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About Seattle Movers

Seattle Movers was founded by Kirk Pesce in 2002. After graduating from the University of Maine and relocating to Seattle, he found himself involved in the moving industry. He discovered a surprising lack of ethics and class that was prevalent in the moving community and wanted to make a positive impact. So with one truck and one man, Mr. Pesce set out to provide a higher standard to his clients. Fourteen years later the original Mountain Movers became Seattle Movers, and has grown to a fleet of eight trucks and many men to serve the moving and packing needs of the Puget Sound.

Moving-Me about Seattle Movers

Founded in 2002 by Kirk Pesce, Seattle movers is committed to providing you with exceptional service and ensuring that your move runs smoothly and stress-free. Their movers are trained, motivated, courteous, and always pay attention to the customers’ needs. They use the best equipment money can buy so that the customers’ goods are safely protected.

Seattle Movers Licenses & Certificates

Seattle Movers is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 634273

US D.O.T: 1731101

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: WUTC HG-63388

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What is Seattle Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $3500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Seattle Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Seattle Movers Reviews

Once again, these guys amaze me. Moved everything I had in a few hours. Friendly, competent, reliable. Joel and Ben went out of their way to move everything. Thanks guys!
- Jeffrey B.

These guys are awesome. By far, the best deal out there that I could find. And best part, their crew was on time, fast, funny, very helpful and made it all seem really easy. Hopefully we don't have to move soon, but I will recommend them to all my friends! Couldn't have asked for a better moving experience.
- Dennis S.

I have used Seattle Movers twice now and highly recommend them. Both times the crew has been efficient, courteous, friendly and have treated my things as if they were their own. These guys are professionals - they take pride in their work and it shows. This past weekend I hired them to pick up furniture between three locations and move use across the bridge to Redmond. They showed up right on time and the total move time was less than 5 hours. And the entire time the driver was texting me with updates on where they where at. Hire this team to make moving day not suck.
- Will C.

From start to finish, I was impressed with the professionalism and service from Seattle Movers. I called multiple times - change the time, ask questions, confirm, provide building directions, etc. Each time, they were so sweet and accommodating. Now, my building had some stuff going on, so the guys had to deal with hellish drama and chaos. And at the other end, they carried heavy boxes up or down multiple flights of stairs. On a hot summer afternoon. And as if that weren't enough, they did this all with a smile! I hope to never ever move again, but definitely will be recommending these guys. They turned what could easily have been an incredibly stressful event into an exciting experience.
- Christie C.

We used Seattle Movers because of all the great reviews they got and they are spot on. It's always so scary to select a moving company since you never know if they will hustle, be professional, be careful with your items, and so on, but these guys knocked it out. They were on time, professional, friendly, patient and finished the move in record time. Victor, Josh and Kyle were outstanding. Go with Seattle Movers and you will not be let down. Great work gentlemen!
- Maria B.

You can't miss with Scott and Antonio doing your move! Professional, courteous, personable, punctual and flexible these hard-working guys can do it all. When Pods told us that they had our pod in Everett instead of Des Moines, late in the day I thought I would have to reschedule. These guys did not blink an eye and worked with us to get our stuff back. They worked late into the evening hours, well beyond their quitting time. I can't say enough about Seattle Movers and these guys, well worth your attention!
- Mark K.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! As a Realtor, I always refer my clients to Seattle Movers. I just moved myself and I hired Seattle Movers. I was blown away! Tim and Josh helped me move for 5 hours, from Bellevue, to Magnolia, to two stops in West Seattle. They were so friendly AND once they were finished with each load, they would hustle back to the truck for the next. When you are paying in 15 minute increments, this makes a big difference! I can not speak highly enough about the job Tim and Josh did. GREAT work boys! Thanks Seattle movers!
- Candice O.

Everything about working with Seattle Movers was awesome. Getting a quote from their website was a piece of cake. I emailed with Martin a few times and he gave me a price range that was almost half that of other companies I talked to. There was even a form I could fill out on their website to catalog our belongings so everyone knew what they were getting into. On moving day Tim and Bob showed up five minutes early, already in the alley behind our apartment building. They didn't waste any time at all. Bob set up the truck and Tim walked me through the paperwork. As soon as we got up to our apartment they started loading things up. Careful, professional, and insanely fast. They cleared our entire one bedroom (773 sq ft) apartment in 90 minutes. They were also really fun to talk to, but never stopped working to chat. I was just blown away. They zipped over to our new place and again pulled into the alley without even having to call. When I had the building manager show me how to open the garage for them their truck was already there. The unloaded just as fast, asking where I wanted things and setting it all up great. Martin had originally quoted me five to seven hours (including travel time), but Tim and Bob wrapped the whole thing up in four and a half. Just amazing! When it came time to pay they used the card I had on file for the deposit, so I didn't have to provide anything. It couldn't have been easier. We'll definitely be using them when it comes time to move again.
- Ruby P.

We used Seattle Movers to move our 1 bedroom apartment. The 2 guys arrived in the agreed time frame. They were very nice, professional and quick with the move. They didn't try to prolong the move at all. Both guys were also impressively strong movers and hauled our furniture up a 3 story stairwell without taking breaks.
- Nickolay M.

Roman replied to my request for quote email within two hours and was very clear on his reply, not just the price but also their experiences and answers to some commons questions I have in my mind. They also have the best price among all the movers I checked. Unfortunately their schedule are booked up and cannot fit in the time I'd like and I had to look for somewhere else. But still recommend!
- Zhe L.

Can't say enough about how excellent the service was from Seattle Movers. Leland and Joel arrived before the scheduled time and were extremely professional. I was amazed at how fast they finished the move that incorporated two stops before the final destination. They destroyed the quote I was given and ended up saving me some money, all while being extremely personable and friendly. Hands down the best money I've ever spent - ill be using Seattle Movers the next time I move as well. Thanks!
- Heather R.

Leland and Joshua were professional, courteous, and efficient as possible. They recently moved my family out of our 1,900 sq ft home, into a storage unit, and new house rental. Their experience and ability to consolidate all of our items was A++ work. Nothing was damaged or broken. They took great care to wrap and use packing blankets on anything that needed it, including light-colored furniture that was going into storage. They had no problem with the extra request to help us consolidate our other smaller storage unit into the larger new one, and then turned around back to our house, and helped us move all relevant boxes to our new rental location. No question, I will call Leland again as soon as we are ready to move. Thanks guys!
- Todd W.

Seattle Movers is a great choice. In addition to normal moving, I've done many relocations, both domestic and international, and I have to say that the service we recieved from Seattle Movers was world-class.
- John B.

Terrible. Awful. Such a stressful experience. Not only did they show up 30mins past the 2hour window they had given me, but there was no phone call to let me know they would be late. They then proceeded to take their sweet time. When we got to my new apartment they were unable to get our couch to fit.... I'll give them that it's a large couch, but it has fit into 3 other apartments.. And one of those my mom and I moved it in!! I was expecting so much more from professional movers. When it was decided that the couch wouldn't fit down the hallway inside the apartment, they took it back downstairs, but in the meantime managed to get it stuck in the stairwell... The worst is that there are now major scuffs and paint from the stairwell on both my couch and chair. There are large dings in the walls of our complex stairwell... And they managed to BREAK a closet door in our new apartment that our landlord had to come repair. I will never use Seattle Movers again.
- Caitlin S.

Kyle, Scott and Hawk moved our family today and we are so happy to have worked with them! They were conscientious, patient, friendly, and took such great care with all of our belongings. They truly went above and beyond to make sure we had a great experience (even on this very very hot day). I highly recommend Seattle Movers. Thanks guys!
- Brooke B.

Fast, quiet down three flights of stairs (how???), and when we unpacked a haphazard kitchen box the ice cream cones weren't broken. THAT is a FEAT, friends! Also we almost overpaid them (in cash!!) but Tudor called it out. Our team was Tudor and Gicu (sp?). Highly recommend. Recap: Fast Quiet! Honest Gentle with our stuff A billion stars.
- emily r.

I just had these guys move my stuff from Redmond to downtown Seattle. The move was awesome and the two men were professional. Below there was a review from Fred J. and he is referring to my move. First off he wasn't even a customer so his review shouldn't matter BUT what he was asking was unreasonable from my perspective. I had a 9 am move so I did the right thing and blocked off an area big enough to accommodate the moving truck before they showed up. They put their truck at the designated moving spot (which is meant for large trucks only) and unfortunately there was only one spot. They wanted my movers to move their truck to a spot which would slow things down at my expense and they did not comply with the NON-CUSTOMER's request which was awesome of them. It's not my fault or this company's fault that my movers showed up before them and got the good spot. A+ service from these guys.
- Alex G.

As I type this, one of Seattle Movers' trucks has been parked in front of my house, blocking not only my driveway but also the entire street for the last 45 minutes. I called the company and spoke with Martin, asking him to have the truck moved so that it is not blocking the thoroughfare. He assured me he would have it moved. 25 minutes later I went outside to ask the movers how much longer they would be. After expressing my concern that they were completely blocking all traffic on the block, including emergency response vehicles (there are two assisted living facilities on this block) they responded "That's the way it is sometimes". Maybe "that's the way it is sometimes" is how these guys run their business, but I will certainly never recommend any company as rude and thoughtless as Seattle Movers.
- John I.

Long ago I lost count of the number of moves (both on the larger and smaller side) in which Seattle Movers did my move around the greater Seattle area in the last 6 years. Yesterday was probably my most long and complicated move and once again Seattle Movers did not disappointment. Moving is NEVER perfect, but the workers for Seattle Movers seem to find a way to be respectful and positive. They are some of the hardest workers that you'll find working for a moving company. I think prices are reasonable.
- Tracy W.

Can't be bothered with getting parking permits, drives over freshly seeded flowerbeds on personal property to wedge a way to large truck down an ally. Better not plan on having any friends in the old neighborhood if you use these clowns! I'm sure you'll save money and be out of the neighborhood so what do you care.
- David B.

Just used Seattle Movers this past Saturday to move from West Seattle to Interbay. No complaints! They were prompt (10 mins early) and gave us a call to let us know when they were about 30 mins away. Brian and Hoss are extremely hard-working and friendly. They made the entire process seamless and stress free. Four hours later, all of our belongings were in our new apartment and furniture was reassembled (one-bedroom). Highly recommend this company.
- Blair N.

We were very pleased with our experience with Seattle Movers, and our most recent move was our second time using this company, the experience was consistent across both moves, even though it was almost 5 years between them. They were good at communicating when they would arrive and were able to be flexible as we pinned down the closing date on our new home. They were very professional, and I was impressed at how efficient they were. All of the guys were also very friendly, and were willing to listen if we asked them to move something they had already placed. I definitely recommend Seattle Movers.
- Patricia C.

I should have given this company a bad review two years ago when we hired them, but I wrote it off to just being a bad crew. Someone else in my building hired them last month, though and it reminded me what a nightmare this company is to work with. Two years ago, our crew spent the whole time sending personal texts while billing us by the hour. We also had exactly 2 boxes that we told them were extremely fragile and essentially irreplaceable. One of the guys took these boxes haphazardly to the truck and I heard a VERY loud crash. I went to check on it and found him shifting boxes on the dolly. When I asked if they fell he lied to me and said no. (This guy also broke one of our doors during the move and tried to claim that it was that way before. It wasn't.) I think they also charged us by the hour when they went looking for a stolen backpack that one of them had left outside. Fast forward two years-- These guys come in to move someone in our building out. They were shouting, dropping things, and just making a lot of noise and chaos. Later that evening we found a gang-related slogan carved into our elevator wall. Nothing like that has ever happened in our small condo building before. It seems suspicious. Also, more recently someone in our building moved out with a different company. I barely noticed those guys come in and out.
- Cat W.

Movers arrived as scheduled. The move happened on a weekday and overall, the move was only 1.5 hrs. The movers were nice and I would definitely recommend again. I am most impressed by the customer service of their Operation Manager Martin. Definitely one of the best customer services in Seattle. I called other movers and most were booked out for weeks. Seattle Movers were able to accommodate my schedule and I'm very thankful for their quick responsiveness. Definitely recommend for all movers.
- T T.

Super rude and unprofessional. To be clear, I didn't hire them to move anything. They parked their truck illegally, halfway in a no parking spot and the other half in front the alley preventing me to get my car out. And when I asked them to move temporarily, the mover refused and told me to drive over my neighbors lawn to exit. And scanning through some of the bad reviews below - looks like this is a common issue. Unless you hate your neighbors - don't book these buys!
- Alex Z.

They made our move easy. We also had a storage unit to empty which they were undeterred by but we were! They emptied it. They charge by the hour which worked out really good for us. They arrived on time. They took good care of our belongings. They were so courteous and polite. I would hire them again in a minute.
- Drew G.

Used them for a little move, dispatch was good but movers not. They arrived around 9AM and were super tired. I know it's a hard job, but it's company responsibility to let movers take a rest. They didn't packed my stuff properly and that's why it becomes scratched. Also, I believe if they were not THAT tired, my move might be twice faster and cheaper.
- James B.

I had a challenging move that involved taking some of the furniture on the roof to get it in/out through a sliding glass door located on a 2nd floor balcony. Seattle Mover's insurance policy did not allow for this, but they were great in that they provided me with the name/number of another moving company that may be able to tackle the project. Very professional, and it's a great indication that Seattle Movers value customer service.
- Rob F.

Movers were polite and kind. They worked really hard. I would just say overestimate a little bit to compensate with how long your move might take.
- Joshua F.

Excellent experience. These guys were better than I'd ever expected. They were stuck in Seattle on another move and broke away from that to drive across the bridge to help me move my roll top desk. Not a big move but meant a lot to me that they went out of their way to do my little job reasonable price. Nice guys; very easy to work with.
- Don M.

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