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If you’re going to entrust a lifetime’s worth of valuables, you owe it to yourself to choose carefully. Our repeat customers don’t keep coming back because they like the look of our trucks – they have grown to trust us for good, honest, affordable service. We offer a complete line of professional moving and storage solutions for residential, commercial, corporate and military relocations.

Moving-Me about Sparks Moving & Storage

Sparks Moving and Storage has been family owned and operated since 1925. The movers provide all professional services you might need during your move – packing and affordable storage space to local, long distance and international moves. The company is fully licensed and insured, operates modern equipment and uses only trained moving professionals

Sparks Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 2593914

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Sparks Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Sparks Moving & Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Sparks Moving & Storage Reviews

Great movers , fast and professional
- king leo

WORST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE EVERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! managers are horrible, they never disclose rates until after they move you, they when you try and pick up your things they play around the dates. the manager likes to hang up for no apparent reason then call back and act like everything is okay. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone.
- Kiera Shakir

Horrible! I am missing things that I know I packed and never received a return phone call from Management. I also had a friend mom tell me that she was missing some of her things when she did a moving and Storage with them as well. I will never recommend this company to anyone and I think I need to speak with Someone from the news about this company. I will hire me a lawyer because this is rediclous. I am missing my Vacuum, a lamp and some boxes and they are ignoring my phone calls. This means that someone had to have taken my items and playing crazy. I hope they are happy with their new stolen items and God knows everything! People Think twice before you hire this company for your next moving and Storage.
- Morris Campbell

Fantastic company with a fastidious painstakingly careful staff. Great pricing and customer service. They can handle moving pretty much anything.
- Malik Tait

Fantastic company with a fastidious painstakingly careful staff. Great pricing and customer service. They can handle moving pretty much anything.
- aaron habermann

The man answering the phone was extremely rude to me. I couldn't believe it. Not only are they over-priced but they have have no decorum when it comes to customer service. I was gravely disappointed.
- Regina Yaskey

Very professional and timely. Would recommend to others. The 3 guys that moved us were polite and personable, we felt comfortable with them right away.
- Jack McCarthy

I've used Sparks Movers numerous times over the years. Moved my office twice, moved my mother 3 times. Their pricing is reasonable, scheduling has always been easy, and there were no hassles if changes were needed. Not only did the moves go smoothly, but the individuals were all professional, careful, friendly and cooperative. They showed up right on time, each time...and worked efficiently without rushing. On many occasions the same men have helped each time.... I actually feel like I know them personally. This week Tory and Josh helped us. They did an excellent job, as usual. I would highly recommend Sparks to anyone in need of a moving company.
- Chuck

If you are a Driver looking for labor do not call them someone will call the evening before and tell you he will be there for you but never show up.
- gerald watson

Disappointing. Hired to move my daughter and promised to move a mirror that was hanging on a wall. After they began packing the truck the workers refused to move mirror. We told them they had agreed before being hired. The owner showd up with an attitude because I had called the office about it and said he could not be responsible because the wall could be damaged. We informed him that the lease was in our name and if there were damage we would be held responsible, not him. He refused to cooperate and shut the job down. He told us he would be back to talk with us in a few minutes. The next thing we knew was the guys came back with our furniture they had previously loaded and said the owner told them to bring it back and leave. This was about 2 pm on A Friday. He left us without trying to resolve the problem. Fortunately we called Oblak Movers who came to our rescue with a smile, moved the mirror and belongings. Sparks is a horrible company to deal with. They will make promises that they don't even intend to keep. Also, the owner is rude.
- Doris Bush

Absolute garbage company. I called and scheduled movers on a Wednesday and they said they had some afternoon availability which was great so I only had to take a half-day. It was a very small job, 2 hours at most (everything was in one room and the drive was 5 minutes to new home) They called Tuesday night to confirm and said they'd be there around 12-1pm At 2pm on Wednesday they had not shown up so I called to ask where they were. The guy who answered immediately puts me on hold for 10 minutes and comes back and says "We never should have scheduled this in the afternoon, can we do it tomorrow?" I say no, I took off work for this and need it done ASAP. He says "OK, I'll call you back in 10 minutes." 30 minutes later he calls and says a crew will be there in 45-60 minutes. At 3:30 I call again, he says they just left a job and will be there in 5-10 minutes. At 4:30 I call again and they just stopped answering my calls. Never received an apology or a call-back from them again. I wish there was a way to leave 0 stars because they don't deserve your time. Do not use them
- Ryan Supler

Very Dissatisfied! Damaged bedroom set, sons dresser, front door, dining room chairs. I can be here all day describing the rest. Do not recommend. Crew manager said he was going to send a guy for repair work. We called that evening and have not heard back. It has been over a week now. Pay the money and get better help.
- Matt G

Great Company! Moved my furniture and was all done in a timely manner without any damage. Very friendly and professional!
- All Caps Media

DO NOT USE! DO NOT USE! DO NOT USE! DO NOT USE! DO NOT USE! If this place could set the bar for worst service, I'd happily give "Negative Stars"! There in-home estimate is a scam for the employees to "recon" your belongings for items of value so you can be targeted for theft. My household goods were stored here in May 2015. An employee pilfered the goods, stealing thousands of dollars worth of items. Some of what was stolen included medication, jewelry, collectibles, etc. Additionally, much of what was stored was delivered to us damaged, waterlogged, stained, or worse. The owner took zero responsibility for the issue and threatened to call the police on me for harassment if I didn't stop bothering him for a reasonable settlement. In fact, he wouldn't give the name of the employee responsible for the theft. So far my insurance company hasn't paid, but that will (hopefully) be changing soon. Stay away.....far far away from this company and the thieves running the organization.
- Chris S.

This company is HORRIBLE! My husband and I hired them to move only large items from our home. Moving day came and I noticed that there was a Sparks truck in another part of my complex. My building manager and I watched them.sit in the truck for 20 minutes, I noticed that my truck had not shown up, so I called and the guy who answered the phone said "the left earlier and let him call them". Needless to say that was my crew. Now, no one called me to say anything. So he directs the crew to the right apartment and tells me they were knocking on a door but no one answered, so my question is, if that is the truth, why would they not call me to say something. When the guy got out the truck I asked him, when does my time start because I do not pay for mistakes, he got loud and very rude, telling me the time starts when they leave the shop, but mind you, I watched them sit for 20 minutes without trying to communicate with me. So when I called back the man on the phone was just as rude and told me, this is not going to work, I'm cancelling the move, and hung up in my face. I went back outside and they told me they were leaving and the guy said don't call them to reschedule. Mind you, I was the one that was inconvenienced and the one they tried to milk for money. All I can say is don't deal with this company. I could have been left in a real fix, but thank God for UHAUL and great friends that will come last minute. RUN FAST IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING THIS COMPANY!
- Autra Calvin

It was absolutely the best experience with Sparks Moving, especially for a last minute request for the next morning. They were prompt, on-time, and Myron & Chris were the movers and accommodated a move with 2 really heavy pieces with glass/mirrors and it was perfect. They aren't a huge company which means they don't have big turnover, so the movers are really experienced. My experience was great.
- Yvonne Rome

Slow shady workers
- Bjay Sweeney

Over the years I have used Sparks for 3 different moves and was very satisfied. This 4th time using their services will be my last. They moved out and stored my furniture for a few months. When it was returned 2 pieces of furniture were badly damaged. I contacted the owner and he said that he would have them repaired. The repair of my dining room table caused more damage. I contacted the owner to let him know that they were not repaired to my satisfaction and he immediately got very rude and raised his voice to me. He wouldn’t let me finish a sentence, talking loudly over me. He finally said he would have to look into it and call me back. He never called me back and has not returned any of my calls. Even if he disagrees with me, it is not professional to follow up with a customer. The entire experience was unpleasant and I will never use them again.
- Amy Bloomberg

Fantastic company I called on a Tuesday and they moved me on Thursday. They were there at 8am like promised. I want to give a special thanks to Myron, Terrance and Lil John these 3 were great, they made the move go so smooth. They took care of my items loading and unloading. I will definitely use then again.
- Lisa Dunlap

Called to inquire abput their moving services. Took my name and number and never called back. Perhaps they don't need the business.
- Drucean Richmond

Best moving company in Cleveland! The owner was helpful and flexible when scheduling my move. And the workers showed up on time. Overall great experience.
- Cassie J

Would not recommend. Damaged a new dining room table and although it was repaired well, it took almost 3 weeks. Scratched, nicked, dented, marked, got dirty and chipped 80% of my, in very good shape, furniture and appliances - a lot of white marks from the sides of their van. Charged me for more time than they spent, which although awkward I asked about, and they corrected only part of it.
- Jeff Stevens

Amazing client services!
- sebas ismaj

Really company
- ignacio loria

I loved their attention. Since the beginning of my moving process to the end of it they helped me out with everything i needed with a big smile. 10/10 would recommend this company.
- Santiago Fernandez

Just used Sparks for my recent move to the Cleveland area. These guys were amazing! All my stuff was transported safely and the unload into my new spot was efficient and well organized. Could not have done this move without them! You definitely should use Sparks if you are moving!
- John Kuzella

Great moving services!
- vicjardinii

I had my things in storage for a few years, never had any issues. Requested a move and they were quick and professional. I gave them two stars because one of my tv is now broken. Someone must of drop the box.
- Mimi London

I've used them several times throughout the past twenty five years and they were consistently great each time. The prices were affordable and the guys were very compassionate and helpful - always with a great attitude. It helos that this a family owned business that the quality is so good. I know of an apartment complex that also highly recommends then but I would not recommend that complex so I will not mention them.
- Crowe Bro

Had a great moving experience with Sparks recently. Called about a month in advance to get a quote and moving date. They were definitely the most affordable. I was a little worried because sometimes you get what you pay for but this wasn't the case. There was concern about the moving date getting pushed back, but they were understanding and reassured me that they would work it out. Fortunately that didn't happen so they showed up right on time on moving day. They got straight to work and only stopped when there was heavy rain. We were out of the first house by 12:30pm and into the next house by 3:00pm. It was much quicker than I anticipated. All of the movers were friendly. Whatever they took apart, they put back together. We didn't have any major dents or anything from the move to the best of my knowledge. Some of my furniture had some small scuffs but I didn't make a big deal about wrapping it up. I have two boys - nothing in my house is that sacred. Overall, they were efficient, friendly, and got the job done so we didn't have to break our backs doing it all ourselves.
- Mansi N.

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