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Quality of service: 4.7

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Customers’ rating: 4.8

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About Safe & Sound Moving Company

Established in 2015. This moving company was established in the heart of Raleigh NC. From having the right equipment or proper technique, safety has been a top priority from the start. With a focus on customer service and attention to detail, we continue to grow rapidly. We look forward to serving many more NC residents!

Moving-Me about Safe & Sound Moving Company

Whether you’re moving across town or across North Carolina, it can be a stressful process. Fortunately, the mover is taking the hard work out of your next move – and keeping your belongings safe and sound. From the time their professional team arrives at your home or business, the movers are wrapping, preparing, and transporting everything that matters to you, so you have one less thing to worry about. The company takes pride in doing each job right, and can’t wait to be a part of your next move.

Safe & Sound Moving Company Licenses & Certificates

This moving company hasn’t disclosed any licenses or insurances publicly available. No registration in FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) to legitimately perform interstate moves was found.

ICC MC number: not provided

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: not provided

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Safe & Sound Moving Company cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Safe & Sound Moving Company is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Safe & Sound Moving Company Reviews

Safe & Sound Moving Company recently moved my house goods from Raleigh to Clayton with no issues. The company was great in verifying couple of times that the move was still on schedule prior to the move date, and on the day of the move, I got voice confirmation that the movers were on their way; I was given the time of window between 10am and 11am, and they should up at the house at 10:15am with a 30 minute heads up. I was also provided with the Driver/Crew Leader's name and mobile number. Travis, the driver/crew leader, did an outstanding job in making sure they stayed on time, being efficient, ensuring the crew team did not damage the furniture and while at both of the houses. He was very instrumental in solving some issues in getting furniture out of tricky places. Their rate was reasonable and the final total was also reasonable. At the end of the day, you get what you paid for, and I would use this company again in the future.
- Joe A.

Safe and Sound made our move as pleasant as a move could be, and I would recommend them without hesitation. Beginning with a prompt quote on Yelp, constant clear communication, and convenient scheduling, I always felt like they were attentive and helpful. On the day of the move, they were in contact and kept me posted on arrival times. But the stars of the show were our movers Travis and Major. They were kind and thoughtful, extremely careful and respectful of our belongings, accommodating and efficient, and above all, professional. I was worried about how long it might take - they told me two hours would do it, and were tidying up and unwrapping furniture for me at 1:55. Thank you again to Omar, Jaber, Travis and Major for all of their help - you can be sure we'll call again for any future moves!
- Sara B.

Safe and Sound is an excellent choice! From our first contact with Sapphira and Javier to the crew - Travis, Alphonso and Major, who moved us - top notch! On time. Extremely efficient. And couldn't be nicer to work with. Totally professional. Will definitely use them again.
- Kathy S.

Moving - right up there with root canal and buying a used or new car: endless hours of unlimited fun. When we had to move last week in Raleigh, we reserached movers here and on google weeks ahead of time, narrowed the list down to three and interviewed them again. In the end, we used S&S and were totally happy: punctuality, care and diligence, speed, politeness, cost. Excellent crew (names to follow), which we will ask for by name when we move again later this or sometime next year. Thanks guys!
- Pivo R.

Just competed our second move with Safe & Sound. Travis was supervisor- competent, polite and professional. Raleigh to Asheville move on April 5 was hampered by huge rainstorms and traffic delays on I-40. The moving team pressed on. We decided to have a 3 person crew. Third floor to third floor- no elevator. The guys got the job done right on budget. Also, their front office is great. Very polite and helpful. They know what they are doing.
- Bernie S.

We have used Safe & Sound Moving Co two times now. Once to move our stuff from our apt on the third floor to a storage unit and the second time from the storage unit to our new home. Both times have been absolutely wonderful! They are quick, professional, and HARD WORKING! This last move was during heavy rain but it didn't stop them from moving things super quickly and efficiently! No scratches or anything both in furniture and home! Definitely recommend them! Ask for Travis, he was our lead guy and was super awesome!
- Ana F.

I highly recommend Safe and Sound Moving company. I am just reiterating what many if the other reviewers are saying. Every part of the moving process was seamless, from getting the quote, to the actual move itself. The guys were prompt, professional, and very careful with all our items. They were courteous and hard working.
- William O.

The first terrible sign was spotting the crew I was assigned. They rolled up in a rented U-Haul truck without a company uniform or as much as an identifying t-shirt or hat. This was in sharp contrast to what was stated when I booked the company, when I had been assured we would be moving my goods in one of their company trucks, with professional movers. Their agent talks a good game over phone, but the situation immediately felt wrong in person. The lead mover and his coworker, Alfonso & Justin, were sour from the start. They had attitude, acting as if they were doing me a favor even though I was paying shy of two thousand dollars to move a one bedroom plus den to a location four hours away, as well as doing a large share of the physical work myself. I had arranged for the move to occur over two partial days, between two cities. On the load date, I was dismayed to see how slowly the guys were operating. They could be best described as lumbering, then picking up the speed when it was clear I was in eyeshot. If I had not done a great deal of the hauling and loading myself, the task would have taken twice as long--and been twice as expensive. The following day during the unload, which I had already prepaid per their company policy, the guys brought the hustle. This confirmed they knew exactly what they had been doing. The guys also talked a lot in hushed tones during both days. Whispering between each other is not a trait I want in my movers. When I booked the move I was told I could look forward to their 'A Team', who they send on their premium jobs. If this is their A Team, I'd shudder to see their B and C Teams. So many other disappointments that moving nightmares are made of: * The lead mover sneered when I asked him to confirm the truck would be locked and secured overnight. They didn't seem to think clients had a right to observe their work or ask about process. * I had confirmed upon booking the hourly charging would begin when actual physical loading began, but on load day the lead mover declared, no, he was going to start the hourly clock upon pulling in my driveway, before he and I had even met. * Earlier that day, their office had a wrong destination address on my file. They also didn't send texts and emails I was supposed to receive. * Before closing the loaded truck, I asked the lead mover not to place an industrial dolly directly over my bicycle that he had laid on floor of the truck. He snapped at me, stating that he knew what he was doing. Sure enough, I would later discover my bicycle wheel and brake were bent to the point the wheel would not freely turn any longer. * In the weeks since the move, I've been disappointed to see several boxes were badly damaged, and several items were scratched and dented. Just to be clear, I'm a skilled packer, starting the process 60 days before my move date. * At least 40 minutes of my prepaid unload time were remaining, and the guys already had the truck ignition started, ready to hit the road. This was beyond terrible--other companies would make good on all prepaid labor by offering support, shifting boxes around, asking if anything needed assembly, etc. At the close of our time together, the movers looked forlorn when I didn't extend a tip. Please. There were infinite reasons not to tip. These movers are overpriced for their skill level and professionalism. I would not hire Safe & Sound Movers again nor recommend their services.
- Sandra M.

Majhor, Bruce and Wilson did an outstanding job today relocating my furniture within my three story townhome, so that I could have new carpet installed tomorrow. They were professional, efficient, very hard working and did it it all without a mark, dent or scratch! I would highly recommend this company. Their quoting process, clear communications and described results were spot on. I love forward to having them return on Saturday, to replace my items, after carpet installation.
- Sharon V.

I would absolutely recommend Safe and Sound Moving Company! The quote process via yelp was super easy, and everyone I interacted with was friendly and helpful. Travis and his crew were on time, incredibly efficient, polite, personable, and FAST! They completed my move from one 2 bedroom third floor apartment to another 2 bedroom third floor apartment in 2 hours. Even though they worked so quickly, everything was wrapped and packed carefully, my furniture was arranged as I requested, and everything was reassembled correctly. I am very pleased with the experience, and highly recommend Travis and his crew.
- Ashley B.

We used safe and sound movers yesterday... we were moving from one part of Durham to another. They did not destroy anything and were polite. I have to say they were also a bit slow... granted my only other moving experience has been with Trosa so that's a hard bar to clear. Would I use them again? Yes, if Trosa wasn't available but they also wouldn't be my first choice due to their slower speed and they were also a bit pricy.
- Alicia K.

Very awesome fast, courteous, and organized movers. Reasonable price. Would highly recommend and would use again.
- Nicole A.

I would highly recommend the Safe & Sound moving company to anyone. I just completed a 2 hour move within NC and they were able to pack all my stuff, load, drive 2.5 hours, and unpack all in the same day! But they will also do shorter AND longer distance moves if needed. The communication was impeccable from start to finish, and very reasonably priced. The movers were very professional and courteous. All of my items arrived well-packed, intact, and assembled properly. They even moved very heavy items (ie, washer/dryer) down 3 flights of stairs with no complaints. This move would have taken me well over a week if I was doing it with friends (and I probably would have damaged some items if I was doing this myself). Also, for what it's worth-- I was hesitant when I was deciding which moving company to choose, as this one did not have as many reviews as others. BUT, fortunately the positive reviews that are here and on Google were all very accurate and I am SO glad I chose this moving company. Definitely go with this company if you are on the fence. Thanks Safe & Sound!
- A K.

I moved with safe and sound and by far this was the best decision I made. Travis was extremely exceptional!! He greeted me with respect and walk me through the paper work and made sure everything I needed moved was moved decent and Professional. He directed his directed his team and staff with such dignity and respect making sure they took care of me. He represented this company well. Overall the move and items I needed moved was done professionally. Their was no scratches or scrapes on my furniture and Travis made sure of that. He also If you need good movers call Safe and Sound moving. Also ask for Travis. Travis thanks for a great move. Customer Service-10 Accidents- none Professionally Spoken -10 Items moved - 2 Couches and love seat
- Marquezz A.

We just finished a move today from Chapel Hill to Raleigh and I can't emphasize how wonderful these guys were. Scheduling with them was very easy and Javier & Sapphira responded immediately to our questions and concerns. Moving day was crazy; were not as ready as we wanted to be when the crew (Travis, Kurt, Major, Bruce and AK) showed up this morning but they they helped us attack everything one piece at a time and worked with us all day long to get the job done. 'Wow!' is the best way I can describe my experience with Safe & Sound moving.
- Frank W.

Recently did a cross-state line move with Safe & Sound Moving Company and would definitely use them again. Jaber made me feel comfortable from the setting up process and was provided with great service by Travis and Alphonso. I couldn't ask for two more helpful guys who made our move seamless and less stressful. Thank you Travis and Alphonso!
- Gaurav B.

Despite a last minute change (3 movers to 2, due to illness), the team was great to work with and they got the job done in 3.5 hrs, which was only a little longer than originally quoted with 3 people. Fairly priced and they took great care of my stuff.
- Caitlin T.

Guys did a great job! They were very cordial and respectful and worked well together! Travis did an amazing job packing the truck so tight that nothing moved in transit. We would definitely use them again and recommend!
- Jerylin T.

I've moved several times and never hired movers I've always been nervous about it but I have to say I will definitely hire this team again on my next move! They arrived on time and kept me updated when they were on there way - Major explained everything to me and didn't waste any time once they arrived. His guys were very professional, polite, and they got to work immediately. I have nothing but good things to say from my experience. Prices are definitely reasonable for the amount of work they put in. Thank you for making this move so easy!
- Jessica C.

These guys were the most reasonably priced movers on the market. I was getting quotes from Allied and National for about $4000 to move my 800 sq ft ranch home from Chapel Hill to Philly. These guys did it differently. A base rate for the drive and then hourly for the guys to load and unload, cost me $1500 less than the big chain movers. They also used one truck, so your stuff isn't mixed in with anyone else's. They accommodated me on short term notice (less than two weeks) and got my stuff to my new place exactly when I asked for it. The movers themselves were amazing. Professional, efficient and super nice. The did the most amazing job getting the truck close to my townhouse in Philly that was on a narrow street; expert level parking a huge truck. I would recommend these guys to anyone. Thanks a bunch!
- Sarah H.

Travis, Alfonso & Jalen were the best movers I've ever had and I've moved a lot and used many different companies! They helped my mom & I out with a move on 4/23 from Raleigh to Holly Springs from a 3rd floor apartment with no elevator to a two story townhome and you couldn't slow them down! They were on time, polite and took great care of our belongings. Even when I wanted to give them a break from stairs they pushed on and were amazing from start to finish! Thank you so much to the helpers and I would recommend this moving company over any others in the area! Thank you Safe & Sound Moving!
- Trishia H.

Booking: very responsive on yelp and very reasonable price estimate. The Move: Alex and the team were great! Very professional and courteous. Arrived within the estimated time frame and completed the job efficiently! I would definitely recommend for anyone planning on moving in the triangle area!
- Shirley H.

Alex and Bruce of Safe and Sound Movers were the best movers! They wrapped items carefully, were fast, professional, and were even pleasant on a sweltering Raleigh, NC summer day. Moving is always torturous but they made it more than tolerable. I would highly recommend Safe and Sound, and Alex and Bruce.
- Rebecca N.

Last week I used Safe and Sound Movers to get me from Cary to Wilmington! It was painless which as you know moving rarely is!! From the time I contacted Jaber via yelp to set up my appointment to Alex and Rahlo loading, unpacking the truck and moving me in I was completely pleased! Alex and Rahlo were fast, considerate of my things and friendly!! Also their prices were extremely reasonable. Their moving truck looked basically brand new. My belongings were packed with so much care and they had to move a lot from a 2nd floor apartment to a 2nd floor beach house in crazy humidity the day before a hurricane! I truly cannot recommend Safe and Sound Movers enough! I am so glad I found them on Yelp!
- Katie B.

Jaber and his team absolutely were amazing. They were super fast and got the move done without any damage and took care of all the wrapping of furniture in no time. 100% recommend and will use again!! Thanks Jaber!
- Derrick G.

Jaber and his crew were fantastic to work with from start to finish. Jaber replied quickly to my request for a quote on Yelp and quoted me a lower price than any other companies in the area I reached out to. On the day of our move, we received notice from our new rental that we would no longer be able to move in on that day due to a water leak, and Jaber was so understanding and re-worked his scheduling to be able to move us the following week. Travis, Alex, and the other young man whose name we didn't catch were great - kind, efficient, and took care of our things. Simply an amazing customer service experience and the only bright spot in our otherwise terrible moving situation.
- Kelley S.

Moving is always stressful and hectic. However, I had an incredibly smooth process with Safe & Sound Moving Company. They arrived and immediately jumped into action. It was one of the fastest moves I've experienced - and I've moved quite a bit. I highly recommend this company for your moving needs.
- Nicole G.

This moving company is great and I definitely recommend them. The scheduling process was easy and the owner was very responsive to my questions prior to the move. The movers, Travis and Alex were great - they showed up right on time and very courteous and handled the items to be moved with care. I would use them again in the future.
- Irene F.

After moving around a lot this year I have to say this company made my life easy. They were very professional and made sure I had everything where I wanted it prior to leaving. Very polite and also considerate with my furniture. Never complained, and I have very heavy furniture, or stood around and got the job done super quick. They made sure to put a blanket and wrap around what pieces meant a lot to me. After using 3 different moving companies over the last two years... this company is the best; I would absolutely recommend this company!
- Whitney H.

I have moved four times in the last three years, Safe & Sound provided by far the best moving experience out of these moves, all with different vendors. From my first interaction contacting them via Yelp, responses were quick and professional. I was able to secure a date and time that worked after my home closing. Jaber and his team of three other great guys were extremely courteous and considerate as they wrapped and loaded my items. They were efficient, no time wasting, and completed the entire job in three hours. I never, ever want to move again. But if I do, I would call Safe & Sound and no one else!
- Jeff O.

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