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About San Francisco Movers

San Francisco Movers is found here in the Bay Area, Northern CA. Established in 2005 and have been one of the customers favorite Moving Companies since. We are one of the biggest family owned moving companies located here within the Bay Area. For the last decade, as movers in the Bay Area, our focus is on providing the best level of moving services at the foremost reasonable value to our residential and industrial customers throughout the complete Bay Area. Our movers are courteous, reliable, skilled and quick moving consultants within the entire moving business in the Bay Area. Our client satisfaction and reliability is the key reason why we have a tendency to stay the quality Movers in the Bay Area.

Moving-Me about San Francisco Movers

The company provides local moving; furniture moving; packing, unpacking, & crating; storage services; commercial services; moving container rentals. Their team also accommodates out of state moving. They have moved people from the Bay Area to Florida, New York, Oregon, and many more. The company provides commercial moving at affordable rates. Whether it is your office, warehouse or departmental store they help to bring back your commercial space to live. They have their own state of art storage facility to cater the different needs of their clients. Their storage space facility is designed in a manner that your belongings could be kept for a long time due to the temperature regulator facility. The company also offers low rates that include boxes with a team of professional movers to help get your loose items packed up and moved.

San Francisco Movers Licenses & Certificates

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we could not find the company’s licenses. To legitimately operate the company must have an Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number, US Department of Transportation number or Local State License.

ICC MC number: not provided

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: not provided

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is San Francisco Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2850. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. San Francisco Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

San Francisco Movers Reviews

I have been dealing with movers all year as I have moved a handful of times this year but SF Movers takes the cake for most efficient and best service. These guys loaded up my entire storage unit in less than 30 minutes (that includes wrapping my glass items!), drove to SF (storage was approx 40 min away), & unloaded everything in less than 2 hours. They even told me they would finish solidifying loose items in the truck on their way to SF just so they would save us time. I have dealt with too many movers that take full advantage of the hourly rates and take their sweet time wrapping and moving & my wallet has suffered. These guys charged me the flat 3 hour fee and were done with an hour to do as they pleased and I am absolutely not mad about it at all. They deserve it! They ran up and down my stairs loading boxes and even setting up my bed where I wanted it. Can't express how happy I am with these guys and I strongly suggest you try them out. They know what they are doing.
- Lauren V.

I have been dealing with movers all year as I have moved a handful of times this year but SF Movers takes the cake for most efficient and best service. These guys loaded up my entire storage unit in less than 30 minutes (that includes wrapping my glass items!), drove to SF (storage was approx 40 min away), & unloaded everything in less than 2 hours. They even told me they would finish solidifying loose items in the truck on their way to SF just so they would save us time. I have dealt with too many movers that take full advantage of the hourly rates and take their sweet time wrapping and moving & my wallet has suffered. These guys charged me the flat 3 hour fee and were done with an hour to do as they pleased and I am absolutely not mad about it at all. They deserve it! They ran up and down my stairs loading boxes and even setting up my bed where I wanted it. Can't express how happy I am with these guys and I strongly suggest you try them out. They know what they are doing.
- Lauren V.

This is the first time that I used San Francisco Movers company. I give them 5 stars cause they are doing very good jobs over all. First all salesman responded email and text very quick. Very on time and Fedo and his partner moved very quick and polite. I will recommend this SF movers company to friends and family.
- Sandy C.

We hired these movers twice already and they kill it every time! Last night, I was reminded how fast and efficient they are, and literally get in and out when they come. Great communication between the movers that come in to ensure everything gets completed in a timely manner and the way we want it to. Very happy with our services, we will definitely use them if we need them again in the future. Highly recommended! Five stars!
- Ali M.

Hands down the best moving company around. Zac, Junior and Emery are amazing and hardworking. I have used this company 3 times in the last few months. They can manage large projects with efficiency and attention to detail. They were even able to move and reassemble a baby grand piano. Don't look any further if you are in need of the best movers in town!
- alana g.

Zac and Emery were the best. Arrived early, worked in the pouring rain, dealt with 3 flights of narrow stairs. They worked so quickly and efficiently, and had a great attitude and were super friendly. It ended up taking longer than I expected overall (solely due to my miscalculation/optimism) but I wasn't even disappointed about slightly exceeding my budget because they did such an amazing job and made my move so much easier and pleasant. Highly recommend; excellent value, excellent experience and customer service.
- Hannah J.

Easy-fast- simple-fair price I found this company on yelp. I didn't know about them but after I read all the reviews I decided to hire them to move some furniture. The service they provide it's great. They help me from the very beginning and the price was totally fair. I will definitely hire them again in the future.
- Maria P.

I hired 3 movers from SF Movers to move me from the Marina to Russian Hill over MLK Weekend and I HIGHLY recommend this moving company!! I've done MANY moves within SF myself and I wish I had hired this moving company in the past. I received a confirmation call the day before my scheduled move after booking via Yelp a couple of weeks in advance. The foreman texted me the morning-of to let me know when they would be arriving, and even though it was 90 mins past the scheduled time, I didn't mind because it gave me more time to pack and organize day-of. They wrapped all of my things in plastic wrap and blankets, promptly moved them into the truck, took apart my overly-complicated bed frame (and reassembled it in my new room!!) with ease. AND to top it all off, they moved my friend's dresser out of her room (my new room) and into her car no questions asked - a task otherwise impossible without their strength and expertise. They will do WHAT EVER you need them to do in the time that you have them for. There were NO hidden fees or costs for stairs or anything like that. Moving is a b**ch and with their help, it actually made moving more enjoyable and stress-free. I tipped them $50 each in cash because they truly deserved and earned it 🙂 YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!
- Katie T.

San Francisco movers did an exceptional job with my move from a 2 bedroom condo in SF to South Bay. They were on time, courteous, careful and skilled. My move required a lot of stairs on both sides and they expertly and quickly wrapped all furniture and quickly carried it up and down without bumping into walls... Their price was also straight forward and fair. This is my second time using them and I'm sure I'll use them again the next time... I highly recommend you use them for your next move!
- James S.

I've done my fair share of moving over the years and I was not super impressed with this last go around. I had been clear with the fact that my husband and I were moving from a 2 bedroom apartment, to a house. I had even called/emailed to correct the error I saw on their confirmation email (which stated we had a 1 bedroom). However despite all of that, the 2 movers still showed up with a small truck. So small in fact that all of our stuff did not fit in one trip, and it took about 3-4 hours just to pack it up. I should also mention that my husband and I brought over about 40 boxes of stuff ourselves prior to the moving date, so that the movers could focus on the big stuff. Long story short, the move took upwards of 8 hours, they had to make two trips to get everything over to the new place, and it cost us about 2.5 X more than we were expecting to spend. Oh, and we bought them pizza and beer around lunchtime (only one guy actually sat down to eat with us...and I assume he was still on the clock).
- KL C.

Hiring a moving company was the best decision my husband could've had. After a quick search and lots of positive reviews we hired San Francisco Movers (luckily they were available on the date). We went with the 2 men + truck service for the minimum of 3 hours and from the time they arrived until the time we were shacking hands in the new apartment was 2 hours on the dot. Alper and Zac were super quick and all of our furniture was perfectly wrapped and no damage whatsoever. The whole experience was amazing. They kept asking me where I would like the furniture to be placed. I could not believe that in less than 3 hours we had a full 1bed apartment moved to another location. Thank you so much. We highly recommend San Francisco Movers.
- Emilly M.

I hired three movers and a truck to move 1.5BR from San Francisco to Oakland. The scheduling process was easy, and San Francisco Movers was very communicative. Junior, Gee and P. showed up right on time, and were professional and fast for the entirety of the move. There were no hidden costs. They even stopped by a nearby furniture store to pick up my new sofa. Nothing ended up missing or broken. I would definitely hire them again.
- Gregory P.

So . . . unfortunately not all was as good as i thought. SF Movers moved my stuff into the garage on feb 18th of this year because of a remod, and now as i go thru stuff i am finding damage to my belongings. For instance, my oak table has a big scratch and gouge in it . . . my tool kit had the handle broken off and the hex wrenches and attachments were in a big jumble when discovered on one of the shelves. IA piece is broken off my patio furniture. I haven't gone thru all of my stuff but there is enough damage for me to downgrade the quality of the job from a 5 star to a 2 star . . .the initial message follows: I contacted 4 moving companies and these guys offered the best deal. . . including no extra for mattress covers, and other protective covers. . . And they were really good; they moved me (4 bedroom house - but about 15 boxes had been previously moved by me) from Milpitas to a house in Morgan Hill in about 3 hours; they were very efficient. I got a call 10 minutes before their scheduled arrival time saying they would be there in 7 minutes. THey loaded up clothes off the clothes rack (wardrobe boxes were free), furniture, patio furniture, tools from the garage, a bike, and lots of miscellaneous. If you pack so that everything is labeled and in boxes, they can just load up and go. And they packed the truck tight so that nothing was loose. . . everything arrived intact. My movers were Gee, Junior and Alper (thanks guys). I would highly recommend San Francisco movers based on my experience with this crew.
- Kevin S.

Called SF movers to move around 35 Bins and some furniture. They arrived earlier than I expected which worked out for me. Stef, Alper and Zac were my movers and were great; they were highly efficient and were careful with all my items. Great job and highly recommended!
- Jerry J.

These guys were awesome! They were on-time, fast, incredibly professional and super flexible. We had a multiple stops and they didn't charge extra. Would definitely use them again.
- Kavita S.

I recently hired this company to move me within San Francisco. For starters, Alex K., the manager, was very helpful over the phone. He was very personable, answered all of my questions patiently, and gave me the best rate I found anywhere. Fast forward to the day of my move, 5/16: Junior and his partner (sorry, I forget his name) arrived at my front door a few minutes early and were ready to go right on time. Their punctuality was a big signal of professionalism. They were nice guys and they worked hard and quickly. They were very efficient together. They took good care of my things; vulnerable items were loaded and unloaded carefully and they thoughtfully wrapped and packed my entire wardrobe so everything would stay clean. I recommend this company. I will hire them again myself the next time I have to move.
- Jeff B.

I can't believe these guys are still in business. I had thought they had gone bankrupt. We hired them back in August 2018 for a roughly 25 mile move. They refused to come out to size the job or give us an estimate due to the short distance. So of course they grossly underestimated the number of boxes and how much time they'd need. They sent 2 or 3 pretty good packers and 2 useless and even destructive ones. They didn't label about half the boxes, so we're still searching for things. They mixed items from different rooms into the boxes (and didn't label them). The day of the move, they dropped a chest of drawers down the stairs causing it to smash into the wall. They promised to pay to repair it but never did. Due to the poor packing, they smashed a bunch of items including our 50" TV and promised to pay but never did. I filed a consumer complaint, but unfortunately it never went anywhere, so shame on me - I'm out around $800 on top of the actual cost of the move. They're dishonest and incompetent - a winning combo. Run away!
- Steve B.

Efter, Eugene, and Zac did an amazing job helping us move across SF. They moved all of our stuff very quickly and without any issues and were also very nice and professional. I also felt like the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend them!
- Savannah L.

Fantastic service! Super efficient on a tricky (4 flights of steep stairs) move. Really nice and careful with lots of fragile things. I hired them two years ago for a move and when I was moving again this week, hired them again. Same great service (the guys even remembered moving me in!) would definitely recommend!
- Siena G.

I made plans last minute as the other moving company I scheduled with had to cancel unexpectedly. My move was up three flights of stairs and the guys totally rocked it and with a positive attitude. It was actually a fun day. My stuff arrived safe and sound. I'm super appreciative and would recommend them for sure!
- Sarah F.

These guys were awesome! Zac and Emery were fast workers (they didn't take a single break!) and helped us have a successful move. Moving is always stressful, but they made it easy. They were also great to joke around with, so it helped pass the time quickly!
- Dan R.

Just set them up for another move, and found out that the guy in the picture is Zac. 🙂
- Victoria A.

San Francisco Movers made my move SO easy! Zac and Emery are pros. They were friendly, professional, trustworthy, strong , on time, and extremely efficient. Highly recommend!
- Camille G.

I can not recommend these guys enough! Our foreman Kyamal and his partner Ilham were incredible and arrived right on time. They were so professional and made the stresses of moving so easy! If you are looking for movers, definitely hire these guys. 5 stars!!
- Alanna R.

Zac and Emery did a fantastic job on our move. We have a LOT of stuff, and both our apartments had some stairs. We spent the week prepping, and had concerns around lifting heavy stuff (we both have back injuries) and just the sheer amount of time we expected everything to take. Zac and Emery were amazing -- they finished in way less time than we expected and were super positive even when we had to take off a door to get something in. The whole thing went off without a hitch. They had furniture pads, wardrobe boxes for our hangers, and tons of plastic wrap that made everything easier. These guys are pros, 100% recommend!
- Raina M.

Had such a great experience with my movers today! They were pleasant, super efficient, careful with everything, and followed COVID safety protocol. I was moving out of an apartment that was on the third floor with no elevator so they definitely had to work hard. Will be using them for any future moves.
- Al F.

SF Movers were great! We needed to book movers last minute and they were available when we needed them. 5 STARS ALL THE WAY AROUND! From leaving our one bedroom apartment in the city over to our first home in the suburbs, they got the job done!! Get a discount when you pay cash to save some dough!! We had two movers help us. NELSON AND ALPER were soooo great. They were fast and efficient and super fun to work with! They took great care of our furniture and were definitely working hard. They knew exactly how to maximize the time and packing!! The truck was LOADED!!They had enjoyable and positive attitudes during the move as well!! Hopefully we don't ever have to move again, but when YOU need movers next - hire them!!! Also don't forget to take advantage of the Yelp deal which is $20 for $30!! Thank you SAN FRANCISCO MOVERS!!
- Michelle F.

They were able to move our things into our uHaul truck in good time. The movers showed up on time. We were afraid that we wouldn't be able to fit all our things in one truck, but they packed everything efficiently and was able to fit everything in the truck. We highly recommend them!
- Aileen R.

if I could give them no stars I would. A few months after my move, I noticed some valuables missing and after I retraced my steps, realize it had to be the movers. I called S.F. Movers and was told their employees are all trustworthy. Absolute garbage and there is nothing I can do because it's he said, she said. I signed their form saying I had received everything they moved in good order. This waiver didn't even apply to the items that were stolen bc I moved them myself and stored them in a closet while the movers moved the big items. Lesson for the future, never leave valuables in the same place where movers are unless it's locked up. Also, the movers ripped my couch which I didn't complain about because I wanted to be nice and not get them in trouble. DO NOT USE THEM unless you want your stuff stolen.
- Melissa L.

We moved again recently and used San Francisco Movers. Another positive experience! The office was communicative heading into the move, and Zach (or Zack? Never did ask about spelling!) and Junior were excellent Texters day-of. These guys were price-competitive, prompt, professional, polite, positive, and actually made moving an enjoyable experience. Thanks a ton for the help!
- Will T.

Very professional and got the job done. Would hire them again. I recommend to anyone needed help with a move.
- Alex H.

Perfect movers: very efficient, took great care of the furnitures and boxes, very responsive by text and phone, great at assembly/reassembly, and very patient when I was taking a bit of time to think about the proper position of all the furnitures and boxes in the new place. I'll definitely call them again next time I move!
- Franck D.

I do not recommend this moving company, it took them nearly 5 hours to move 11 items (literally a sofa, queen bed, two tiny night stands, two bookshelves, a small side table, a 2 person dining table, and two dining chairs). 5 hours for that yall!!!! I have moved about 30 times in my entire life and only the last few have I had the privilege to hire movers. This is to say, I know how to move, I know how to assemble and disassemble furniture, load a truck etc - but now prefer to not do the heavier lifting myself. While other movers I've tried had damaged a few items but at least they moved quickly! My two movers were friendly but extremely slow. My partner and I had intentionally moved about 80% of the apartment over the course of a week so the movers only had to take furniture. When we noticed they were at the 90 minute mark and had only moved half the items for whatever reason we knew it would cost more than we anticipated. My partner and I even started bringing things down to the truck ourselves! Additionally, they started making excuses that the bed was difficult and that's why they took so long (the bed in my opinion was the fastest! Took like 30 minutes) or that the maintenance guy kept closing the gate etc. no accountability here and I don't see how any of this makes an 11 item move into a nearly 5 hour move but ok When they finally arrived to our new home they began to unload one or two items at a time when the elevator in this space could fit nearly everything at once so I had to ask the movers to take that approach. one of the movers looked slightly bothered, but it was the fastest they had moved the entire time. They unloaded in under 30 they were just messing around during the loading process and trying to do the same for the unload. I can't help but wonder if this is because my partner and I are both women, but I see a handful of similar reviews floating around for folks of multiple genders so perhaps not! Oh and several of my items were still damaged in this drawn out process. Two stars because all my items made it, at least Photo of San Francisco Movers - San Francisco, CA, United States. My super scratched up west elm nightstand (they were both in pristine condition before this move) My super scratched up west elm nightstand (they were both in pristine condition before this move)
- Danielle S.

San Francisco movers were an absolute ASSET in my cross-country move. Alex was super easy to coordinate with and very flexible -- we were in a bit of a bind with our storage provider in that they couldn't allow for onsite pickup and required either local move drop offs or dropping off at a third party mover's facility. This made coordination pricey and difficult. San Francisco movers offered an extremely competitive quote and flexible scheduling to ensure we didn't have to wait weeks in order to have our items transported to our new home in Austin, TX. Upon arrival the movers were extremely cautious (both wearing masks the entire time) and asked us where we'd like each box/item dropped off in our house. They managed to unload 1.5K cubic feet of items in under 2 hours and did it extremely carefully. Overall, great experience and would HIGHLY recommend them for your moves locally or out of the Bay Area long distance!
- Austin W.

The moving team was fantastic! Their cheerful attitude made the moving process fun and enjoyable. I appreciate the care they took in packing electronics such as the TV, and in transporting the boxes to my new place. Everything was delivered to the new destination in a timely manner. They standout for their professionalism and expertise.
- Cindy Y.

Best moving experience we've had. The two man crew showed up on time and worked very fast and professionally. The price was great. I hired them 8 months ago - and now am unpacking our stuff. The way they shrink wrapped, moved, and placed our stuff? It was all in excellent condition. I've had other moves that were "ok": got the work done, but were late, changed pricing on me, weren't as careful with stuff, etc. But not these guys. Highest recommend!
- Alfredo B.

Wonderful experience - Zac and Alper were efficient, professional, and friendly. They definitely helped make our Menlo Park move go smoothly and we felt confident with the care by which they handled our furniture. Pricing was very reasonable. Would recommend highly if you're looking to move in the Bay Area!
- Kate S.

Although I hope we don't move again anytime soon, I'd pick these guys again in a heartbeat. Zac, Eugene, and Alper did a fantastic job moving our things, which included multiple large antique pieces, to our new place. They showed up on time, were masked up, got straight to work, and didn't stop until they were done. Thanks for doing a great job, guys!
- Katherine M.

I had an overall good experience with San Francisco Movers. They were fast, right on time, and very friendly. The only reason I can't give 5 stars is a box and a few items went missing for few hours. I believe they were placed on the elevator and then moved to different floor by another tenant before they were able to get them to my apartment. The team should take a bit more care when leaving items unattended. That being said, Zac was very responsive when I realized the items were missing. I would still recommend them regardless of this experience because the rest of my move went very smoothly.
- Annmarie T.

I can't give a 1-star rating to people who work moving heavy objects all day (much respect). That said, I was disappointed in my experience with this company. Timing: Showed up to do the move as they said they would. Took about 5 hours from start to finish for a full 1 BR, moving approximately 4 miles away. Price was about $700 and I tipped $100. Employees: My wife thinks one of the guys had a chip on his shoulder, but I disagree. I can't know what's in someone's mind, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. Quality of work: - They didn't break the TV, but he did handle it in a way that it's not supposed to be handled. Picture one person moving a 65" thin flat screen and holding on by the *top*. Should have been 2 guys holding from the base like any instructions would have said. - Scratched the bed in 2 obvious places that could have been avoided by using more plastic wrap (it rubbed right through). - Scratched the sofa/couch in 2 obvious places that could have been avoided by using more plastic wrap (it rubbed right through). He has been doing this a long time he said, but this feels like an amateur error. My wife and I were too embarrassed to say anything. In hindsight I should have mentioned it to him or the company. Gives me some repair work to do around the house I suppose.
- Joe H.

Only 2 of 8 movers (why 8 I still don't understand!) had on masks even after asking them if they needed one. 3 of the movers did more standing around than actually "moved". Was told it would be a 3-4hr was 10hrs! Trust can do it cheaper and faster with your grandparents! Never again!
- C B.

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