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About Sorenson Moving and Storage

Our aim is to create lasting relationships with our customers and the community by continuing to provide outstanding product and service leadership, year after year. Through teamwork and a commitment to honesty and integrity, we are dedicated to proving, through our performance, that Sorenson Moving and Storage is the very best relocation company, in the eyes of our most demanding critics – our customers.

Moving-Me about Sorenson Moving and Storage

The company offers a wide variety of services. Sorenson history dates back to the early 1940’s when the company was founded by Loran W. and Doyle R. Sorenson. Today the tradition of quality service still holds true, as Sorenson Moving and Storage continues to provide courteous, professional service to all of their customers

Sorenson Moving and Storage Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 67234

US D.O.T: 077949

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: Cal PUC T-159042

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What is Sorenson Moving and Storage cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. The moving company is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Sorenson Moving and Storage Reviews

I had a great time moving with these guys. These two guys named farmer and chip had me laughing all day. They took great care of all my belongings and also got me moved fast enough to have diner with my family at our new home. Great job guys 🙂
- Douglas W.

We had Sorensons move us on multiple occasions. They are alway prompted, clean reliable and all for a reasonable price. I highly recommend them..
- Tom H.

We just had the best experience in moving that we have ever had! It was my 4th time and my wife's first one. Both Rick S and Rich S were great to deal with. True professionals. Our driver Erich P was absolutely the best. He took a very stressful situation and made it very easy for us. The loaders and unloaders also did a great job. We have yet to find a scratch or any damage to anything. I give this company the highest possible rating and recommend them to anyone who needs to be moved professionally.
- Errol K.

I am writing this review for my mother, who is in her 80s and wouldn't hurt a fly. I, on the other hand, am not afraid to tell a business that is underperforming what I think. The owner of the company, Rick Sorenson, came twice to meet with my mom & her husband to arrange a complicated move as they were splitting into 2 households. When the day of the move came, everything seemed to be fine, but when the things arrived at the destination, only 2 hours away, it went awry. First, they had packed my mom's walker and canes - she couldn't get around and was left helpless on a single cane, there were a lot of issues with packing - what was left and what was packed, but the worst was yet to come. Even though there were arrangements made for the washer and dryer to be swapped out, my mom had to ask the men for this to be done. She gave the old pair to the moving men and they "installed" the new ones. They used the wrong hoses and DID NOT ATTACH THE DRAIN! That evening, my mom, all alone at the time, tried to do some laundry and the washer flooded the house - hardwood floors and all. All the towels were in the washer and she was walking on one cane over soapy floors. The national company insists that all the employees are actual employees of the company, but these guys that met the truck to unpack were from another moving company, Allied, NOT UNITED! Their shirts were old, they talked about being on SSI (food stamps) and about being stiffed for $5 on a move. My mom, the softie, fell for all this, fed them & tipped them well. The national company told me that they do not install appliances, and that we as the customer had to arrange for someone else to do this. Sorenson insists that "they do installs all the time" and didn't give Mom this option. My mom is sick of the whole thing and I don't blame her. I guess the moving company is hoping, like all the rest, that we will just drop it, and we will, but not before I put in this review. Rick - you didn't do what you said you would. You lied about what my mom said to you. You misrepresented what you had no control over. For weeks, you put off coming over to see the damage so my mom would give up. No matter how nice you are, my mom's floor is still damaged and she could have been badly hurt. You don't deserve even one star for this move
- Alice L.

These guys are absolutely amazing. They were prompt, professional and came in at half the cost of the other moving quote I got. My entire house was moved into the truck and gone in half a day. And they did all this with about 3 days notice. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone better than these guys. Call them first. You won't regret it.
- Josh B.

This company has gone above and beyond for me. As a realtor, I have referred them to many clients and everyone has been happy with their service. I've also used them for 2 of my moves. No issues!
- Brent M.

I just helped my daughter & her family move from SF to Colorado... Sorenson's was fantastic! Eric, the owner was top notch & did a wonderful job! They were fantastic on both the loading & unloading! Thx u! Would recommend them anytime! Great to work with! Priced well below Bay Area movers!
- Jan S.

Had to move some furniture and a baby grand piano from storage and it was a bit last minute. We were able to make this happen because of this company's professionalism right from the start. They gave a written quote, explained that by law they had to provide the maximum total, but provided what they expected to be the amount. Sure enough, they were right on the money---very reasonable and competitive. The guys were prompt , pleasant, and professional! Plus, they could move my piano ---and it is hard to find a company that truly knows how to move one! Highly recommend these guys!
- Kathy T.

I really wish I could give these guys more stars because the movers are courteous and our belongings were transported safely, but they made mistakes on each occasion that were frustrating as they cost us time and money, and showed a lack of regard for the customer. Some time back we requested that they move an extremely heavy, upright grand piano into our upstairs apartment. For some reason they didn't believe us on how cumbersome the item is and didn't send enough people, and we had to wait for more guys to come to help lug it up a flight of steps. Thankfully that occurred same day as the item was downstairs outside. Fast forward to moving out. We decided to call them again and though they had notes in their system about the previous move we still made sure to stress it had required five guys last time and is extremely heavy. We also arranged to swap the washer and dryer in our place with ones that were in storage. My husband took time off work to be around for the window they'd arranged and what happens? They send only two people. As no one else was available, we had to wait until later in the week meaning my husband needed to leave work early once more and we had to move the washer and dryer hanging out in our kitchen. We were told to expect a phone call before they were on their way which would give my husband time to head home and that it would be sometime around noon. 11AM rolls around, I'm having some quality lounging time in a towel after showering, and Sorenson's Moving shows up at the door. I explained they were an hour earlier than we'd been told to anticipate and it was deflected with a not so helpful "We didn't know about that." I let my husband know to head home ASAP while they waited outside as I dressed and when he arrived around 11:15 they started moving the piano. By 12:30 things were wrapped up and the person collecting payment was insistent he had to charge the full amount without compensating us at all (they charged us for 1.5 hours at $140 an hour for a total of $210 as they apparently charge double for time spent driving) and stated if we wanted anything for the inconvenience, to contact the owner. We thanked him, passed over a check, and decided against pursuing it further as we're pretty busy due to leaving the state in a few days. The items were moved without damage, the guys moving stuff are polite, but the communication between owner, receptionist, and the movers leaves a lot to be desired. I also find it disappointing that the employees are not empowered enough to be able to make decisions about compensation and that they would tell us to contact the owner instead of making a phone call then and there to ensure their customers are satisfied. Our experience with Sorenson's was extremely underwhelming. Not completely awful, but frustrating enough that I would not use them again unless there were literally no alternatives.
- Raquel H.

I thought I was pleased with their services until I started noticing all the things they damaged. My husband’s company paid to move us, otherwise I would have packed my own home. I have a small child and so I wasn’t able to oversee everything that happened as they packed. We had three guys pack our house, a couple different guys plus two of the original guys loaded our stuff and the driver brought it to the new house the next day. The kitchen items were packed with care, but that is the ONLY room that was packed well. As I’ve continued to open boxes I’ve found pictures and breakables not wrapped in ANY kind of paper or bubble wrap or anything, just carelessly tossed in a box. We paid out of pocket to have my husband’s car added to the trailer. When they drove it off the ramp, the bumper caught on the ramp. Although the guy watching told the guy driving to stop several times, he kept going and nearly ripped off the bumper, then ripped both fog lights out because the bumper was dragging. It’s an old car and my husband is VERY nice so he tried to make the guy feel better about it and said it wasn’t a big deal. My desk SUPPOSEDLY started to come apart while they were moving it (although I moved it into that house myself and it seemed sturdy) and so they took it apart or something. They didn’t bother to try reassembling it and just tossed it in the storage room all torn apart. Our expensive farm table has two long scratches across the surface that were not there beforehand. When I was pregnant I was given a vintage rocking chair as a gift from a friend. That rocking chair now needs to be fixed or tightened or wood glued as it is coming apart. My sons nursery has a vintage dresser that my husband custom painted. That dresser now leans to the side of you gently push the top of it, and I’m guessing it was just tossed around like our other belongings. They also put little pieces of tape on everything without first covering it and that tape removed the CUSTOM paint that I no longer have because they don’t move liquids like that, so now it cannot be fixed. Today I was unpacking further to discover that the contents of my home office were tossed carelessly in a box, not wrapped in any way, shape or form. My file folders were tossed in upside down with papers in them. I had a bag in my office with things from my wedding; banners, my coat hanger that has my new last name on it for pictures of the wedding dress, photos, including one with a glass frame, all carelessly tossed into the same box. Some of these items were smashed and broken. These things cannot be replaced. Although the move is insured, the insurance payments would not make up for how violated I feel that my personal belongings, memories, items that made my house our home, were thrown into boxes as though they did not matter one bit to the people who are being PAID to handle them with care. I wish I could give zero stars for this company. These employees need more training, or some form of disciplinary action. I hope this never happens to any family again!!! It’s totally ridiculous!!! Moving with a toddler to a new town where you have no friends or family has its challenges as it is. This additional burden could have been prevented. I feel as though I’ve been violated personally and that is not a good feeling. The driver, Troy, is the one who packed my office and I cannot remember the other names of the movers who were in the other rooms that were packed so poorly. My advice is not to use this company at all. But if you must, watch them like a hawk. Make sure they handle your things with care. And document everything. I will be contacting the business, their corporate office and anyone else I need to in order to see that this situation is rectified as much as possible.
- Danielle B.

I had to move a piano in Paradise. After scheduling a moving date with a place in Yuba City, at the last minute they cancelled. Luckily someone recommend Sorensons so they scheduled a day/time, said they charge $160/hr and my grand piano might take 3 hours. Well, they had a cancellation & called to see if they could come sooner! There were 3 nice guys who knew what they were doing. Steep steps at my new home seemed impossible, but they managed beautifully. I budgeted $500, but it ended up being $280. I was very happy & would recommend Sorensons for moving a piano.
- Kimberly O.

Pretty disappointed. They did not wrap a single piece of furniture. They complained numerous times about having to take a piece off a crib to fit it through the door. They banged a piece of furniture into the side of a door and since they used no padding or wrapping, it made the hole pictured. They pushed furniture across the floor. It is carpet, but they could tear up the carpet pushing and dragging heavy furniture on it. They told me they would be there 9-10am in person and in email and when I called the day before to confirm they said 8-8:30.. good thing I called. The movers were not friendly, had bad attitudes. It was my first time using "professional" movers and I expected much more. I could have just paid much less to some teenage boys looking for extra cash and they would done the exact same ***EDIT: Rich Sorenson contacted me regarding this review. I greatly appreciate him calling me to discuss my concerns. That is good customer service in my opinion. He acknowledged where there were issues and apologized. He expressed a desire to make things right. Additionally, they are sending someone out to repair the damage. So, although I was unimpressed overall with the move, I am impressed with Rich’s follow-up.
- Sarah C.

I have moved 8 times in the past ten years so I have a lot of experience with both local and long distance movers. These guys are awesome! The movers worked SO hard all day moving our very heavy items up and down hills. No smoke breaks, no slacking, just very hard work. They were professional and pleasant even in the 100 degrees moving items requiring three men to move them. If I have to move for a ninth time, I am going to use these guys!
- Roxy P.

Sorensons was available at short notice to do an urgent move in Oroville and they ensured that enough people were assigned on the day and came prepared to do everything efficiently. They got the job done, the crew was professional, and we were satisfied with how it all went.
- Anneli V.

Great people,hard workers.hired them on 3 diffrent moves,fast & clean!
- Dennis Y.

Called and spoke in the phone with a very professional and friendly employee. They sent the owner’s son out to see what we needed moved and provide an estimate. Rich was very nice and said his internet/laptop connection was down and he’d email a quote the next day. I called two days later and left a voicemail on his phone and then the following day and spoke to someone e in the office who said rich was not in but wold pass along my message. Never heard from them again. Disappointed as they’re part of the Chico Chamber of Commerce and thought they’d be reputable.
- Breanne F.

I was impressed with the professionalism of this company. Even though there was a scheduling mixup, not their fault, staff was quick to get a crew together and met my needs on the date I originally had planned. The loading and unloading wenT without a hitch, and the final cost came under the maximum quoted. That helped my budget.
- Tatiana F.

In preparation for an out-of-state move, we contacted several well reviewed businesses here in Chico and asked for quotes. Three of the four did come to our location and were to provide a quote. We did ask for three-four quotes due to the complexities of our move, thank you Covid, and gave everyone the opportunity to put on their thinking caps and come up with figures that made sense and wouldn’t put us into one of the cardboard boxes we were moving our things with. Rich Sorenson called prior to our appointment to get a sense of the dates we were thinking about and to be the first on the planet of cell phones to ask where we were located. That never can be a good sign when you’re getting ready to hire a moving company, amirite? He showed up without a mask (smack in the middle of Covid). We gave him one of our prepackaged spares since we’re a first responder family. He claims he must have left it on the ground at the gas station. Nice. Asked a lot of questions. Took measurements. Seemed checked out (this isn’t our first rodeo when it comes to getting estimates and moving). And then crickets. No email. No quote. No phone call. And yes, we did check our spam. Unless he was emailing in broken English from Nigeria, nothing in the spam box was from Sorenson’s. I did read another review that spoke of the same net result. I feel bad for the employees who are missing out on work because their estimator is slacking off. But I can’t be bothered with making a follow-up call to light a fire under the owner’s son’s butt when I found some phenomenal out of state movers here locally that were johnny-on-the-spot with their estimates. If you’re like us and looking to move out of this godforsaken place, you might want to check out the smaller guys who are working hard to make a name for themselves.
- Kathie B.

Wonderful company. They came and assessed my home and gave me a very fair quote. All sorts of bumps and issues came up with my management company, and Sorenson worked with us every step of the way. Very professional and understanding -- thank you!
- B.F.

Best. Move. Ever. Sorenson worked with my schedule (very appreciated) and they packed, moved and took care of me. Everything was treated well, and I can’t say enough about how smooth this move was. Thank you, Sorenson moving!! (Note: this move was two years ago, and I was just getting on Yelp so I could recommend Sorensen to a friend who is moving, and saw that my review is unfinished. Still the best move ever from two years ago, and I HIGHLY recommend Sorenson to anyone!)
- Katy V.

I contracted Sorenson to pack my entire home, and another company to move the items packed< At no time was it explained to me that packing items in closets and drawers was different from wrapping furniture< When the saleswoman came to my home to inspect, I told her the entire house needed to be packed< Yes, I did only choose them to pack and my expectation was the entire house< They started saying it was an insurance and liability issue one I told them I needed the furniture packed because they were not moving it and it was not part of the packing< Very poor customer service< I<’ve had 7 military moves and I have always had everything packedd To me this is a play on words by them so they didnd’t have to pack everything because they were not being contracted to move the items after everything was packedi The operations staff was contacted by the crew, who were awesome, by the way, and neither I nor the crew were called back with a dispositioni Then when I called the next day, they were not willing to work with me in order to pack out my entire housei Instead telling me what the moving company should be doingi 
- Princess Faith

Excellent service and packing< I highly recommend Sorensons< This is the second time I have used them
- Shelly Deshan

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