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About Sullivan Moving & Storage

Sullivan Moving & Storage is an equal shareholder with other United agents in UNIGROUP, Inc. UNIGROUP is a holding company that not only owns United Van Lines, but also Mayflower Transit, an insurance and truck leasing company with consolidated revenues in excess of $2 billion. Sullivan has 130,000 square feet in two San Diego County warehouses. Additionally, we have 40,000 square feet in Phoenix and 40,000 square feet in Seattle, Washington. In our fleet of trucks we have 125 local units and 40 long distance tractor-trailers.

Moving-Me about Sullivan Moving & Storage

Sullivan Moving & Storage was established in 1912 and is the largest and most respected moving and storage company in San Diego. When United Van Lines began in 1944, Sullivan became a charter agent. Mark Fischer, the current president, after a long history with Sullivan purchased the company in 1987. They are the largest United Van Lines agent in San Diego county. Currently, they have two full service offices, a military only agency, two special product distribution centers. We also have a full service Mayflower agency in Phoenix.

Sullivan Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 077949

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: MTR 0190813

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What is Sullivan Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Sullivan Moving & Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Sullivan Moving & Storage Reviews

I cannot you how wonderful our experience with Gerry, Jay, Alfonso. They are truly kind, caring gentlemen. Their work ethic is impeccable. They are absolutely wonderful, wonderful workers. Anytime they need recommendations, please do not hesitate to call me.
- Dan P.

Professionally astute, sound, technical and tactfully proficient. Bobby & George are professionally astute, sound, technical and tactfully proficient. Outstanding customer service. Cares very much about their job.
- Tom B.

Can’t tell you. The title says it all. I can’t tell you about the moving services at all because I couldn’t even get a quote. Estimator showed up at our house for our move to Idaho in June. Stayed 5 minutes after telling us they could pick up our stuff but would have to store it 12 days because they didn’t have a driver who wanted to go to Idaho. Didn’t show any interest in working with us at all. My wife and I got the impression they didn’t care about our business. We’ll find somebody smaller who cares.
- Mike M.

Completed job in a timely manner. Completed job in a timely manner. Professional & Friendly staff.
- Leeann M.

Excellent crew. Excellent crew, very polite and professional. Read More
- Patrick C.

Hiring this company for a local move was one of the worst decisions I ever made. heir quote was significantly higher than other movers, but they seemed more professional, had great reviews, and were the only movers who moved plants. When they first arrived, one guy immediately started smoking while waiting for the truck to pull up front. He continued to smoke during the move whenever he took breaks. The entire crew seemed to take breaks a lot and for extended periods. I get it, moving is very tiring and it was hot, but it seemed excessive. They also failed to wrap my plush chairs and sofas, so not only did they get sweat on them, but also the loose pillows fell on the sidewalk. The drawers on all my furniture slid open and got banged around because they were not wrapped, either. In fact, nothing was wrapped. It wasn’t until I called their office to complain about the smoking and lack of care that they finally wrapped one sofa. The smoking didn’t stop, however. When they were done 5 hours later, they tried to charge me for the entire estimate of 7 hours. I called their office to dispute this, and they told me someone would call me back. While waiting, they got a call from their supervisor, who I could hear clearly. He asked them for my last name, then immediately asked another question: “Is she a f***ing Asian?” Needless to say, I do not recommend this company, unless you don’t care about your possessions, love the smell of cigarette smoke, and enjoy being called racist slurs by management who don’t care.
- Lori N.

Absolutely Fantastic! Wanted to take a moment to tell you how comforting to have you coordinate and communicate with us during our recent move. The movers, both in Arizona and Wisconsin were excellent. We could not be more pleased with our experience. Thanks to all!
- Eugene E.

My name is Cindy Chafin and I work for Encore Support Group I was the On-Site Manager for the Chowdhury's. I wanted to send in a email to let you know that Bastri Emini and his crew are one of the best I have had worked with in this industry. Mr. Emini assured me when I spoke with him before the move that I had nothing to worry about. I told him I would see if he could deliver, I'm emailing you to tell he did !!! From the very start with the care they took in covering the floors and making sure the railing and wall were padded. To the end when all were tried he made sure that all items were put together. This crew never let up with a day continual rain they took great care of the furniture and boxes with keeping them a dry a possible. ( Not an easy task) Also not once did I hear a complaint with anything I ask them to do they all showed great patience with me and with the care of all the furniture. At the end of the day my costumer was grateful and I had had what I consider to be great day in the moving industry ( doesn't happen often )! Thank you for sending Mr Emini to the Chowdhury home I would work with him and his crew again in a minute. Cindy
- Cindy C.

Don't hire Sullivan Moving & Storage if you value you personal belongings. Moving is an extremely stressful time for anyone, but we wanted to make our move was a pleasant and positive experience, which is why we hired Sullivan Moving & Storage an agent for United Van Lines - to ensure our personal belongings were in the hands of someone we could trust... or so we thought. In what should have been a simple 397.1 mile interstate move, Sullivan Moving & Storage an agent for United Van Lines did over $8,050.97 in damage to our personal belongs. Yes, you read that correctly - Sullivan Moving & Storage an agent for United Van Lines did over $8,050.97 in damage to our personal belongs. Boxes that were clearly marked fragile were found upside-down, sideways and smashed. Our dresser was even loaded upside-down and piled on on top of boxes and other fragile furniture. The Sullivan Moving & Storage an agent for United Van Lines team member who was responsible for unloading our belongs stated that it was the most poorly packed truck he had ever seen.
- Adam W.

Very Professional. Just wanted to let you know Carlos and his team did an awesome job with the move! Very professional and efficient team! Please let your team know how much we appreciated their hard work yesterday! Thanks,
- Karen C.

From the moment i got the call about my arrival time to the time they left my apartment the whole unloading etc was painful. They arrived late and to make it worse the driver arrived with a child! His child! Boxes arrived damaged, items inside broken/shattered, clothes in piles in boxes. They brought up large wardrobes but refused to attempt to take them in saying they would not fit but stated they could get them into the living room then failed to do so. At the end of the day told me he would come back on his day off and disassemble and move the wardrobes in on his own...SCAMMED!!! I felt violated. The claims manager is just was bad and blamed me for the events. NEVER WILL RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY If i could give 0 stars i would
- Lisa E.

Melinda of Sullivan Moving and Storage is great. She really stepped up when I had some issues with my origin agent (east coast long distance move). I enjoyed talking to her and she made a customer of me when I do a local move in San Diego next. She was nice, caring and appropriate with me.
- Will G.

Sullivan moved a household of furniture for me for a bit of a last minute move. They were very responsive, accommodated all the schedule constraints and glitches, and were on time and on budget. Laurel and Heather were a pleasure to work with. I'd definitely recommend.
- A G.

Still-deservedly 1-star review with even broken items. This is a garbage company and its becoming a game of what is not broken or damaged over what got here in one piece. Avoid this company at all costs, the most unprofessional experience I have encountered in my life. Broken items and late delivery. Just a really bad experience and I'm hoping the national company United will reconcile the issues because the thousands of dollars I paid for this service seems like theft. Should have gotten a U-haul and done it myself. I had booked this company through a United salesperson and swore up and down how great this company was. What I got was sloppy moving out of my apartment in San Diego that had two great gentleman and then their boss who showed up and was a total asshole. The two guys worked great until the "supervisor" showed up and insisted on cutting almost every corner. He verbally berated me for buying additional insurance and told me he refused to sign off on my insurance items that were in an open box because we "didn't pay him to pack those boxes." This wasn't the worst part. I was given a 4-10 day delivery window (Showed up on the 10th day) for my items to show up in a suburb of Portland, OR. I had confirmed a time with the driver two days prior for a delivery window on a Saturday morning from 8-9 am. I get a call at 8:30 am that morning with the driver telling me he is going to be two hours late with vehicle trouble. I'm a reasonable guy so, not the end of the wrong right? The driver then proceeded to tell me that because he is running late that his hired help won't be there and then proceeded to ask me to help him unload the big furniture with him! He seriously asked me to unload the truck with him.... I told him no, I wouldn't do that on the phone then then contacted Sullivan moving. Two hours later the driver called back and said he had gotten it handled, again, trying to be reasonable I was going to let it slide. He had obviously just picked up some guy here locally to help with the move. I was specifically told that moving professionals would be handling my items on both ends, not the case. The driver then finally shows up and apparently didn't take a look at the map for my apartment and could not fit the trailer in to my complex. When he showed up he told me this like it was my fault and then asked if I drove a pick-up truck so they could use it to drive my items up from the street, who does that? At this point we had been in our place for a week with no furniture and I just wanted to be done with it, they started unloading my stuff and I instantly started noticing crunched boxes and two broken furniture items. I felt bad that the driver had to get the items from so far away and the poor guy he picked up off the street to help seemed miserable in the 100 degree heat so I didn't want to pile on him with my frustration. After being told the move would be completed in less than 90 minutes it ended up taking almost 4 hours. Then we get to all the broken Items... Right off the bat you can just tell that not much care went into transferring these items. The quality I saw from the two awesome movers of getting my stuff into the truck initially was not shown when my items arrived. On top of just the initial damage I saw we are now finding things broken in the boxes as we are unpacking left and right. I had packed very carefully knowing that these items where going to be moved around but it appears that someone went out of their way to treat these boxes poorly. How some of these items ended up broken is beyond me, I'm holding my breath and avoiding opening my girlfriends Grandmothers China set because we are afraid to even look. Not to mention we weren't allowed to list the items even though we paid additional for insurance. Terrible, terrible and more terrible. I have only opened a few boxes but I'm sure there will be more pictures as we go along.
- Erich G.

If you are expecting or want decent customer service, go somewhere else. Was receiving furniture from Costco who contracted with Sullivan to deliver it. Coordinating the deliver became difficult as they would not respond to calls including from the Costco rep. Amanda is the contact person who should consider a profession outside of customer service as it did not appear that she was concerned at all about any issues regarding the delivery. There are plenty of quality movers in San Diego. This does not appear to be one.
- Kyle S.

We are super happy with the service provided by Sullivan Moving & Storage. The process was so easy from initial estimate to move completion. Our goods were handled with great care and everything arrived without any damage. We followed the advice of our estimator Dave and moved a few odd-sized things on our own and our final bill was less than estimate. Our thanks to Dave, Landy, Carlos, Jason and Luis for a job well done.
- K R.

My shipment just got dropped off and I must say I am extremely disappointed. The men who unloaded in Chicago were fantastic, however, they told me they had never seen a cube packed so poorly: the furniture wasn't covered, the heavy boxes were on top of the small lighter boxes and this caused boxes to be completely smashed in and ripped and the box labeled fragile has multiple broken items. On top of that, the inventory that was take in SD was horrible. There were at least 8 items (all recorded on this end in Chicago) that didn't have stickers. This included furniture. The inventory was also mislabeled and there were stickers for items that weren't in the inventory sheet. My two kitchen chairs were also damaged. One is covered in dirt, the other has a fabric rip down the back. The men who helped me unload in Chicago were so appalled by the condition of my stuff when they opened the truck at the warehouse that they took pictures. Needless to say, I am NOT happy.
- Kelly M.

A mover from hell! We have two sets of coffee and end table sets. From set one, broken end table in pieces, from set two, huge crack on the corner. Unbelievable.
- Jack Y.

Let's just start with, if it hadn't been a government move I would never have dealt with this company. My daughter walked down the hallway of our house while these movers were packing up and one mover said to the other "I'm not fucking babysitting". Then he started calling for me, and when I appeared asked me "if I was ok?" As if illness or injury could be the only reason I'd let my kid roam down a familiar hallway that led to where her room used to be. They were astonished that we wanted them to transport our motorcycle, which was accurately and repeatedly mentioned on every manifest they had. They didn't fit it in the truck. We don't have a lot of stuff, and constantly are very far below our max weight allowance, even with a 750lbs motorcycle included. They crammed our belongings so tightly into that truck, I saw the box carrying our TV bow. And they still didn't get it all to fit. Very very disappointed. I know they make a good paycheck from the government serving military families, but between the rude workers swearing in front of my two year old and the inadequate room and preparation, I will never recommend his service.
- BillKimmy G.

After reading all the bad reviews of ALL moving companies, we were afraid to hire anybody. But that was not an option. We decided on United because they were the least expensive, but had estimated the highest weight and cubic feet of our stuff. Also, they are a large company. We packed most of our stuff ourselves, but did have them do our electronics and TVs. They were organized and put stickers on every item, logging it in as it entered the van. When the van arrived at our new home, we checked off all the numbers from the stickers. Everything arrived. Some relatively minor damage to a bookcase and Murphy bed but given the amount of stuff we had, that's pretty good. We would hire them again, but hope we don't move for a very long time.
- Mary A.

I am moving from San Diego to Chicago. While the idea of moving across the country sounds stressful, Sullivan made the experience totally painless! Ricky, Matthew, and Danny made quick (90 minutes!) work of all my furniture, handled my stuff with care, and were highly personable. I was blown away by their efficiency and good humor. Thanks, guys!
- Christine S.

They fixed the issue around crate fees being refunded. Hopefully I get the claim paid for the lost items that were not delivered.
- Ben P.

Instead of parking in the street next to their customer's apartment, they decided to pull into the fire lane, blocking my garage and blocking me in. Mind you, had they parked at the end of the building and not blocked my garage, they would only be a mere 20 feet away from the home where they were unpacking. Completely disrespectful and LAZY. After they were alerted that they were blocking my entry and exit to my garage they just pulled right back in and blocked my garage driveway again. Your drivers have a poor attitude and were extremely rude. Where do you get off completely blocking someone else's entry and exit to their home with no disregard? If your drivers can't be considerate and walk 20 feet to and from their truck to the home they are unpacking in order to not block other people's garage entry, then perhaps you should consider getting new employees.
- S K.

It's been about 2 weeks since we received our stuff and I am still going through all of the boxes since I have incredible amount of clothes and guess what? All of my favorite dresses are missing as well! I'm wondering if you guys decided to take all the stuff you guys liked? Or delivered them to the wrong house?! I'm so angry right now that I can't even sleep! I would not recommend this company even to my worst enemy! Do not give this shady company anymore business! I seriously HATE this company so much! This company is extremely unorganized and the only thing they care about is making money. Trust me, they really don't care about their customers and they are RUDE AND SHADY! They're going to take their sweet time delivering your stuff and then come up with all these lame excuses on why they can't deliver within 21 days. They took over 21 days to deliver our stuff and they ended up losing all of our coats and some of my fiancé's bagsI really loved all of my coats and sadly, they're not replaceable. Also, when the movers came to deliver, they brought bunch of stuff that weren't even ours so my fiancé told them to take them back. I am thinking they forgot to put stickers on bunch of stuff and that's prob how our stuff got lost. I can't believe how irresponsible these movers are. The only thing I was happy about was when my fiancé's bookshelf came back all broken since I hated his bookshelf. Please do not waste your time and money on this company and do your research bc they won't even feel bad about losing your stuff.
- Vanessa S.

Used them to move to San Diego a year ago. Multiple expensive items missing, either stolen or broken. They made hardly an effort to look into this and were not compensated for the loss. How can a moving company lose a gigantic arc lamp and a 50lbs crystal rock, not to mention other pieces of furniture etc. DO NOT USE THEM. You will regret it! We give them a chance and they did nothing to fix the problem.
- John W.

Absolutely terrible service! Moved from San Diego to Denver between May and July 2019. Sullivan movers packed an electric mower that I specifically said was to stay at my property in San Diego for the new owners. Then they set a piece of heavy furniture or on top of my brand new $900 Samsung dryer and crushed the lid while it was either in their warehouse in San Diego or when they transferred it to the interstate moving van. Of course the movers stuck it in the garage at the new house in Denver and didn't tell me it was damaged. The driver, who was supposed to be tracking and checking off items taken off the truck, kept sending items from someone else's shipment - with different colored lot stickers - into my house. I thought I'd caught everything and turned them around, but they drove off and left several shelves from someone else's shipment in my house. The process to get the United corporate office or any of their local contractors in or near Denver to come back and get the damn shelves and get them to the proper owner was impossible! I called Sullivan twice, who claimed they forwarded the message to corporate. After several weeks of hearing nothing I called the corporate office and talked to Lisa and she assured me someone would come out. Nope...called again..."isn't United concerned about returning these items to the owner?" Well, the owner hasn't filed a claim...Long story short, 45 days later, United has not picked up these items and returned them to the rightful owner. Folks, these people have no concern in getting your personal belongings to you in good condition, they are oblivious to the concepts of accountability, reliability and customer service, and I do not recommend contracting with them or any other United/Mayflower (they are affiliated now), company, the corporate philosophy is screw the customer. Three words - Piss poor performance.
- P. D.

I moved some items from Fullerton to my new condo in Rosarito Beach, the movers, Fernando and his helper were on time and so very professional. Not only did they pack the truck, they were able to clear customs and deliver my items Friday night instead of Saturday. Thanks to the whole team, my Mexico move was painless. They Rock!
- Karyn S.

I was in a really bad situation when another local company told me that I would have to get rid of my couch because they could not fit it in through any of the doorways. I freaked and called Sullivan Moving and Storage and Lindsay Reid immediately found me four of her movers to HOIST the couch from one level to the next and Done in a very short period of time. I am very grateful because to have to purchase a new couch was not even an option for me!! Why the other company did not think of that.. hmmmm We are grateful to Lindsay and the four was named Jose. 🙂
- Patricia R.

I moved recently from San Diego to Escondido. As stressful as moving can be, Sullivan Moving & Storage made the process as seamless as possible. From my initial contact with Steve, he was friendly & professional. The moving quote was sent quickly and my date was secured. A moving coordinator named Heather contacted me prior to confirm the details, she was very nice and responsive with answering questions. The moving Team of Deshawn, DJ and Andrew were outstanding. Friendly and professional, very organized and efficient. In extremely good spirits the entire time, which helped make the move less stressful. I decided on a (3) person crew and it definitely helped get the job done much faster. I highly recommend that crew and this company. Pricing was competitive and the service was amazing!
- J U.

The company was very professional. On time, they packed some cherished items for me, dropped off my household goods to my new home in a timely manner, and even called an hour ahead to meet them. The driver and team were efficient, hard working, and polite. They worked wonderfully together. They laid down paper at both residences, and were very careful with my walls and floors. They took precautions to care for my valued antiques. Angie, the customer service rep for Sullivan was always polite, and helpful. I would say there were a few minor hiccups that were smoothed out promptly and I am very satis
- Paulette T.

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