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Quality of service: 4 ⭐
Punctuality: 3.5 ⭐
Accuracy of Estimate: 4 ⭐
Professionalism according to customers’ reviews: 4.3⭐

✓ Trusted Mover

About Square Cow Movers

Our core values are simple: honesty, courtesy, and hard work. We believe a successful moving experience can be defined by those three words. We are proud to support the environment with our packing and storage boxes made from 100% recyclable cardboard.
We understand that our clients deserve peace of mind. That’s why we provide proof of insurance to every client we serve. We cover all four major areas. General liability, auto liability, cargo liability, and workman’s comp. Furthermore, we want to ensure our clients have a full understanding of what valuation is and how it works.

Moving-Me about Here to There Movers

Since 2007 the company has grown and now owns a fleet of twenty-three trucks per the US Department of Transportation, or the DOT. They offer a range of services from local, long distance and commercial moves.  This company is fully licensed and insured, with an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, or the BBB. Square cow offers reasonably priced moves and an endless amount to professionalism. Over the years, they have continually grown the size of the company, from their fleet to their staff and happy customers.

  • #9 on 2014 Austin’s Fast 50 (fastest growing companies in Austin)
  • 2014 Better Business Bureau Torch Award
  • 2 time finalist for the Ethics in Business Award
  • On the board for BBB Central Texas

Here to There Movers Licenses & Certificates

Square Cow Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Square Cow Movers is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from other in the industry.
US D.O.T: 1748594
(US Department of Transportation number)
Local State License: not provided
Want more detailed information on moving documents to check? Click here to be informed.

What is Square Cow Movers cost?

Be ready that the average cost for local moves is about $800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection company. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Square Cow Movers is a great representative of modern move with highly experienced professionals and latest moving equipment.

Square Cow Movers Reviews

If I could give it zero stars, I would. Most unprofessional movers I've ever used in my life.  Was hired to move my family out of my house at 9am and into two pods in our driveway.  Three 20something year old kids showed up.  Clearly not professional movers, but nice kids.  Our previous movers moved us out of our 3 bedroom home in Houston and into our Austin home in 10hrs (including the 3hr drive between the cities - they started at 9am and we were moved in by 7pm).   These three kids spent nearly seven friggin hours loading two pods.  They moved almost all of our furniture into our garage, and then had to re-move it all into the trucks.  They had one kid standing outside telling the other two to leave the items in the garage so he could better rearrange the truck.  No one moves someone like that.  But hey - they're paid hourly so it's no surprise they took their time.  All previous movers I've used ask for a specific box count and go, step by step, over exactly what they'll be moving to get the best estimate.  Not these guys.  Asked how many rooms and that was it. Once the pods reached our destination, we discovered the real depths to their professionalism.  Our king sized wooden bed frame was half-wrapped with plastic and was placed on its side (wood exposed to pod).  We had bookcases that were wrapped with plastic, halfway, with the tape touching the wood bookcases in multiple locations.  We had a movie screen that was 10ft long and specifically told, multiple times, that it had to be laid flat and could not be placed in such a way that it would bend or bow (it was in a long, narrow box).  Found it draped across multiple boxes with no support in the middle, huge bow.   Such a joke - avoid at all cost.  We contacted them with pictures of the damage and because they had told us they were insured, professional movers we only had the most basic of insurance coverage (.60 per lb).  $500+ worth of damage, received a check for $160~.   Avoid at all cost.
- Jenifer W.

So what actually surprised me was the two guys that helped us move: Quincy and Josh. They were so polite, respectful and eager to help. I've  got to say my experience overall with SQ changed because of them. It started off a bit bad since we got a FTI (First Truck In) appointment rather than a specific hour. So I had to wait for them to call me within 30-40 minutes upon arrival. Unfortunately, they did not call and called once they got into the location. I was very upset and asked them not to start charging until I got there since hey had overlooked the fact that they missed the call. They were fine with that. My recommendation is to READ CAREFULLY what they email you. Ask for more information and make sure that you know what you are getting into.
- Daniela G.

FIVE STARS with one caveat, but seriously. Five stars! Moving sucks (like, it super sucks) but Square Cow works hard to ease the pain. What I loved: They had incredibly polite office staff and movers; I was impressed with everyone's professionalism. And boy, are their movers STRONG! They were super flexible and responsive, which was great, as my move was pretty complicated. Fitch, Jim, and Andrew were wonderful and very proficient at their jobs. Great customer service and great skilled work. I used their packing service too and nothing broke, all looks great and it was easy to find things as they did a great job of labeling boxes. Great price. I would definitely hire them again and recommend them to friends and family. What I didn't love, but oh well: for y'all planning to use them - make sure your notes ("service description") is very, very clearly detailed. I had a complicated move and not all of my details were included - so while the office staff knew the score, the movers didn't. It caused a few hiccups - BUT!! They didn't skip a beat - they were very flexible and responsive and took care of everything. Just fyi - make sure your notes are thorough.
- Liz S.

Several weeks ago, I used square cow movers to move in my same building from one floor to the next.  I had a very bad, horrible no good experience that is still unresolved. 1.) I gave very specific instructions to BE EXTRA careful with our special new, recently custom made glass dining room table. 2.) took out and paid for their insurance. 3.) move crew jammed our table into an elevator frame and shattered our table. 4.). They waited until the end of the move after the paperwork to bring in my table.  They promised to "notify management that evening and that everything will be resolved to your satisfaction." 5.) owner, manager and coordinator not empathetic, problem-solvers nor polite.  Using tactics including:  stalling, avoidance, going around the customer behind her back with the US distribution company when we submitted the estimate to replace the table 6.) trying to minimize value, craftsmanship and uniqueness of table insisting the table was "nicked" and a local shop could locate and relaminate the custom color and construction glass 7.). Now no dining room table for holidays , and will probably have to hire a lawyer.   8.) unprofessional. Company.  Never did apologize. 9.) situation unresolved 10.) wrote a previous review and this company got it removed --I'm an elite yelper--it was fair and balanced.   Zero respect for this organization!
- Susan P.

After a long day, I can gladly say, Square Cow redeemed themselves and made things right. Later in the evening, we received a phone call from the manager of the office down south to discuss what had happened and he had apologized for the miscommunication. He was able to reschedule our appointment for the next morning during lunch so we didn't need to worry about taking off work. The three guys ( Aaron, Danny, Les) were able to move my girlfriend out of her apartment faster then I could have ever imagined.  They completely cleared out the place in less than an hour. The whole time, they were incredibly friendly and efficient.   The new apartment was only about 5-10 mins away and next thing she noticed, they were done. The whole move took about 2 hours and was stress free. Thank you to the Square Cow team for fixing the mistake from the day before and keeping your customers happy.
- Brandon K.

I have scheduled 5 different moves with Square Cow and the first 4 went perfectly.  I have even recommended them to friends.  That's the only reason I'm giving them two stars instead of one.  They didn't bother to show up for my most recent move. I scheduled a move with Square Cow for Saturday 3/9/19.  I had an email confirming that we were scheduled for a First Truck In move, meaning that we would be a crew's second move of the day.  I also called to confirm on Friday 3/8/19, and was told we were on the schedule.  We were given a window of 10am-8pm for the movers' arrival, and were told that they would call us when they were 30 minutes away from our home. I called to follow up around 3:00pm, just to see if I could get an ETA.  I was told no, but was given the name of the mover who had my paperwork.  I called again at 7:35pm when we had not been called by our movers.  I got the voicemail for the company because they were already closed for the day and would not be open until Monday.  I left a message and emailed the person who booked my move.  My husband messaged the company's Facebook page Saturday evening. Josh, the Regional Manager, called around 3:00 on Sunday 3/10/19 to apologize.  He only knew our driver hadn't shown up because of my husband's message on Facebook.  He had no idea what went wrong and their office was closed, so he couldn't find out what happened to the driver until Monday morning (I guess they don't share cell phone numbers at Square Cow?).  He said the driver was dispatched to our home at 3:04pm on 3/9/19.   Josh offered to get us scheduled for 8am Monday, but thankfully we already found a company that was open on Sundays so neither of us had to take off work.  We spent about an extra $200 for that company, but they actually bothered to show up.  We also spent about $70 at Walgreens to buy essentials to survive an extra night in our old home since everything was packed.  Square Cow sent us a check to cover the cost of the Walgreens receipt, but otherwise did not offer reimburse us for the more expensive movers or try to make up for not showing up.   I asked Josh what happened to the driver that did not show, and apparently he needed to pick up his child and did not let his manager know that he wasn't coming for our move.  I understand that sometimes childcare falls through, but Square Cow did not really give much of an explanation for their failed service or how they intended to correct this issue moving forward.  I appreciate that Josh reached out, but I do not feel that Square Cow did everything they could have to make up for their poor service.   If you need movers, do not book with Square Cow.  I would have recommended them in the past, but they are not worth the money or the potential headache.  Call 3 Men Movers instead.  They showed up an hour and a half after we booked on a Sunday morning.  There are better moving companies in Austin than Square Cow.
- Victoria E.

Very strange experience with this company.  I contracted them to move us out of our house, store our belongings for several days, then deliver them to our new house.   somehow my schedule got mixed up and i had to reschedule the week before my move even though i talked to them on the phone and through email several times. delaying our move for several days.   the people who picked up our belongings completely forgot finishing packing up a room.  My house was less than 2,000 sqft.  they left my house without packing it up.  that is being lazy.   they gave me a discount, bc i had to hire other people to come get the rest of the stuff.  Then when i asked them to come back and get the crib they tried to renegotiate.  Only when i threatened to to take back the movers tip did they say "ok".     they then didn't deliver all of my goods and didn't deliver a moving dollie of mine.  they dropped off a dollie not resembling mine at all. also ripped a couch. so i'm probably out $90 on the dollie and who knows on the horchow couch.   the crew that unloaded my house were great.  they were so nice and professional.    everything up to the delivery of my goods was insulting.
- Michael M.

Aside from the usual scrapes and dents on my furniture that I've come to expect when I move simply because the movers just aren't careful enough, I had a worse than normal experience in this case. First, they dropped a piece of heavy furniture down the stairwell and it punched holes in 2 walls. Then, they dropped my Big Green Egg, shattering the porcelain smoker. After filing a claim for the damages: $200 to fix the holes in the wall, and $97.50 for the Egg (based on their standard liability of $0.60/pound) I received a check for exactly $50. I had to go through several more back and forth calls with them, telling them I refused to accept this amount and what amount I expected to receive. Finally I got a check for the correct amount. I understand accidents happen. But it just shouldn't be that hard to get reimbursement.
- Dan Y.

If your belongings mean nothing to you, use these guys. If you don't care about having your most prized possessions destroyed, call em up. If you enjoy paying for insurance only to get completely jerked around, please be sure to say hi for me. An update as of today. 9/21 Apparently the owners of Square Cow are not interested in seeing reviews that are critical or negative. So now they've decided that because we've chosen to 'go public' they are going to drag their feet and ignore their responsibilities to do the right thing. This isn't the first time we've had problems with them. That's why we foolishly paid $200 for their insurance coverage so we wouldn't have to deal with their view of how things work. Probably should have hired someone else and assumed our first experience was their SOP. The attitude starts at the top with this company. They have NO concept of taking care of their customers. For a small business in a highly competitive industry the amount of bureaucracy they impose on customers is astonishing. Their lead on our move and a partner moved the item before anything else was touched then left in a hallway the entire time. And in spite of our pleadings, they managed to 'hit a wall'. They knew immediately the glass shattered. Yet they deferred from moving it into our new home until the very end....at the end saying I think we hit a wall so you may want to unwrap it and check. They deliberately held off because they knew we would be furious and they didn't want to deal with it until they left. The owner sees nothing wrong with that. He doesn't like being told he's got a problem. He doesn't want to do whatever it takes to resolve a problem especially if you complain about his company. Instead he likes to threaten the customer by saying he's just going to drag his feet since I'm being so difficult and unreasonable. So maybe one bad post on Yelp won't be a big deal to him. Maybe his performance is the same as everybody else in Austin that does what he does. Sounds like they like to scan any other posts you may have before they decide how to deal with you. But they don't think one voice matters. You have PLENTY of options here to take care of your stuff. You would be wise to shop around.
- John P.

We made an appointment with Square Cow Moovers (The Austin location) to move our belongings in an 4 hours time frame.  The Cost for the move was to be under $400.  It took over 6 hours for 3 movers (we requested 2 movers) to move our belongings and cost almost $700 (It cost us $900 to move from Colorado to Texas so why did it cost so much to move less than a mile?). Square Cow start charging customers from the time that their workers leave their facilities to the completion of the move.  It took 45 minutes for the movers to arrive.  When they arrived they came into the apartment and looked at the items we had to move and went back outside without carrying anything.  Then an additional mover showed up.  We ordered 2 movers, so we told the leader that we were not paying for three movers. Very slowly they begin moving our items.  We had stacked our boxes by sized near the door so they could be moved quickly.  Instead of moving the boxes they re-stacked them and then took them outside.  Only the lead moved multiple items at a time.  The other two movers walked around looking for light weighted items to take to the truck.  One mover asked if we were moving our freezer (we were moving to another apartment so why would we leave anything behind?).  After taking hours to load the truck they got lost driving a few blocks to our new apartment complex. When they arrived at the new apartment complex they passed our building by and went to a different building even though we had explained that our building was the first building in the complex.  They moved even slower taking our items into the apartment.  We called the company to complain about how long it was taking three mover to mover our 2 bedroom apartment and was told that the movers have 6 hours to move our things (we had agreed that it should take 4 hours when we booked their movers). It took over 6 hours to move a 2 bedroom apartment. They put 90% of the boxes in my bedroom instead of putting them in the other rooms.  It took a long time to move the boxes out of the bedroom so my bed could be set up.  As we begin to unpacked our belongings I saw that the top to my computer desk had  been broken off.  The part where I set my printer was just hanging to the side and the rest of the desk top was not attached anywhere ( there was nothing wrong with my desk before Square Cow workers move it).  Then I saw that the frame on my recliner had been bent.  Several of our boxes had also been opened.  Taking over 6 hours to move a 2 bedroom apartment worth of items should have resulted in them taking better care of our things. We will never use Square Cow Movers again!  Beware if you book your move with the Austin location!
- Jackie B.

These guys are amazing. We just moved from a house we have lived in for 15 years into a brand new home. We needed two trucks and four guys to get it done in a day - and they did it. Demarcus, Jayvion, Danny and Chase did great work for us. No damage to anything, and a great, friendly attitude. They worked hard all day, took great care with us and with our things. We got everything moved in on the one day we had for it. Not only that, but these guys placed furniture - sometimes twice - without a word of complaint. They even hefted our new desks (still in boxes) into our room from the front porch, just to be nice. Professional, prompt, and the best movers we've ever worked with. You can trust them to get the work done - and for the EXACT price they quoted us. That was the best part. We budgeted quite a bit more than we were quoted, based on our previous experience with movers, but they came in on their estimate to the penny.
- Alan M R

This 5 star rating has nothing to do with the back office or logistics of this company. It has everything to do with the tireless efforts of a hard working crew who moved me from 6PM til 11PM. Yes, I wrote PM. Danny, Darryl, and Austin were awesome and if you have an opportunity to work with these guys, you won't be disappointed. They were respectful, polite, and never made mention of how tired they must have been with such a late move. But now for the disappointing part; I called over a week before my move and reserved Square Cow Moovers to move me from my home in Cedar Park to Georgetown. It's a partial move and was told to expect 5 hours with travel time. I was also told a window of 10AM to 8PM. BUYER BE WARE. This means they can come anytime between 10AM and 8PM to start your move. This was pretty glossed over (in my opinion) when scheduling and I thought nothing of it, until the move day. By 12:30PM, the day of the move, I called to see what the status would be as I needed to run a quick errand. I was told that I was going to be the very next move they would give me a call 30-40 minutes before they arrive to move me and that it was highly unusual for the moves to be really late...Ok not a problem...I'm thinking.... so go run a quick errand and get back to the house to wait. At 2:30PM I receive a call from whom I guess is the manager and he stated they have had a couple large moves, but rest assured I was the very next move. So I'm thinking okay, they will be here around 3:30 or 4PM and we'll be done around 9PM at the latest... But then 3:30 came with no phone call, so I called the office to find out what's going on. The representative I spoke with couldn't get ahold of the manager to find out what the "real" window was looking like. So, knowing I'm thoroughly upset, she offers a small discount for the move which I accept. I, then, decide I'm going to call around and see if there is anyone who may be available to move me this weekend, but alas it's busy and there isn't. I call at 4:55PM and get voicemail. Then again around 5:30PM and once again, no one has any information. So there I sat, really not wanting to move in the dark, but waiting and now wondering if the crew that comes to move me will even have the energy to do one more move. Thank God they did, but they weren't able to arrive before 6:15PM due to a prior move that took place right before. Discerning from the information I received from calling the main offices, it was clear that this crew had been working since around 8AM and had to be exhausted already. As stated above, they never complained once, said anything about the prior move, and gave me the same care they probably gave the prior client. My issue is with the logistics which squarely falls on the management of Square Cow. I'm sure my new neighbors didn't want to hear me moving in after 8PM. I'm sure the moving crew were exhausted, and I know my nerves were fried trying to figure out if this was really going to happen. Square Cow management needs to watch this to remain relevant in the future. Customers don't want to move at 9, 10, or 11PM at night. If the prior move was going to be a big one, maybe suck it up as a company, and don't offer the "First Truck In" move as they did. That would have caused me more trouble initially, but I wouldn't be a frustrated customer.
- Kristin K.

Once I hit my wits end with this company and posted my first review with pictures, I finally started to get some help from Square Cow. Rebecca called me about my review and wanted to try and make things right. She offered to have Square Cow replace my most damaged piece (a bed) and I accepted her offer - and she asked if I'd update my Yelp review, so here I am. Rebecca was prompt in ordering the piece, easy to work with and sent me all info for receipt, tracking, delivery, etc. So at the end of the day, Square Cow did the right thing and sent me a new $747.16 bed. I do still feel that I didn't get a $11k service at the end of the day. I think they need to tighten up their processes and procedures if they want to compete in a white glove door to door moving market. I appreciate Rebecca's help by actually addressing my dissatisfaction and getting some sort of resolution.
- Jaclyn G

Words cannot express how disappointed I am with these movers.  I went with them after several positive reviews.  They were NOT the least expensive (by far), but my furniture is important to me and I figured it was worth the extra cost.  To start with, the crew that loaded our furniture took HOURS longer than we were told.  I understand that happens, so I let it go.  However, when we left we found trash, cigarette butts, empty Gatorade bottles, and many other things thrown in our driveway.  We had to clean up after them.  Lovely. Somehow in the process of packing and moving, our TV stand and parts to my daughter's bunk bed were lost.  This meant we had to buy a new stand and hire a company to come out and put the beds together, which was disappointing to say the least and resulted in my daughter sleeping on the couch for a few days until she had a bed.  Awesome. The real fun started when our items were delivered to our new home after being in storage for 2 months.  A 100 year old China cabinet? Broken!  An antique bed?  Yep, broken too.  And, then they started unloading items that AREN'T EVEN OURS.  We have 0 confidence that we got all of our stuff, because most likely some of it went somewhere else.  We also have 0 confidence that this is the end of the broken items.  We paid for the extra insurance, but some things are irreplaceable. Thank you Square Cow for an absolutely awful experience and ruining several priceless items.  By the way, if you used Square Cow and have some things that aren't yours, let me know--and I'll do the same! 🙂
- Peggy R

Okay I will be honest, initially I booked the Square Cow Movers because their trucks always made me smile when I saw them on the highway. Way cooler looking that the UHauls. After getting some price quotes from different companies I realized not only are the trucks cool but their rates super reasonable. I booked them almost two months in advance of my move an hour away. Today was my move and I have to say I was blown away. My two mover team was Travis and Bonita. Both of them were super friendly, professional and efficient. We did a walk through of the apartment they were packing up, and then when we got to the house a walk through of where I wanted them to place everything. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing movers in the Central Texas area.
- Janeé C.

My kids and I just made the long move from Houston, Texas to Fresno, California. My husband is currently stationed overseas, so this is the first move that I have had to complete on my own. I was very uneasy about the entire thing, but I started calling around to get some quotes. After speaking with Joe at Square Cow Movers, I decided to go ahead and make my decision. My husband and I packed about half of our items before he left, but with 3 kids, I was having a hard time finding time to finish the packing. The guys at Square Cow did all they could to help at an affordable cost and it turned out great!
- Felicia Chadwick

I talked to many companies, but went with Square Cow Movers. They seemed to be able to accommodate my sister and I best, and knew how to calm us down since it has beena a while since we have moved. The day that they came to pick up our belongings came quicker than we wanted. The gentlemen were superb that came that day. We were able to mark on the paperwork what was loaded and the condition in which it was loaded. Speed is great, and they are very friendly and professional. Just be careful that because of the speed, it is hard to keep an eye on everything going on at one time. Still, I highly recommend them to anyone moving locally or to a different state. We would use them again.
- Gemma Dudley

This was my first time using a professional moving company. After a lot of research I decided to go with Square Cow Movers for a few reasons. Their pricing was great, their office staff was always kind and I did not feel like I was bothering them when I continued to call in and ask questions before the move. They arrived on time for pickup and constantly kept me updated for the delivery. They put everything in the spot I asked when unloading and nothing arrived damaged. I am thrilled with the experience I had.
- Amy Tachiquin

I am so happy with Square Cow Movers! There were a lot of unexpected twists with my move and this company had no issues rolling with the changes. Everyone was so understanding and made sure they worked quickly and efficiently. They were very professional and took great care of my items. They also offer very reasonable pricing and arrive as expected. I would use them again without a doubt!
- Abril Nunez

Square Cow movers was a terrific choice for me. They did a wonderful job in every respect. They sent a crew that was knowledgable, easy to deal with, and very quick. I had to reschedule a few times due to the completion of my house and they were very understanding. They were not able initially to move a big piece of furniture upstairs, but sent back a larger crew (at no charge) and took care of the issue. I was taken back by their devotion to satisfaction. Terrific experience working with this team.
- Ely C.

I really wanted to have a stress free move and Square Cow came highly recommended. I want to believe that they are a reputable company that hires responsible movers. Sadly, my reality was that while moving my belongings, negligence on behalf of the movers, including dropping several items, not protecting items ini van and parking the van with with a hole in the roof outside overnight during rainstorm instead of traveling straight to drop off designation as promised, resulted in thousands of dollars worth of damage. The movers response to the damage was complete ambivalence and no one bothered to return my call after I spoke to a manager on the delivery day. I have filed a claim and trust that it will be resolved and that this was just a one-off. I like to give the benefit of the doubt and like to see family run companies thrive.
- C.B.

Worst move we have ever had. We hired Square Cow to move our household items from Colorado to Austin. We paid for premium point-to-point service so that our furniture and related items would not be damaged and would arrive quickly in Austin. We were forced to purchase additional insurance based on the valuation and deductible options. Our items arrived in Austin on-time, but with significant damage to furniture, and other items. If you read the "fine print" in their insurance (which was not pointed out to us), there are a number of exclusions and they refused to pay for damage to electronics and furniture. Some of our furniture was repaired, but will never be the same or worth the same...they refused to replace the damaged items or reimburse us for the cost. They have absolutely zero integrity and a total lack of professionalis
- Edwin

I asked Square Cow to move my furniture and boxes from a 7 x 7 storage unit to a U-Pack (moving pod). The U-Pack would then be shipped to my final destination. The movers called me 30 minutes after they started and told me they were done. I was shocked and ask to see proof. They then provided me with pictures showing that my items were haphazardly packed and not wrapped. I told them to wrap my items and they obliged. When the items arrived there were countless scratches and gouges and several items were completely destroyed. You may be wondering how this is possible. It's because the movers did not actually wrap the items. They threw a blanket over the front of the items so it would appear as if they were wrapped and would not have to repack. Additionally, they did not tape the padding to the items. I called upon the receipt of my items and shared my dismay. They told me to file a claim which I have; however, they informed me that they're not responsible for this because it was not moved via their trucks. There is no doubt in my mind that if the items would have been properly packed they would have arrived in perfect condition. My glassware and plates did and I packed those myself! I would recommend that you stay away from Square Cow unless you plan to micromanage them. I hope they'll re-visit my situation and realize that this is not a good way to run a business.
- J.B.

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