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Quality of service: 4

Punctuality: 4.2

Accuracy of Estimate: 3.8

Customers’ rating: 4.1

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About Stellar Movers

Stellar Movers, LLC is your trusted moving company. Our team is dedicated to making your moving experience exciting and stress-free. You can rely on our professional Philly movers who are skilled, experienced, honest, and most important of all, insured. Whether you’re moving anywhere in Philadelphia, PA or to any of the lower 48 states, our professionals are the ones you can trust.

Moving-Me about Stellar Movers

Stellar Movers was established in 2011. The company takes pride in its courteous staff and the skilled professional movers. Moreover, the movers have meticulously maintained equipment and fully-equipped trucks to help the clients with moving items of various shapes and sizes. Since Stellar Movers is a local company, they strive to ensure that the services provided to local clients lessen their stresses-after all, the process of moving is in itself, very taxing.

Stellar Movers Licenses & Certificates

Stellar Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 908822

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 2590477

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: A-2015-246592

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What is Stellar Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Stellar Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Stellar Movers Reviews

We were thrilled with Stellar Movers! Troy was always super responsive and Sam in the office was so on top of everything. Our team on the day of the move, Mac, Mike & Tam, were amazing. They dealt with a very difficult parking situation (due to neighbors flat out ignoring our no parking signs from the city and refusing to move when asked), and did they best they could to get the job to be just one trip. We have a lot of storage and a lot of stuff, so it unfortunately had to be 2 trips, but not at all due to their lack of trying! That truck was packed all the way up to the roof! They were also able to do the second trip the very next day, which we were very happy with. Matt and I were so impressed and so happy with everyone we worked with. The team the next day, Mike (again!), Koof and Pete, was also very very good! Everyone handled our things with such care, and they were all so nice and friendly which always makes such a difference in a stressful situation. Thank you again for all your help with our move. We are so happy we trusted our move with Stellar Movers!
- Lauren Ayala

Thanks to Sam, Michael and Donovan at Stellar Movers for doing an apartment to third floor walk up condo unit move for us yesterday. During these unprecedented times , it’s hard to do anything but it’s very, very hard to move and these guys eased the pain of a stressful situation tremendously. They were patient and responsive and not only did the move in great time but were accommodating and placed items exactly as requested. Thumbs up !
- Jason Krom

Great experience and best decision we made when moving. It was super easy to book and they were quick to reply to my questions. The movers were prompt, friendly, professional and there were *no surprises* when it came to our final bill - they stayed within the estimate and didn't add on any shady charges at the end, like some companies do. I feel bad it took me this long to write a review... highly recommend these guys! Tip: if you live on or are moving to a very tiny street, it's a good idea to let them know. We got lucky and secured parking right around the corner but otherwise the truck they brought would have been too big for our street. Thanks Stellar Movers <3
- Erin O’Brian

This is my 3rd time using Stellar Movers and they are amazing. Matt, Tam, and Mike were great. They worked as a great team and took their vitamins because they loaded the truck in less than 2 hours especially the obstacles they had with our location. 5 stars and definitely will use their services in the future.
- Rei Zau

Stellar Movers did a great job with our move today in Philadelphia. Would definitely use them again, highly recommend!
- Female Vocalist

The movers did a great job-- very efficient and friendly!
- Michelle Schrader

Stellar Movers are the best movers ever! They moved all of my items quickly and took care of them. They were affordable, prompt, and made the moving experience fun. I have been recommending them to all of my friends and family because I was shocked that moving could be painless. I could not be more happy with my experience.
- Julia Richmond

Stellar arrived early to our apartment, completed the move on the low end of their time estimate, made sure to deduct time for their breaks, and didn't leave a mark on any wall or furniture. They also took COVID protections very seriously
- William Cowan

I booked these movers about a month out for a move at the end of August. With one week to go before the move, I got an email from them saying they had to cancel because their driver broke his foot. When I emailed back asking for recommendations or referrals to other companies due to the last minute nature of the cancellation, I was told to “google movers in Philadelphia.” It was completely unprofessional behavior, and the cancellation has left my sister and I scrambling to find a moving company in less than a week. Although their correspondence was prompt I would not recommend booking with them if you want dependable/reliable service. ***Upon writing this review I received multiple personal emails from Sam, the owner of the company, berating me, calling me low class, and bashing my character. If I could give this company a 0 for professionalism I would. Overall not so Stellar service, Sam!
- Lindsey Aragon

These guys were awesome! So careful and efficient, was amazed at their speed and ability. A friend was here with me and she was just as impressed and plans to use them for her move. Will definitely recommend!
- Rebecca A.

Simon & Don moved me from Philly to Charleston, SC. They did an excellent job of packing & unpacking. They arrived on time both days, departure & arrival. They worked fast & efficiently. Both really nice guys, respectful & courteous. They set up a couch, my bed & a couple other things for me. I called over 10 moving companies for this long distance move. Stellar had the best price & quickest delivery. Note- I did ensure to book this move well in advance. Highly recommend them!
- Susan V.

I wish I could have given a higher rating given the movers themselves (those actually packing and loading) are extremely nice and friendly guys but unfortunately aside from the interaction with the movers the experience was terrible and I attribute this almost entirely to the guy in charge of coordinating / serving as the primary point of contact. 1) There were four paintings that were missing, likely left behind at the loading dock or in the truck. They located two of the four on their truck and he insisted quite rudely that was all they had - despite my having photos which I sent him that showed the paintings were there when the apartment was being packed up. While I understand accidents happen, the response and attitude was unacceptable. He was condescending and completely unapologetic. Instead, when I asked for assistance, he behaved as if he was doing me a favor. 2) There was a sizable dent in the freezer and damage to some furniture - again unapologetic and upon asking for rectifying the situation, he offered $20 dollars for the damage 3) The moving truck was parked in a spot for too long and the truck received a ticket. The owner expected us to pay for it entirely and when we pushed back and engaged with him regarding the same, he stated that we were welcome to argue as long as we wanted because we were paying by the hour 4) I tried reaching out numerous times regarding the missing items, and he did not have the courtesy to return my calls at any point. He sent an email when he deemed fit. This is far from acceptable customer service. It is truly a shame that the business is being run by this person because as I stated earlier, the movers are really great guys. I would caution against using their services.
- S. R.

I had a great experience with stellar movers. I will preface, my move wasn't too complicated (within Philly city limits but encompassing a reasonable amount of stairs). I set everything up online, so I never spoke with anyone on the phone until the day of the move. It was so helpful in the email that they provide all the necessary info to obtain permits - definitely necessary in this city. The team was prompt and early on the day of the move. And even though they're paid by the hour, they moved incredibly quickly. Would recommend to anyone!
- Emma J.

Awesome team of movers! Kept me updated on arrival time and were quick and efficient. Not to mention the best price in Philly! Not sure why they lied about not having change (when I saw they had plenty in their bag), so had to go get change myself, but overall still pleased with their service. Highly recommend!
- Bhavic G.

I've moved MANY times - even from the east coast to the west coast and back - and I've never had my furniture damaged. This was a simple Philly move and these guys dented and chipped a few pieces of furniture. Sad about this experience. Moving is stressful enough. Now I have to look at this beat up furniture that look ugly as hek.
- Ning N.

I had a great experience with Stellar movers. First off, setting up the appointment was so easy. I was lucky to get the time I wanted with just booking 4 days ahead. The movers kept me posted when they were running a few minutes behind and were apologetic when they arrived. They did not waste even a moment of time with moving and packing and getting everything settled. All three of the movers worked very efficiently together and they were very friendly and reliable. They looked at each item with me before moving it to ensure that if something was wrong with it (scratch, wobbly, etc...) we were all on the same page about it. They were honest if something was damaged because of them. I had a couple of shoe boxes with inexpensive water glasses in them which were shattered (one from the move to storage and one from this move but they brought it to my attention). They packed everything in the truck very securely by wrapping things in blankets and tightly securing them in the truck with belts. They provided EVERYTHING which made the experience so much better and stress free considering quite a few movers in Philly don't even have a truck and charge the same amount just for labor. These guys even assemble which is the cherry on top of the sundae. I got 5% off my total bill for paying in cash. Added bonus... They prorate to the nearest quarter hour! One last thing, their base fee was for THREE movers and two hour minimum which I felt was a great deal. Most places I called had only two movers and two to three hour minimum. These guys are professional and they are not out to get your money, they genuinely are here to help. There were no hidden fees (some people conveniently forget to mention the $100 service fee on top of the hourly charge) and this experience surpassed my expectations. I will definitely hire them again and will recommend them to others!
- Swathi M.

This company is very reasonable and timely. Came the same day on time! Simone and Evan worked quickly and efficiently!! Sam gave me a great price! Going to use this company in the future!! Thank You!!
- Alicia E.

I had one of the most fantastic moving experiences in the longest time! I live in the city and was moving from my one bedroom apartment located on the second floor to store stuff in my friends garage (since I am relocating), outside the city. Sam was quick to respond to my quote request and set up my move very quickly and efficiently. They called me prior to arrival with an estimated ETA on the day of the move. Tam, Tom and Mac were super fast, quick, thorough, extremely careful with my things and above all oh so friendly. They were polite and very professional. They did a fantastic job with my move and I highly recommend them.
- Angie P.

My wife called and booked service with this company. Apparently their was a miscommunication was ment to send a email that we never recived. We called the company to confirm the service. We were informed that we did not have a reservationm upon further determination it was confirmed that this company sent this email to the wrong email address (spelt wrong). These things do happen but my real issue is that when i called to discuss the issue the gentleman did not want to hear what i had to say. He kept blaming us for not calling him back after we didnt get his email. I have worked customer service for over 20 years and the way i was treated over the phone today was appalling. I would never ever speak to a customer or potential customer the way I was treated today.
- Eric H.

These guys are great! They arrived on time, worked hard and got everything moved quickly. We had some tough items that needed to be disassembled to get out of the old house, and others that needed to be disassembled to get into the new place and they rolled with it. We only had them move the big stuff, but all of our furniture was placed right where we wanted it, and they communicated throughout the move when they had any concerns. I would use them again in a second, and would refer to anyone needing a hand.
- Collin C.

Stellar Movers was great. I used them recently to help me move into a 3rd floor apartment with no elevator. I called 4-5 moving places in Philadelphia, and Stellar Movers had the best rate. On moving day, there was a small issue where only 2 movers were able to come instead of the 3 that I was initially promised, but because of this they charged me a lower hourly rate, and they said that even if they went above the 2-hour minimum window (because of there being less movers), they would still only charge me for 2 hours. They worked very hard and quickly, so that even though there were only 2 movers, they finished well within the 2 hour timeframe, and I got a discounted rate because there were 2 movers. I ended up giving them the difference as a tip anyway because they did such a great job.
- Jina C.

I would not recommend Stellar Movers to anyone. These guys are atrociously slow. I have moved about 3 times now with honestly the same amount of stuff. So I had an idea roughly what to expect. This time I even had everything packed and ready to go. A local move 10 minutes away that should've taken no more than 6 hours ended up taking around 10 hours. They sent 3 guys and a truck and we had negotiated an hourly rate upfront with all the specifics of elevator access and how many floors at the destination. On 3 separate occasions when I didn't see either of them in the house I go down to the loading bay to see the three of them either taking a smoke break or on their phone (I paying these guys by the hour!) then when we get to the destination with all my stuff on their truck, they increase the hourly rate (after they have my stuff on the truck). What the heck?!? I would certainly not recommend these guys to anyone. Very disappointed.
- A S.

I used Stellar Movers in February. They were great! They gave an accurate quote. Guys showed up on time, didn't dawdle, and finished the move exactly within their estimate. They were also very flexible in working around traffic. I am moving in with my partner soon and would like to use them again!
- Symbol L.

Truly stellar. Great price. There's really nothing else to say! Flawless experience will use again.
- Melanie D.

Hired Stellar about a week ago for my move from South Philly to Manayunk. It was a 3 bed/3 floor move to the same and these guys took it in stride! I had everything from furniture to boxes. Mack, James and George were efficient and friendly. This was the first time I've hired movers and was very happy with the service. Everyone followed COVID safety precautions including masks even though it was possibly the hottest day of the year. Can't thank these guys enough!
- Caitlyn R.

Loved everyone that showed up with a mask and kept their distance. Movers were absolutely fantastic and so quick. It seems I underestimated how much stuff I had but they said it was no big deal and still got the job done quickly! They even wrapped some furniture pieces for me which was great! All three men were friendly and moving experts! Would totally use again!
- Lis N.

Upon writing my review for this moving service I received multiple personal emails from Sam, the owner of the company, berating me, calling me low class, and bashing my character. If I could give this company a 0 for professionalism I would. Overall not so Stellar service, Sam!
- Lindsey A.

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