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For over twenty years, Prime Moving has explored and cultivated a satisfying working relationship with the people of the Hawaiian Islands. We have learned and grown from these relationships, thus developing more innovative, cost effective and shipper-friendly channels for household distribution in Hawaii. This continues to be our first priority. Moving to and from Hawaii can be as easy as one, two, three. Our moving specialists will personally accompany you through the process of moving to or from Hawaii. We aim to transform every aspect of your move into a stress-free and pleasant experience.

Moving-Me about Prime Moving

They make moves to and from Hawaii as easy as one, two, three! With Prime Moving, your relocation experience will be professionally serviced and tailored to suit your needs. They  will make your island move simple, so you don’t have to worry! Your moving specialist will personally accompany you through the process of moving to or from Hawaii. Prime Moving aims to transform every aspect of your move into a stress-free and pleasant experience. They have been providing relocation services for many years and have the experience to help you move to and from the Hawaiian Islands.

Prime Moving Licenses & Certificates

Prime Moving is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. Prime Moving is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 735596

US D.O.T: 2109775

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is Prime Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $4900. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services and distance from A to B point. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free and cost-effective. Prime Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Prime Moving Reviews

I had a problem with the billing but it was quickly corrected after I filed a bad review. The polite, professional response completely changed my opinion. Thanks for Omer! I recommend Prime and will use them again for my next move.
- William Williams

I called PM after a poor experience with one of their competitors. They were as good as their word throughout, and managed to get my things to Honolulu within a month.
- Kevin Nute

Run... Run away from this moving company... we have moved 6 times using different movers... this company did more damage to our items than the other 5 movers COMBINED.... Do NOT bother writing top or glass or fragile on your moving boxed... boxes are stacked UPSIDE DOWN... or on their sides... arrows that you put on your boxes to show where you have clearly marked "TOP" are confusing... are they pointing to the top or does the arrow point to the bottom, that is to hard to figure out so just stack the box any way they want.... boxes are smashed, torn, gouged and ripped open... by the breakage you can tell that a lot of the boxes are just dropped to the floor and other boxes pilled on top, disregarding any arrows, "top", glass or fragile that is clearly marked on the boxes... we have always done our own packing so we have gotten pretty good at protecting our items and marking the boxes... they have 45 working day to deliver your items... that is OK.... our items arrive at our destination and the sat in a warehouse for another 3 weeks... 21 extra days of living out of suit cases and on a blow up bed while you furniture just sits in a warehouse... Run.... Run away now....
- Lacy Lue

Damaged most of my stuff and offered to pay $36. for stuff worth thousands. They packed everything and claim they did not packed it. Damm crooks.
- Bachan Khosa

HORRIBLE SERVICE, the day of the pick up the drivers were late, (NOT EVEN BOTHER TO CALL AND ADVISE) I tried to call multiple times to find out what happened and they put me in hold many times, I called from other phones and once again they put me in hold and after waiting on the phone for over half hour they hang up on me, then at the moment of the arrival they had offered me storage free for 1 month and funny/unreal they said the month already started when they pick up my moving so I just had left like 1 week!! How ridiculous is that !!! Now to driver told me they were coming in a tractor trailer 53” and I work with trucks so I know what kind of trucks fit in my community, I even asked permission to association and they agreed with that truck was ok but as I was expecting with this company at that time the driver arrived he said it was hard to get in for him so he would charge me extra $350 dollars to unload everything !! Horrible company! I called to complain and guess what happened?? nothing!
- Solanyi

My move from Philly to NYC last month went very smoothly. The Prjme Moving team provides great customer service and a well-seasoned team that knew how to make a stressful move to Manhattan a lot easier. Their pricing was good and there were no hidden fees. Recommend.
- Samantha

Prime Moving did a fantastic job moving me last month. The team was professional and took great care packing and moving my things. The pricing was in line with their competitors. I was referred to them by a friend in the area. Highly recommend for your long distance moves.
- John

Prime Movers did a great job assisting me and my family during a recent move from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The move was quite large as I was moving my entire family and the items in a large house. The price was fair and the Prime team were very easy to reach during the process. Highly recommend Prime for your large moves.
- Allison

My move from Manhattan to Miami went very well last week. No issues or delays. All of my things were packed carefully and moved without damage or loss.
- Chris

No issues at all with my recent move with Prime. The cost was fair and none of my things were lost or damaged. Highly recommend Prime for your moving needs.
- Jessica

Do NOT use this company!! They broke the legs to my kitchen table, broke the glass on all my wall decor, , tore down cable lines, took a huge chunk out my entry way ceiling, put a huge crack in my son's fish tank, broke the handles and drawers on my son's dressers, did NOT put the beds back together. I was supposed to have 3 movers, they sent 6!!!! YES 6 and told me I had to pay for the additional 3, AFTER I was moved. My quote was 1200. They charged me close to 1650!!!! This company is awful. I contacted them about all these issues and they did not take accountability!! They made these issues seem like it was my fault!!!! It was a joke. They would not refund any of the money for extra movers that weren't even supposed to be there!!! They refused to help fixing the damages (ceiling, cable lines, anything) or even offering a small amount to purchase new items from what they broke!!! It's unbelievable!!! They'll tell you whatever you want to hear on the phone!! It's far from the truth what this companies about!!! DO NOT USE THEM!!
- Andy M.

Great experience. We moved from one three bedroom home to another after over 20 years. Shannon at the office was great and kept me updated and on track. The crew arrived at the old house on time and shrink wrapped everything. Lucas was the crew chief and the names I can remember were George, Tristan, Manny. There were two other guys but I can't remember their names but all were very polite and helpful Move was fast and efficient. There was one little problem with two legs from a dresser being lost but I called and Mike met me at the old house and I gave him one of the legs and he had two new legs made for me. I would recommend them to anyone!!!
- Kathleen M.

Beware of this company. They have great reviews. The main head movers are great, Mike and Lucas, but the helpers will steal from you. They smoked in my new house and also drank a whole bottle of alcohol prior to arriving at the new house with my items. I found the empty bottle stashed in one of my moving boxes. My wife and I do not drink this type of alcohol, we have it for guests.
- Mark L.

These guys are great. My move from Butler to City Storage in Pittsburgh ended up being $150 under the estimate. You don't go by square footage of the house. The price is also factored in by the distance of the move and hours it takes. Do your inventory sheet so you can the size of truck you need and moving materials. Shannon is knowledgeable, patient and awesome. My move was so smooth. No extra charge for weekends. 4 guys came and were very efficient and professional. All my items were carefully wrapped. No time was wasted. Plus these guys really know their stuff about packing a storage unit. They most definitely will be handling my move in a month to my new home.
- Christine B.

We contacted this company for a quote. They sent us an email asking us to list every single item in our house and the number of boxes we would have. They also asked for other information such as how many steps there were, how many adults & children live in our house, how long we've lived here, etc. We provided all the requested information and then received an extensive inventory form to complete. We completed that and were told they needed to send an estimator on-site. Estimator came and we finally received a quote with an option to choose an hourly rate or a flat rate. The hourly rate was competitive, which we understand is due to regulatory pricing. The flat rate was exorbitant - more than double what we ended up paying.
- Winter G.

I'd like to thank Prime moving center for making a hard move not so hard. The two young men that came did a absolute wonderful job. Not only were they early they were fast they were efficient and they were nice and easy to talk to. They moved quickly and did everything in one trip & they were very professional as well as courteous. I will definitely be recommending Prime moving center to family and friends. Great job guys!!!!!
- Rox V.

The company we initially booked bailed roughly a week before our move. Shannon took care of us and had our move scheduled quickly, she was great. On move day, we had a really solid crew -- Bryce, Chris, Luke, Joe and Derrick. They worked quickly to load our boxes and furniture then went above and beyond by grabbing items we had planned to take ourselves. They took a "whatever you need" approach and that was appreciated. During the unload, the guys were careful and respectful of the new house which did not go unnoticed. I would recommend Prime Moving and hope anyone reading this is lucky enough to have the same crew. They were fun, easy to get along with, focused on their job and had good chemistry with each other.
- Patrick K.

This review is a bit late, but better late then never, right? Anyhow, I bought a house late last year. The movers were great! They were efficient and took great care when packing and moving my things to the new house. Shannon was pleasant and responsive.
- Jan S.

Guys are totally amazing! They did all the work! I was terrified with upcoming move, you know how stressful it could be...and to be completely honest- I hate packing...((it's like wasting your time, pack first, unpack after blah blah...But with Prime Moving Company I didn't lose any precious minute of my day, just sitting on my couch in my new apartment I realized that that's it!!! No stress! No packing! Thank you!!! I'll be back with you next time for sure
- Anna P.

Prime moving center helped my relatives relocate to a bigger apartment. My relatives are retired, and im happy to say that the movers were diligent, respective, and didn't try to take advantage of the elderly! The price was reasonable, they didn't drag time, wrapped the furniture very well. They were accurate, which made my folks really happy! Movers also helped arrange the furniture and put it on correct spots because otherwise no one else would be able to do it. They also picked up all the trash after themselves!
- Lucy S.

This morning I was moved by Derrick, Luke, Bryce, and Zaeir. I was pretty stressed out before this move and they made the move a painless process! My items were well taken care of, they arrived early, delivered my items to the appropriate rooms, and were very professional. I will be recommending them to my friends and will be using them for my next local move. My quote was more than the actual cost of the day. They explained the process and cost expectations before the move began and I felt very comfortable with them moving my stuff. Thanks guys!
- Sarah K.

I am always thinking what moving it's stesfull ,but when I book my move with Prime Moving Center It's was actual stress free. all guy was nice and organized from beginning to the and . I Move my 2 bd apartment I order 3 movers they give me call 30 min prior they came right in time . guys came and pack all my furniture with blankets and shrink rap careful . non of my staff was damage move was smooth I was very impressed they even lay down red carpet on my floor. Prime Moving Center for my opinion very professional and very organize company in my experience from sales person who give me all informations about moving to movers who did job on top level and I definitely will be recommended them to my friends and everyone who wants move without any stress. Definitely 5-star for Prime moving center thank you guys so much again and see you next time
- Fozil K.

Just finished up with an apartment move using this service. From the start through completion they exceeded my expectations. The Office Manager Shannon was on top of the details and professional throughout the process and the movers themselves- Lucas- the lead and Zaire, Chris and Derrick could not have been more accommodating. In fact, this crew took better care of my belongings than anyone (including me) has during my many moves. They were prepared, personable and strictly business. I would recommend using this firm to anyone. In fact I would highly suggest to anyone who has moved using buddies and pick up trucks to go this route. Period. It's a no brainer.
- John W.

This review is for their moving quote only. Given the stellar reviews, I think they should be given some balance. I, too, noticed this company comes up at the top of Google and Yelp lists for movers. Great. I enlisted three at the top to give me quotes based on same info I gave via email. Prime Moving Company was nearly twice the quote of the one I chose, GE Logistic Solutions, one I was very pleased with. I have several issues here. One, an office worker, one who was not going to be moving me, was doing the quote. Two, she was using a form regardless of exact info I already provided. It included questions and answers that did not relate to my situation. I was moving out of a still occupied house. The square footage was not relevant but most likely played into the high quote. In other words, best to go with a mover in which the actual mover is going to give you a quote. So, I did. I feel I ended up with a more personal experience.
- Brenda W.

I used this company last year when I moved, used them again yesterday. This was my review last time -They're so great! They're timely, efficient, and so nice! I'd recommend them. I plan on using them again! And I did! I still think the same. Being a returning customer you get a discount and use the yelp discount! Definitely recommend for fast, timely, and cost friendly.
- Tera F.

Had a wonderful moving experience with Prime Moving Center. The one star reviews here definitely made me a little concerned (looking for good movers is actually stressful tbh) before my move but I would say these guys did a great job on my move. Starting from the morning they were on time arriving my apartment. Moving folks were all professional and efficient. All furniture were well wrapped and protected. We had a lot of stuff for our one bedroom apartment and the entire move was finished under 4 hours with a reasonable price! I would definitely select with these folks again if I have to move. Highly recommend if you are looking for movers in Pittsburgh!
- Haoyuan X.

We hired Prime Moving Center to move in March from our apartment to our new home. They are friendly staff, be aware that if you want to be able to keep your sentimental items close to you at all times. I had placed a backpack in our bedroom to be moved by me. But even though we hired them to move the heavy furniture we weren't able to move. They grabbed anything and everything, except their leader would ask if we wanted them to move items but not all the guys were as concerned if it was their policy to move certain items of value. Well we're missing some very expensive and sentimental value items. Of course no one said they knew anything about our items and a police report was filed but if course no results. I would not recommend anyone to use this company. Everyone is kind and helpful until you have a problem because they have their policies written that in the end the customer has paid and they will do nothing to help you find out what really happened! I'm totally devastated mainly because of the sentimental value but also the hard earned money that paid for these items some that we had had and worn for 25 years!
- Lynda P.

My family moved recently,and I would like to acknowledge Prime Moving Center on the amazing job they did on our particular move . The movers were great and the final bill was true to their initial estimate. They were well-trained ,professional,sociable and energetic. They arrived on time with all equipment necessary , including floor runners for our wooden floors.The guys were totally tremendous and we just wanted to say how impressed we were with the moving team for our move.They were careful ,professional,efficient,and friendly -we couldn't fault them . Happy to have hired Prime Moving Center for my move . 5 star definitely Thank you !:)
- Alisa M.

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