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Over the last 40 years, New York has gotten bigger and better, and Shleppers has grown with it. With dedication to our customers and high standards, Shleppers has grown to be one of the leading moving companies in New York. Some of New York’s most prestigious businesses and organizations have moved with Shleppers. At Shleppers, we always remember that service is our business. It is our responsibility to satisfy and please each and every customer; that is what we strive for each and every time we say, “yes, we’ll be happy to move you.”

Moving-Me about Shleppers Moving & Storage

Shleppers Moving and Storage exists to provide excellent service and value to its customers. They always look outside the moving industry to see what to learn from other successful companies. Shleppers movers continuously innovate as well as make incremental improvements to their operations, always striving to make themselves more efficient, always trying to figure out how to do something better. What makes them special is using mistakes as learning opportunities for improvement.

Shleppers Moving & Storage Licenses & Certificates

Shleppers Moving and Storage is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Shleppers Moving and Storage is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.
ICC MC number: 600595
(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)
US D.O.T: 1611225
(US Department of Transportation number)
Local State License: NYDOT 37133
New York State Department of Transportation. To verify the license, contact NYDOT at (800) 786-5368, or e-mail at [email protected]
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What is Shleppers Moving & Storage cost?

Be ready that the average local move is $975 together with interstate $1300 moving cost. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Shleppers Moving and Storage is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Shleppers Moving & Storage Reviews

DO NOT USE. Would give ZERO stars if I could. While we had a good prior experience with Shleppers, our most recent move was a complete disaster, as if it were a totally different company. They somehow managed to lose a box containing most of my wardrobe. How do you lose a large box moving 15 miles? My guess is they left it in the truck and covered it with refuse, then never bothered to let us know. So irresponsible. They broke another item that we were going to put in my car, but they insisted they would carefully wrap and put on the truck. It was never wrapped and arrived completely destroyed. So careless.  One worker in particular, kept removing his mask despite contstant demands that he stop using it as a chin diaper.  Very dangerous and disrespectful, and a clear violation of the company's claimed covid safety rules. And yes, I repeatedly asked the supervisor to speak with him about this. Then, one worker came back to my house after they finished to try to drag me into a dispute over the supervisor's allocation of the tip (which was very generous despite my issues, since I had not yet realized a box was missing). All in all, they are incompetent, irresponsible, and do not care about maintaining health and safety protocols. 
I reported all these issues (except the missing box) immediately and received a largely indifferent response. Then when I reported the missing box, I was initially ignored, then received another indifferent response and "promise to look for it". Two weeks later, zero follow up from the company.  Do not use them!
- Ilana Newman

If I could, i would give them a ZERO star review. Worst service received by the sales agent as well as the Movers. The sales agent was supposed to call me 2 days before the move (I told her I'm going to change the credit card on file so please don't forget), she never did. So I called and on the 3rd attempt someone "updated" my account. On the day of the move, both cards that were on file got charged. So I called and explained the situation to someone and after a lot of back and forth one of the charges were reversed. Now the actual movers- they were terrible and unprofessional. Told me I needed to tip them 20%. They were supposed to pack my kitchen, and estimated 6 boxes. They ended up "needing" 11 (more boxes, more they can charge). When I unpacked 3 of the boxes were only 1/4 full. He tries to make a "deal" with me about the additional charges for the boxes. UNPROFESSIONAL. They took so long to move from the 1st place that by the time we got to the second place, it was so late, that they dumped everything in the kitchen and left. They set up our bed and dining table so badly, that my fiancée had to redo it. We needed a few things to go to a storage facility. They basically did the same of just dumping boxes in the unit and then blocking everything by placing a couch right at the entrance of the unit, blocking everything in the back. We now need to go and rearrange everything there. TERRIBLE AT THEIR JOB. With all this they insisted on a 20% tip. Shleppers- There are many other movers that are so much better and professional than your team, I'll be sure to pass on the word and never use you again.
- Vidisha P.

I felt that Schleppers was extremely easy to work with from set up and move, however when I realized the team never moved my expensive Tumi bag the company refused to compensate for the loss. I sent them a proof of purchase and though it took me a few weeks to realize the piece was missing (as you can imagine moving is stressful!) I would've appreciated at least something for this major misstep from the company. I'm not pleased with that type of customer service and will be utilizing another company for my next move.
- Alisa S.

You get what you pay for!! I really hate moving (who doesn't?), but I especially hate moving on short notice. I called Shleppers and they came promptly at 10am and we were done with my move at 1pm. Incredible. My movers were very helpful and packed up all of my stuff very carefully. This was definitely one of the most seamless and stress-free moves of my entire life.
- Melissa K.

This review is a fair and accurate description of my recent experience using Shleppers to move from Brooklyn, NY to Miami, FL. It was fairly easy to get a quote and schedule pickup for April 14. The moving crew actually showed up 1 hour early and began to load my stuff on the truck. They did not have the proper tools (in this case an allen key) to dismantle my bed frame and couch. They decided to remove the phillips head screws on the bed frame (which are not meant to be removed). I protested, but they told me they "do this all the time" and reassembly would not be an issue. The legs on my couch and chaise lounge also required an allen key for removal, but I was told that they would pack these items with care to avoid damage, and again "this is a regular thing, we're professionals etc.." My items arrived in Miami on April 18 and I was in for a few surprises. The legs on my couch had broken off during transit. These could not be repaired and the couch was lost. My bedframe could not be reassembled and I ended up having to go to Home Depot to buy special hardware to modify and reinforce it so it would still be usable. It is worth noting that the delivery crew were not the same guys who originally picked up the items. The delivery team expressed frustration at the carelessness of the pick up team in not properly prepping my items for shipment. I got in touch with customer service to file a claim for damage compensation. The fine print in the contract states that unless you buy additional coverage, they only insure up to $0.60/lb of the damaged goods. I understand that, but to add further insult to injury; in order for you to receive compensation in an amount that is a small fraction of the cost of the damaged items...Shleppers requires claimants to sign a release form which legally prevents you from giving negative reviews of their services. That was the final straw for me. I have waived my rights to a small settlement in order to share the truth of my experience using Shleppers' services. I cannot in good conscience recommend using Shleppers.
- Martin N.

They stole from me! This could have been a great review with five stars - efficient, seemingly thorough move with a minimum of damage. Mysteriously, the box that the movers packed containing my family's sterling silver flatware (12 place settings, serving pieces and wooden chest) never arrived. The response from the company has been non-existent. They do not return my calls... a human never answers, one must leave a message. The company came recommended by friends who had a recent move and I was generous in my tip. I feel taken for a ride...
- Steven R.

I've moved three times with Shleppers since 2013 and each time has gone really well. Two of the moves were within New York City and one was cross country. The estimate process is straightforward and more importantly the movers that have helped me have always been professional, courteous and careful. When they pack for you, which I've done twice, everything is very carefully wrapped and I've never had any major issues with items being damaged in transport.
- Mandy W.

We have used Schleppers twice now over the past 2 1/2 years. Very professional, careful, and courteous. They arrive on time and get the job done quickly and efficiently. They wrap everything carefully and even put cardboard on the corners of your walls so as not to bang furniture of chip paint. Nice touch guys. I elected to send in a list of my items and the quote they gave was the bill I received. No damage and everything was put back together perfectly. Fortunately or unfortunately we are in our new house and hopefully will not be needing to move again. I recommend Schleppers to all my friends.
- Gary N.

Stolen Equipment Everything started out ok. They were a little pricey but my sister moved a couple months earlier and said they were ok. The actual guys that moved us were good. When everything that was delivered to the house 2 pieces of expensive audio equipment was missing. Each piece weighted at least 50LBS. In the beginning very concerned and said maybe it's still packed. They sent people to look to see if it was still packed. They didn't find it. It's been a month now and nobody will even respond to my voicemails. I wonder what else is missing. Still some more boxes to go thru. The boxes with the audio equipment are gone. Stay away. Barry
- Barry S.

DO NOT USE SHLEPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although the staff and movers were nice, DON'T use Shleppers. They lost a very large valuable suitcase and damaged three expensive chairs. They did NOT make it clear to me how their insurance is by weight. So they paid me $150. For a $2000. Loss. And what happened to my black suitcase??????
- Alison H.

Their person was 40 minutes late for the appointment to give us a quote. He was arrogant and rude and walked out when we explained that being 40 minutes late wasn't acceptable. Wouldn't recommend them. Hard pass.
- Jill A.

I used Shleppers to move my studio apartment furniture into their storage facility in the Bronx, and recently had them move half my things back to me. Most of the people there are very nice, especially one mover - Renee. But in three days of trying to get a COI fixed, the person responsible never responded to my phone calls or emails, tho Shayna stepped in on a Friday night to save the day. The biggest problem for me there has been their payments person. WOW. On more than one occasion, even where they had the facts wrong, it was still a most unpleasant experience, and for that reason alone, once the remainder of my things are out of Shleppers, I will never return.
- David S.

I would give 0 if I could. This was the worst customer experience I've ever had. I never write any reviews unless it was extremely bad or amazingly good. You're welcome to give them a try but beware, whatever they quote you, you'll pay twice as much. Fees are not transparent from the start. Ask every imaginable question you can. Ask them to send you a list of everything they can possibly charge you for on top of the quote. Ask what happens if anything is damaged. Ask, ask, ask. Even if they give you an attitude because they're annoyed at all the questions and maybe you think your questions are stupid- ask because if you don't, you'll absolutely get screwed over especially if you've budgeted a specific amount for your move. Unfortunately, we haven't used a moving service to the capacity we did with them so we didn't know what questions to ask other than the obvious ones. Their date range of delivery is ridiculously long. Once our stuff was on the way, the truck broke down and our delivery was delayed a week. No apology, no follow up by the company, no compensation after already having had multiple problems with them. They picked up our stuff on 7/15/18 and we didn't get it until 8/24/18. One of the times I spoke to the manager (Jesse), he literally said "we don't care about what people write about us in reviews. None of that matters." ...... So, this review probably doesn't matter to them but if you're reading this to see if you'd like to try Schleppers, I urge you- pay a little more and go with a place that has consistently good reviews. P.S. By the time we got our stuff, we discovered one of our mirrors was shattered and multiple picture frames were destroyed. We were so exhausted from the whole experience, we decided not to pursue anything for the damages. They wouldn't have helped or taken responsibility anyway.
- Hannah M.

TERRIBLE COMPANY! DO NOT USE! I called and scheduled my move weeks ahead of time with a live representative. Specifically asked if Labor Day was available, they said yes, put me on the schedule and took my deposit of $100. Scheduled all my utilities disconnect, set a move out date with my apartment, and packed most of my things ahead of time. Got an automated text asking me to text final confirmation of my move the Friday beforehand. I called the number instead just to talk about some potential space restrictions at the new place. They transferred me to a manager (after initially sending me to an invalid extension which hung up on me), and he told me they weren't working on that day since it was Labor Day so he didn't know why I was calling. I told him I'd been scheduled and put a deposit, and he confirmed I was on their schedule for that day but it must have been a "glitch". He then seemed incredulous that I thought they'd be working that day. I asked him if he was "...f'ing kidding me" since I'd scheduled all my stuff after scheduling with one of their customer service agents. He offered to reschedule me for the next day (which I can't take off, so doesn't work for me), but never even apologized for the mixup. He just kept asking me why I cursed at him, and seemed more worried about his own sensibilities than the fact that they'd royally screwed me. Kept asking about why I cursed and I told him that I felt I was completely justified and didn't care what he thought, considering how angry I was, how disruptive their MASSIVE error was and that he's a grown man. The only reason they'd even deserve one star is because they refunded my deposit in full by the next day. Long story short: I would not have been as angry if they were apologetic at first and upfront about offering to fix it or refund me instead of acting like I was an idiot for thinking they were working the holiday THEY scheduled me for. Struggling to find movers or help moving at the last minute on a holiday weekend because they messed up.
- Pascual E.

They arrived at my mom's house, and the first thing they did was complain about the number of boxes she had. "We thought it was nine boxes," they said... for a 4br house that she'd lived in for 40 years. After their lunch break at 1:30 they didn't arrive at the new location until 4:30! They said it was because they didn't realize they couldn't take the truck on the NJ Turnpike. Ummm... what? Is this your first time moving? First time driving a truck? First time in the state of New Jersey? Even if I could accept such ignorance as a valid excuse, taking the local roads shouldn't add an extra 90 minutes. When they couldn't fit our armoire into the elevator they said there was nothing that could be done about it, instead suggesting we pay $120/month for them to keep it in storage. haha! My brother and I had already tipped them $150 AND offered to help them carry it up the two flights of stairs (for Mom), but they declined. One of them requested twice as much gratuity for such a task, citing "my back doesn't come cheap." Yeah, I understand, but you figured when you took this job that you'd occasionally have to lift really heavy things, right? His partner said he would have tried it if I hadn't "disrespected" him by telling their boss that they'd arrived late from lunch. What?! I've worked in many customer service jobs over the years and have never taken the liberty to decline finishing a job because I felt a customer was disrespectful. In the end, because of the aforementioned considerations they determined that trying to take the armoire up was not worth it. It was too much. These young, strong MOVERS were too tired. They left the armoire in front of the elevator in the lobby as if they'd been personal friends doing me a favor and we'd had a falling out with them mid-move - as if they weren't being compensated - as if this wasn't America or New Jersey, where even non-movers know you cannot take commercial trucks onto the turnpike. As the large piece of furniture constituted a fire code violation my mom had to get it removed at my own expense. We tried calling Schleppers' office for help, and got only a rude receptionist who claimed: "They took your armoire to the destination." I'm not sure if Schleppers moves a lot of homeless people, but my agreed upon destination was actually INSIDE the apartment. The armoire had been included in the pre-approved assessment that their manager conducted a week prior to the move. If they felt his appraisal was unfair they should take it up with him, as opposed to upon decision with the customer. Beyond unprofessional, this was just personally unethical.
- David F.

Wow really rude. I found a site for moving quote, assumed it was for 1 company but the site gave my number to multiple companies to CALL me. Stupid move on me. But one of them was Schleppers. I expressed my exasperation at the companies directly calling me (just a quick complaint, not in a rude tone or angry - I'm human after all and we complain), but I proceeded to still talk to them and asked them for their rate. Instead he HUNG UP ON ME! I didn't even hang up on him! How rude. This was 10 seconds in to the call. They definitely seem to have poor service attitude. Plus from their online email quote, they are more expensive than other movers. They are in a service industry. They are bound to get disgruntled customers (not that I was even a rude customer), instead of learning to deal with these type of customers they just choose to hang up on us. Wow.
- MD L.

Had a negative review on Schleppers from 2008, but it got removed. And YES, I'm still mad about my experience with these guys. Did a cross-country move from NY to LA in 2008. These guys are crooks. Basically, the estimate vs. what they actually charged me was $1000+ higher. The movers showed up and asked me to tip them out before they even lifted a finger. When my stuff finally arrived in LA, the shipment arrived 1-day sooner than they informed me. So, I was at work and not ready. They told me they would charge me $150 storage fee for the day since I wasn't ready (even though they miscalculated the arrival date). I threatened to sue them and raised hell, so they backed off on the storage fee. Finally once everything was delivered 3 pieces of furniture were broken and shattered. DO NOT USE SCHLEPPERS
- Tim P.

These movers are fantastic if you're not looking to move your stuff all the way into your new place. They left heavy stuff in the lobby. They took a 3 hour lunch and were still moving things at 9pm, asking for more money to finish the move. If you're looking to pay a premium for a worry-free move, this may not be the place for that. Be prepared for a long weird day.
- J F.

Worst moving company ever! The people that picked in the home were professional and on time which I guess could give them one star. However the crew that did the drop off out of state was awful. They were completely unorganized. In addition our items were the last on the truck which looked like they were tossed all over the place. Boxes were broken open. When they put our platform beds together we found pieces of the bed lying underneath the beds not put together with the rest of the bed. One main center piece of the platform bed which holds the mattress was left in our closet meanwhile they assembled the rest of the bed. The other platform was screwed together and the platform is slanted to one side. Pieces of broken wood from the beds are all over the place left on the floor. They hid pieces that they did not attach to the platforms under the bed. In addition I live in an apartment complex with multiple floors- they left there blankets and padding lying all over the stairs without picking up. People were trying to go up and down the stairs. There is a crack in a glass piece to the a secretary desk and when it was noticed and mentioned, the movers made comments under their breath to each other- very rude!!! There were screws all over the place on the floors around our furniture, what and why? They must hold something together! They acted like they just wanted to be done with everything and could care less about our belongings. Finally, we were told the delivery date would be Dec 16th. When I contacted the company to find out exact times, I had to leave a message and no one returned my call. After we called again after the 16th to find out when they would be arriving, we were told by the 21st?!?! How can you plan around that? They did finally show up on the 21st. Oh one more thing, they were accompanied by a kid maybe 10 years old to help them out, child labor??? Not happy at all! Go with someone, anyone but Schleppers!!!
- Kristen S.

Sitting here in shock and awe at just how awful our experience has been with Shleppers. We moved from NYC to Chicago in late August, and we used the NYC branch of Shleppers for that move, in addition to using them for storage for over a year, because we had staged our large apartment we'd lived in for 20 years (3 kids!) for sale and needed them to take care of many of our things while we tried to sell the loft, and until the big move. Our move was very expensive (north of 15 thousand), and we really did expect good service. The day of the prep packing in NYC went fairly well and quickly. It is stressful and can be fraught with potential problems, most of which we seemed to get through okay. Then the day of the delivery in Chicago arrived and it was one problem after another. An extremely stressful relationship existed between and among the moving men, which made for some incredibly unpleasant and anxious moments -- I seriously wondered at one point if we might have a fist fight in front of our five year-old. One of the men scarcely stepped foot into the house until the 2nd day. Shleppers had not arranged for enough men, so had to hire contract workers in Chicago to work along with them for a few hours. The Chicago crew were WONDERFUL and had difficulty conveying to the Shleppers crew how to best use their time, and they noticed how contentious the relationship was between men. We noticed fairly quickly into the day, that Shleppers was simply stacking every single box into the lower level rec room, rather than bringing up each box to the appropriate floor, room or closet (all were marked and this was part of the contract). Heavy sighs ensued from crew when I pointed this out and asked that at the very least, the large wardrobe boxes be delivered to the right floor and room. I felt like I was impinging upon their time and freedom by asking them to do their jobs. I and my husband worked like dogs alongside the movers to try to get the work done before sundown... again, this was a SIXTEEN THOUSAND DOLLAR MOVE. The move was supposed to take a long day, but moved into the next. They were apparently put up in a hotel, spoken to about their behavior, and came to the next day with a somewhat better attitude. Then we started noticing things that were broken. The snapped off leg of a custom Dakota Jackson dining chair (set of six, irreplaceable); an 800 dollar pendant lamp snapped off at the middle section; a shattered section of wood on the top of a large sideboard hutch; a shattered ceramic box my husband had had since college... Then we noticed things that were missing. A large antique French armoire from ABC Carpet and Home was simply missing. Two baker's racks were missing. The kids bedding was missing... We tipped everyone as though they'd been terrific and made plans for getting our stuff back and compensation for stuff that was damaged or lost. Shleppers in NYC was contacted and informed, and they told us the next day that they had located the armoire and the baker's racks and they were on their way to us. Great, I thought. The next week, the Shleppers mover arrived with the armoir and two racks... but the beautiful, ornate top of the armoire was missing. I let them know and much back and forth ensued over the course of 3 weeks. Today, I got the call from Shleppers that they can NOT locate the top, and I must now start the claims process, which unfortunately for us, it appears, means we are screwed. It insures items BY WEIGHT. Meaning that the priceless antique armoire, the first piece of furniture my husband and I picked out together as a couple twenty years ago, is worthless. My head hurts, my mind is boggled. It was a total and costly disaster from beginning to end. I would suggest literally ANY other moving company for storage and larger moves. Perhaps they are fine with smaller, inter-city moves, but if you care about your stuff and have a lot of it, and a big move, look elsewhere.
- Melissa S.

We've used them twice now, this most recent move was our biggest, most stressful move yet (since we have 2 babies), but Dino and team really helped make the packing and moving seamless with no hiccups. If we ever move again, I would absolutely us Schleppers and request Dino and his team. In addition to great packing, all our stuff making it to the new apartment and in good condition, I feel like the little things were also done right. They sometimes asked me questions (because we left some stuff in the old apartment), but every question they asked was to help me when it came to unpacking. When they were done moving they told me to look around and check things, several times. With everything going on and the 2 babies, I normally wouldn't do this, I'd just sign the papers and get on to the next 100 things I need to do. But i'm glad he gave me this opportunity so I could ask him questions regarding where a few things were (which saved me a lot of time later). I had the babies napping in the bathrooms of the old apartment while movers were packing up and napping in the bathrooms of the new apartment when movers were moving us in. The team of 4 were amazing about being flexible and not using our bathrooms and letting the kids nap. I added some pictures bc most of pics I see are from bad reviews. So wanted to add some positive color. In regards to pricing, we got a few other estimates as well but 1. We wanted our stuff taken care of and didn't want to go the super cheap route. And 2. They're actually very affordable and competitive with their pricing. My husband and I have moved 8 times and this is the best experience we've had so far. A big thank you to Dino and his team!!
- Klarissa L.

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