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About Solomon & Sons Relocation Services

Solomon & Sons Relocation Services strives to treat everyone like family. We also give the most cost-efficient rates, thus the twenty-five positive ratings given on BBB. We have storage options available for short and long term use. Storage is crucial if you are not ready for delivery just yet. We have multiple options for you to choose from. Your coordinator will help determine what suits you best and provide you an estimated quote. If you know your delivery date ahead of time, you can provide this as well. Otherwise, you can wait until you have more information about delivery to give them a call.

Moving-Me about Solomon & Sons Relocation Services

Solomon & Sons Relocation Services provides relocation and storage options for South Florida. They have been in business since 2014. They have accreditation through the Better Business Bureau, or the BBB. They are also members of the American Moving & Storage Association. or the AMSA. As of 2018 they are named “Mover of the Year” by Reality Today. Solomon & Sons is a licensed and accredited moving carrier nationwide. This company offers local residential, long distance, and office/commercial relocation.

Solomon & Sons Relocation Services Licenses & Certificates

Solomon & Sons Relocation Services is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Solomon & Sons Relocation Services is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 2512576

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Solomon & Sons Relocation Services cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Solomon & Sons Relocation Services is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Solomon & Sons Relocation Services Reviews

Jeremiah, Kevin and Eric came out and packed and moved our apartment today. They were polite, honest and took great care in moving our things. It was a pleasure working with them and would recommend to anyone in need of lovers.
- Shaena S.

understand my things are being transported several thousand miles, and mistakes happen, but that is no excuse for poor customer service, and lack of communication. I am now in fear that my things are in jeopardy, purely because I do not trust this company at all. If they let something as minimal as just making a phone call to a customer thats paid them thousands of dollars fall through the cracks, I dont really trust them to have taken good care of my things. Iwould not recommend this company at all. UPDATE! My things were dropped off, and every box was smashed. Multiple pieces of furniture had damage and my TV screen was completely cracked and is now totally inoperable. It was clearly dropped. It was in double thick, twice wrapped bubble wrap inside a TV box. All they had to do was be careful with it. I also had $350 in unexpected charges when they arrived and they refused to give me my possessions until I paid it. They have refused to give me any sort of compensation for the Television outside of .60 cents per pound, (which would be around $20) and its a $500 TV. There are a million moving companies in South Florida. DO NOT USE THEM THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. Everything was fine with my pickup, other than not being told in advance of their long carry charges, which goes to the movers so its not that big of a deal. It was a lot of hard work and I appreciated their help. I just would have liked to have known the correct pricing before they actually showed up. I had spoken to Esther several times about getting my things on the road and she was very nice and congratulatory about my move. Then once everything was being prepared to ship, it all went down hill. I notified them on the 6th that I was ready to have my things delivered on the 13th. I was originally told it should be there close to the week of the 13th, but may take longer and they would let me know. I heard nothing. I called back on the 14th, and they gave me a new window of the 20th to the 26th. At this point, i am living at a new apartment with no furniture or necessities of any kind. My things shipped on the 16th and no one ever called me to let me know, even though I specifically asked to be notified. I waited until the following Monday and probably 5pm Florida time before I just called in to check myself. When it finally got to the 20th, I called for an update and a very rude girl named Lindsey groaned and got really snotty when I asked her if she could get another update from the driver now that he was on the road. She did so only at my insistence after first just trying to give me the same window of the 20th to the 26th again. Then I was told it would be the 26th because the driver was running behind. When I told her I was upset with the customer service she became argumentative. I asked to talk to the General Manager, and she told me there wasn't a manager in the building. I asked for their voicemail. She told me she didn't know if they had voicemail or not, but then transferred me to a message that said they couldn't take my call right now. This is also the same girl that quoted me almost $300 less for my long carry than what it actually ended up costing, and advised me to use the wrong pickup time which was upsetting for the driver and foreman when he picked everything up. It is now the 25th and I still don't have my stuff.. I have not received a phone call from them about an updated arrival so AGAIN I HAVE TO CALL THEM. I have had to call in several times to get updates and each time, I have been spoken to rudely and treated like I'm crazy or unreasonable for wanting an update on where my belongings are. Finally today after I called in to them, they told me the truck broke down last night and they didn't know about it until I called and asked them to contact the driver, so my stuff is sitting in a broken down truck in Texas as I write this. They gave me a new update on when my things will be here, which is now the 27th or 28th. I understand my things are being transported several thousand miles, and mistakes happen, but that is no excuse for poor customer service, and lack of communication. I am now in fear that my things are in jeopardy, purely because I do not trust this company at all. If they let something as minimal as just making a phone call to a customer thats paid them thousands of dollars fall through the cracks, I dont really trust them to have taken good care of my things. Iwould not recommend this company at all.
- Aeliza R.

We only chose this moving company because our realtor in Florida suggested it, but I assume she didn't realize how much of a bunch of scam artists they are! That's why you have to do your research before signing on the dotted line! That being said, we were supposed to move down to Florida but my father, who is 81-years-old got Covid-19. We never expected this so we asked if we could cancel and of course, get a refund for our expected move, right? Well, they don't give back refunds, in fact, they will charge you close to full price and expect that without giving you a real excuse as to why? Then when you ask for a refund, they'll give you the runaround and tell you that they scheduled your move in advance and that they would have to move the driver's schedule around, and mind you they don't have their own trucks, they use private owner-operators that they pay for their services. So if a company doesn't have its own trucks, stay away! That means, that they won't take good care of your things because they contract your stuff out to private contractors who won't take good care of your precious items, and as a result, there's no accountability for damages. Lastly, they will constantly email you a statement expecting you to pay the full price. Why? Why should I pay the full price if I didn't make the move in the first place? Just stay away and do your research and find a company that provides you a guarantee of a full refund if you decide to cancel services.
- John B.

The worst. I could not have had a more damaged move. My things were destroyed intentionally. I had kick marks in my boxes! Everything that could be wrong was wrong. They were unreasonable and will not compensate me for the damages. Run! UPDATE - so you can see the response from the company claiming to care deeply about this- but in typical avoidant behavior, he has not returned my call. I have over 80 photos of the damage: kicked boxes, broken furniture, broken items. If you like, I can post one photo of the damageeach day for the next few months. Stay tuned! UPDATE -I just looked through the company website from this site. So many pictures of damage! I am not the only customer to have all my possessions destroyed. I encourage you to view the photos before hiring SOLOMON & SONS WRECKING The worst. I could not have had a more damaged move. My things were destroyed intentionally. I had kick marks in my boxes! Everything that could be wrong was wrong. They were unreasonable and will not compensate me for the damages. Run! UPDATE - so you can see the response from the company claiming to care deeply about this- but in typical avoidant behavior, he has not returned my call. I have over 80 photos of the damage: kicked boxes, broken furniture, broken items. If you like, I can post one photo of the damage each day for the next few months. Stay tuned! The worst. I could not have had a more damaged move. My things were destroyed intentionally. I had kick marks in my boxes! Everything that could be wrong was wrong. They were unreasonable and will not compensate me for the damages. Run!
- Marilyn H.

We've now used Solomon and sons 3 times to move, and each time they've been very professional, friendly, and courteous. We've had Jeramiah 2x now, and he was a great Forman both times. They've been helpful when small issues arose, and when we've seen people screaming at their moving companies on move in day, we're grateful we chose these guys. This recent move, we had a particularly good experience with Jeramiah, Kevin, and Jacob. Thanks!
- Alex B.

Highly recommended!! Solomon and Sons relocation services! We used their services on May 9th for a move from CT to FL, we went online to inquire for a moving company and getting BLASTED by different companies I was persuaded by the person Matt , since I have got several other companies that sounded a little sketchy by pushing me to "close the deal" very intensively and asking for my deposit and keep dropping their prices( I google stuff I see whats going on out there its crazy!) - I actually felt very safe with Solomon and Sons. The price was very fair for such a long move, they were VERY THOROUGH with the questioning (Matt actually made me go in EACH room and describe EXACTLY what I needed to move..and I'm talking about everything..lamps included! Lol) I might have underestimated the amount of kitchen wares I had to pack and Instead of 15 boxes I ended up with about 23 but again the price was very fair.. 2 very professional team members arrived wearing the solomon and sons uniform, had me to walk them through everything, they wrote down every single item , put a sticker on it and recorded exactly what it was. The items that needed wrapping was wrapped very professionally, covered with special blankets all around and they took very good care of everything! The delivery arrived exactly as expected and discussed (today on the 14th of may), and right on the time we agreed upon ( I had scheduled the elevator to be held between 11am-3pm) they finished parking their big truck at 11:07 and asked me to walk them through the route of delivery. They unpacked everything and assembled the beds/cabinets/drawers ( 5 STAR white glove service!!) And they finished everything by 04:15, they took most of the trash them and actually gave me a lot of advices and connected me with people to help me with hanging my TV and where are good places to buy stuff!! You guys made my move easy and fun! Thanks!! I highly recommend
- Sharon C.

GOOD movers! They were not only reasonable on price but they were very professional! They took great care of all of our items with the great care. They were so NICE and extremely SKILLED at what they are doing and finding ways to make everything smooth. To top it off - we had an item we remembered after they were already leaving and they still helped us with it! Regards.
- Catherine

Solomon & Sons Relocation did a awesome job. They handled all of our items with GREAT CARE, and were fast and efficient! They made sure that everything was put where it was supposed to be and took the time to assemble the items that had to be disassemble to move. I would definitely recommend this company.
- Ethel

Guys from Solomon & Sons was awesome. They packed our stuff efficiently and moved everything from third floor to their truck and relocated to our new apartment without any hesitation. This moving team deserve a gold medal for their efficiency and professional work because they made sure the job was completed on time as quoted without causing any damages to my goods and walls. I am HIGHLY satisfied with their service. Thank you.
- Sonia

My last move went really excellent only because I had Solomon & Sons Relocation to help. They were very affordable and efficient at the same time. The movers arrived early, packed and wrapped everything quickly and left within a very short time with all my things. The delivery was made on time as well. I was so IMPRESSED at the level of professionalism and efficiency displayed by this company at every step of my relocation. Highly recommended.
- Helen

Thank you Solomon & Sons Relocation for providing such a great moving experience! I was really stressed out and just needed a reliable team to make the process smooth and you guys did just that. Thank you so much!
- Drew

I've used Solomon & Sons Relocation Services to maneuver three times within the last four years. They take a lot of the stress out of the moving method. They're on-time, speedy and careful along with your belongings. Their evaluation isn't the most cost effective, however I think that they're the simplest worth supported the extent of service that they provide. It's like having a good team move your living accommodations for you. You cannot go wrong with this company.
- Jane

Good job guys. We were moving a our three bedroom house plus a large number of garage toys. The quote process was GREAT. They quickly answered all my questions and were ready to prep us for what to expect during move day. The moving guys were extremely fast, polite and guarded and wrapped our all goods and furniture as if they were their own. We bought lunch for the crew and while they were appreciative, they didn't stop to eat, working until the work was done. They came in under their original quote and were a pleasure to figure with. I would not TRUST my next move to anyone else.
- Mark

Solomon & Sons Relocation was fantastic! We had a less start time for our move and expert was able to accommodate the time. They arrived ON TIME and were very efficient in their job. We had way more items than initially thought and a lot more FRAGILE items. They handled them with good care and everything arrived at our new place in perfect condition. Office staff was extremely friendly and helpful with scheduling the move and the moving guys were absolutely amazing on the day of the move!
- Joy

My family and I had a excellent experience with Solomon & Sons Relocation. They helped us with our interstate move and they have done a GOOD job. Their sales rep gave me a good price and also flexible payment methods. The moving team were efficient, caring and they covered last minute jobs without any issues. They treated me and my family with respect and never took any sort of advantages. They really are very nice. The delivery was on time and there were no damages upon delivery. We happily suggest them to all my friends and family members.
- Julie

Using this company was overall simple and efficient. Movers did a great job taking care of all our items and never complained about the million pounds of stuff my wife packed into the boxes. Alex was pleasant with us during the booking and Ellie, Roy and Michael all had great attitudes and were helpful whenever we called in.
- Salomon Hodgins

This company is horrible. Do not care about their customer and their staff steal stuff during the move! Terrible! We recently relocated from CA to the midwest and we trusted the online review at every beginning, but it turns out to be a mess. The company do not do the job but transfer the job to other company 3 times and the last terminal hires 2 thieves...They steal our wallet during the move and the company did nothing...If there is a zero start, I will give them a zero start. Stay away from them, it is a waste of your time to do any business with them.
- Wei Bao

Horrific move, terrible experience. I have moved my family cross country several times. This was my first with Solomon. They destroyed over $25000 worth of furniture and valuables. The owner, Monica Hoffman, could care less. We had a very expensive move that went horribly wrong. The timing, the unpacking, the foreman brought in a crew off craigslist and now we have missing clothing and jewelry- the entire process was beyond unprofessional and the owner is completely disrespectful and is dragging out this process so as not to have to reimburse us at all. I wouldn’t recommend this moving company to anyone. Ever.
- Lisa Wand

Avoid Solomon & Sons at all cost! What a dishonest, fraudulent, unethical, irresponsible company. These were not typical moving issues, this was NEGLIGENCE. These were all controllable things that were negligent of Solomon & Sons. I was moving out of state and they assured me that they would be the ONLY company moving my belongings, pick up and delivery. Not only was that a lie but the company that showed up with MISSING and DAMAGED belongings only had one person show up in a truck and try to extort an additional $1000 from me because he said he would need a "shuttle" truck as he couldn't get near my building with a semi. My building is in a mixed use complex with a grocery store and can accommodate two semi trucks side by side right in front of my door! Once I got him to agree to unload, he then called random people in the area to see who would show up to help him unload which only one person did. This was not a "lets hire a few guys to move me" type move where you pay a few hundred dollars. This was a $4000 out of state move. Not stacking heavy boxes on boxes marked fragile that were crushed, that's controllable. Doing whatever was done that caused many of my boxes to be ripped apart, that's controllable. Not stacking 20 boxes on a dolly several boxes too high so that they fall off while pushing is controllable. Bringing a door stopper so that when you go to push send cart inside and not crash and topple boxes, that's controllable. Not peeing on the floor, that's controllable. Putting the boxes in the rooms that they go to, controllable. Unpacking the TV that they were supposed to do and not leaving furniture on their sides, controllable. They also tried to extort an additional $200 because he didn't have a way to properly measure the distance to my front door from the elevator and was using an iphone app that he said wasn't working. I called immediately when the truck arrived to alert them to the issues with my destroyed belongings and at the attempted extortion and I never received a callback. Then I sent an email later that night letting them know that one of their movers URINATED ON MY FLOOR. Someone should have been at my house, same day, cleaning the bathroom. And then the next day someone should've been sent here to move the boxes to where they were supposed to go, unpack and set up the furniture and TV like they were supposed to. None of that happened. So how are they helping me??? "File a claim with insurance". Oh...and they also have NO paperwork for my move! I feel violated and taken advantage of.
- Nicole Cox

Horrible. Absolutely horrible. Do not use these people if you value your POSSESSIONS or your MONEY. They gave me a quote they promised would be quite accurate based on a visual inspection. it was THOUSANDS MORE and what are you to do once your stuff is on the truck. Ok, we moved on. When delivery day came.. their truck couldn't get to my house so they called and said it would be another $1,600 for them to unpack and load to another truck. ok, we were exhausted and just wanted our stuff. As my stuff came into my house there was SO MUCH DAMAGE. thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage. sickening and devastating to see my stuff broken, dressers, my daughter CRIB, dishes, heirlooms, all broken. They their truck busted a street lamp outside my house which has still not been fixed. After filing a claim you know how much they are giving me? ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS . a slap in the face. this company is a scam and absolutely the WORST choice you can make I promise you that.
- Laurel Butmankiewicz

We moved our entire life’s worth of stuff from Florida to New York this December. It went from a stressful situation to an amazing relocation experience, The care and dedication from the entire company and the office staff was memorable. I wouldn’t hesitate hiring these guys
- Matthew Finton

Very accommodating to our needs. They worked extra hard to make sure that our furniture was safe and the premises as well. I strongly recommend them for your relocation.
- Lori Albert

Had an amazing move. The moving crew is courteous, explained the process and made is actually fun. The estimate was on point and the nice touch was the great girls at customer service who are always willing to answer my nervous move questions. Thank you to the amazing team!
- Maryann Cohen

BUYER BEWARE on Interstate moves! If you want peace of mind that you can trust the movers in your home, choose another company. SSRS hires subcontractors for interstate moves that they admittedly don't know and refuse to accept responsibility for theft by them even through these subs operate under the SSRS name! My personal experience follows. I paid approx. $15k for my move from VA to FL which was handled by SSRS. I trusted that I was working with a reputable company. I had $3,500+ in blank postal money orders stolen from my bedroom during that move and could only prove the money orders were stolen 30+ days after they were issued. (The Post Office requires 30 days from purchase before you can file an inquiry. You can’t stop payment on money orders. I tried.) By that point, 3 of the 4 money orders had been cashed. They were cashed more than 100 miles from my home and in the same town the subcontractor was from. Coincidence? While the two individual signatures on the endorsed checks were not by people who were part of the moving crew, one of the movers just happens to live at the same address as one of the signers and is Facebook friends with the other. More coincidences? I don’t think so! It is SSRS’s contention that they do not know the signers listed on the checks nor the individual mover I was able to associate with the names on the checks. They further contend that the movers at my home were not their employees and deny any responsibility for the crew THEY PUT IN MY HOUSE! But facts matter. It was an SSRS truck that was used by this subcontractor to deliver my furniture to Florida and it is SSRS who I made interim and final payments to. Not the subcontractor. One would think that if they had any integrity at all they would want to stand behind their name and make this right for their customer instead of creating excuses to deny liability! Working with the authorities has been difficult because more than one police department is involved. Suffice to say I totally disagree with SSRS’ denial of liability and so do the police departments I contacted who suggested I sue SSRS. I am in the process of taking further legal action.
- Therese M Shiflett

We only wanted a good experience when we relocated this year to New York. We dis not need the cheapest mover or false hopes. Just honest and reliable service. Solomon & Sons relocation did a fantastic job and we could not thank them enough.
- Cory Waliski

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