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About Simple Moving Labor

Simple Moving Labor creates solutions that simplify  the process of moving to provide a stress-free customer experience, and that comes straight from the CEO. The company also strongly believes in giving back to the community. We regularly donate to and volunteer at local non profits. We aim to provide five star service, and are currently an A+ through the Better Business Bureau. Simple Moving Labor also provides full service moves. Whether you are moving locally or long distance across country, they can assist you. We will arrive with a truck and professional movers on the date of pick up and will be ready to go. You will regularly get updates to keep your stress levels down.

Moving-Me about Simple Moving Labor

Founded in 2007, Simple Moving Labor is a leader in providing quality moving services nationwide! We strive to make Loading and Unloading your Rental Truck a great experience and a simple process. If you are looking for a Full-Service move, they can handle that too. They provide quality moving services nationwide. This company strives to be a leading full service mover from loading and unloading and disassembly and assembly of large furniture. They can handle any move whether is three miles down the road or across the nation. The customer is the most important person to them. They will certainly go out of their way to make sure that each customer is completely happy with their relocation.

Simple Moving Labor Licenses & Certificates

Simple Moving Labor is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 1646424
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Simple Moving Labor cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2700. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Simple Moving Labor is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Simple Moving Labor Reviews

Great crew on both ends of the move. Our truck broke down 300 miles from our destination. Blake at SML made the truck swap and the move into the new home work flawlessly. I would highly recommended this company to do your move.
- Jonathan Glickman

The two workers were there on time and and very efficient in loading the rental truck with the one bedroom, living room and kitchen in 40 min to our surprise......Great job well done to our satisfaction.......Will use your service the the next time we have a us on the road quicker than we figured......Thank you!
- Lester E Jensen

I flew from Georgia to Colorado to move the last of my belongings from my storage unit. I had a very narrow gap in time to get this done and the 2 movers were on time, polite, and very hard workers even in sub zero temperatures and snowy conditions!
- Forest King

Great affordable movers SML does a great job with coordinating your affordable moving labor needs. I used both a loading and unloading crew and they did a good job for the price. It’s not white glove service but the crews were respectful and did what I asked.
- Robert Mayer

Excellent They were excellent and I highly recommend them. If we need loading or unloading in the future, we will hire them again. They were professional, friendly and speedy.
- Wilma Dye

I was so stressed out and they made it so easy. They coordinate it all for you. One number to call that’s it. They even call to make sure the movers are there. I had loaders & unloaders and they both were prompt, professional, friendly, funny, respectful of my things and incredibly FAST. I was amazed. BEST move experience ever. (I’ve moved cross country 6 times) Highly recommend!!
- Vanessa Mason

Great experience! This was the easiest move ever! The team was on-time, worked fast, were polite and handled all of our things with care, The truck was well packed. Would use them again in a heartbeat.
- Kay Wills

NO SHOW ON BOTH ENDS AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!!!! My husband booked this company on April 24th for a move on May 13th to load and May 16th to unload. On the 12th my husband called SML to make sure everything was on tract and they assured him it was. The morning of the 13th (the day of our move) my husband called again and again they assured him they would be at our home between 10am and 11am that we would get a call at 11:05 to make sure things were going ok. 11:15, we receive no call and no one showed up so we called again, they said we'll try to reach them and we'll call you back. We waited 30 minutes and no call so we called them again, they said no one was answering and could not give us anymore information, so my husband asked for a manager and all he had to say say, they could reschedule for the next day. We had to be on the road the next early morning so that was not going to work. My husband (68) and myself ended loading the 26 foot truck ourselves, then drove straight through 16 hours to Washington state from Nevada. On the 15th my husband called and called SML told the gal what happened and she looked up our order and apologized for what happened and gave us her word that it would not happen again, they had talked to the crew and they would be at our home on the 16th between 9 and 10 am. On the 16th, NO CALL NO SHOW!!! SML BURNT US AGAIN do yourself a favor and go with someone else Thanks for reading K.L
- Kathy Lacross

They stole from me. Stay away from them. They would pull money out of your card without informing you. Racist. Not nice to black people.
- Obiekwe Samuel Oradiwe

Moving made easy! Overall SML did a GREAT job! We used a 3-person team on the front and back ends to handle a piano. The loading team did an exceptional job wrapping our belongings and loading the truck in such a perfect fashion that we ended up with extra space on the truck! The unloading team did a good job, but we had two minor incidents of furniture damage - nothing that couldn't be fixed easily - and they did not have the proper equipment to unload the piano. They ended up purchasing a "dolly" from Home Depot but did not charge us for the time it took to go to the store so that was fine. It was obvious the loading team was much more experienced. Very pleased overall and the rate was reasonable.
- Randa Mcdonald

Acceptable, but not Professional The movers were on site on time and generally careful. However, they lacked skills in packing and securing a load. The team displayed friction and their work dynamic frequently suffered from animosity and lack of agreement.

Profession service rendered and within the required time. Would gladly recommend service
- Karine H.

I am highly satisfied! I am highly satisfied! The movers were professional, quick and efficient, and NOTHING was broken in the moving process! We drove 12 hours across the country, and the movers had packed the truck so well that absolutely NOTHING was broken! I also found the online... Read More
- Melissa W.

Everything about the 3 guys that loaded and packed was superb! After having finally unpacked the last box, I can say, a big hand of gratitude to SML and the staff and associates that make such a great business. I will certainly pass along your company name to anyone I know has such a need. My son-in-law agreed that the... Read More
- Sheryl B.

They were great and worked really hard They really knew their stuff and worked very hard the whole time they were there. I would hire them again. Very impressed. Read More
- Maralyn J.

2 movers sent were awesome Read More
- Faye H.

Excellent Work at a Great Price Great crews on the packing end and the unloading end. Excellent contact and communications from SML continuously during the move. Very reasonable price. Highly recommend SML! Read More
- Tim B.

They Did A Fine Job SML - Simple Moving Labor did a fine job. There was nothing outstanding about it, but there was nothing terrible about it, either. One guy worked super hard during the move, and the others were okay. There was a small amount of breakage, but it was nothing major... Read More
- Christy G.

Great at least 10 characters At least 10 characters Read More
- William F.

Timely & professional!
- Edward R.

Excellent Service
- Peter C.

Great job. No issues.
- Richard G.

On time, quick move, pleasant movers. The movers showed up early and were ready to go. Hard workers got the job done quickly.
- Patrick K.

Quick and efficient Did a good job of getting us packed up on time. Read More
- Wade H.

Great experience. Great experience. Read More
- Vicki D.

Good service. Easy to engage with. They kept in touch and allowed for an easy change of date. Solid job. Read More
- Dan S.

Great job unloading Great job unloading Read More
- Theresa M.

Very satisfied Competent staff. Will use again Read More
- Rosalyn T.

Great service From start to finish, they were great. Workers arrived on time and were very friendly and knew what they were doing. They packed the truck so efficiently, we were able to get more in than we thought. The way they packed made it easier to unpack the truck. Nothing... Read More
- Colin C.

In general was great Everything went quite smoothly. The guys worked hard to get everything done very fast and efficient. The guys took great care in the way they packed everything. There were two things that got minor damage because they were not packed as well as the others. For some... Read More

OMG I cannot believe I did not check yelp before scheduling these irresponsible folks. Last week, they were supposed to come help us unload between 8-9am. 10 mins after 9 I called them - took me 10 mins to get to someone - I think her name was "S". She didn't apologize - all she said was "theres been a slight delay but we are checking to see when they will get there". We have "hundreds of such moves we do so they can run late and I have been doing this for 4 years" - oh YEAH - thats MANY years dudette but you still can't reach your crew ha!. "We will check with dispatch and then try to reach the crew and call you back" - I said I'd hold on. Well..missy says it will take at least 15 mins (as I did not have connectivity at home). I said I'd from 9.15am until 10.05am I was on hold - just music and a message about how good they are and that you could schedule them to help within 60 secs! So I called the number again and merged the calls - someone else answered and I told him about the hold - he was religiously typing notes about what I was telling him (I talked to 4 of them during the 2 hours, it sounded like they were all sitting in the same room (basement anyone?) - "R" (THE manager) - sounded like "Michael Scott" - haha. Trying to act like he was the CEO of the company - he was probably perched right next to the other teleworkers. His explanation - we cannot reach the crew - "we are trying to locate them but we are also trying to see if we can find another crew to come by". Oh must be a CEO then..lots of crew that he directs..lets see him work his magic..later I spoke to a few others...all a bunch of workers who knew nothing about customer service or their business. Now that I see the poor ratings they got I am not surprised as to why they could not help me or plain just tell me that no one was coming home to help with the unloading. Instead of keeping me waiting. Oh but wait - "R" did say that he was willing to give me a full refund and cancel the request or reschedule the unload for another day..holy smokes! I had to return the uhaul that day otherwise I would rack up another day in rent (it was a 20ft truck). By 11am I decided to look for other options - lo an behold I found this superb guy Devon Ball from "XXXXX Moving Service" who had his guys drive an hour to get to me on a Saturday - they helped with unloading and assembling 2 of the beds. Superb guys and I will post a separate review for them. Around 12.30 I called SML and they said they still couldnt contact their crew(it looks like they were in an accident - seriously? this is a perfect example of the "dog ate my homework" story. I was told I would hear back by 3pm as to whether someone else can come. I asked her to cancel it as I had someone else doing the unload - she wanted to transfer me to "R" - I didnt want to waste a min of my time..but then I needed my full refund. R says I will have the refund in 3-5 business days. I did tell him I would report them to BBB (he didnt seem to care - little did I know that yelpers were already dinging them for their shoddy service 🙂 Today is the 4th business day - no refunds..BUT here is the kicker (if you are still reading this) Did I tell you that they took a deposit of $110 that day I booked with them (June 10) ; the day prior to the service (June 26) I was charged another $156. I got 2 refund email notifications on the 27th - OK (the day I cancelled). And today (July 2) I get an auto receipt email stating they gave me another refund of $110 - so what do you think that was? They charged me another $110 AFTER I spoke to them and cancelled the order on June 27. So now I have 3 charged on my CC for a total $376 - and still NO refund. I will come back and post an update if and when I get it. If I don't I will just dispute the charge with my bank and they will deal with these people with unscrupulous business practices. Please stay away from them at ALL costs!
- Ss N.

Simple moving labor uses unprofessional workers who are unfamiliar with truck loading and unloading. They nickel and dime you as much as they can. When they inevitably damage property they will try their best to weasel out of taking responsibility for it. Find someone elss
- david r.

I now understand why the reviews on this company ranged from one extreme to the other - they contract out the work and I'm not sure what they do to ensure the people that they are contracting are capable and experienced. I had two vastly different experiences - the load in Richmond was a DISASTER!! Disappointing is an understatement. The unload in Charlotte was a great experience when compared to Richmond. I don't even blame the movers themselves, I blame SML for failing to properly evaluate the information provided to them and to ensure they provide MOVING PROFESSIONALS which is NOT what I received. I warned them on numerous occasions how heavy my belongings were. I had a 200 lbs marble top table, a 400 lb Cybex Arc Trainer, a treadmill, and my BR furniture is real wood - expensive and heavy. They required that I obtain 4 movers - no problem, I was happy to do so thinking that 4 would be sufficient manpower to load my belongings. Do you know how shocked and appalled I was when 4 scrawny, 20 year olds arrived at my door. They were polite, super friendly...........BUT clearly had almost ZERO experience moving. They moved most of my things outside, I thought on the truck only to walk outside and see my stuff sprawled out all over the grass and parking lot. Ohhh, did I say it was raining? Right, they didn't even have enough professional acumen to cover my things up or store them in the corridor until ready for loading. Guess who finally covered it up? ME!! These boys didn't even bring tools with them - how do you plan on breaking down beds without tools. Didn't even bring dollies!!!! Not one. The SML website tells you to buy mattresses and all this other stuff that cost me nearly $200 for these jokas to not even blink or attempt to use it. Laid my dang NEW, plush velvet sofa on it's sides with no covering when I provided moving blankets. Nice ones too. They had no freaking clue!!! The kicker..........after all that, it still took them longer than the allotted time to move because three depended on one to lead them so when he wasn't leading, they weren't moving. SMFH. Then, the way they positioned my NEW sofa damaged it. Didn't even have sense enough to NOT load boxes on an upside down sofa so they tore the lining up. Scratched my marble table, ect. To say that I was/am royally ticked off is an understatement. But again, not at the young movers - I applaud them for being out trying to make an honest living. I blame SML for this mess. Also, try contacting the local movers first. Lower price, same service, more dependable because their reviews are on THEM - the actual people who would move your furniture. SML's reviews are on god knows who---whatever independent contractor that was available that day to work for them. I DO NOT recommend SML for that reason alone. But they did give me a $25 credit for my experience. A complete slap in the face!!! Go with a local, established company that has their own reviews so you have an accurate measurement of the service you're paying for.
- Kenya G.

The load in crew showed up on time and loaded the truck in 90 minutes. They had no Dollies, hand truck or tools. We had 36 moving blankets and they used 5. They did work quick and got most of the stuff on the truck but they were rough with our furniture and the lead guy made us all uncomfortable. The unload crew didn't show up. Even after I confirmed the prior day they all had "temperatures " at 8 a.m the next morning. Convenient for 8 in the morning after July 4th . I wasn't notified ntil 9:15 that no one was coming. I should have been told well before the 8 to 9 arrival window. No other crew was available until late afternoon. My wife and i unloaded a 26' truck including a pool table. For $150 dollars an hour minimum, SML should be better than this. Never again
- Sam And Andrea F.

The most difficult company to work with. The crew that loaded our furniture failed to.put protective covering on our master bedroom dresser which they placed the night stands on top. When we got to our destination and discovered this there was severe damage to all three pieces. Try to work with SML for 6 months and they still claim there was no responsibility on their part. Would not recommend this company.
- Gina M.

My wife and I used Simple Moving Labor for our recent move and I am pretty pleased with the outcome. We were both skeptical about using a moving company but we knew we would be unable to do everything on our own with a newborn. We called and spoke to someone over the phone who provided us a price based off the size of our home and the items we were moving. They called to confirm pickup a few days before the first day of our window. The crew showed up on time, ready to work and did not stop once until they were finished. The price went up a little, but it was well worth it. We wanted to hold off delivery, so that we could still go on our vacation, they accommodated us. Would recommend.
- Connor Huffman

Just recently graduated and decided to relocate for my dream job. The driver and his two man crew arrived and were great from start to finish. They were able to pack and load all of my items within a few hours and I received their personal cell phone numbers to communicate with them throughout the trip. They arrived on time as expected and unloaded all of my items into my brand new apartment. I had a few minor damaged items which was later handled by their claims department. Overall I would rate them 4 out of 5 stars.
- Finnley Greenwood

I used Simple Moving Labor to move in a new kitchen appliance I purchased from Home Depot. When they arrived, we started unpacking and realized the item was broken. There was no dents to the box so we are unsure how this happened. The driver and his crew went above and beyond to make everything right, even though they did not damage the item. They contacted Home Depot on our behalf and arranged to go back and exchange the item and re-deliver it. I have never experienced such great customer service and I am so thankful for all of their efforts. I would absolutely use them again.
- Andre Secord

Simple Moving Labor guys were amazing. The two man showed up on time, even a bit earlier than expected. They started loading my items into the truck immediately and they did it perfectly. No damage was made to my items, nothing was lost, stolen or misplaced. There is nothing I could complain about as they managed to exceed my expectations. Everyone looking for a reliable moving company should contact Simple Moving Labor. Without a doubt, I myself will be using them for my next move. The colleague of mine has already used their services and he had a positive experience too.
- Richard Cooper

Hired this company that I found on google, they had very good communication, and the movers seemed to work hard and care about my things. The drive was rough due to weather, but everything made it fine. The only issue I had was a couple boxes got smashed in, but its probably because I didnt pack enough in them. Otherwise, great experience. If I move again I will keep your #. Thanks
- Brad Denning

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