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Our goal is to provide affordable and reliable relocation services to fit your budget no matter what the size or distance of your move is. SM&S Relocation Inc. is the relocation company of choice for your next move. With everything you have to think about during your upcoming relocation, you shouldn’t have to worry about the actual move itself.

Moving-Me about SM&S Relocation

Established in 2008, across the street or across an ocean, SM&S Relocation can manage your upcoming move. As a part of their services, they offer customized solutions for each type of move, whether local, interstate or international. Their worldwide resources give them the edge over other moving companies.

SM&S Relocation Licenses & Certificates

SM&S Relocation is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 635509

US D.O.T: 1734966

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is SM&S Relocation cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1000. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. SM&S Relocation is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

SM&S Relocation Reviews

SM&S Relocation (also known as SMS Moving and formerly known as Survivors Moving prior to 2008) has failed in all aspects. First the movers were over three hours late at pick up. Second, they required signing an estimate PRIOR to any weighing for a maximum fee, which the movers stated was required by law. The balance between the initial payment and this maximum became the balance due at delivery (again regardless of the actual weight). The itemized charges provided did not add up to the total charge. There was a 9% fee for stairs WITH NO stairs in any part of the move. An additional $150 was charged for materials and NO MATERIALS belonging to the company were used other than the two standard pads owned by the company used to wrap two pieces of wooden furniture, which per the estimate the quote included: Free use of moving pads to cover and protect your wooden furniture. All tape, boxes, everything else used belonged to me and was purchased by me. Per the estimate the minimum job fee quoted was $707.05 with the disclaimer of total cost will be based on the actual weight/Cubic Foot of your shipment and any additional services performed. There was no consideration of actual services provided or weight in the amount I was charged. The movers were rude, forceful, demanding, intimidating, and threatening. Upon delivery, more than two weeks later, two pieces of large furniture (the items they purportedly wrapped in their two pads) were completely destroyed and glass collectibles packed inside boxes were broken in pieces alluding to the fact that there was NO CONCERN given to Fragile Glass warnings marked in bold on the face of the boxes. Cash only was required upon delivery. If unable to provide the cash balance at delivery the movers threatened to leave with the belongings, to return to the original source state, and charge an additional minimum $350 per day for storage. No phone calls were made to provide the balance at any time prior to delivery so it was automatically assumed and expected that on a Saturday the full balance in cash would be available. Again the movers were absolutely rude, intimidating, and threatening. They dismissed the ability to reclaim any compensation for damages and had very little care. I cannot count the amount of times I heard I’m just the messenger by different movers at both pickup and delivery. Upon contacting SM&S Relocation and requesting a detailed explanation of the total charges the supervisor hung up. The actions exhibited on behalf of SM&S Relocation and its employees and independent contractors, has left me with the only option of pursuing legal action and to ensure this complaint can be obtained by any potential future customers of the company.
- Lindsey

It is extremely clear that this moving company ‘gets it’. Moving, under the best of circumstances, is stressful and their company philosophy is obviously ‘get it done for the customer in whatever way possible’.Billing was very straightforward: labor truck. No fuel surcharges or anything else - transparency in billing is another sign of how they value customer satisfaction. They estimated 5-6 hours for my 3 bedroom house, which seemed very optimistic but finished in 4.9 hours. My experience was that they are honest, hard-working, and dedicated to leaving with a happy client. I’d definitely use them again for moving or any of the other services they offer.Companies that demonstrate such a strong commitment to their customers deserve to be rewarded.
- Francisco

I recently moved from San Jose to Los Angeles and was in desperate need of help fast. I went with SM&S Movers and they went above and beyond of all my expectations. They worked quickly but were also very careful with all my belongings.
- John Brown

I had a last minute move that I needed picked up. Speedee Movers were great at responding to my call. They actually were able to move me without a fuss and without much notice. They were friendly and kept my price low. They moved quickly. I would use them again and recommend them to my friends.
- Adriana Perez

After getting a quote and going over the contract line-by-line, reviewing each potential charge, we were shocked to have a $230 charge added for "packing" when no packing was done by them. After being promised a weekend delivery (to accommodate a new job schedule) the truck arrived 2 days late at 10:38 PM and the job wasn’t finished until 11:52 PM!  Not a good start in a new apartment!I also left 4 messages and no phone calls were ever returned.Very disappointed, will never use them again.   
- Tracy

I couldn’t have wished for anything better! Dan, Ramon and Jose were the best movers I’ve ever had. They were punctual, professional, and organized from start to finish. They clearly know what they’re doing. I would 100% recommend the whole team at SMS MOVING and especially Dan.
- Scott

free wardrobe boxes and tape were a huge help to the overall cost as well there was no additional cost for stairs. They arrived on time packaged up the furniture well and were efficient with the loading process. They worked through and made it easy. The movers were friendly and fast. Thanks again for your service.
- Taylor

DO NOT USE THIS BUSINESS! If I could give ZERO stars I would. I generally only write reviews when I have something good to say, but I am writing this to warn people not to use this horrible business. I have never, never, been so disrespected in my life seen such incompetent and disgusting customer service! The Beginning: My boyfriend needed to move across the country from San Francisco to New York. He had limited time and without doing much research chose the "cheapest" quote. He was initially quoted at $750 which seemed like a steal at the time. The Pickup: First off, the movers were over an hour late, and threw in all sorts of charges (too many stairs, too much stuff). They were very rude too. We ended up paying $600 dollars up front. This was March 15th btw. The Drop Off: SM&S first scheduled a drop off on the weekend of the June 11th. Then they changed to the 25th, called and changed again to the 19th, back to the 25th. Finally the scheduled a drop off was for Monday the 28th. When they came up with some bogus reason for more charges, my boyfriend was pretty upset with their service. A person by the name of Joey yelled at my boyfriend, berated him for minutes and was overall a complete jack ass. Joey denied that SM&S had ever scheduled (and then rescheduled) those drop off times and said that we "just made it up" Joey also claimed that "because we didn’t catch the name of who we spoke to (it was him) that we have no proof that there had been prior scheduled drop offs. When my boyfriend asked for the name of the manager or owner, Joey said that "you can’t talk to him; I am going to make sure you don’t contact him." This whole time I was thinking, "wtf is this a threat?" Anyway, the Monday drop off didn’t happen, nor did the Tuesday the 29th drop off happen. They finally delivered my boyfriend’s stuff June 30 at midnight. Oh and of course the inventories didn’t match. They charged an extra $100 for stairs (never mind that it says first flight of stairs free). We payed a total of $1270 when we were quoted fro $750!!! They ripped us off and threatened to not give us our stuff. The Stuff: The boxes they brought looked like they had been through a war zone. Multiple mugs, trays, and glasses were broken. They lost the bed frame, a box of wine glasses, and the the bed looks bent and is probably ruined. And of course SM&S claims no liability for the damaged and lost items. The whole time they were complete jerks. On the phone. In person. All the time. I have never, ever, been treated so horribly in my life and that includes a nasty break-up, and a speeding ticket from the biggest ass hole cop that’s ever walked the earth. Save yourself the frustration and do not use this company!
- Jeff C.

If I could give a lower review, I would. My scheduled time was on 07/13 @ 09:00, they finally showed up at 18:45. they made few attempts to answer their cell phone. There are un-mentioned charges/fees... ex, to wrap/move my 27’ TV cost the price 65$ alone, I took the TV in my car... Mary made no attempt to compensate for this hassle and inconvenience. I don’t understand how they have survived so long. If their was a Yelp review back when I was doing my initial searches, I would have never used them.
- Mark R.

Read all of this! Important! It’s long, I know. PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE THINKING OF USING THEM! I am an RN, and feel like I am an intelligent person, and I still got screwed by the fine print. GOOGLE: SM&S Relocation Services+ Better Business Bureau. Their rating with BBB: F (very poor) I gave 2 stars because the movers wrapped blankets and taped wooden furniture well. I had already packed and boxed everything independently by going to Public Storage and buying my own boxes and furniture covers. This company is SHADY!!!! Buyer BEWARE! 1. The 2 movers arrived 5 1/2 hours late with a RYDER truck and didnt finish until 2:15AM. Yes, AM, as in the morning! 2. The movers did not bring their own tools to disassemble my bed frame and Bowflex. I had to provide tools, boxcutters, and my own hand truck. (Ask yourself: What would Judge Judy say?) First they present you with a contract that is mostly blank. DO NOT SIGN A DAMN THING until everything is filled in at the end of the day. The shipping dispatch manager, BEN, also arbitrarily changed my estimated weight for a 1 bedroom apartment from 1500 lbs to 3000 lbs, after loading the truck while it was still sitting at the curb. When I asked to speak to the Manager at 2am to explain the charges, he actually started YELLING at ME. Yelling! To which I said," Your yelling is unprofessional and to please explain how you can charge me for 3000 lbs, when the estimate is for 1500 lbs and the truck has not been weighed yet." When asked to speak to the owner or his supervisor, he blatantly LIED and stated; "I am the boss, the owner is in Israel for the next month." My initial estimate: $675. 70% paid up front, 30% on delivery New estimate: 2030.99, 70%= $1625.99 SHOCKER! TO save yourself and keep it cheap: 1. Pretend you are hiring the illegal day laborers on the street corner. 2. All numbers on the contract up front. No exceptions. 3. The day laborers don’t pack your crap for you, do they? So, Pack and wrap everything to YOUR OWN SATISFACTION and tape it shut (mattress covers, sofa covers) or they charge you for all the tape and plastic wrap. Tell them no thank you, move it as is, that is what your renters insurance or optional insurance is for. They break it, you can claim it. When I asked to speak to the Manager at 2am to explain the charges, he actually started YELLING at ME. Yelling! To which I said," Your yelling is unprofessional and to please explain how you can charge me for 3000 lbs, when the estimate is for 1500 lbs and the truck has not been weighed yet." Ammendment: The owner personally drove the truck to deliver my stuff from San Jose to Desert Hot Springs after reading my Yelp review and to persuade me to change my review. He deducted 50% of the packing fees and removed the $120 elevator charge. I still ended up paying hundreds more than a larger company would charge. Also, the worry and anger increased the cost exponentially. So, contact me: [email protected] Please. Be careful. Moving should be a positive experience.
- Christine M.

E've recently used SM&S Relocation for a move from San Francisco down to Sunnyvale. I really don’t know why or how these guys have received negative reviews? They were great and everything went really well. From the moment I called the representative, Joey, was very informative and polite. He spoke to me in a professional manner and answered all of my questions addressing all my concerns. I was sold and happy with the quote and understood all the conditions. On the day of the move the men worked hard. Frank was great and led his team very well when packing and loading my belongings. They were fast, efficient, and very hard working. My move wasn’t exactly an easy one, I have a lot of stuff. A 3 bedroom move going down 3 flights of stairs and into a 2 story home. But they knocked it out in no time and they didn’t damage one thing. Nothing was scratched or broken, and all of my walls and floors were left in the same condition that they were in before my move (very happy about that). I was really impressed with their work ethic and would highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking to move. I was very happy with the price, especially in comparison to some of the other quotes I had recieved and will use them again if I ever move. They really are the best! I didn’t know there were still such efficient and hard working movers in the bay area. I was worried about getting ripped off, but I am very happy with their efforts and my went very smoothly. Great job and thank you SM&S Relocation!
- Mayita S.

0 stars - never use this company. In my opinion they are liars, thieves and cheats!!!! worse then horrible customer service. The mere thought of customer service is completely wasted on this moron. They held our stuff hostage and refused to deliver on our requested day. then tried to break our pay limit set in the contract. Be sure to thoroughly read your contract and booklet. They tried to charge us an extra $296.00 which broke a legally binding contract. Thankfully we waited until the truck was unloaded before bringing this to their attention, because their first threat was to not unload the truck and drive away unless we paid the remaining balance in CASH. the company tries to strong arm you. they are super nice until they have your stuff. then customer service flies out the window. thier estimates are ridiculously low! Joey tried to play us on our emotional attachments to our stuff. direct quote - joey, "you’re being melodramatic and i don’t have to deal with this sh*t!" - then of course he decided to hang up the phone. I'd never ever recommend this company!
- Ciarán M.

After working with a sales rep for over a week to finalize my estimate and soothe my concerns regarding all of the negative Yelp reviews, I was finally ready to sign their online contract. The first box I was required to check was that I had seen and ‘read the Booklet as it was presented to me via a link...". I scoured the contract, emails, and even did a Google search for a link to this mysterious ‘Booklet’. I couldn’t find it, so the next morning I emailed my rep asking about it. She responded shortly after informing me a link was in the contract, and that their rates had gone up that morning. The new estimate that was attached had increased by $500!! I was incredibly upset by this, so I called and spoke with Lea, their Sales Supervisor. She assured me there was nothing they could do about the rate increase. When I brought up that I was being penalized for their company’s negligence (after all, the link to the ‘Booklet’ had NOT been included in the contract like they had stated) she had the audacity to say that a link had been included in the very first email they had sent me - over a week ago and 20 emails since - therefore it was my fault. She also told me that my estimate had accidentally been quoted at too low of a price and had she seen the estimate she would have increased their rates anyway. This was a lie, as I had sent Lea a copy of my SM&S estimate thinking she was from another company and trying to incite a bidding war (Speedee Movers is an affiliate of SM&S. She pretended they were not affiliated and responded saying she couldn’t beat SM&S’s estimate). I insisted on speaking with her supervisor. The next morning Ben called me. I relayed the ridiculous mess their company had put me in; how their rates had increased dramatically overnight without any warning, how they had neglected to provide a link to the Booklet, how their sales supervisor had lied. And yet Ben would not yield. He encouraged me to find a different moving company. For a company that claims to be "customer focused" and prides themselves on "honesty and integrity" I have been incredibly let down. 10 days before I have to move and I’m desperately searching for a new moving company. Believe the reviews - they have not changed.
- Cortney V.

I gave these guys 2 stars ONLY because we didn’t actually use their services. We are moving tomorrow (Sunday) and we secured a pick-up day for 2 days ago (Thursday). They were supposed to be here between 3 and 5 pm. My husband worked very hard to disassemble our furniture and get all of it in our front room, ready to be hauled off (which is their job). We rushed to finish our laundry since they were taking our washer and dryer, and were worried that we wouldn’t have enough time. Well, I was very wrong! 3:00 came and went. Soon it was 4:00...still no movers. Then 5:30...STILL not here. We called and left a message, waited another hour and called again. After calling a few more times, we finally get a call back around 8:00 and they tell us that their truck broke down and they’ll come on Monday. Uhhhh, we have to be out of here by Sunday! We told them they were screwing us over and we needed them here latest by Saturday (today), so they said they would be here that evening. After all of this I finally decided to check Yelp last night to see what the reviews for these guys were, since my mother was the one that set up the appointment. Wow! wonder we were having such horrible service from them. They suck! I immediately found a reputable company that is here right now.
- Alexandra P.

Normally I do not write a review, I appreciate so much for SM&S Relocation’s help to make my move smoothly, I feel I am obligated to write a review. When I posted on website that I was looking for a Mover, I got about 10 bids, I picked up SM&S Relocation, because the Representative Adam offered me a simple and straight Fee structure, told me clearly how the move would be processed and the company is a licensed Mover. On the day of move, the boxes were more than I thought, the three guys worked very hard, worked very professionally, very efficiently, they wrapped my furniture with blanket then another layer of plastic wrap, the job was well done, much better than my expectation, my money was very worthy paid. They even did not take lunch, I did not know about it until very late, or I could have bought some to-go-lunch for them, that is the only thing I regret. Thank you very much to SM&S Relocation, Adam and your team’s help. Sincerely, Ella Dy
- Ella D.

I’ve had a completely horrible experience with this company. I wish I’d checked out the reviews before using their service. Issues: - There were a million little charges I wasn’t fully aware of in the beginning hidden in the fine print and not reviewed beforehand - I was moving long distance from SF to LA but it was VERY hard to get some kind of firm date on the delivery and they delivered at the last possible moment - I had to pay with a credit card upfront and cash on delivery which was really weird - They still haven’t charged my card after 10 days of my stuff being delivered - They made me put my credit card number in AN EMAIL FORM!!! No 128 bit encryption or paypal. I got fraud alerts on my Chase account and had to call customer service to resolve it. - They chipped my furniture and banged in into a wall. - The movers kept complaining about carrying stuff upstairs. I know moving in a hard job, but they were hired to do it and the least they could do what not complain. - The account manager, person who was handling everything was slow to get back to me - The entire process was extremely unorganized except for the Dispatcher who was friendly and on the ball - she seemed to know what she was doing - Every department seems really disconnected and even though I was assured it was all one company, it did NOT feel like one company, I suspect things are contracted out and that’s why it’s so weird - I don’t recommend using this company at all – it's a major headache and awful
- Cecilia W.

I requested a bid from this company, and during the bid process, it ran afoul of two CPUC regulations. First, it offered a "not-to-exceed" (NTE) estimate over the phone. According to CPUC regulations, an employee or representative of the mover must perform a visual inspection before offering the NTE estimate. No estimate, regardless of what it’s called, is binding before that point. The foreman of the job could have showed up on move day, when I’d committed to the company, and changed the charge for the job to anything s/he wanted. Cortney V.’s review is an example of what can happen with a phone- or email-only NTE. Second, the company insisted on levying a 5% fuel surcharge in addition to the mandated double drive-time charge. CPUC regulations require movers to charge double the drive time between the move origin and destination to cover their fuel costs, and that’s *all* they’re supposed to charge for fuel. I advise against doing business with a company that fails to follow these basic regulatory requirements.
- Jake P.

BEWARE!!! Do not leave any money lying around because it will "disappear." I had a bag of change in one of my drawers. Come unpacking time, everything in the drawer was present except for the bag. While I’m not saying it was stolen, the fact that everything else that was stored with the bag was still in place is no coincidence. So if crew comprised of Jorge, Ruben, and Jair show up, you better keep an eye on them less any of your things disappear or demand a new team replace them for that peace of mind.
- Will S.

Absolutely the worst !! They damaged my expensive furniture - I called them about it - the Manager named Jeff politely gave me the number for their insurance company - who are worse than speedee/ sms - they "awarded" me $10 for thousands of dollars in damage. Cheapos all around, illegal dealings, rude, unresponsive, cheats !! If you hire them- they will damage your furniture and then their bottom dollar insurance company will shamelessly wave $10 in your face - that is their standard operating procedure - no exceptions.
- Sid C.

THIS COMPANY DESERVES 0 STARS!! READ!!! BEWARE!!! YOUR ESTIMATE WILL TURN INTO HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS MORE WITH THESE GUYS...I PROMISE! THIS IS THE EMAIL I SENT TO BRIAN, THE GUY THAT SET UP MY MOVE. FIRST AND FOREMOST, SPEEDEE NEVER CAME OUT. SOME GENERIC MOVING COMPANY, SM&S RELOCATION (BEWARE!!!) IS NAME OF THE COMPANY; LICENSE #8B97793, DOT #1734966, MC#635509. CAL T#190474!! Brian, I am beyond upset in the way my moving, a stressful time in any one’s life, was handled by your company. I booked my move w/ your company, because I thought I was booking professional & honest movers. My estimate moving time was booked at 9:45a. I received a call from your mover the day prior of my move telling me the moving company would be moving me between 1-3p. I told him that was not going to happen. At any rate, I was forced to comprise, starting my move at 8:15a!! I was quoted 3 movers @85.00/ hr., 5% fuel charge, 4hr., min., and double driving time. Your ringleader driver took one look at the things in my storage unit, that consist of more boxes than anything, and estimated my move at 6hrs., I assured him I wasn’t paying that and the move wouldn’t take that long at all. It took my boyfriend and one uncle to move my things in the storage unit in only 1.5 hours and they weren’t professionals! 95% of my things were packed up, the other 5% was loose items in which my father and I tended to. ONLY 2 movers moved my things. The ringleader of the pack spent more time in his truck dealing w/ paperwork. He took 15 min., of our moving time talking to me about paperwork. Prior to that he hadn’t lifted a finger to help his two movers! After that he maybe helped his two movers for 10 min., My father had to go looking for him several times. Your two movers spent at least 2 hours retaping all of my things and repacking all of my things like garbage bags of blankets. The website said boxes and bags were fine. They put all of my garbage bag with items in it in their big boxes and spent way too much time taping. When I got home I couldn’t even use any of my bags because trying to undo the taped ripped my bags up. UNBELIEVABLE. The ringleader even spit his candy in my tree: See the picture, it’s still there. He said he’d take the candy out but never did. ( Between repacking, taping and re-tapping all of my items, my four hour move (which is what it should have taken, including the 2hr., drive time clause), was turned into 6 and I was charged $60 for packing supplies. The ringleader told me he had to charge me that or else he wasn’t making money. You repack my things to benefit your financial intentions and charge me???? In between him tending to his truck to do paperwork, talking on the phone, smoking a cigarettes and drinking his red bull, he’d go to my dad and tell him the move would be 8 hours and back to me to tell me it’d be 6. I told him we’d be unloading on the road if that was the case as I hadn’t dreamed of that in my budget. In the photo’s you’ll see the sweat on my father’s (a SF Sheriff) and my boyfriend, talking to the ringleader because he wasn’t helping. You’ll see our things on the sidewalk as they deliberately made us run out of time forcing my father and boyfriend to do the rest. I was forced to sign my signature as my things would not be released to me from their truck. One of the movers even apologized. He knew what was happening was wrong. - Two people did the work from your end, which isn’t what I paid for. I want a third of my $ back and they $60 packing supply fee they charged me. I can’t believe you do business in this manor. This is horrible business conduct and as a business woman, I’m in aw that your company is in business and that someone hasn’t lost their temper. Thankfully, we have sense enough to let the law deal with it. I truly hope you’re able to refund me what is right, and that is a third of the money I spent on work not done by your ringleader and $60 for supplies that were not needed at all.
- Karleen J.

We had a move from our apartment in Oakland, CA to Antioch, CA May 21st - we understood the costs associated with the move and were well aware in advance. During the move, the movers were taking furniture from our old home into the moving truck and the door swung open and the handle went into the downstairs bathroom window! In addition, they damaged a few of the walls in the staircase during the move. We took pictures immediately and the gentleman in charge of the move that day stated that all we needed to do was send in pictures of the damages to the claims department and they will pay for the damages. That Monday, May 23rd I called the claims department and the 1st rep stated that he will pass the information to the claims department. Then May 25th I received an email from the claims department with the claims paperwork to fill out. Apart of that paperwork is to get copies of the receipts for the details of the damages and costs associated. So I requested that information from my landlord and she gave me the information back May 29th. I remitted the information along with pictures of the damages to the claims department via email May 31st and I was told it could take up to 120 days for a response. June 20th I received the email denying my request stating that I had to show proof of the damages because SM&S states that the paperwork did not reflect that we reported the damages. When I called SM&S direct, I asked if they had the copy of the contract and Adam (Sales Manager) and Raya (Office Manager) stated that they had to find the paperwork, Raya stated that we should have had rental insurance to cover the damages that they made, and Adam said that our claim was denied because of the time it took for us to file the claim. We paid the company $1219.05 and the damages made to the walls and windows totaled $676 of which $500 came from my deposit that I should have received back and the rest out of pocket. I asked Raya if they had an attorney representative and she said that all questions and claims needed to go to the claims department. Adam nor Raya have called me back, they cannot remit copies of the final receipts that were signed, nor the list of the movers that day and the name of the person in charge of the move. We have several witness - my husbands best friend especially who was using the restroom when the door handle flew into the window and caused glass to shatter on him. He was slightly cut, but we are not asking about compensation for that - all we want is the costs returned back to us of the window and wall damages that totaled $676. This company is unprofessional and do not have the bandwidth to operate in a professional business setting. Its funny Raya even implied that they did not do the damages, but even if they did we need to have additional insurance to cover their mistakes and damages.
- K.P.

For all those that did a negative review, I would like to reach out to make a mass lawsuit. A company with this kind of service does not need to be in business. They have several complaints filed with the BBB and have very terrible ratings. Please please please take heed that this company has more negative reviews than positive on yelp and with the BBB. If you use them you will run the risk of paying more money in damages than the move is worth. It sucks that they have to even get a rating because 1 star is way to high.
- Alexandria R.

The absolute worst moving company on the planet! They tell you a quote based on "weight" then when they load the truck they jack up the price because of "cubic footage" not "weight" then they take your belongings and week after week after week excuses why you can’t have you things delivered. I am starting a new job, with nothing, limited clothes, no bed no furniture, etc. This is by far the absolute worst! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!
- J.H.

If it’s possible to give 0 stars, I would. First, I will caveat that my fiancée booked this moving company without checking Yelp. Our mistake there. My overall impression was that some people on the team knew what they were doing, whereas others didn’t seem to realize they were supposed to be acting as professional movers. - Rushed and clumsy: had to give clear direction on how not to ding the walls, moving so fast they’re bumping into thing - Lack of the expertise: had to instruct what should be wrapped or not. Didn’t matter, since items still scratched - Need a lot of guidance: I have moved with professional movers 4-5 times before this. This was a time where I had to provide the most instruction and I felt the most anxiety - Personnel were not necessarily able-bodied: I feel very bad saying this, but they had an older gentleman on the team who fell during the move I am scarred. Do not hire these movers!
- Tammy K.

Joey was very friendly and I appreciated their low pricing. (Best rates around that I could find! $550 to move a 1 BR 100 miles) They were late because the move before mine took extra time, but politely called well in advance to let me know. Because I was flexible with timing, Joey and Ben gave me a fixed rate for travel time (so that I wasnt getting billed if we got stuck in traffic) Ben and Ross(?) did a great job wrapping by furniture to keep it clean and loaded everything carefully- no damage! The unloading process went VERY quickly and we were done under the 3 hour minimum time limit. Thanks guys!
- Rick M.

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