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About Rigo’s Moving Company

Rigo’s Moving Corporation is a Professional, Fully Licensed and Insured Company established in 2013, We are based out of Los Angeles, CA and proudly serves Southern California, Here at the moving company, Inc. We take our job very seriously, we provide well trained movers, the right equipment, and materials to make your move stress-free.

Moving-Me about Rigo’s Moving Company

A professional moving company established in 2013 Based out of Los Angeles Ca. They have the experience that you need to perform your next move. When you need to move in 100 miles Radius, we can provide since a cargo van up to a 26ft Moving Truck, depending of your needs.

Rigo’s Moving Company Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: Not provided

US D.O.T: 3075110

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Rigo’s Moving Company cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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Rigo’s Moving Company Reviews

One word "unproffesional." We found this company off of emove.com thinking that we were going to get proffesional service but we got the total opposite. These guys that showed up didn’t even know how to speak English. Our stuff was in a 17 ft Uhaul truck and just needed it to be moved into a big storage unit. They charged us $200.00 and didn’t finish the job, the guys were on the phone half of the time and moving 1 box at a time. These amateurs even asked me to go and get them drinks. They milked the time and they left a majority of my stuff outside of the storage unit telling me that they couldn’t finish and they charged me and left. Complete ridiculousness, I called the owner and he didn’t even do anything about it. TOTAL SCAM.
- Lisa

I figured that when ever you hire movers, something will be damaged. I was very disappointed when my stuff arrived after rigos movers had packed my Uhaul pods. Every piece of furniture had damage on it. They assured me that they knew how to pack the pods properly, that they do it all the time. When I called them about the damage they claimed that it was Uhauls fault. The other problems that I ran into was that half way through packing they asked if I had more blankets for packing. I offered to go get some more from Uhaul and they said they didn’t need them. At the end they asked me again because they needed them, however it was too late in the day at that point for me to get more blankets. They also left a hand full of items that would not fit in the pods. I had ordered 3 pods and they came with 2. They assured me 2 would be more than enough. My advice to anyone who uses these movers with Uhaul pods is 3 things: (1) have locks for your pods, Uhaul does not disclose this info when renting them online. I found out after they were done packing and asked for my locks. (2) rent more than the dozen packing blankets that come with each pod. (3) wrap all furniture yourself ( bubble wrap, plastic etc) before they put in pod. Packing blankets will not be enough. Your stuff will likely not be handled or packed with care.
- Jennifer Carmichael

Date of move: 8/3/14 from 11am - 1pmMovers: two young men, Freddy and anotherI write this review as I unpack boxes in our new home.  I am so upset and nearly on the verge of tears.  There are gouges in my wood furniture, punctures through lampshades, endless scrapes and scratches -- so many of my things are RUINED!!!! We hired movers to help us with the heavy lifting and to load our 6x12 U-Haul trailer for a big move up the state.  We trusted them to be professional and to help us move our possessions safely and securely. This is just crazy - the level of damage sustained is ludicrous.  My treadmill, for example, is wrecked...literally EVERY edge and surface is scraped through the finish.  How is that even possible? My kitchen table has a CHUNK missing from a chair leg.  This level of damage is so blatantly careless there is no possible way my two movers were unaware this was happening while they were loading.  I feel cheated.  We are just two normal people who were looking for a little help lightening the burden of a big move from people that are supposed to be professionals!I am so disappointed, I want my money (and the $40 tip) back.  I would absolutely not recommend Rigo’s if this is the type of service they provide.To Rigo’s -- if you’d like to see pictures of the damage your guys caused, please contact me privately.
- Krystal

Freddie and Jesse helped me make two different moves. Obviously I am happy, I hired them twice. They are super fair about time (they round down) and don’t slack. My truck was 2.5 hours late, had no ramp, and they were kind enough to take an unscheduled 1 hour break, didn’t complain, and used the other 1.5 to stage so the actual loading went super quickly. Freddie has a gifted tetris eye and really squeezed down on the space to use every inch. I was paying by the foot and his decisions saved me a ton of money. For which I tipped appropriately. They constantly kept me appraised of where we were in the process without slowing down the work at all. They were smart, efficient and productive. Very pleasurable to work with. Nothing broke. I don’t what happened to the other reviewers but that didn’t happen to me either time.
- Bob Smith

The men were very helpful and professional. They kept on going even after the rest of us couldn’t move another inch. There were 5 items that needed to go down 3 flights of stairs and they didn’t charge us extra. They are the energizer men that kept going and going.Would be happy to use them again.
- Judi

Rigos Moving Company sent me 2 extremely helpful and professional young men for my difficult move. I had some very heavy bulky pieces which needed to be carried up to my new 3rd floor home which has 34 steps. They never complained, were as polite as humanly possible and I was very very happy with the move over all. I would highly recommend Javier and Brian and am going to request them again as I am once again moving. Oh ... the price was fair and honest and they made payment so easy over the phone. Yes, I am a very happy customer ! All moving experiences should be this wonderful …
- Angie

They were fast and friendly. Arrived on time. Finished so quickly I was shocked. I would definitely use them again. Moving sucks but they made it bearable.
- Siobhan Egan

It doesn’t get any better than Rigos moving company in Pasadena, California. They were responsible, reliable, and hard-working. Reasonable rates. Charles and Miguel were the best. Definitely recommend. We used a pod.
- J Talkov

Our moving crew was fantastic! Anthony, Oscar, and Alex worked hard the entire time and loaded the big truck very well. They were careful with our things, and I’m confident that we will have little to no damage because of the care they took. I underestimated the time that we’d need them, but thankfully they were able to stay long enough to complete everything (of course I paid for the extra hours, which is expected and fair). They were true professionals, and I’m grateful for their help today!
- Christie Christopherson

Highly recommend this company for employees with excellent packing and moving skills, and also polite and helpful attitudes toward even an elderly customer. They packed my mother’s apartment, including an entire art studio, into a moving truck in a couple of hours and everything made it to our destination three states away without any damage at all. I would definitely call them for any future moving needs in Los Angeles.
- Alice G

At the last minute, I decided to hire movers to help me load up my U-Haul. Rigo was extremely affordable compared to other local companies and were able to book me two movers same-day with no extra charge. They were extremely nice, flexible with my schedule. The two movers were professional and careful with all of my boxes and furniture. When time was running out, instead of charging me for an extra hour, they assured me that there was enought time to finish packing up and picked up the pace to finish on-time.
- Jillian K

I was dreading a cross country move. I used SML, which uses local moving companies. The guys from Rigo’s showed up and from the moment they arrived, they were super-efficient, careful, and brilliant at packing a 26’ truck with two stops that I had no hope we could fit everything into. We even had 1/5 of the truck left over. Even though the moving truck arrived late due to a Penske error (nothing to do with Rigo’s at all as the truck was separate from Rigo’s), the Rigo’s crew made sure to have everything staged and remained upbeat and professional. It turned into a much longer day than we had planned but they worked tirelessly and I could not have been happier.
- Ken M.

I would choose Rigo’s over and over again for the service we were provided when packing our POD. They came recommended through the PODs website via "Hire-a-Helper". It was the best decision we made in regards to hiring help. My husband and I have moved over 14 times. Each time, we would pack and load everything by ourselves. However, we are a little older than when we first started and not as strong as we used to be. We have never hired anyone to help us before, so I was a little worried about the experience we would receive. When the workers first arrived, the first thing I noticed was how young they were. I was expecting big, burly men but instead walking up to our place were 3 young men ranging in ages 18-22. In all honesty, I didn’t think that they would be able to do what we needed them to do. But I was quickly surprised and proved wrong of my misconception that they were not experienced enough. They began working immediately. They worked quickly and efficiently with care for our things and our property. They were hard working and took great care of our furniture and boxes. They wrapped our sofa in plastic wrap to keep it from getting damaged or soiled; tied down our belongings as each section was filled; efficiently packed our POD so that each possible space was used; and made sure that we were able to open the POD door when they were done. I highly recommend this moving company for anyone needing assistance in packing a POD. I could not be more happy or satisfied with the service that was provided. The workers were kind, polite, and professional. Amazing job!
- Joyce M.

I used Rigos moving company a year ago and had a great experience. However, I used them last weekend and it was insane. I want to make very very clear: the movers that they employ are incredible. They are very professional and kind and on time. HOWEVER the management is clearly corrupt, they over book their workers so they arrive with no knowledge of the job, with the wrong size truck after finishing 3 other jobs. The movers apologized and admitted they were tired. But they really shouldn’t have to apologize, their management shouldn’t have overbooked them like that. The job ended up taking double the time. We were charged an INSANE amount. We were totally prepared to be charged for the additional 2 hours. And I was aware that the cost would be $150 an hour. The final price I was given had about $450 over what we had discussed previously. So many of our items were damaged because they were not wrapped. I was taking the legs off the table and the movers told me not too. I told them it wouldn’t fit, and they said it would. Halfway down the outdoor stairs, the unwrapped table had to have the legs removed, because it wouldn’t fit. I just bought a new table. I am so disappointed in the service I’ve receive. Marta is ready to fight you on any complaint you may have. USE THIS AS A WARNING I will keep this thread updated on the aftermath of this moving disaster. In the meantime, stay clear. If it was possible to hire their workers individually that would be best. They don’t deserve to give a cut to their company. UPDATE: they immediately threaten legal action, stating ‘ see you in court’ because we requested compensation for our damages things.
- N.G.

Wow, I had a terrible experience with Rigos. Currently I’m moving again, and hired a different company ‘all in movers’ they are incredible. It’s amazing what a difference in movers can do. All of our furniture was damaged from Rigos moving company. They didn’t wrap any furniture everything was damaged from TVs to beds... everything. Watching movers who actually know what they doing can be the world of a difference. For example: Rigos moving company parked the truck so they had to go around a longer route to put things in the truck. Our current moving company(all in movers, contact me for details) actually figured out that if they turn the truck around they can make it easier for themselves and get the job done quicker. When we suggested that to Rigos they just didn’t get it and continued to damage all the furniture having to carry all the items the longer way around the truck. When we contacted rigos for the damages, the way they calculated the damages didn’t make any sense and they gave us a measly check for $100. Just to clarify the base of our flat screen tv was broken off by rigos, that would be over $100 to fix and repair and we tried to explain that but Rigos was very rude. Also not to mention our brand new dining room table was severely scratched and many of our other furniture items. I thought that all moving companies were not great, but after hiring a normal moving company (all in movers) I realize that there are exceptional movers and then movers that are terribly run. Avoid Rigos at all costs, trust me... it will cost you more $ in the long run if you hire them. Feel free to contact me for the other moving company I used if you don’t want your items damaged!
- Francy G.

Very great service since the start. Received various confirmation emails and was communicated directly to ensure everything ran smoothly. Very wonderful service and had no issues. The movers worked diligently and were friendly. They worked hard and appreciate their help to make our move as smooth as possible. Would definitely work with this company again.
- Ana C.

Rigo’s did an amazing job. They showed up on time, were super professional, didn’t break anything, and listened to all my requests. Would definitely hire again!
- Kate M.

One star is even too much to rate this business. The movers worked very slow and did not use correct equipment to move the refrigerator and damaged it by letting it fall over. They knew how to take things apart but could not put the bed or dresser back together. I had to go and figure it out to tell them how. They were rough with our items and scratched up a lot of the furniture. I am sure the owner will reply to me with an excuse just like the other negative review. However, I hope you think twice about using this company for your moving needs. As you can see the the owner comment but does not take responsibility for poor way they moved the furniture. Enough Said.
- Hessam H.

We recently used Rigo’s to load a storage container we rented so we could move. The team was incredible! Arrived on time, was concerned about our furniture and belongings, efficient, polite. I can’t say enough about this group. They rocked! We’ll be scheduling an unloading through them as soon as we close escrow on our new place, and get the container delivered. Great Job Guys! Thank you.
- J. F.

Several items were damaged including 2 book shelves, my leather couch and a vintage tulip chair. Steer clear. The guys who moved me were obviously green. They got lost on the way to my new apartment and then charged me for the extra time. Update: After posting my review a representative from the company contacted me to tell me I reviewed the wrong company. This wasn't the case. Later, someone named Martha contacted me concerning my issues. Rather than attempt to compensate me for the damage to my furniture, she offered me $100 to take down the review. I refused as it felt unethical to accept monetary compensation for removing a review. Again, steer clear.
- Richard C.

Great experience. From the start, communication was excellent with quick quotes to ease in scheduling to confirmation. A very nice touch was their expectation and protocols for COVID. The employees were prompt and very professional with moving our furniture. Great experience. Thank you.
- Joseph F.

Thank you, Nathaniel, for giving us an honest review! Our top priority is to always leave our customers satisfied and to provide them with high quality. Thank you, for choosing Rigo’s Moving And Storage, Inc. Here at Rigo’s we take our job very seriously so we can provide each customer with great service and to make their move easy.
- Brian P.

Wonderful service. Movers brought the needed equipment like dolly and harnesses, rope, plastic wrap, they did a great job to bring the heavy items from upstairs and even brought down fully loaded dressers without trouble. Compared to the company we used at our destination, these guys were night and day. Would recommend highly. The price was great, so we extended the movers to a 3rd hour. They respectfully wore masks during covid19 pandemic.
- Nathaniel J.

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