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When using Safe Relocation Inc you will receive the best long distance service in the industry, we will make your long distance move go safely, securely, and at an unbeatable rate. Our mission is to be the #1 long distance mover of choice for individuals, families, and businesses.

Moving-Me about Safe Relocation

Established in 2019, Safe Relocation is a family-owned and operated award-winning service for excellence and honesty. They are able to handle any size load, to and from all, and within any service time frame for your long-distance move. They also provide top quality 24/7 customer service who can help with any question or problem presented.

Safe Relocation Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: not provided

US D.O.T: 3306643

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Safe Relocation cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Safe Relocation Inc is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Safe Relocation Reviews

I moved with Safe Relocation last weekend. I would suggest to everyone this company. Movers knows what they do. I have never seen such high quality service in my life. I want to say thank you to all of them, agents that were with me in touch all the time and movers that did for me a great job. Highly recommend Safe Relocation if you want to make your move easy and non stressful. Thank you again guys for your hard work. Wish you a good luck in a future and definitely will use your company for my next move.
- Albert Wilson

Fantastic job! Adam and his crew were efficient, professional, and friendly. They arrived within the designated window, and got right to work packing and disassembling. Every piece of furniture got covered with moving blankets for protection, and nothing was damaged. And they made sure everything was in the right place in my new apt before they left, and were able to finish with 20 minutes to spare! All in all, the best moving experience of my life. 100% recommend.
- Lisa Paul

They were very quick and attentive, easy going and friendly, even gave me free boxes and made sure all the stones fell into place for me in the way I wanted it to happen. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs to move on a dime! Thankyou guys for today!
- Nestor Taylor

These guys are the best moving company I’ve had the pleasure to work with. We used them for a three bedroom house move and were very impressed. They arrived early, hustled the entire time they were on the clock, treated our furniture and house as if it were theirs, and had our entire house moved in around 5 hours. As an added bonus all of the guys were genuinely nice people. We will definitely be using Safe Relocation again the next time we move.
- Alice Jones

We would highly recommend Safe Relocation. They were amazing and the professionalism is highly appreciated. Their crew did an excellent job. Both the Move Consultant and the Move Coordinator followed up with me throughout the moving experience. Superior customer service from the top to the bottom. I truly appreciate them for relieving me of the stress of moving. I will definitely use them again in the future. Thank you.
- Lynn Bell

I received a call 20 min early before they arrived, just to make sure they knew what we needed. The guys came on last week, and quickly sized it up and got to work. They were friendly and hard working. They wrapped all the furniture in plastic so it wouldn’t scratch or get dusty. They were quick but gentle. It was all done in under 4 hours and the price was very reasonable. Very pleased with Safe Relocation.
- Mary Traylor

I’ve used these guys a number of times now & referred them to numerous friends and family as well. These guys are the best in town. Adam is an excellent communicator & super friendly and they take great care of your home & items. I seriously can’t recommend these guys enough.
- Lily Edward

Adam and team showed up on time and our move went great. Crew never stood around and were always working. Got us moved out of a storage unit into our new house in 2 trips that were very quick and done carefully. We'll definitely will be using Safe Relocation again every time we need help moving! I strongly recommend them.
- Peter Cruise

They were very quick and attentive, easy going and friendly, even gave me free boxes and made sure all the stones fell into place for me in the way I wanted it to happen. I'd recommend them to anyone who needs to move on a dime! We are very happy with the moving service from the Guys at Safe Relocation. Their price, quality of service and friendly staff made our business move go smoothly which enabled us to get back to business the very next day.
- Frederick rob

DO NOT HIRE THESE PEOPLE! STAY VERY VERY FAR! I paid them to hire a reliable moving company and they found a company called MD Transportation that ended up being a fraudulent company!! Weeks passed and I never received a single update from them or MD. I had to call every time for word on my items and each time I received different news, "Oh, it will arrive 7-10 days from your pick up", "It will not arrive for 10 - 15 days," then "10 -21 days" and the best one "it's in route." Finally a month passed and someone finally told me the truth -- my items had been taken for ransom and were stored at a nearby unit!!!!! I was told the broker would not take responsibility for this from their idiot customer service rep, Sandy. She admitted they had made a mistake for hiring MD Transportation and still would not refund me or compensate me in any way for the experience. WHAT?! HOW COULD THIS POSSIBLY BE ON ME?! They then made up some elaborate story about how an ex-employee of MD Transportation (Jen) would try to help me retrieve my stuff but I would have to pay her directly through money order or cash. Sound sketchy much? I said fine, and had my whole family go to the storage unit with the police where they met Jen and didn't hand over a DIME, because the whole thing ended up being a SCAM! Police helped us get hold of the storage unit and the lock was broken and my items were retrieved. Do not trust your items with these phonies. They have no interest in helping you and no interest in keeping a good reputation for their business, clearly! Every time I tried to ask their appalling "customer service representatives" for someone in upper management I couldn't get a contact phone or email for a manager or owner. I was told I would have to call when the manager is in but every time I did he was conveniently "not in." It was all very strange and suspicious. Do yourself a favor and hire TRUSTED names in the moving business and stay AWAY from these kinds of brokers. I now have a huge legal battle ahead with Safe Relocation and the fraud that is behind "MD Transportation" named Ronnie. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!
- Deana Cardona

I have hired Safe Relocation more than 2 times now and I cannot imagine using anyone else. They are friendly, efficient, fast and affordable! They truly care about delivering quality service. Moving is never easy and it can be very stressful, but they truly understand and make it a priority to go above and beyond!
- Rocky Tay

These guys were AWESOME. We moved our kids and their family into their new home, including two stops at the storage unit (3 stops in all). They moved a heavy gun safe (up and down stairs), valuable mechanic's tool kit, and more. They put boxes and furniture in their proper rooms in the new house. They even put our boxes, from storage, downstairs so my husband and I wouldn't have to do it. I pulled money out the day before to tip the guys and I scrounged in my purse to double the tip by the time they were done. They saved us time, energy, and worry. I will recommend them to everyone.
- Thomas Dav

They were great. They were on time and took extra care to make sure everything was protected during the move, even padded the doorways. They worked efficiently and were friendly. Would definitely use them again if I needed to move.
- Robert Joshura

Jim from Safe and secure relocation contacted me. He was nice to me and kept calling me until he had my business. He never mentioned that he is a broker and it's a different company that moves my stuff. He told me all he need is a week notice before the move and I can move my dates in a calendar year for free. Just to sign the contract as I didnt have my apartment rented he asked me to give a date. When I called him to move my stuff a week before he was demanding for more money as his movers wants to make a trip just pick my stuff, when I told him I am going to write a bad review he said I dont have to pay anything. 2 days before my move Sandy called me to make sure I dont have anything more than what is in the inventory. The movers didnt show on the day they were suppose to come. there 3 people who came to move my stuff, the main guy was Josh. I showed them my stuff to move, they said they cant take me goods because I have more than what is on inventory, when I told all I have is what is on inventory they started to say it would take more space than what is in the inventory and started complain that I my couch is big, which is not and said I have to pay more than what is priced if not pay each one of them $100. I had no choice other than to pay them because of my situation. Josh is the driver very rude and aggresive, I didnt have anything more than what is in the inventory. Josh helds you as a hostage and literally give you hard times. They know you are desperate to move and you have no choice and make maximum use. Jim promised me they would not charge me extra as long as inventory matches what they are moving. They dont care for your stuff, they just throw it no matter you write fragile or not. they are reckless and dont care for your stuff. Jim will say anything to get your business and first thing he says to look at their review, dont fall in to tat trap because it is not accurate. This company doesnt deserve any star (0 start)My advice is not to go with this company.
- Muhammed Ameer

I recently hired this company to move and had a horrible experience. I do not recommend it at all. Please save yourself stress and sexual harrassment. I enlist my issues: 1. The movers were suppose to come on a Friday, I took a day off from work to get this done and they never came. I called throughout the day and had no response until 3 pm. and they told me they would be arriving the next day. 2. They included in my estimate the packing of my TV and box spring and did not do so, the movers said they didn't have it on their list. 3. They told me an estimate arrival time was 5-7 days and I did not receive my belongings until two weeks after. I called multiple times and had a hard time to get them to pick up (called from other phones so they couldn't recognize my number and they finally did) They never gave me an exact delivery date. 4. I was told they would call 24-48 hrs before arrival, never happened. They got there and I had to rearrange my whole plans to finally receive my furniture. 5. Multiple furniture items where scratched and damaged. 6. One of the movers was asking me multiple personal questions, if I was married, if I had kids, etc. Then asked me if I liked men from his ethnicity among other inappropriate comments. At the end he asked me if he could shower in my bathroom! Of course I responded NO and they left. I brought this up to one of the employees and still haven't heard back from them. This is a VERY unprofessional "moving company"
- Liliana Gallegos

We had a wonderful experience with Safe Relocation, from arranging our move within a week to having it completed in 4 hours. Extremely efficient team. Highly recommend!
- Ethel Hall

Everything went great. The movers are very professional and careful. They padded my furnitures and was carrying out everything gently. I moved from third floor and all my belongings arrived in a good condition.
- Vicky Wong

I booked them last week but couldn't make it to the home because of some office work so I asked them to deliver all the packed furniture and luggage to the desired location. Not a single breakage and dent was on any of my furniture. They are really trustworthy and also overall the experience was great.
- Karl Figueroa

I had a great experience with Safe Relocation. They helped me through the entire process and it was pretty straight forward. The movers were very professional and efficient and didn’t charge me more as I was thinking due to having a few more items. Overall it was a good experience and would recommend them.
- Ofelia Wilkins

I was originally told that the move would cost me 2200 then they raised it to 3600 because i wanted to add 5 items that weighed less than 200 lbs. The lady was rude when I protested and became angry and hung up on me . This company is a fraud and a con game. you should steer clear of it . They don't try to raise the rates until after its to late to cancel. If I canceled it would cost me 1000.00 even though nothing had been scheduled yet,
- alvin bryant

DO NOT HIRE THESE MOVERS!!” I hired this company to move my things on November 5, 2019. The pick up date on my contract was Nov 22nd or 23rd. That was our move out date at our home. The mover called us on Nov 23rd and told us he was going to be days late and arranged a local moving company to move our stuff to storage. Even though THEY arranged the extra move because THEY couldn’t move us as agreed, they then stuck us with the additional moving cost. They told us they would cover the cost, but they did not. THEN, they canceled the mover that was late and scheduked a second one. We had to pay an ADDITIONAL $1000 cash (via Zelle) that was NOT agreed upon in the contract to get the stuff picked up!! THEN, after it was picked up and our money was taken, the second mover cut off contact with us. We have called and called these people with NO answer, and it is now DECEMBER 12th!! We HAVE NO IDEA WHERE OUR STUFF IS AND NO ONE WILL ANSWER OR RETURN OUR CALLS!! I’m pretty sure ALL OF OUR BELONGINGS HAVE BEEN STOLEN and we are already out $1700.00 IN ADDITION. All I know what to do at this point is to file reports with the police, FBI and Better Business Bureau, all of which I will be doing ASAP.
- Julie Peterson

Worst moving company ever, they farm everything out. We were missing, a pottery klin, and our Christmas tree. The sad part is, the pottery klin was a gift to my wife from her son. I called and informed Safe Relocation, about the missing items, there comments were " have a nice day".
- William Key

A nightmare of a situation when dealing with them. We were guaranteed that my stuff would be delivered on a specific date and paid them half of the money up front. Only reason we went with them is that they guaranteed us delivery. Called the day before and they had notified me, my stuff hasn't left the state yet. They claimed they had 20 days to ship my stuff which was never mentioned to me or my dad and wasn't in the contract signed. They were told multiple times that I work out of town for periods of a time and only had certain windows of delivery, they said it was no problem. 27 days later we get a notification, that it's being shipped as i'm away at work. Extremely bad customer service, we dealt with Michele Wright and he was the one who guaranteed and lied to us. Now I have to pay for a storage unit because they couldn't deliver. I will never use them again and advise anyone to save your money and not to use them.
- Samantha Rossen

I would not recommend this company. They are a broker, so their quote was way higher due to making profit when they bid out for local movers. Also, their reps will just hang up on you without saying goodbye. I am not sure if this is a Florida thing or not. One of the conversation with them was telling him I appreciate their customer service and I will get back to you after speaking with my husband, and Joey just hung up. My last call I told him we decided to go with a direct company, and again, he hung up on me while I was speaking. I personally find this rude, but I get at this point, I am wasting his precious time. My advise is go with a direct company that uses their own trucks and men.
- Michelle Perry

I would not recommend this company. They are a broker and extremely unprofessional. Joey Johnson was my sales representative and he mislead me the entire time. They are all about quoting a low price and trying to jack up the price on you later once you've paid your deposit. Save your money and your sanity bu using someone else. I had to cancel the move because Joey underestimated the amount of furniture i had by 50% even though i supplied him with pictures of everything. When i called him to talk about it he ignored my calls and sent me multiple emails telling me to talk to customer service. He willfully ignored my calls requesting a refund.
- Tyler Blakemore

Horrible services, Don't believe and do not prefer this. I Don't recommend this movers. I initially got quoted from them as 1500, I end up paying 2300 along with missing stuff and damaged goods. No response to calls and emails. They initially take some amount and you will be locked with them, then they start playing with you. NO on time pick up and No on time time delivery. They gave my moving contract to others (sub contract) without informing me. after that they will think that you are their customer. other movers will charge more money which these guys won't talk. They won't take responsibility of delivering your goods. They take more than a month to deliver goods. They will miss your goods, damage goods, and don't give proper receipts. they will come in the night for pick up and delivery, so you can not contact company or customer representative.
- LakshmiNarayan

Safe Relocation isn’t a moving company, they’re just the referral service. Do yourself a favor and just book with an actual moving company. On the day of the move I had to spend time filling out over a dozen forms and try to get in contact with a company I’ve never even heard of who actually did the move.
- Caleb Valle

They are scam artists. They were very nice on the phone and tried to get the deal in quickly. Both manager and associate gave me their personal phone numbers for communication. After they charged me 975 for truck reservation for the move, I found out they they are scam artists and called in to cancel within 45 minutes. The manager and the associate both texted me that the transaction will be cancelled and I would receive a full refund and begged me to reconsider their service. A week after my credit card got a balance of 975. The manager advice me it would take 1 week to see the refund back. No refund a week later. I called in the credit card company to dispute. A month after I suddenly see a balance of 975.
- Tot Chong

They moved two bedrooms and loads of stuff (I need to get rid of stuff) including a treadmill and antique furniture down two flights of stairs. Wrapping was efficient and done properly, moving was well coordinated, and the guys were kind and courteous.
- Gary Albert

They were very accommodating as I needed to reschedule a couple of times. The three movers were professionals throughout. Not a single item was lost, broken or misplaced during my move. I will definitely hire them for my future moves too.
- Ofelia Wilkins

Having never had to pay for a moving service before, I contacted Safe Relocation Inc to contract them to move my belongings from Kentucky to Florida back in January 2020. Somehow the requested moving date got recorded as March instead of February (I had to start a new job 26th Feb - so I know when I needed the move - but there is no evidence who stated the wrong move date). Because we had to move it up sooner, customer service scoured to find someone who could accommodate a short notice move - AT AN ADDITIONAL COST OF ALMOST 50% OF THE ORIGINAL QUOTED PRICE - ANOTHER LESSON LEARNED: Whatever a company like this quotes you, you probably need to triple that. I told them I had one bed and two nightstands in my bedroom. Once the bed is taken apart, it actually ended up being 8 individual items, as did many other pieces that had to be disassembled to be moved. Over the phone the rep from Safe Relocation asked about how many "boxes" (since I packe most myslef to save money). We came up with a number, but he failed to walk me through thought processes like the bed being 8 pieces, and other pieces that needed to be disassembled, would count as multiple pieces, so whe it was all done and over with my piece count more than doubled the original discussion and estimate, and of course I had to pay for this additional volume. I had little choice but to accept. (this was just the beginning of multiple add-on costs which mounted up again and again. The sub-contracted mover showed up on time precisely, and really did a great job of carefully packing each item. I lost only two wine glasses in the move -- or so I thought!! A few days later, I unpacked my relatively new $1200 Sony 65" color TV and found that it had obviously been dropped on one corner and shattered the screen. The TV still worked, just had a shattered screen. When I called to inform the moving company, they referred me back to the stack of papers, I had shoved in front of me that I had to initial here, here and here, and sign here and here. Somewhere the middle of the 9 pages of documents was the liability clause that said the moving company was liable for 60 cents a pound for any damage or loss - UNLESS YOU PURCHASE ADDITIONAL COVERAGE - Now that's all good, I wish someone had pointed that out to me - There is apparently a legal requirement that the mover is supposed to provide you an estimate of this additional coverage -- I don't see it on my contract - perhaps - NO I WILL SEND it to an knowledgeable lawyer to review. So now my $1200.00 TV is worth only $34.20 ! I could go on and on and on - but it is doing nothing but getting my blood pressure up. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF MONEY IN THE LONG RUN - CALL A FULL SERVICE MOVING COMPANY - THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS, THEY WILL GIVE YOU BETTER ESTIMATES, AND I AM SURE, WILL STAND BEHIND THEIR SERVICE MUCH BETTER THAN A MOVING BROKER!!! I KNOW NEXT MOVE THAT'S WHAT I'LL DO!!!
- Jeffery Firth

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