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About The Right Movers

We have achieved our reputation through reliability, dependability, & careful handling. Our hardworking movers are adept with moving skills – in one word: REMARKABLE. The Right Movers would very much appreciate the opportunity to provide you with exceptional moving services which you deserve and quite possibly earn the right to your repeat business. We have the experience, the well-trained professional crew, the equipment, and the knowledge. We can handle just about every situation or circumstance from the most delicate and smallest item to the bulkiest piece of furniture. We can provide a range of services from last minute needs to carefully detailed moves prioritizing the safety and security of transferred items.

Moving-Me about The Right Movers

They are dedicated to provide the ultimate in service and performance to their customers. The Right Movers will treat each customer in a manner that will not only meet, but will exceed their expectations to the point where they will never need to call another moving company. They are equally dedicated to fostering a service environment conducive to ultimate performance and consumer satisfaction. The Right Movers’ goal is to develop and maintain a permanent relationship with their customers by providing outstanding service, move after move, with no exceptions. They pride themselves on honesty and superior workmanship.

The Right Movers Licenses & Certificates

The Right Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The Right Movers is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 006404098C

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is The Right Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $300. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. The Right Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

The Right Movers Reviews

The right movers was the right company to choose. They moved all my belongings in a timely manner an was careful with my fragile things. I will most definitely use them again!
- Sylvia

Over all we had a good experience. Price was right, and much cheaper than movers right here in my own city. The 2 guys that came were very polite and worked great together. They did run about an hour late but kept in contact with me and the truck was a bit too small. We ended up having to move some boxes on our own or pay the extra hour to have them unload and come back. I would use them again if needed.
- Chan

Awesome Service movers came in and took extremely good care of me they wrapped my funiture up and moved me without any issues I'll definitely refer them and use them again
- Jarmal

Chuck scheduled me in at the last minute. I didn't have my lease signed yet and didn't know if I would be able to get moved on the same day. The two guys that moved me were very efficient, professional and well mannered. Their speediness and strength was amazing. My furniture was not damaged and well taken care of. I look forwarding to using them for my future moves.
- Pamela T.

Had a move set for 10am movers showed up at 11:35. 3 man move and can tell you no urgency from the movers. Should have been a 6 hour move at most took them 8 hours. Never do a time and material move with them. Scratched the concrete floors moving the washer, dryer and refrigerator. They closed doors behind then saying the rooms were clear. Went back a week later only to find areas with stuff left behind. Also asked then not to tip the bedroom set because we left stuff in them to move. Still tipped them. They were a mess after the move. Contacted the owner and he took over 15 mins talking and I could not even say anything. All he could say is no body wants to work and how it hard to run a business and he has to do everything. News flash your the owner so yes you need to be responsible for your employees. Have moved 3 times on the last 12 months. Worst movers we have ever had. Steer clear of them or beware. After back and forth for a few weeks they made a token refund. Waste of time.
- Frank D.

This was the best moving experience I've ever had, by far. The three gents that moved me were insanely polite, jovial, and professional. They got my entire 4 bedroom house moved in just over three hours. The price was more than reasonable, I will recommend the right movers to anyone who is expecting to move.
- Kody T.

The Right Movers did a great job in our move locally. They arrived on time, with 3 guys. They dismantled the big items and assembled it back at the new location. We had no damage or breakages and everything was done in a smooth efficient way. They were also very reasonable in their rates. I would definitely use their services again.
- Vijay A.

Moving with The Right Movers was a great experience. We had difficulty scheduling due to bad weather, and he worked with us to reschedule several times to accommodate the weather. We ended up moving on a holiday and they did not charge a premium, as I thought they might. The 3 men that moved us worked quickly and were friendly. If I move again I will definitely use The Right Movers.
- Christine B

I used The Right Movers and they are great. The drivers are so competent, knowledgeable and personable. They did a great job and I would highly recommend them.
- Jerry O.

The movers arrived on time. They were cleanly dressed and very professional. They worked as a team very well and were fast. I was pleased how they wrapped my furniture and secured it with straps in the truck.
- Mary B.

I recently used The Right Movers. We moved from a single-story two bedroom house in The Heights to a two-story four bedroom house in Humble. We requested a 3-person crew. They were FANTASTIC. Everything was wrapped and loaded with care. Mike, was so knowledgeable about the best way to fit everything in. The entire crew assessed each room to see what would be loaded up and then made the best plan. I was concerned that not all of our stuff would fit in the truck toward the end but sure enough, everything had a place on the truck. Nothing broke in transit (in fact, the only items that we broken in the new house were items my husband and I dropped during unpacking). They were super efficient and really great guys. I think that for the price, these folks can't be beat! I quoted a total of 10 companies and they had the best prices by far. Chuck was really nice as well. He came off a little scatterbrained at first but everything was handled according to our conversation. Our crew showed up on time and the rate we agreed to was what we were charged. The crew had me check them in and out so I knew when our time started. We ended up using them for 5 hours and the experience was completely positive. It was my first time using movers and I will NEVER move without movers again. I am 7 months pregnant so there was not much I could do and my husband couldn't move furniture by himself in a two-story home (and we really didn't want to bother our friends and family). The other perk was that the movers put all of the boxes in the corresponding room at the new house so it made unpacking a breeze since we didn't have to sort through boxes and take them to the proper rooms. I can't thank these guys enough for making our lives easier. Job well done!
- Marcela C.

This is a professional group of movers. We moved from College Station to Dickinson before Hurricane Harvey. They came on time. Wrapped what was needed and most importantly delivered all items to the respective rooms at our new place undamaged. Could not have asked for more. I will definitely hire them again. God Bless these guys.
- Paul Mario Koola

I contacted The Right Movers last week for a quote to move my in-laws. I received a great quote from Chuck and he was very polite on the phone. The move was done much faster than I anticipated, they were polite and nothing was damaged! No complaints, would use them again!
- Tarah M.

This company did a great job for us. The two gentlemen were polite and were very careful with our furniture.
- Ollie G.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. CHUCK (owner) VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I moved my 65 in TV from NC to Indiana to Texas. This company was moving it 37 miles and destroyed it. The move was 19 June 19. Driver took responsibility for original damage which the base was shattered. CHUCK told his employee to remove it so the company can replace it. I called Chuck back in a week He claimed he ordered it . Constant calls with the response being a different lie each time. By this time it is the middle of August. I told him I had to leave town and I wanted to base to the TV that day because I was leaving town and didn't know when I would return.Last lie he claimed the driver had it on the truck. and was doing a job in North Houston and wanted me to wait until I got back. I told him I've waited long enough. Today's date is 9 September 19 and still no base to my TV. Turned on the TV and TV is completely destroyed. Checked BBB and this company has an F rating. Lesson learned. I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR YOUR OWN PEACE OF MIND
- Amelia W

The owner, Chuck, disagreed with the amount of my tip. Why? It was zero. Why? Because his guys said they had finished the job, so I paid them and they went home. BUT a problem arose. They had NOT finished at all. So when I paid Chuck the balance, I deducted their entire tip. Later that night, yet another problem arose: My Louie Voutan wallet was, and still is, missing. But that's not all. Also missing, were my big screen TV, a Bedstand, AND the Louie. So when I called the "moving magnate" Chuck to tell him, he informed me he was the one who took my big screen tv and bedstand and would not return them until I paid the tip. He did finally returned A television, and the bedstand, but only because I called him, recorded the call, got him into an argument. In the argument, he said very clearly that he would not return anything unless I gave him a $180 tip. Perfect. That's when I told him I had recorded him, played it back to him and told him I was taking it to the police. He sent the TV back by someone else that night; but it was NOT my TV. He said he didn't have my TV anymore, but that this one was better. I wonder who it belongs to. Bottom Line: Right Movers. Wrong Choice. Run Away! Run Away! Run Away! Run Away! Run Away
- Thomas M.

These guys, Rochell and Luke were on time, worked quickly and we had a terrific move at exactly the rate quoted. They were careful with fragile items and furnished blankets, etc. They were very reasonable price wise and I would use them again in a heartbeat.
- Tom O.

Called 2/28/19 for a quote from this company for the next day and was told a time between 10am and forward to the next day and received a call from the owner at 9am saying they would arrive at 1230pm. This time came and went and at approximately 230pm I receive a call again from the owner saying they would be there shortly. This time came and went and at 315pm I called and was told he was on the way...the owner comes by and promises they will be there in 15 minutes. Movers finally show up at 430pm and was given the wrong amount for tjhe move. The owner tries to handle 6 moving vans from a Blackberry phone and customers and movers are put on hold for ages or calls dropped meaning having to recall or wait as he has a constant backlog of calls . Absolutely no apology given by owner for the crappy experience and top of all else, was charged an additional $5.00 for using a credit card (which was then tendered through Paypal)- though not stated at the beginning that there would be this charge. Under no circumstance would I ever use this company again or would I recommend that anyone else use it.
- Kelly T.

These some rip off ass movers. We called them a week in advance and this morning we had to even call them and he had the nerve to ask if we can move "tomorrow" just to fit their schedule, kept hanging the phone up, unprofessional as ever. then after we found replacements we called to inform them to cancel our appointment, he all of a sudden said they were on their way when their truck was initially "broke"...
- Mya H.

Do not. Do not. Do not. Do not use this company. We went through a terrible 48 hour ordeal with the just moving from Houston to Dallas. We booked a week in advance to move on the 31st May. Confirmed on 30th. They showed up 6 hours late at 11:45pm. Loaded for 5 hours. Supposed to deliver on 1st afternoon 4pm. But the truck broke down and we were stuck. Did not get our stuff until the next day on 2nd till 7:30pm. We still paid and tipped no matter but like many others here we had an extremely stressful experience which was unnecessary. Should have checked here first.
- They S.

When the right movers are the worst movers... if I didn't have to give any stars, I would not! They were supposed to arrive at 1pm they got there at 5pm. One guy was ready to work the other guy, who was the lead, said he was tired and burnt out. He should of gone home! The younger guy did most of the heavy lifting on his own and my husband and son both helped as we had to be out, because the lead guy was dragging his feet my husband sent them home without assembling the rest of it. We were highly disappointed and would not recommend these movers to anyone! Read the reviews!!! It was a nightmare...I hope this company gets it together for the integrity of others.
- Maggie C.

The owner, Chuck, is a liar and made no attempt to rectify the situation. I did file a chargeback in an attempt to speed up the process. You, yourself, just admitted your employee was fired for damaging other property - this is your problem for hiring people or the caliber. You didn't attempt to credit me the $70-$140 you admitted to damaging and still have not to date. If my employees damage something and I take responsibility as you just did in your response, then I would credit them what was rightfully owed to them. Also, the bed was damaged, it surely didn't go into storage like the way it was delivered to my home. There no reason to lie or make false claims. I surely am not losing sleep over $650, which was around my total price ( it's been a while, don't remember the exact dollar amount, since you took over one year to respond ). My lawyer didn't deem it false, he said you aren't even worth his time and gave my fiancée ( his daughter ) and I a replacement for the vase. Again, you have the character flaw and weren't worth going back and forth with for a few hundred dollars. I hope other people realize your lack of professionalism and reliability and hire alternative services. Happy New Year. God Bless.
- Brandon R.

Chuck ,Worse manager /owner ever! Don't hire the owner doesn't believe in being responsible for damages his worker incur. All he thinks of is taking your money period. He's rude and about to get sued if he doesn't take care of his obligations! People like this should NOT be in business! Do not hire
- Lieza S.

Do NOT, I repeat do NOT hire these ppl to move your furniture! U will regret it!!!! My family hired these ppl, "the right movers" to do a service and the only thing they did right was fuck them over then have the nerve to call them and curse them out! How disrespectful is that?!?! When they left bad reviews, the manager is the one who called them and cursed them out! As a manager of a business u should reach out to the customer and apologize profusely and find a resolution!!! I'm not even a business owner and even that is common sense!! They have major lack of communication and no kind of professionalism so if u want ur stuff messed up and done half ass go ahead and hire these ppl.
- Jennifer N.

Arrived 45 minutes later than promised, but made up time working faster than I expected. Gary and Peter worked nonstop until finishing in half the time we budgeted. Two hour minimum, but loaded all we had in that first hour.
- G M.

Horrible moving company. I do NOT recommend anyone using them. Movers do not show up on time, actually they were 3 hrs late and when the owner was contacted he said he was not responsible for what time they get there. WHAT????? You're the owner!!!!!! Once they finally got there two of the employees did OK but the third just stood around and did absolutely nothing. Again the owner said he has no control of his employees. Again WHAT????? Because of the third employee not doing anything they had to work an extra 20 mins past their time and charged for a entire extra hour. When contacted about this the owner could have cared less and wanted to argue. This is a great moving company if you are expecting them to arrive extremely late, do nothing, and then overcharge but if you are looking for QUALITY movers please contact someone else.
- Jeffrey W.

If I could give zero stars I would. These guys showed up late, asked for gas money and seriously overcharged over their laziness! I talked to the owner where he wanted to argue and told me he couldn't help what time the workers show up since he doesn't wake them up! Terrible company! Do not use!
- Tonya S.

The first time I hired them, they did a great job. So I referred them some people and hired them again. I requested the same guys to help me. Both times they were quite late. The 2nd time it was not the same people. He did not tell me that they were not available. These 2 guys broke my case and was careless taking my things into my new home. Chuck said he would take care of my paint but the guy he hired is horrible with time. It have been 2 weeks and this guy still has not fixed it. Chuck said nothing about my broken vase.
- John N.

The worst mover company EVER! The actual movers were awesome but the owner, Chuck, is money hungry, ignorant, and has no idea of how to run a business. I moved from a high rise (which comes with conditions like a particular timeframe for moving, rules about ID, clean up responsibility, etc.) that the owner assured me the movers were aware of. NOT THE CASE! The frustration of the movers with the process was evident the owner did NOT tell them the rules. In addition the movers were late because they were delayed by the owner who said they were on their way. This delayed our move to Uhaul UBox. We had to store some items overnight and after assuring me he would not charge and that I would pay for the additional time in the morning, the Owner joined me in a 3-way call with a work in which the worker was cussing him out, the owner yelling and I find out he was trying to charge more money than our agreement. Once the owner arrived with a key to open the truck lock (1 hour late) the key broke and it took him three hours to get a replacement because he was too cheap to pay the $90 to have the locksmith do it. It took 20 mins to finish our job and another hour of him trying to rip me off.
- Vena F.

The Right Movers provided an amazing service. They helped to fit all of my belongings in the truck although it may have been more than expected. They worked very quickly and packed everything very carefully. They were also very respectful and helped to unpack and even gave advice on how to beat setup furniture in my new home. Great experience and recommended!
- Justyna C.

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