel Van

Great movers Joe and andriy moved my mother into assisted living, and it was a very smooth experience. The movers were very nice, and the whole process was basically done by evening, Since I had flown in from out of town, it was so nice that I had good information in advance about the services provided and pricing, so that I knew what to expect on moving day.
- Jessica Larson

Great service. I must say that they did a great job. Toni Arthur and Sidney are the best! came on time and even finish 1 hour earlier than expected. Toni called the office to confirm the refund and Henry approved it in less than 2 minutes. I went with them to their office just to say thank you. After my last move... you should know which movers to choose.
- Adam Steven

Terrible move from Stuart, FL to Fort Lauderdale I made the mistake of choosing Top Notch Movers for a recent move from Stuart to Fort Lauderdale. I chose Top Notch because of their high ratings and competitive price. I coordinated the move​ ​for last Thursday between 10 am and 12 pm. I verified the date and time the day before the move which Top Notch confirmed. On the day of the move, I received a call from a representative that the pick up would be closer to 12 pm because they are “adding another stop”. The movers didn’t show up until 2:10 pm. By the time they finished loading the truck, it was 3:40 which meant they would be stuck in rush hour traffic on the way to Fort Lauderdale. The movers arrived at 6:30 pm due to rush hour traffic. Before they would off load the truck, Andre, one of the movers, required that I pay. I had no issue however they added on “extra charges”. I was originally quoted $595 for the move. Top Notch Movers extras added up to a total of $964.59 which included an additional 3% charge for credit card use that was never mentioned before and buried in their contract! It is illegal in the state of Florida to charge additional fees for the use of a credit card. When I complained, I was told the additional charges were due to rush hour traffic and I would have to speak to Francine, a company representative, the next day if I wanted a credit. When the mover sensed my frustration, he credited $119. Did he realize that they were wrong? If the movers did not take on additional job, they would have arrived on time and not encountered rush hour traffic. The credit, however, is not enough to compensate for the discrepancy in the quote. Our $595 move ended up costing $900. Top Notch they’re not. I would strongly recommend to stay away from Top Notch Movers and choose someone else.
- Paul Janecki

Moving is a nightmare... BUT.. Moving is a nightmare, but there are still good people At this industry. We hired movers before Top Notch Movers and they cancel on our move at the day of the move, we called several companies and no one could do the move at the same day. Top Notch sells manager name Jackie told me they might do the move but it will be after 7:00pm! Unbelievable! Those guys working around the clock. The office manager ( Henry ) showed up by 6:30 pm... with 2 more movers and made it! We are so happy, that nightmare done and the movers picked up all our goods before the lease end. I would never believe that office manager will leave the office and come to save us, without Henry and his crew, we would finish our day with all our good on the street. I highly recommend those movers.
- Rose Dadush

We moved a 2 bedroom apartment into a 1 bedroom, with a stop to drop off a bed, mattress set and TV. It took from 10am to past 6:30pm which was not great. The team was slow. The quote was initially fair for the amount of time it SHOULD have taken. Instead of $1,300 with some light packing, it was just about $2,200. They charged for boxes that weren't new - they were used. The 3 wardrobe boxes they promised for free - were, but then pillows occupied several others that were unnecessary. I supplied some boxes and loads of packing materials but never recieved any consideration for that. In the end, they ended up crushing a ceramic Tiffany piggie bank that was under my daughter's bed when they switched out her headboard for the full bed we moved from the original location. They never told me about that, although they did caution that the bed's screws were getting stripped so to be careful in the future if moving it. I never went back to look at the bed as we were racing to get to the new location before we lost use of the service elevator. The 4 gentlemen were respectful and nice. However, there was no hustle or seemingly any need for speed. The office staff was nice and well intentioned. I don't know if I would hire them again. I might but it is difficult to fight the pricing increase with loads of additions listed at the end of a very long day. Keep the job tight and they might be right for your next moving needs. I went down swinging.
- Sheila D.

Really disappointing. They get two stars because their movers were friendly, at least. To begin with, they "hid the ball" on estimates--moving it up at the last minute (by that time it was too late to switch movers) by more than 10%. They told us that the higher amount would only be charged if the movers needed to take additional time. Well, guess what? The movers didn't need the additional time and they charged anyway. Then they tried to make us sign a document allowing them to charge another $200 if we challenged the charge on our credit card. No surprise that they had that document cooked up already. None of our stuff was broken, but we'd never use them again. If a company has to threaten to sue its paying customers, maybe something is wrong?
- Patrick D.

Hired them to help my elderly parents move from a condo to another five minutes away. The highlight of the move was that *the movers stole all of my mother's credit cards* during the five minutes that she stepped outside to check on the elevator. They also broke a table and a lamp. Regarding the broken items, they promised they will have their insurance compensate them (no news after six days). Regarding the stolen credit cards, they take no responsibility whatsoever and claim their employees are all very honest, despite the fact that the cards were all stolen during the move and someone tried running charges on them the day after.
- Paul K.

After receiving a quote from another company I saw very bad reviews and needed a last minute replacement for an out of state move. Top Notch replied immediately on a Friday and was available to pack us on Monday. Their communication was excellent, price was fair and were on time. Our things were packed with care. They also delivered our goods earlier than quoted and again, were on time and efficient. I would highly recommend Top Notch!
- Cindy W.

I used yelp to find movers and was very happy with the result. They called two days ahead to confirm the time, and were accurate in their estimate of what time the movers would arrive. Tony and Richard were both polite, professional, quick and pleasant. One of the smoothest moves Ive ever had and at one of the cheapest quotes I got back! Will absolutely recommend to others who are moving.
- Katie R.

I've moved with Top Notch Movers twice over the last 3 years. To be fair, my first experience with them was probably a 4 star experience which caused me to hire them a second time which turned out to be a major mistake. My last experience was my worst experience with a moving company that I've had to date (if there was a negative star rating I would give one). Items were broken, improperly packaged AND *most importantly* items were stolen during the move (this isn't conjecture, this is 100% fact). Unfortunately I didn't learn about most of it until months later after I was able to inspect our items post-delivery. Here's the full story: I hired TNM to help me load a storage container in FL that I was having shipped to my new place of residence (about 7-8 months later). However, once we received our container, it was CLEAR that certain high value items (computer, luxury items) were stolen during the loading of the container. I contacted the moving company to inform them of the issue - I was initially disappointed in the way that it was handled by Top Notch. There seemed to be no accountability at all on their end, they continued to lean on the fact that the move was "too long ago" for them to take any actions. So, I was forced to report the theft to the police, AND I was forced to file a claim with a 3rd party ( which remains unresolved. I've spent hours, days, weeks and months now performing my own investigation into what happened on the day of my move. Luckily I had DETAILED records of our stolen items, including serial numbers of the computer and some unique identifiers/photos/receipts of other items. After reporting the stolen goods to the police, it turned out that one of the movers at Top Notch had #1 sold our stolen items to local consignment stores AND #2 tried to PAWN our stolen computer which led to the pawn shop reporting the stolen item to the police. This led police right back to the mover who was responsible for packing our items in the container. It's an open and shut case that either it was a rogue mover or a coordinated effort by the movers to steal our high valued items. I'm not sure if TNM can improve upon this review - but if they are fully accountable for admitting a mistake was made in hiring a mover who has a history of criminal activities AND provide some compensation for our losses, that would be a good start. Every company is entitled to making mistakes in their hiring ONLY if they're fully accountable and own up to the issues that this has caused a repeat customer. Trust me, it has caused me A LOT of misery and taking up A LOT of time over the last few months. And they need to give their current and future customers some assurances that issues like this have been addressed and will not happen again. Side note: My advice to anyone not only considering hiring TNM, but any movers in general is to keep *detailed* records of the items that you're moving and try to inspect said items ASAP post delivery. It will help you down the line in case you find yourself in the same situation. In this case, I was taken advantage of because the movers knew that I was keeping my items in storage for a long time, and I'd have no way of checking their work until months after the fact.
- Jamal S.

Terrible service. People who came to my house were not focused. Packed clothes so terrible, just threw expensive clothes, shoes, hats together with lamps, etc. I paid around 1500$, but they fooled me and left did not finish their job. One bedroom was not assembled. Very expensive service, but no quality.
- Diana Z.

When I called Top Notch Movers for a quote I spoke with Joe who offered a discount so I don't go looking around. I asked him if they handle the entire move door to door because it is very important to me that no one handles my belongings if i didn't do my due diligence on them, he told me it will will be Top Notch trucks and Top Notch people all the way to reassembling the furniture at destination. I asked if there are extra potential charges I should be aware of and he answered "$75 if you don't have an elevator at destination". It's moving day, the movers arrive on time. When they were done I find out that my originally quoted discount is not in the contract! I told them that I am not paying until that is sorted out so they reluctantly do so and I pay. After taking my belongings I get a call from TNM asking me if there is a space for a 18 wheeler (about 75 feet bumper to bumper) at destination or they will have to transfer my furniture to shuttle at destination and that will cost me around a couple of hundreds extra. So I tell them when I asked if there are potential charges I should be aware of why didn't Joe mention that you need a space for an 18 wheeler and instead chose to tell me about a $75 no elevator charge! The answer I got from Francine their operations manager is to "Talk to Joe". Now I realize that they intentionally avoid bringing up potentially large expenses taking advantage of regular person's lack of knowledge regarding these matters until they have your furniture and at least 60% of their payment. TEN days after they took my furniture I call to see where my furniture is at and I was told that it didn't start moving yet! I give them FOUR more days then call again and asked if I can get the driver's phone number so we can arrange for the delivery with my property manager. Francine doesn't give me the number and tells me that she'll call him and let me know, She doesn't! I send an email that my property manager needs a 24 hours notice to make the necessary arrangements for the delivery, Francine responds that she spoke with the driver and I should get my stuff in 5-6 days. SEVEN more days go by and I neither hear from them nor get my belongings of course. I call AGAIN and Francine tells me that she is not able to reach the driver! I give them another day to reach the driver and call again only to find out that they gave my belongings to another company without telling me! Even though I was assured that it is going to be TNM all the way to reassembling at destination! So I insist on getting that driver's phone number and call him only to my surprise he doesn't know about Top Notch Movers! So I call them back in disbelief and I get denied speaking with the owner over and over again. The next day I get a phone call from a company telling me that they will be delivering my stuff and that I will will have to pay for shuttle delivery even though I told them I have a space for the 18 wheeler! They also told me that I have to pay a fee for HAVING an elevator! Either that or I don't get my belongings in the near future! So I have no choice but to accept. I look up that company (United Relocation) that TNM gave my Belongings to behind my back and sure enough I find out how horrendous everyone's experience with them was. I speak with Francine about that and to my shock she unintentionally discloses that the owner didn't even recognize the name of the company. Apparently he just speaks with "a guy" when he subcontracts local movers. After 25 lengthy frustrating days I got my stuff missing boxes, a china box labeled Fragile completely bashed, the leather sofa is squeaky and scoffed, the TV table with a dented hole in it and 3 of my 4 YO son's Jordan sneakers stolen from one of the boxes.
- M J.

They quoted me via email under $790 to move me less than 5 miles my few 3 bedroom home items and then ended up charging me more than $1300. Also all men moving while in my house kept complaining at the end together because I wouldn't pay an additional tip also. They left finally but after a while, and when I went inside one of the bathrooms later I noticed they had peed all over the toilet n floor.. Weston Movers had just moved me 4 months before same distance same things for $885 and I made the huge mistake of calling instead this TNM company. NEVER AGAIN!!!!
- Carlos U.

We hired Top Notch Movers to move our family from Miramar, FL to Viera, FL. The process was very smooth. Henry came to our house to do the estimate. He was excellent! Very professional and honest. The quote was very straightforward, no hidden fees. He provided us several options and costs for each of them. The communication from the quote stage through the actual moving date was very good. They were always there for any questions I may have. I selected to have the services of full packing and delivery. The team that came to pack and deliver my goods was excellent. Very professional crew and they cared about all my goods. They packed very well to the point that NOTHING was broken. A very important note about this job was the honesty and professionalism of the crew. One of the guys found some money that I forgot in one of my drawers. The gentlemen came to me and told me about the money that he found and delivered to me. Not a penny missed. That's HONESTY and PROFESSIONALISM. I value that a lot and I think is very important for the Movers business. Thank YOU Arthur. Based on my experience with Top Notch Movers I will hire them again without any doubt. Thanks Henry and Andrei for your all help during this adventure with our family.
- Angel G.

I found Top Notch Movers on Yelp and was impressed with the comments. They met or exceeded my expectations. It was very easy to line up the move by phone with Joseph. He gave me a good price and I booked the move. Due to construction/renovation delays I had to change my move date. They worked with me. The 3 guys showed up right on time and very efficiently loaded my stuff and disassembled my bed and in a few hours we were in the new place with all my belongings in the proper places. No damage. Courtesy and professionalism. I'm extremely pleased with the entire experience and cost.
- Ken M.

Recently we had to move my mother in law quick. I called around for a moving conpany, but when I spoke with Joseph from Top Notch Movers I knew I found the right company. I am big on customer service and Joseph made a great impression on me. Not only was reserving the move a great experience, but on the moving day the 2 gentleman that arrived were great. As promised the movers called on the way and even once they arrived. The movers were professional and friendly. The day after the move someone asked me for a good moving company and I was happy to refer Top Notch Movers!!!! Thanks Top Notch Movers.
- Jackie P.

We hired Top Notch Movers to move our whole house and storage unit from Aventura to Pompano Beach. After contacting plenty of different moving companies we decided to go with Top Notch Movers because they are truly top notch and with the best deals in the area. The 2 guys who moved my things were very quick and pleasant to deal with. I wouldn't choose anyone else for future moves and I am so happy with their service! Thank you for making my life a little easier!
- Sapir C.

I hired Top Notch Movers to pack, load, and deliver most of a truck full of furniture from my storage in Plantation to my daughter's house in Pahokee, which is off the beaten track. One of the items was a big, two-door, side-by-side refrigerator which needed the doors removed to fit through the door of the house. No items and no structures were damaged, and my son-in-law was very impressed with how the crew handled each piece, avoiding damage to doorways and walls. Oliver, Aundre, Sidney, and Arthur did everything with great care and showed their six children a lot of patience, even though they got in the way several times. I highly recommend Top Notch Movers whether you are planning a local move or a long-distance one. They will treat your belongings as if they were their own. I will be using them again soon, with great confidence, to move my Aunt from Florida to New York. Jackie was my salesperson. She is extremely knowledgeable and happy to explain everything. Their prices are reasonable, and although not the cheapest, they are well worth their fees. You get what you pay for. I choose peace of mind!
- Francine S.

We selected Top Notch Movers because of the company's yelp reviews. The packers were great they handled our items with care, nothing broken or scratched. The deliver was seamless on time and professional. A big thank you to Jackie and Francine are outstanding customer service. Thank you Han (owner) for the personal phone call. I truly appreciate the personal attention to resolve my invoice concern. I recommend Top Notch Movers to friends, family and co-workers. Thank you for your kindness during this stressful time.
- Rachel F.

Top Notch Movers are definitely top notch! They provided a reasonable quote over the phone, called two days prior to our move to confirm and showed up ready to go on the day of the move. Andre and Arthur were extremely professional and hardworking and cared about their work (and our items) and loaded up the truck in no time. The following day Tony and Jeffrey unloaded into our storage unit and again, were very hardworking and professional. The job actually took fewer hours than estimated, and we were refunded the difference. WOW...great company, great move, definitely TOP NOTCH!
- Britten K.

"WHAT AN AMAZING TEAM!" Is all I can say, very professional, quick to respond, and very helpful. I called because I needed a large commercial refrigerator delivered, they gave me a quote worked within my time restraints. Although the commercial refrigerator was on pallets and very difficult to remove the team never gave up. At 7 pm the actual owner decided to come by and see what can be done!! Oliver and Henry were able to remove the pallets and move the huge device. All I can say is Thank you, all involved James, Jackie, Henry, David, Oliver everyone else!! Great Company!!
- Anthony V.

Great company, Great service!! Love the attitude of the owner: calm and honest! He made me feel like family, and the workers took good care of my belongings. Nothing is worth more than knowing that your things are safe and that you are in their minds. They are professionals. They know how to pack and unpack with extra care. I will definitely call them again for my next move.
- Shiry T.

I recently moved from Florida to New Jersey and was fortunate enough to find Top Notch Movers on google . I had a job relocation and my mover decided to move my date to accommodate them but unfortunately I needed to start my job and the new dates they picked did not work for me so I frantically went through google and found Top Notch . Andriy and Oliver , (they wore masks due to COVID , which is not easy in this heat )were my crew - they packed all my personal items into boxes wrapped my furniture - they were professional and polite offering anything they could to assist me due to the stress level I was under . The price was more than my original mover -but the quality I'm sure was far superior to a company that left me I the lurch . My delivery went as well as my pick up - with no damages and within the time the sales Representative Lilly assessed . I highly recommend Top Notch Movers for all you moving needs . Price should not be your guide when moving - like most things you get what you pay for
- Hen S.

New management Francine is an asset to Top Not h movers! PRICE FOR LONG DISTANCE MOVE: After reading the "great" reviews, I decided to proceed forward. The price for the 1 bedroom was feasible. I wrapped , labeled and boxed up everything myself with the exception of the furniture. PICKUP: I did a long distance move and after reading the "great" reviews, I decided to proceed forward. The price for the 1 bedroom was feasible. I wrapped , labeled and boxed up everything myself with the exception of the furniture. The movers came smelling like weed and proceeded to wrap up my furniture. I took pictures of my furniture before pick up and upon delivery. DELIVERY PUNCTUATION: I was told I'd get a 48 hrs notice before delivery and that didn't happen, they called the day of and I had to deny the delivery and reschedule for a different day. (Beware as they will charge you for rescheduling, they didn't for me because I argued the 48 hr notice) the reschedule date they were hours late, DELIVERY QUALITY: With the labeled boxes saying "living room" , "bedroom" etc. , they just tossed everything in one room. They also did not put the legs on the sofa which I had to do myself. Upon delivery My sofa and accent chair came with what appeared to be a yellow liquid stain, I thought it was urine. A box was also open with missing items. The missing items were inexpensive so it didn't bother me too much but still. POST DELIVERY: When I called, Charlie (old management who is no longer there) said for me to file a claim. Francine (new management) called me and her customer service was amazing. She apologized and make things right. WOULD I RECOMMEND: yes
- S B.

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