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About Quality Express Van Lines

As interstate moving brokers, we understand the importance of getting your belongings safely and quickly to your final destination. With an experienced team and commitment to customer service, we work with our network of recommended movers to make sure your relocation is successful. We execute long distance moves, interstate relocation, as well as local moves. We have decades of combined moving experience in the relocation industry. If an issue arises during your move, we are always available to quickly solve it.

Moving-Me about Quality Express Van Lines

This mover is a broker company specializes in long distance. Responsibly approaches the request of each client, taking care of timely and safe transportation. Qualified staff will prompt and help you, advise on any issue. With an experienced team and commitment to customer service, they work with their network of recommended movers to make sure your relocation is successful.

Quality Express Van Lines Licenses & Certificates

This moving company is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The moving company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: MC-0101322

US D.O.T: 3231424
(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Quality Express Van Lines cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $5600. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Quality Express Van Lines is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Quality Express Van Lines Reviews

We were moving from Minnesota to Texas. Our order move date was on 08/08/20. We had already verbally agreed upon a price quote for full service after video walkthrough with Quality Express Van Lines. After signing contract with them they referred us to their carrier Virgin Moving and Storage (sister moving company). However, on the day of pickup, Virgin Moving and Storage said they had to change price saying we have fancy items like TV console with fireplace, Grill, and Sofa. We already showed those items to them before confirming the price with them. We had no choice but to agree with their pricing sine we were near to our closing and moving date. While they moved our stuff into the truck, on the day itself they damaged our vinyl floor and broke patio table. They were loading items without putting protective material on the floor which was against our agreement. Now on the delivery date while going through inventory list our stuffs were missing. They missed our master bed, furniture’s and damaged TV console, Grill, and Couch. TV console fireplace is not working, they broke the leg of the Grill and now Grill won’t light, and they ripped our sofa. They charged extra for handling those items saying fancy items and now all those items are damaged or won’t work. Today is 10/19/20, and we still don’t have our missing items. We are tired of contacting them and every time we call Quality Express Van Lines they say let me talk to carrier and then get back to you. We don’t hear anything from them and their carrier /sister company(Virgin Moving and Storage). The truth about this moving company is – THIS IS WORST COMPANY TO CHOOSE do not trust them. We don’t recommend them. As per our contract with Quality Express Van Lines says BY FEDERAL LAW, THIS FORM MUST CONTAIN A FILLED-IN ESTIMATE OF THE COST OF A MOVE FOR WHICH THE MOVING COMPANY IS LIABLE FOR THE FULL (REPLACEMENT) VALUE OF YOUR GOODS but we have not received anything yet. We highly recommend that you consider another good company Virgin Moving and Storage is worst nightmare!
- Madan Gyawali

They still haven’t delivered my daughters apartment after 60 days! They won’t answer phone! Do not use this company. They are brokers and take your money and do not deliver
- Alan Davis

It has taken me a long time to write this review because I have been livid and unable to form my thoughts. However, here is my experience in hopes that it will deter anyone else from trusting this company. We hired this company based off of our initial speaking to Mike in customer service. My partner asked them several questions about the move itself which was met with nonchalant “It will all just work out, don’t even worry about it!” This instilled confidence that these movers were willing to work with us. Mike even told us it is part of the mover’s job to take apart our furniture and put it together when we arrived. This sounded wonderful. Our move-in date was a little unstructured and had moved, we called the company to let them know and were told this was not a problem and they would let the mover know. We also detailed the contents of what was being moved. My partner began to get more detailed on the items, and the representative, again, assured us it would cost less than his estimate. On the day of the move, a semi arrived (which we were not informed would be the case), and we found out it was an independent contractor who would be moving our stuff (which we were also not told would be the case). This was frustrating enough, but we were also met with someone helping the contractor move who was wearing flip flops. We discovered this helper was found because the contractor saw him walking on the side of the road and asked him to help. This stranger could have been dangerous or had other issues and we let him into our home, trusting the company had hired him. This was false. The contractor/mover also had no tools to take anything apart and relied on my partner for help in this. We also had to load our car with stuff as the contractor/mover thought we shouldn’t ship it with him. When we told the contractor/mover the move-in date, he was not happy with us. Apparently, the company had failed to inform him about the change. He made it clear that we were putting him out with this information. This made the exchange unpleasant and it was caused by failed communication between the company and the contractor/mover. When we finally arrived at our new apartment, the same mover was in the semi. The semi was unable to park close to the apartment because of construction so he said it would be an extra $1000+to move the stuff. He also said it had to be in cash. We were trying to move into our new place, and now had to come up with $1200 in cash--which was half the moving cost plus the amount extra to move the stuff in. We were not told by the moving company that we had to pay with cash. We, like most people, did not have that amount on hand. I told the mover this and he said he would move it for $500 extra. If we could not come up with the cash, our stuff would be taken away. I felt like I was being held hostage by this whole situation. The “moving” (that cost us $500 extra for some reason) consisted of him placing our stuff on the side of the road and doing about 4 trips into the building with the large objects. He kept saying he was doing us a favor. So, my partner and I were left on the curb with our belongings. I had to watch over the stuff while my partner moved stuff into the building. When I called the company, they said that they were not responsible if there was construction. Finally, they admitted that they should have caught this when they looked at google maps because the construction was clearly visible. This moving company is problematic in so many ways. First, they should be more thorough in their estimation, communication, and let their customers know the process. I cannot believe I was being told I needed $1200 in cash in order to then move my stuff myself into my house. Hiring this company was supposed to ease the difficulty of moving into a new apartment, but at every turn, this company failed its customer. I cannot leave a worse review. I also want to make it clear that I don’t blame the independent contractor--it is absolutely the fault of this company.
- Hannah Martin

the worst company, I have ever dealt with. they scamm people out of their money.I paid alot of money for a service they did not deliver!!! I hope they go out of business before they scam more people out of their hard earned money. I will be reporting them to the attorney generals office to look into their business practices. I can not believe they have not been shut down already!!!!
- Sandra Smith

This company was a no call and no show on TWO occasions to collect my things for a cross country move. They did not call me to tell me that they were not coming and kept pushing my move date back again and again (and me with two little kids in tow). If I had not terminated my contract with them due to their lack of performance of the contract I have no doubt that they would STILL be pushing my move date back. They did not offer me a refund nor an apology. At the date of this review I am still out THOUSANDS of dollars (not only deposit but cost to store my belongings!) Do not trust the 5 star reviews. What kind of company only has 1 or 5 star reviews? RED FLAG! I wish that I had listened to even one of the one star reviews. THIS IS YOUR RED FLAG.
- Candace Myers

I want to personally thank quality Express van lines for moving us during this volatile time period with much uncertainty in the future. Your expertise and patience has paid off, we have now comfortably moved into our forever home! Quality Express van lines is absolutely the best when it comes to household relocation.
- James Saunders

- Becky Williams

We were passed from Budget Van Lines to Quality Express Van Lines. Charged $1,500 just to pass us along to another actual moving company, after they told us they were the moving company we would be with. We over estimated with them, but even though I gave the gallon size of the box they did not correctly do the size boxes I told them we would have. So what started as them telling us it would cost about $1,500 for our move, become $6,858.69. That's after we sold a ton of our stuff on the estimation. They led us to believe that packing up was part of the charges, it was not with the company they passed us on to and we were hourly. So in the end with the moving company they passed us onto we had an expensive skillet ruined, a high end sports chair lost/stolen, and feeling scammed. And they just say it is not their fault, we estimated poorly. Don't trust them unless you have thousands to throw away.
- John Troyer

Thank you for being there and doing what needed to be done with our move. I am glad we got to go with a reputable mover that exceeded our expectations and made us happy. Seven grand is a lot of money so i was worried about damage to my things. Everything came out unscathed and i would do it all over again if given the opportunity.
- Ruby Garcia

There isn't one single bad thing i can say about what you guys did for me. Worked diligently from start to end and even gave us a discount because the delivery time was a little longer than expected. I really appreciate quality express for moving us when there are so many companies on lockdown right now.
- Kim Hollinger

ABSOLUTE SCAM! Do not go with them. They use contractors who misguide you and damage all your goods. AVOID AVOID! look at the yelp Reviews those are accurate. I have never been so disgusted by companies like this. I have 3 missing items, I received 2 items that were not mine. Read the fine print this company and the contractors they use place blame on each other and all take no responsibly.
- Kalani Yakut

Two thumbs UP from me for doing a good job and getting everything finished and delivered in the nick of time. I was all worried and worked up for no reason -- quality express are EXPERTS at what they do and it truly shows from start to finish!
- Jordan Esteban

There is nothing quality or express about this company. We were told many things by the sales person that were not true. The price changes 50% after you sign and give them a deposit. Our move date was may 29, they still haven't showed up 2 days later. Still waiting. Once you give them a deposit you are screwed. You have no recourse. They have no obligation to move you on the dates they state.
- Jaden G Ghylin

So we had to move w/ very short notice I called them from a referral. I spoke to the sales manager Bob West this guy was absolutely the BEST!!!!! He was very transparent and honest. He helped us so much, even when we had to make soooo many changes to our inventory. He never got frustrated or short w/us, even though, to be honest, I KNOW I drove him crazy. Super professio nal gentleman and the best crew ever. USE THESE GUYS is all I can tell you if you want an easy honest and fairly priced move.
- Mark Cross

The job you guys did with our move is worth all the compliments I can think of. Absolute professionals that make sure we are happy with the end result. What more can I ask for when the price is great and the customer service is super nice.
- Mariah Rodrig

I was a little hesitant hearing all of the horror stories, and decided to go with Quality express van lines due to the overwhelming quantity of positive reviews. They made the move fun!! They were on time, worked very fast but careful to load my stuff, and were very pleasant. I do not think I could have done such a flawless job if I had moved it all myself.
- darius l

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Quality Express Van Lines does not do what they say they will do. We were given a price to do the job. When the mover arrived, he told us he could not do the job at the price quoted. He wanted an additional $4800.00.
- Wayne A.

I thought we would never get moved in this "COVID-19" time but quality Express van lines surely proved me wrong. If I could give you ten stars then I definitely would because any other moving companies would not even take on my job. While your price was expensive, it was all explained in the beginning and we made sure to read all the fi e print. For six grand I think it was worth it because now I can start new life in my new home.
- James S

I was not told they are just brokers, and not actual movers. I was given a very low estimate to get me to agree to make a deposit and sign their contract. Then they turn around and tell me a few days later that I would owe an additional $900 to proceed with the move. They "somehow" didn't list all the inventory that I told the representative about, and now they want me to pay the difference. Be aware that they will NOT give you a refund of the deposit under any circumstances! They are rude, dishonest, and won't give you any sort of customer service whatsoever. I don't know how they are still in business- don't believe the obviously fake glowing reviews.
- Darice M

This is my first BBB review and I'm glad that I'm making it. You guys did everything correctly and I am happy for using your services. In the future, I recommend you keep up the cleanliness and keep all the safety measures in place for the long run.
- Tommy S

Worst company ever! Took a 2k deposit then on moving day said it would cost an additional 13k to move out storage unit. We told the sales person the dimensions of our storage unit 10 times and were assured that more space than we could possibly need had been reserved and that our quote was higher than the actual cost would be! When we refused to pay the higher amount and asked that they only move as much as the quote allowed for in space, we were told no. We were told that we had to pay the higher amount or not get any services at all. They then refused to refund our deposit. The put that WE REFUSED SERVICE in our file. The moving company only ever sent one guy out to move our belongings, and he smoked pot while he was at our storage unit while we were trying to come to an agreement. I contacted the owner of the moving company to let him know, and the guy literally sent me dozens of text messages chewing me out and calling me names! Beware that they make you pay the deposit with electronic funds transfer because you cannot dispute it with your bank! This is done intentionally because they KNOW that many people will not be able to afford the crazy amounts they demand on moving day. This allows them to steal your money without providing services. They get away with it because people don't go through the hassle of taking them to court. Their sales employees are allowed to lie and say whatever they want over the phone and DO lie. They'll tell you that you need to sign and estimate that is not binding and email it while you are in the phone. They'll insist this must be done before the real quote can be finalized. But in fact, you're signing a contract without even realizing it. Im currently having a lawyer review the contract wording, as I suspect their contract aren't even legal! Please beware!
- Amber H

COVID has made life different for all of us, and because of unforeseen circumstances we needed to move at this time. I put everything together and contacted everyone that could help us. The only company that truly reached out and followed their word is quality express van lines. I cannot believe how professional you guys are. I give you five stars for all the effort and time that you spent with us...and i know that we are needy clients, that is FOR SURE.
- Kim H

I'm proud of myself for finally choosing an honest and reputable company because the last few vendors I worked with ended up being an awful experience. As long as you read all the small print on the contract and estimate along with asking all the questions, then you'll be absolutely fine.
- Matt T

Nothing add except that this has been excellent work from hard working movers. Thank you for making my move stress free and a success!
- Tammy R

Lessons learned: If you're moving, don't use a Broker; go direct to the moving company that will be doing the move. Also, make sure they come to look at your stuff (at least virtually) to give you a proper estimate. Here is my terrible experience with Quality Express Van Lines: Lie #1: They say "we are the preferred mover for your region" as their sales pitch. Truth: They are not a mover, but a broker. Lie #2: They say "We are going to send our best crew" to make you feel comfortable. Truth: They do not have their own crews and don't know who will be actually moving your stuff because they are a broker - very dishonest. Lie #3: They tell you they have to put two days down as your pickup date because one is just a backup, but they will surely arrive on your date of move. Truth: This is not true. They came a day early! We were not prepared and had to scramble...as if moving is not stressful enough! Lie #4: Your stuff will arrive the next day, or when you need it to arrive. Truth: They promise you this, but in reality, they sub the job out to another moving company who puts your stuff on big 18-wheelers with other peoples stuff and they don't know when it will arrive. I had to live out of hotels for 4 extra days with two kids under two! And they were unresponsive once they had my money. They just said to call the actual moving company (finally the truth about them being a broker comes out). Lie #5: Based on your inventory, your price will be $4,500. Truth: Once the actual moving company came, they said the amount of space in the truck needed would be double!!! They said moving brokers use disingenuous outdated estimates based on IKEA thin and light furniture to hook you with a low price to get your deposit, then later, when it comes time to move and you have no other option, you end up paying double or triple. I ended up paying over $12,000! Imagine that, almost 3 times as much. No estimate could be that bad unless it was intentional. Lastly, the moving company they put me with broke the legs off of two tables, chipped/dented my chairs, and lost my tools (about $1000 worth of equipment). Now I am going through insurance claims! Quality Express Van Lines' customer service is also nasty! Don't get sucked into this like I did. Good luck.
- Douglas G

The job you guys did with our move is worth all the compliments I can think of. Absolute professionals that make sure we are happy with the end result. What more can I ask for when the price is great and the customer service is super nice.
- Mariah Rodrig

Totally underestimated costs, by Steve. Then brokered to an affiliate. Broken fence, broken BBQ, crushed boxes and grease on linens, t.v. Cord missing, box springs upside down. Says not their fault. Affiliate is unresponsive and rude. Dispatcher, Jenn Summers.
- Sheri Miller

I wouldn't wish this experience on my worst enemy.
- Brenden Bixler

This was a giant move that took a great feat of organization, its not something i could of EVER done on my own. Luckily, with the help of the men at independence movers, they made it all possible. A big shout out and thank you to Marcus and the rest of the moving crew. You guys rock!!
- Laura Beauregard

Worst experience ever as they have lied from the first phone call. Jordan D one of the company’s moving coordinators lied and ensured me they don’t contract with movers and that they use their own trucks/people, that was a lie. Gina M, a customer service rep, was extremely unprofessional and changed her story at least twice after I was informed that was move was pushed back with less than 12 hours before my scheduled move. Different supervisors, Vanessa Davis & George, told me different stories and then used the same line of “I was not there so I can’t speak to what they told you”. I was given one quote, which increased 4 days before my scheduled move, and was also given the run around on an adjusted fee if I loaded less items than what was originally priced. The contracted company they sent had 3 movers and 2 of them looked to be about 15/16. After inquiring about their age, at the suggestion of quality express, the movers told me they aren’t working with me and ignored me as they left my house. I am currently out $1150 and the company will no longer take my calls. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!
- Yashona Robinson

This was not the largest move in the world, but i needed it done quickly and effectively. Quality Express promised to do just that and they actually followed through on that exact promise. I have nothing but praise and compliments for this company. They stick to their word and show exactly why they are one of the top relocation companies in the area.
- Kyle Emery

It has been a pleasure working with you, and I will recommend your services to all of my family and friends for sure. That is because you followed all of my directions and protected our precious family heirlooms. Nothing more to add or take away!
- Elizabeth Mcginnis

My 72 year old mother is currently sleeping on the floor because this unethical company lies to consumers. I was never told they were a brokerage and my move would be contracted out with 21 days allowed for delivery. I made it clear this was to be a same day delivery and was not told the truth until they were there, 2 hours late, to pick up her things. I have never been treated so poorly by a company. The cost has more than tripled from the original estimate and no one can tell me when things will be delivered. This was a 150 mile move that I believed would be completed in one day. I also still had to rent a truck for the boxes and move them myself, to avoid the price going even higher. Thank God I did, or she would have nothing until they decide to show up. There should be laws against business practices like these. There is a special place for anyone who would support these business practices, but I am too polite to say where. Be forewarned; they will rip you off and treat you like dirt while they do it. Negative stars should be an option for service this bad. Poor is the understatement of the century. If you took the time to read this, please share it with anyone you love. This has honestly been the worst experience of my life and if I can spare anyone else from going through this kind of heart break I would.
- Jennifer Montgomery

The name of the company tells you everything you need to know about this company. They provided me with quality service throughout every aspect of my move. They exceeded my standards by far. 5 stars for this company.
- Ashton Reeves

I'm very impressed with what quality express van lines did for my husband and I. We have a little one on the way so I was very stressed during the move, but they assured us everything would go well. These guys kept that end of the promise, for which I am very grateful.
- Susan Spies

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