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About The Other Side Movers

We provide free estimates, perform full-service packing, and moving services for personal and commercial moves. In addition, we offer furniture installation and reconfiguration services. We are fast, careful, and serve with a smile. Our guys might have some wild tattoos, but they will be the hardest working, friendliest, and  most careful movers you have ever hired. Hard work is part of our healing process.

Moving-Me about The Other Side Movers

This business was established in 2015. The Other Side Movers is one of several training schools at The Other Side Academy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, a residential facility that helps former felons, substance abusers and others get clean, stay clean, and learn how to live successful, productive lives.

The Other Side Movers Licenses & Certificates

The Other Side Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 32855612

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: HHG-00582

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What is The Other Side Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2300. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. The Other Side Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

The Other Side Movers Reviews

We had requested service for unloading our pod for our move in. The movers (sorry, I forgot their names!) were on time and finished quickly, they even suggested putting our furniture together before they finished way before the hours charged. We were extremely satisfied and will use them again!
- C W.

The Other Side Movers are the best at what they do. They go above and beyond the normal moving quote. The guys were so professional and courteous and never had a bad thing to say in a most difficult move. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is moving. My belongings were in tact, and they even had wardrobe boxes at no additional charge so my clothes were not all over the place.
- Cindy A.

Overall, I had a great experience with The Other Side Movers. They were a professional, friendly team to work with. Making an appointment was easy and they worked with me when I needed to change my appointment. The team sent to move my items went above and beyond to help me. My only complaint is when I made the appointment the cost for the move was not clear. I was told I was being charged per hour, not per man per hour so when the movers collected payment it was almost triple what I expected. When I made the appointment, the gentleman I spoke with on the phone automatically provided 4 men for the move, but if I would have been told I would be charged per man I might have requested only 3 men to be sent. I called after the move to hopefully resolve the issue and was told it was a simple mistake, but this "simple mistake" cost me triple the amount I originally planned for. I was told a supervisor would call me back and received no such phone call. I feel I was deceived on the pricing, but I am satisfied with the movers I worked with.
- Lindsay G.

We used The The Other Side Movers for our move today. We moved from a 3 story condo into a home with a full basement, with a stop at our storage unit along the way. They sent 4 guys because our move was on the larger scale. The guys were on time, very efficient, professional and courteous. No extra charges for stairs, as with many companies. I cannot recommend this company enough! Plus, the philosophy behind the company is amazing. They are changing lives. Additionally, your move is tax deductible when you use them. You want to see your money change lives? Use them and check out their academy. Wow! So impressed.
- Shelley J.

The Other Side came through for me with short-notice packing and moving. You could not get a nicer, more courteous crew, and at a great rate, to boot. It is a training program, so they are not a seamless moving crew like some other movers I have seen, but the showed up on time, worked hard, and at half the price of other quotes. Good looking truck, too! I would not hesitate to hire them again, and I commend The Other Side on their program.
- Lisa B.

These guys are awesome! Friendly, courteous, and efficient. We had a lot of stuff and they got right to it and never stopped. They worked for 4+ hours and never quit. They wrapped and unwrapped everything AND put things where I asked. The booking process is super easy and thorough. I move fairly frequently and will definitely call them again. I've also recommended them to several people I know who are moving soon.
- Michele S.

We used the Other Side Movers during December 2017. They were on time, professional, well trained, prepared, and fast! They packed our things when needed, and unpacked as well. Knowing that you're contributing to a worthy cause while getting the best move possible makes using this company a no brainer. Thanks guys!
- Jason B.

These guys are just phenomenal! Every bit of my interaction with various folks was quick and effective. Moving is a stressful process but the Other side movers made it look quite the opposite. Scott helped us set up logistics and schedules when I called him up initially. He kept it simple and went over everything with me on the 2 minute phone call. Matt and crew helped me move my stuff on the day of the move and they were just AWESOME. They put in all their effort to make sure we were done as fast as possible in the interest of time since we had appliance deliveries happening the same day. The crew had the right attitude towards the job and went the extra mile to help out. I believe a review makes more sense when we compare someone's service with another set of operators providing the same service. I had a friend who got his stuff done via somebody else who are highly reviewed on yelp and having a first hand experience of their casual attitude and the slow tortoise approach, I know I made the right choice with the Other Side Movers. Thank you guys! Keep hustling and be prepared for more jobs .. I am going to recommend you guys to all my friends looking for help!
- Avit S.

I found this company thru the internet and quickly jumped on yelp to see what this company is all about.... After reading the reviews, I figured out that I would need them for about 10 hours, I got a hold of "The Other Side Movers" page. and was pleasantly surprised that I got a quick response from the website, and when I say quick... less than 5 minute response! Anyways we spoke about prices, man power and times and told me I would only need half the time that I was thinking of. When I asked about a second stop, I was told with no hesitation that they will do whatever I needed to get the job done. On the day of the move, I thought if they only took the big stuff I could get the rest of the smaller stuff in my car, but they had other ideas. I was finishing up with the kitchen and they jumped in and not only finished packing my bedroom but loading it in the truck! They shrink wrapped all the dressers and cabinets that would come open and took extra care with the grandfather clock that I was extremely nervous about moving. Throughout the entire time Robert, Mathew, Diego and Greg kept up laughing and ribbing each other to go faster.. (which I am not quite sure how they could possibly go faster). I asked them about the comment from one of the reviews said by "Whatever needs to be done, the guys will do it... " They said they do it all, Lawn mowing to window installation to painting. If you have a job to do, They got the right guy to do it... and Yes they have even put Sod in for someone! We stopped over to my brother in-laws house and what I thought would be a extra hour took minutes of them hustling up and down the stairs... and when I say hustle... I mean full on RUNNING!!! We got everything in the truck and while driving to my new place I was thinking "HOW???" how can these 4 run and I mean RUN back and forth the entire time.... they got to be exhausted. But I was Underestimating these guys once again... back and forth from the Condo Shed to the Truck to my Condo on the 3rd floor... running... yep, they had no signs of slowing down! They even separated the truck so they knew what went into the condo on the 3rd floor and what went into the shed... (HUGE relief that I didn't have to guide them or babysit them the entire time). During the entire time I was (attempting) to keep up with them by helping them move, My Hustle must of looked like a turtle in mud compared to them. Next time I will just stand back and watch the boys sweat! During the move a handle of one of the cabinets came off and they were quick to report it and wanted to fix it, But I wasn't worried about it... The dollop of E6000 glue would of been more cost then the cabinet was honestly worth and the scratch on the table wasn't more than 3 drops of stain to fix. On time... yep Careful with my stuff... Yep Yep! Quick to unload and load... Absolutely!!! More costly... Yes but totally worth it! Would I recommend them again... Yes! and I have.
- Ang S.

The Other Side Movers were great! The gentleman showed up early, took amazing care of my stuff, and did all the hard work with respect and kind smiles. Shylo, Bob, Daniel and Rodney - thank you for making a stressful life event so easy! I trusted these guys and would absolutely recommend them to anyone. Thanks again for your help!!
- Kim K.

Today was moving day. Our movers were scheduled to show at 10:00 and for the most part we were ready for them; however, they never showed. Initially I gave the "No-Shows" the benefit of the doubt, but when the next hours ticked by with no word from them panic started setting in. I pulled up Yelp to see if it was some how possible to hire some other movers same day? The first name on the Yelp list was "The Other Side Movers." I never even paused to consider the meaning of the name. Steve picked up on the other end and told me he would see what he could do once he got back to the office. Then Chris from the office called back. He asked me more about what I needed and said he would call me right back. HE DID! And he stated that 4 guys were on their way to our home right now. WOW! When they arrived, they were all clean, healthy looking and eager to work. At this point I honestly had no idea that these young men were all putting their lives back together. They worked fast and hard and were very polite. My husband and I were impressed. Once they were done we signed the receipt, were told about their insurance coverage on our belongings, then we tipped them well. They deserved it! It wasn't until they were gone that my husband told me about the program they were a part of. I almost cried at that point. How amazing these young men were. Little did we know that while they were helping us we were helping them. These guys saved us, we should have used them to begin with. I got them to stand for a picture before they left and arm in arm, showing how they support one another, they smiled and I clicked. What a morning! What a ministry!
- Linda R.

They were professional, on time, clean, and most importantly careful with al of our things. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a mover.
- andy b.

When I look back on every move I've done compared to this one, I think, "where has this company been all my life." The made a full house (and then truck) move the easiest experience. They were efficient but careful with all our belongings. Plus they were a fun group to spend the morning with which is nice during a move. I can't say enough good things. I would hire them again in a heartbeat!
- Ashley V.

We moved back in July of this year, and my girlfriend and I had no idea how easy moving could be. They were incredibly helpful and with it, on top of the moving company supporting such a great cause. I would highly recommend anybody considering using a moving company to use Other Side. Unless we move out of state, this is going to be the only moving company we'll ever use!
- John C.

There are NOT enough good things to say about this organization and our experiences with them. I did not know they were a non-profit (which means you can write off your move-wow, bonus) when I booked the move; I booked based on their online reviews. The three men who helped us (Matthew, Weston, and Cam) were terrific. They were personable, efficient and very gentle with our belongings. At the end of the move Matthew told me that we still had a little time in the two hour time allotment and asked if there was anything else they could do-THAT is excellent customer service. I have some trust issues following a terrible move in Colorado; these guys renewed my faith. I will absolutely use them again. I also appreciate their role in the community and I will continue to support their cause via donations.
- JenVen T.

I've used other moving companies in the past and have to say that The Other Side Movers were the most professional and took the best care of my belongings. They were easy to schedule with and quick to accommodate us when we needed to reschedule. They took care wrapping all of the furniture as well as fully wrapping the mattress and boxspring so that they were protected. Other companies that I've used acted as though it was a chore the whole time, but The Other Side Movers seemed happy to help and very polite. They also were extremely honest about any damage that occurred (a very small scrape on a wall due to our elliptical being hard to get out of the room due to the angle of the walls). I would have never personally noticed the damage, but they wanted to ensure that they were transparent throughout the process. They were reasonably priced and overall extremely worth every penny. I'd absolutely use them again.
- Brittney Y.

We employed The Other Side Movers to move our home furnishings in 2 phases, separated by about a month, in Oct-Nov '17, so we saw two different crews. Both crews were extremely proficient, taking good care of our things. They all had great attitudes, were strong, friendly to talk with, hard working, but not rushed. The price we paid was very fair when compared to other movers, and I also appreciate that these guys needed the work to get back on their feet. I was happy to help them and happy to get my home moved. Great job, guys!
- Fred S.

We recently used The Other Side Movers for two separate moves related to moving from our home to a storage facility and a new place to live. They were prompt, friendly, professional, and took excellent care of our possessions. They went above and beyond without complaint to get items out and in of tight spaces, and their prices were competitive. I would highly recommend them for your moving needs. You will receive excellent service, and you will advance an admirable cause -- a rare organization that truly makes our communities better and gives folks a meaningful "second chance" without being dependent on government funding or donations.
- Paul D.

We have used this company twice to help us and both times they have been great. Excellent customer service and very polite as well as extremely careful with everything they are moving or packing. Both groups of guys that have helped us have been very professional and attentive. I 100% recommend this company and will definitely keep them in mind for any future needs.
- Martha P.

In the past 10 years my family has moved a dozen times. I have tried a few other movers that we found through ksl or Craigslist, but was so disappointed that I've done most by myself. A friend recommended the other side movers to me. He told me how impressed he was with the quality and professionalism they showed during his move. I called them and set up our move. I am a huge fan and now a supporter of the other side movers. They were in contact with me through the whole process. They brought a own truck and 6 movers which made the job go so much quicker than any other move I have done. They guys were so kind, polite and professional that I strongly recommend their services to anyone.
- Nathanael S.

This was our 7th move in the last 15 years and was by far the best moving experience we have had. The five guys from The Other Side Movers were polite, fast, and professional. We appreciated that there was no swearing, smoking or cell phone use by the crew. It was very hot that day and we didn't hear one complaint from any of them. I would highly recommend The Other Side Movers!
- Laurie P.

Great set of guys, quick, nice and took great care of our belongings
- Anthony S.

The entire process was flawless, from planning the move with Steve until the moment the move was complete. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED working with Leif and his team!! This was one of the easiest moves I've ever done. They were very professional, efficient and fast! They worked hard and when we had a snafu with my boxspring, they didn't give up and kept trying to get it down the stairs until they found a solution. The best part of this move was the humor of all the men! Finally, I love the mission behind this company and will definitely use them again and recommend them to others!!
- Kimberly H.

Had a great experience with these guys! Very efficient and the communication was great throughout the process. Moving is already stressful and these guys ensured I would have nothing to worry about them. Highly recommend!
- Lauren L.

These were great. Very courteous and respectful of our belongings
- Francisco G.

The movers were extremely respectful, hard working, and honest.
- Linda J.

Oh my gosh, these guys were amazing! They showed up early, appropriately staffed and got to work. I had them move a heavy hide-a-bed couch to another floor and a treadmill two floors (which included disassembly). I couldn't find anyone to do the job, other moving companies didn't want to waste their time. They were VERY careful about not banging up my walls. Price was absolutely fair, considering the drive and the four man team that showed up.
- Lindsey B.

They did a fast efficient job for the best price. And its good that there fast when you pay by time.
- Kolby K.

The guys were very COVID conscious and wore masks and gloves throughout the move. They took great care to plastic wrap and protect my belongings. I think the biggest reason for my recommendation is that they communicated extremely well throughout my move.
- Jay O.

Outstanding again! This was the third time we've used The Other Side Movers for a move and they were extremely helpful, courteous, and worked quickly and without any breakage or damage; the crew had an amazing work ethic. Their fees were very reasonable, their communication was exceptional with fast follow up and check-ins before arriving. I will hire them again if we need to move, and I will recommend them to anyone looking for movers without hesitation.
- Carol-anne G.

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