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Shepherd International Movers Moving Company

 is one of the best among Cambridge Movers according to customers reviews. This team has been helping people relocate for many years now.

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Quality of service: 4.6

Punctuality: 4.9

Accuracy of Estimate: 4.2

Customers’ rating: 4.7

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The best Moving Company Cambridge – Shepherd International Movers

Our moving services will cover each step of your international moving process, giving you the possibility to relax and be stress-free. Our moving team will make sure everything goes smoothly. Shepherd’s International Moving team includes moving experts, who will be happy to provide you with affordable international moving services, as well as, share useful moving tips with you. The experience we have had so far with our customers has been great. By reading the reviews from our previous customers, you will realize why we’re so popular among international movers. The communication between us and our clients is always important to us.

Cambridge Moving Company Review- Shepherd International Movers

Shepherd International Moving will safely ship your things after they wrap and pack them. You have three options to choose from – air freight, ocean freight, door-to-door shipping. If you’d like your belongings to travel to your new home quickly, they recommend that you choose air shipping. Their moving team will wrap, pack and handle all your belongings. When it comes to shipping, you will be offered three options – air freight, ocean freight and door-to-door. Before you decide which of these services suits you the best, you will need additional details. If you have a limited budget or if you want to save as much money as you can, then they recommend that you opt for excellent and affordable international shipping by sea. Their packing team will gladly do it instead of you. They will come to your current address fully equipped, which furthermore means that you don’t have to waste your time looking for moving boxes and other moving supplies. Each item in your house, or in your office, will be wrapped and secured from the possible damage. Their moving experts have done this many times, so their experience is quite useful.

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Local State License: not provided

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What is the average Cambridge mover service cost?

Shepherd International Movers Moving Company offers relocation services at an average Cambridge moving costs. Be ready to pay 185$ for the first 2 hours of work each additional hour is 75$ extra fee for packing depending on the size. Call our consultant to get more detailed information immediately based on your request and moving needs. Fill out the Shepherd International Movers Moving Quote and our consultant will contact you during the day.

Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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Shepherd International Movers Moving Company Reviews

I needed to move from Paris back to New York. After living in France for 3 years I'd accumulated a lot of things and didn't know who I could call to help ensure my furniture and belongings would be dealt with properly. I was worried about moving internationally as I come to Paris with a bag and left with my entire life. I had so many questions about who to call and who would be trustworthy. A friend had recently relocated her parents from the states to Paris and she recommended them. They were so incredible. They packed up everything with meticulous detail. I had a short period of time to get the move coordinated and they helped out tremendously by offering tips about what would be best when it came to taking inventory of my items. They made it easy for me from a distance. I was able to FaceTime and Skype with them as well and it made things much easier when I had questions. I cannot recommend these guys enough!
- Wendy W.

My parents moved not long ago from the US to Australia. They were worried about making such a huge move. They were concerned about cost and how they would get their things safe and sound to another country. I wanted to give them a peace of mind and find a company that would be able to help them pack and save time, get their things to their new place and also cost affective. So I hired Shepherd International Movers. These guys were amazing! They are quick, work effectively and they are super nice. They offer full service packing and door to door delivery. I can't tell you how happy my parents were with them. They packed everything so neatly as if it were their own things. My parents have a lot of precious things that can't be replaced if lost or broken. Everything made it in one piece and on time!! I am very happy with the service Shepherd International Movers provided and for making my parents so happy. I highly recommend these guys!!
- Nancy M.

After I broke up with my boyfriend, I had to move on, so I decided to move out. Not only did I want to move out of Brooklyn, but I also wanted to leave New York. I was stressed and didn't know how to start planning this whole international moving thing. One day as I was reading about moving I came across Shepherd internatioal movers. A moving company with experience and skillful team members..THAT was what I needed. I visited their website and I realized that they were the solution to my problem! So I scheduled a free in-home estimate, and after I got a reasonably priced quote, I hired them. Things started to improve and I had more time to prepare for my upcoming relocation only because I had a really good and professional team that was working for me. They packed all of my things, prepared them for shipping, and helped me organize all the the international relocation paperwork. They had a lot of experience and I heard really useful moving tips from them. After three months I finally relocated. Sheoherd delivered everything on time. My things weren't damaged or lost. Everything went according to plan. Thank you!!!
- Maxine B.

These guys are great! I thought my move from Chicago to Germany was going to be horrendous, but thanks to Shepard it wasn't! They helped me out every step of the way and they're very affordable. Extremely professional as well. Very easy to communicate with too. They were on time when it came to the moving date and moved everything across county with no problems! They were especially care with with my valuables too. I recommend them to anyone in need of a moving service! Best international moving company out there!
- Xavier R.

When I wanted to move to central America a friend recommended this company. Shopping around a bit, and then deciding to go with my friend's​ recommendation because I found these guys (Shepherd International Movers) are the best! Communication with them on the phone and online to set things up went very smooth. This company was very helpful and easy to work with. Most places would not cover a move out of the country- but these guys do, and the price is reasonable, they show up on time, and the package everything very secure- so nothing gets broke. All my belongings were secure. I recommend them for anyone moving overseas​.
- Sara K.

By far the best moving experience I've ever had! I was a little apprehensive, and nervous about having a company move my personal and delicate belongings across the waters but this company took away all those fears. They extremely punctual, professional, and cautious with all of my belongings! The were on time in every aspect of this move. 5 stars across the board and I'd recommend them 1,000 times more! Great company!!
- Joey L.

Shepherd Movers were the BEST! They were on time, reliable, trustworthy, and professional. Moving is stressful on its own, let alone the actual moving itself. These guys made it seamless. I would recommend them to anyone that wants a stress free move! They are the biggest bang for your buck! Also, my family and I were late trying to find a quality moving company and Shepherd came at an unscheduled time to help us get the job done! Service is excellent!
- Stone W.

I dont know where the 5 stars all came from. My experience was quite different. Shipping is a perilous experience in general but i figured given the good reviews and premium pricing, maybe they were reliable. The loading experience on the US side was very good but that was it. My rep on the US side seemed indifferent and i had to constantly follow up with him. The receiving agent on the HK side, AGS four winds, was responsive but still made errors. Ultimately, the 6-8 wks became 10 wks with broken promises. It wasn't the delay as much as the indifference which basically hapoens after you pay them. Dont be naive folks, the industry is barely regulated and every promise is just a comment. Yes, logistics is challenging and unpredictable but certain parts are still controllable, dont expect too much accountability. I think this is a franchised chain and agents use sub agents, etc.
- Pat R.

I don't know how they did it in a such short notice, but I really want to share our experience and spread the word about this reliable and trustworthy moving company. My sister's husband had to relocate to Germany due to urgent work issues, and they had only one week to pack and move there. Just imagine how much stuff you need to do. Luckily they hired Shepherd International Movers to help them with the move. Thank you guys for doing such a tremendous job with the upbeat pace and a professional grit. At 8 am they were already working, packing and wrapping my sister's kitchen. We thought that the entire process will take two days to complete since they moved long distance but with these movers everything was done much quicker. And there were no additional charges whatsoever. What a relief because the previous time they ended up paying twice the price of what they had originally budgeted working with much less know moving company and having a bunch of peculiar extra charges that they were not even aware about. With this moving company the whole process was clear from the booking till the delivery. And the sales guys broke down all the charges upfront so they knew exactly what they can expect at the end. We really liked the service my sister's family received from these movers and once again, finishing up such a job while being under this time pressure is heroic action. I am pretty sure, when they're going to be moving back to New York, they are only relying on Shepherd International Movers for sure.
- Julia.S

I was helping a friend move and was super impressed by the team at Shepherd International Movers. They were prompt (very important to me) and friendly (also very important to me) and they were very careful with my friends belongings. I'm not planning on moving anytime soon, but if I do, I wouldn't hesitate to call Shepherd International Movers to help me out.
- Aarti. R

I've moved many times in my life, but this was my first time using a moving company. They told me they'd do a great job and protect all of my belongings, but I really didn't know what to expect when it came to what would actually be done. I'll tell you that this company exceeded my expectations in many ways! As you can see they took extra precautions when preparing my antique wooden headboard for delivery, which was of the utmost importance to me as it was built by my grandfather. Not only that, but they wrapped multiple items that probably would've been ok without, that spoke volumes to their care towards the items of my house. If it were possible for your houses items to look better than they did before the move, it would be these guys. Would/will be recommending to my friends and family.
- Brian S.

I had a great experience using this company to help me with my move from the Brooklyn to Marseille. I found them online was happy with their prices and I didn't look anywhere else. I don't have a large apartment or a lot of things but only being out of the US for one year I wanted to keep some of my things in storage, guess what. They do storage too, I did take a few larger items like my piano and flatscreen too, but I left a bunch of things in the US. I watched the movers to be sure they were careful with my things and they were. A thing I liked that I bet all movers do is they marked the boxes with the items they contained so I wouldn't have to open every box to find something like a pot or a board game. I really liked that because I've moved many many times myself and I've never thought of that. Anyway fast forward three weeks and I moved into my new apartment and that evening I met with the movers to move all my things in. The shipping obviously went well as all of my things were in good shape and even my bicycle which I put in a box was in great shape. I spent two days removing saran wrap from every dish and every bike tire and all my things were accounted for and well preserved. I was so happy I used this same company when I moved overseas a few years later from SF.
- Lucas R.

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