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was founded in 2011 by partners Nick and Dan while attending Cornell.

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Quality of service: 3.1

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Customers’ rating: 2.2

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There are many movers in Boston to choose from – our goal is to be the best. We take tremendous pride in our focus on quality service and affordable pricing. Our company is constantly evolving so we can continue to offer a service that is superior to the competition in more ways than just pricing. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve your moving and storage needs and consider ourselves lucky to do something we love each and every day!

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No matter what your specific needs may be, Storage Squad promises to exceed your expectations and go the extra mile to ensure your move is both stress-free and enjoyable. With their expertise in the industry, you can be rest assured that your experience will be nothing but satisfactory. When you put your trust into the Storage Squad’s team of Cambridge movers – that trust is rewarded with professionalism, courtesy, affordability and a truly one of a kind experience that you can only get with the best Cambridge movers.

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What is the average Cambridge mover service cost?

Storage Squad Inc. Moving Company offers relocation services at an average Cambridge moving costs. Be ready to pay 185$ for the first 2 hours of work each additional hour is 75$ extra fee for packing depending on the size. Call our consultant to get more detailed information immediately based on your request and moving needs. Fill out the Storage Squad Inc. Moving Quote and our consultant will contact you during the day.

Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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Storage Squad Moving Company Reviews

WORST Experience EVER. The storage was suppose to be delivered on September 1st but it was not delivered at all and there was no call back for my delivery status or anything. So I had to call back the next morning and they said to wait for a call but no one called back. I had to call them several times and still do not know my delivery. The last answer I received is that I will receive my package on September 3rd, which is 2 days LATE from my requested delivery date.
- Stephanie Y.

My daughter attends Northeastern. Storage Squad seemed great until they delivered her boxes and the contents were damp and covered in mold. My daughter had to throw a lot of her belongings away. The rest she had to treat with vinegar and wash as she was moving in and getting ready to begin classes. Not an ideal way to start the school year. Another parent on the FB page at NEU reported that Storage Squad literally lost her daughter's boxes and they've been avoiding responding to the student and her parent's calls and messages. Shame on Storage Squad. AVOID this company.
- Diane F.

ATTENTION STUDENTS - Think again before you use this service!The fact that Storage Squad was designed with students in mind is laughable. I knew I was taking a risk when I decided to use a service that does not let you choose a delivery window, but I was pressed for time in finding a storage service. Like several other recent reviewers, I also did not receive my delivery during my pick-up window. I called customer service who advised me that the truck had apparently broken down and basically begged me to give them a couple of hours past my window to deliver it. Note that I had been waiting for three hours at this point and had dinner plans scheduled that night. Wanting to get the delivery over with, I waited an hour past my window. Still no sign of delivery. I called customer service again (There seems to be only one customer service agent. I spoke with the same woman three times that late afternoon) and asked her to move my delivery date to Sunday. Although she was able to process my request, she did not at all seem sympathetic or concerned about my customer satisfaction. On Sunday, my delivery window was supposed to be between 12:30 to 3. At 2, I received an email notifying me that my window was changed from 5 to 7. Outraged that they expected me to take nearly 5 hours out of my day to accommodate them, I called up the customer service agent to yet again have my delivery date moved. Apparently, Storage Squad does not care if you have plans or errands to run. When discussing future dates with the agent, I told her Friday was not available for me. I explained to her that I am a law student and have a court appearance on Friday. The first date she suggested to me was - you guessed it - Friday. The following dates she suggested to me were all during the day on weekdays... During the day. During the week. You know, when students have class.... And this company is supposed to be only for students. There is a huge conflict between Storage Squad's business model and how it actually functions. The next weekend available was at the end of the month. At least the customer service agent was willing to recognize that this delay would be ridiculous, but her solution to this problem was to plead for me to keep my 5 to 7 window. Weren't there any housemates there to accept my things? Could I cancel my plans? Luckily, I have amazing housemates who were able to take the time out of their busy law student schedules to let the deliverymen in. Then I received a phone call from one of my housemates... only a fraction of my things were delivered. My mattress was delivered, but no bed frame. My desk chair was delivered, but no desk. First of all, how could they leave without all of my things?Second, why did they make my housemate inform me that they messed up? As if that weren't already outrageous, they had her pass on instructions to call customer service to schedule another date. Why couldn't customer service call me to apologize and try to fix the mess they created? During this disaster, never was I offered a waiver or even a discount on my delivery fee. I messaged customer service with some suggestions, many of which I listed above. In response to my feedback, the agent thanked me and immediately told me to "have a nice day," as if they were desperate to end the chat. How accommodating! Clearly, they care about their customers! As a law student, I figured that if customer service wouldn't help me, maybe the law could. I checked out Storage Squad's Terms and Conditions to find at the very bottom of the page an indemnification clause. Basically, they can't be legally accountable for anything that happens as a result of you using their service - even death. I'm serious, go look for yourself. This is nothing short of unconscionable. Please do not use this service. The concept sounds great and, as a girlfriend of a Cornell alumnus, I wanted to help a Cornelian based business. What a mistake this was. Don't make the same mistake I did.
- Madeline P.

THINGS GO MISSING and they'll tell you it's not their fault. THESE EMPLOYEES ROB YOU andTHE EMPLOYERS LOOK THE OTHER WAY. I didn't appreciate storage squads service my first time I tried but I thought that the extra fees were partially my fault so I gave storage squad another try. I used storage squad for the summer and when I got back my 2 luggages were both opened and some stuffs were missing. They will not take responsibility and they will say that it's all they can do. Didn't get any reimbursement for my missing items. Instead I received horrible emails from customer service saying that it's not their policy to open boxes and take things. Well is any storage companies policy to take things away from costumers for good? If that's their official policy then there is something wrong with the definition of storage. In my situation my belongings WERE MISSING and my items WERE OPENED. A storage company shouldn't take things away permanently. I hope they can find their way of enforcing their policy rather than claiming one that they can not follow up.
- June L.

I'll start with the good -- great pricing and friendly service when they arrive. Emphasis on WHEN they arrive. So far none of my items have gone missing or been damaged.I've interacted with Storage Squad three times:Supplies Handout (Spring 2019)Storage Pickup (Spring 2019)Storage Dropoff (Fall 2019)and I'm still waiting for my fourth -- Supplies Handout (Winter 2019). Each time, the team has been EXTREMELY late. The first pickup, they were 90 minutes late. There are multiple schools to deliver/dropoff to, and traffic is sucky in Boston, but when I moved back into school Fall 2019 they did not arrive until SIX HOURS after my scheduled dropoff time. The call center was also closed, so I could not receive ANY word about what the heck was going on. I understand delays happen, but they are late every single time, so please do not think that you can keep the same pickup/dropoff times when you have been late every single time. Change the times. Let us know if you're running late. I can't sit here waiting and miss class or miss a meal. Even if they dropoff the supplies when I'm not there, someone else can steal those while I'm gone. FIX YOUR TIMING.
- Claire K.

As an international student, I was really stressed about storing my stuff away for next semester because I had to go home for summer. Storage Squad made this procedure really simple and streamlined. All I had to do was collect their boxes (which were delivered to our school) and then pass our packed boxes back to them at our dorm on our desired date. The price is very reasonable for their services as they simplify the process so much.Definitely recommend Storage Squad for other students that are looking for storage over the summer!
- Jason W.

Had to move out in a rush because of COVID-19. Storage Squad adjusted their schedules to accommodate Boston students, and pickup was quick and easy. I considered several different companies, but this one was the most convenient, with a shorter time window for pickup, and they met me right in my dorm lobby. Professional workers and easy website, too.
- Clara W.

I cannot than you enough for making move-out so easy!! When Berklee cancelled classes at the last minute because of Covid-19, my daughter only had 3 days to vacate her dorm before coming home. We were able to get a last-minute appointment and your customer support chat people helped make sure the drivers arrived on-time so my daughter could catch her flight. You all made this very stressful time easy. Thank you!!
- Sharon K.

The worst storage company I have dealt with. I have been contacting them for the past 2 weeks to schedule delivery of my stored items. They keep saying to wait for delivery dates for August to get posted online. It's August and still no dates. When you try to call them, they don't answer the phone or hang up on you. I'm starting school in 2 days and don't know how to get my stored boxes back from them!
- Leyla A.

Do NOT Use these people. They lost one of my boxes. They don't pick up the phone when you call. They charged me late fees when I was never late. They were an hour late to my delivery appointment.
- Naomi B.

They have some of the worst customer service I've ever encountered. It took me over 2 months, many phone calls, and threats to take legal action to receive my items due to poor communication and pure laziness on their part.I chose Storage Squad for their affordability. Unfortunately, I didn't check their reviews first. I go to college in Boston and I stored one box with them over the summer. My plan was to have it delivered to me when I returned in the fall, but at the end of the summer I decided to have it shipped home to me instead. After exchanging a few emails about arranging the delivery over two weeks, they stopped responding to me. They never sent an invoice or tracking info, so I called a few times every week over the next 4 weeks. I was only able to get ahold of them three times -- they would either put me on hold for 20-45 minutes then drop the call, or answer and immediately hang up the phone because they didn't feel like doing their job. The first time they answered, they said they never put in the order to have my box shipped but they'd do it then and told me to call back the next week to see if it shipped. Two weeks later when I was able to get ahold of them again, they told me they still have my box and they might ship it in a few days. The next week I called again after receiving no invoice or tracking info, but this time I threatened to take legal action and that worked. They never sent me tracking info but I received it two weeks later.
- Jordan Y.

Great prices, good service, super easy!
- Ina Joseph

One of Storage Squad's delivery guys dropped my mini-fridge on the sidewalk, it got scratched and dented. The company refused to pay for it and eventually stopped responding to my emails. This "company" is incredibly unprofessional, do yourself a favor and look for something else.
- Bruno Berndt

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