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About Payless Moving

With over 20 years experience in the moving industry, Payless Moving Inc knows the correct way to prepare, pack, load, and move all your furniture. Our staff is trained to move your items safely and securely, and we provide affordable services that will fit your budget. We’ll work with you to design a plan to meet your needs, and we have an excellent moving consultant team with in-depth knowledge of the moving industry to answer any questions that you may have before, during, or after your move.

Moving-Me about Payless Moving

Payless Moving Inc. has over 20 years experience specializing in Local and Long Distance household moves as well as office relocation. The staff of the movers are experienced trained professionals. The company services all South Jersey and the Tri State area as well as Central Jersey, North Jersey and the Jersey shore. If you just need labor services this is available, use these movers to do it all, or use its trained employees to load your rental truck or pod.

Payless Moving Licenses & Certificates

Payless Moving is fully licensed and insured to handle any type of move. The company is registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. They also have FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) registration to legitimately perform interstate moves. The experience of the company and the training of the employees really set this company from others in the industry.

ICC MC number: 687415

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: 1917883

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: PM # 000997

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What is Payless Moving cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $1800. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. Payless Moving is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

Payless Moving Reviews

Movers arrived on time and were very friendly. Lisa in the office was awesome as well. They did the move quickly and I would definitely recommend them to anyone and would also use again.
- Peter Chico Jr.

Great experience start to finish. Good communication from the day I booked the move. The 3 men that arrived to my home were so polite, and worked very carefully, wrapping things up as needed, and also worked very quickly to get the job done. They were so careful when moving furniture not to hit walls or doors. This is my second move with them. The first move went equally as well. I have recommended them to many people and will continue to do so.
- Michelle Morgan

I used Payless moving this past Saturday June 29, 3019. The crew included Corey, Frank and Al. They worked together very well and were fast! Got my move completed in under 3 hours! Will definitely use this company again in the future as well as recommend this company to others. Thanks!
- Michelle Reale

Job was NOT done but the guys kept rushing and told my girl that they couldn't work overtime, when the owner had said we would. I told them it was fine to leave because I heard the 2 guys say they "wanted to go home" and asked their supervisor to wrap things up. In their defense, it was very hot. I moved just as much as they did while they were there and I can say it was 90+ degrees that day. But my girl asked them if they needed a break from heat to just sit there and take a break in the air conditioning. She said she does NOT mind paying overtime and the guy said he goes by his own rules and that he had "another job to do after". He kept implying they were done and I couldn't sit there and beg them to stay. My girl shouted that they were not done and she kept urging them to come back but they did not hear I guess. They clearly left a lot of boxes behind.... things that were packed away. Yse we had some loose things they could not take but my girl had wanted other boxes that were not taken. So anyway, the next day she called the company and left a voicemail. No call back. She called back 2 days later and got this other girl who said that they shoudl have worked overtime if we asked for it. She said she'll try to get it squared away but never called her back and we've been checking her voicemail ever since. Now I have all these things left at the house that shoudl have been taken, that were packed away (aside from loose stuff that I took myself)... and a patio set that my girl kept asking them to take and come back for but they jsut RUSHED out. They kept saying how fast they are... well yes, they ARE very fast... fast moving... which is a good thing... but the bad thing was that they were too fast with customer service. No time to really "talk" about what needed to be done. I would have rather spent the extra money to have them do it in an organized way, but it was just rush rush rush. My girl had a breathing emergency and she did ask them to hold on for a few minutes but it was a little chaotic because they wanted to clear out a room so she could sit in it, which was nice of them, but she was supposed to be facilitating it all and had kindly asked them to hold on so she can direct, but because they would not allow that, I had to step in and try to facilitate what she had planned. Anyway, her emergency really had nothing to do with it, because ultimately they were rushing even at the end. We could have made it work with them working one hour overtime, but understandably it was too hot... but my point is if it was too hot, then why wouldn't the owner have allowed them to come back the next day? I'm on a time sensitive situation, as I had to be OUT of my last residence at a certain day. They waited weeks... still no call! Very unprofessional! And that's why they're getting one star. Not because the guys rushed per say but because the way the company dealt with this afterwards when they had an opportunity to make good on the matter.
- Daniel Riley

Many thanks to Neil & his staff , family! The best experience ever! I truly appreciate how professional you & your staff was with me & my family. You made me feel very comfortable along with assuring I will receive my furniture with no problems. I definitely recommend this company & Neil keep up the great work! I will definitely be in touch for any future needs. A special thanks to Melissa as well for taking my call & answering all my questions - you guys are 100! A+
- Melissa B.

In response to below (edit): That is libel. There was never a "panic attack". I explained that I have a lung condition and needed the chair in the back bedroom. They kept moving boxes as I was having an attack. I aske them to stop, tobasically hold off on the entire move and to cancel it all. I didn't know it would be that bad but when I asked them to "stop", they should have stopped. I never gave them permission to even keep on going until they pressured me. I had no say in the matter. Also there were plenty of "packed" boxes that were left. The guys were rushing regardless. They didn't let us say anything and of course the company is going to act like this is not their fault but the fact of the matter is that I checked all my voice mails and who is Melissa? I never got anyone's name in the first place. No one called me back. I finally talked to someone who said they'd send someone for a patio and no one showed! And that just shows how disorganized it all is. Saying I never spoke to you? Bizarre... because I talked to multiple people at the company, so if it wasn't you, that doesn't mean I didn't talk to anyone there. Whoever is running this company should know how bad it is just based on the reviews. When I asked them to stop , stop means stop. At the point your client has to call 911 that is key for STOP MOVING,,, SHE'S HAVING AN EMERGENCY . Where in the right mind does a company justify continue doing a job when the client is begging for them to stop? I woul have been fine paying them the money for coming here, without even moving. They were not listening, plain and simple. That's fine you may have empathy but the workers were lacking communication due to wanting to move the stuff, when I asked them to stop so I can postpone it all. I said it multiple times and they shoul have stopped when they saw paramedics... common sense. Whether "you" think it was a panic attack or not, has no bearing, as you're not in my body nor a doctor, and you were not there... it was a severe lung issue. I couldn't even explain it to the EMS with all commotion going on. I wasn't able to communicate properly to them and therefore needed them to stop. I was not worried about the loose items! They left boxed, taped items because my boyfriend heard them say it was too hot and they pressured him to rush. As for calling back I called many times. I spoke to people each time. They said they'd get back to me some time after the "holiday" and days went by. No call, no voice mail, no email, nothing. Still no call to get patio set. They had the nerve to want to charge me for it too. Furthermore, I was told by someon eon the phone that yes, I could have paid for extra time. I was told that BEFORE moving. My plan was to pay for extra time, to take things slowly so I can verablly explain things and so that I could get stuff moved in house. So whoever told me that "initially", was wrong. When the workers said they have another job to go to, I realized that it's not going to work out. I needed more time and would have gladly paid for more time. When I called to complain, the person said, "Absolutely you could have paid for more time!" Yet, now someone named Melissa is saying that I couldn't have, because they had another job. So therefore, that means, if the job went overtime, I'd have been screwed.... which I was... because the job DID go into overtime, and they refused to stay. There was more to be picked up and not ONE person asked ME if they had gotten everything. Poor communication, plain & simple!! You can fight it all you want but the fact is no one asked me, and no one should be doing anything when someone calls 911!!!!! How do you even justify that? Sorry my emergency was at an inconvenient time for you. I wanted to cancel it all but they weren't having it!
- Barbara R.

Payless did a great job moving us today. From my initial call with Lisa to the moving team of Rob, Mike and Alex, everything went smoothly at the estimated cost. Thank you for making this a pleadant experience. I will call you again for our next move.
- Renee Kessler

An amazing moving company, super affordable and the staff is VERY efficient. Its a family run establishment that takes major pride in their work. They work up and down the entire east coast and take great care in everything they move. The owner Lisa is great, very accommodating, the girl answering the phones, Melissa, is super sweet and informative, and the movers (Mark is the one i spoke to the most) are very skilled and good at what they do. I highly recommend for any move, large or small!
- Michael Twaddel

Thanks for the help moving will Definitely call again. Very professional crew. Thanks again!!!
- Justin Peters

Used them about a month ago. They are fabulous. Great experience ever with this moving company. They were earlier than expected, which was great for us, and they really did go above and beyond what we expected from a moving company.
- francine forte

Excellent and experienced movers. Took great care of my furniture as far as protecting and wrapping each piece! Thanks again.
- Rob Kirk

Really wasn’t expecting to move but Payless made it a cheap and pain-less experience! This moving company is a high class experience highly recommend I have used this company multiple times and every time have had excellent customer service along with a friendly staff
- Mark Tallaksen

James and his crew were amazing.Best moving Company by far and very affordable unlike Other Companies I dealt with. No Complaints I was skeptical at first until I compared the rates and service .Thanks James , will use them again.
- Insta Gram

We use this company all the time. Great guys!
- t b

Great company!! Was quoted A very high number by a van line but Payless came into save the day.They did it with 3 guys and in five hours!! I have a four bedroom home fully furnished the van line quoted me for five guys 8 hours Payless did it with less guys and 3 hours faster and the bill was less then half what the other company was going to charge me!! I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a professional and friendly staff they rocked !!!! Thank you Payless moving for the fast and affordable move.
- Richard Dunn

Leaves damage to other people's property and does not even bother to tell them and acts like nothing happened. Wires left after they knock them down and act like they did nothing.Awful company. Not to mention workers peeing on the property while they work also and not wearing masks during a pandemic.
- Christian Davidson

I would 100% recommend Payless Moving. They were very professional group of guys.They helped me in a very bad situation, after another company canceled on me 3 days before my move. They arrived on time and were very pleasant and efficient. Thanks again Payless Movers for making my moving day smooth!!
- Marlenep Palma

The Payless Moving crew (Jerry, Joe and Dwayne) did an outstanding job helping my mother move into a local Assisted Living facility. They were prompt, efficient and professional in all aspects of the process. They were also quite helpful in disassembling, packing and reassembling furniture as needed without pushback or complaint. Importantly, they were very quite cordial and respectful, to me, my mother and the AL staff. As they mentioned multiple times, they’re goal was to “make a new house a home”. I highly recommend them without reservation.
- Paul Schroy

I used Payless moving. They did a great job. D. Jeryy and joe joe were very professional. They loaded and unloaded. With care and were very responsible to all items. They were efficient well well mannered Business adequate and were very customer service friendly. They made me feel trust which put me at ease. I definitely recommend and would use them again . GM CIA
- G M

I’m a second time customer of Payless Movers. This is my second move in eight months ! I have to say once again I am super impressed with this company and their staff. Oscar, Mark and Jo Jo were outstanding! Moving can be very very stressful but the 3 of them made it not so bad. Oscar is a great foreman. So professional, friendly, respectful, of me and my property and keeps his crew moving quickly and efficiently. . I have an over sized king size canopy bed with 4 pillars the size of tree trunks. AGAIN, They took it apart, wrapped it, got it on the truck, unloaded it in my new place, and put it back together without a problem at all!! I felt like I was being taken care with white glove treatment. The price that was quoted was the price I paid. No surprises or hidden fees. Thank you guys!! Highly recommend you to anyone! Stay safe!! MC
- Maria Cathcart

I would not hesitate to recommend Payless Moving. They are a local business and did an excellent job on my somewhat complex moving needs. They were promp, efficient and courteous in addition to taking great care with my furniture and belongings.
- Rose Lepo

Absolutely would recommend Payless Moving! I used them for my move yesterday and it went so smoothly thanks to them. The 3 guys (Ryan, Mike & Joe) were awesome! Super polite, efficient and careful. 100% will use them for any moving needs in the future! Lisa was also great at getting me a quote and scheduled. The whole experience was excellent start to finish!
- Sarah Stevens

I called Payless for a small move and they were unavailable and then after I begged squeezed me in after their other moves. I must have texted Rob about 15 times and he was patient and responsive. Oscar, Jose and Xavier were the movers and they were respectful, efficient and professional. No hesitation - I would use them again. They gave me a decent price for a small move and then went over and above helping me rearrange my storage unit since I had to add more than I had originally planned. Great company. Try calling some of these other places - no call backs, disconnected numbers. This is a small family run business and it shows - customer still matters.
- Maria Martins

Unprofessional. Not wearing masks. Broke several items. Wanted overtime before touching or moving one item.
- GGIRL Martin

Ryan and Oscar did a great job moving our furniture. We would definitely use Payless Moving again.
- Diane Forte

Scheduling was easy, especially since I called with short notice (2 days prior) and was even able to accommodate me again after I had to push back the time originally set. The movers arrived on time and very friendly. They shrunk-wrap all of my furniture, and we're very conscious of making sure everything was secure and would not break. Everything was seamless and under an hour than quoted. Less stress for me, and more time for busy moving schedule. Cost was reasonable and cheaper than other places I had inquired. I would definitely use their services again and would highly recommend!
- Danielle M.

If I could give this company a zero I would on March 3rd the owners husband Neil arrived at my door on time I had boxes in the living room, the kitchen, the hallways and in the garage. I had spoke to Lisa the wk before and advised her that I wanted my heavy furniture moved 1st then my boxes I had one storage unit 10×30 and if I needed another for my boxes I would get it. I walked her husband Neil around and I told him that I wanted my heavy stuff moved in and the boxes to be toward the front so that I would be able to get to them and he said that is what they would do and I told him that the boxes in the kitchen were not going he smelled like he had a taste on his breath early in the morning. He said he would let the guys know well I left to get more moving blankets and during that time they loaded my boxes and a couple of heavy items on to the truck even the boxes that I told him not to take. I didn't know until we are at the storage unit and I see some of the boxes with kitchen details on it so I am speaking to the little guy Oscar who has a lot of mouth and he kept asking me what difference did it make because they were all coming anyway and I told him because I specifically stated that I wanted my heavy furniture moved in 1st and my boxes to be near the doorway he just kept repeating the same thing what difference did it make and I asked him if his mom wants something done a certain way does he do it like that and he said yes and I said well what I am paying for I want it done the way that I requested. I even treated them to breakfast an that lil bastard wanted to talk junk. He called Lisa and she told them to stop moving my stuff because she felt that I was not going to pay so I called her and asked her what was going on and she said it was confusion and she didn't want no problems so I told her to send her husband back because he knew what I said to him that morning about my stuff and she said he couldn't come back! What the hell is he a lil kid or something he probably had more to drink, so she agreed to send another person out to get it done quickly. The guy she sent was very quick and good but Oscar became more mad because Lisa was going to credit me time so he was talking crap in Spanish thinking that no one knew what he was saying and he called the word Puta which my niece heard him say to another Spanish worker Jose and then he even spoke against Neil and said he wasn't even the owner because he is not really with his wife Lisa but he was the one in charge!! Well Lisa needs to get his lil ass in line and fire him for telling her business and how he treats a customer who is paying for their service. Needless to say I can't get to any of my boxes and they left multiple boxes just sitting out in the storage building. I will now be filing a claim in court against them so if you are looking for a moving company bypass Payless Moving in Turnersville NJ. Lisa
- Dana B.

This was by far the worse experience I have ever had dealing with movers. These 3 Uzbek speaking russian are a bunch of hustlers, point blank. They try to intimidate you. They are very loud, disrespectful and just a bunch of crooks. First thing they did when they came in was to talk about tips, demanding hundreds of dollars of tips just so that they can work around the 2&1/2 hours. They kept adding more & more fees. RUN WHILE YOU CAN.
- Nick Nurse

Do not use these movers whatever you do! We booked them a month ahead of time, emailing them and speaking with them several times before our move. Even talk to them the day before the move. They called us the night before at 5pm before the move and canceled stating one of the workers had COVID-19 and the other two refuse to work. I asked how many people are in your company and he said 4. We were moving to Delaware the next morning and had no movers anymore because of this jerk off. I didn’t believe a word he said. He only offered to refund my deposit. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I am currently working on suing him in court for the costs I had to pay to hire new movers in such a short abrupt time. Totally unprofessional.ZERO stars. Worst ever!!
- Susan Bardon

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