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Quality of service: 3.3

Punctuality: 3.9

Accuracy of Estimate: 4.6

Customers’ rating: 1.4

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About PackRite Movers

We are a carrier located in the East Coast, specifically in service for moving and storing all of your household goods! We offer a Professional White Glove, Door-to-Door Service, from start to finish! We all know how stressful moving can be, but with a company like us to service you, your precious furniture and items will be in trustworthy and honest hands.

Moving-Me about PackRite Movers

The company provides a range of moving services: material packing, furniture & appliances, delivery. When it comes to packing, the company’s staff have all of their moving crew trained to pack your sentimental items properly to avoid any damages while on a moving truck. Their team can move your big piano or large refrigerator. Their strong and professional crew will take it from here. The company has no shipping limits. They provide their services Nationwide. If you are not ready for delivery yet, PackRite Movers provide their customers 30 days of free storage to accommodate your needs.

PackRite Movers Licenses & Certificates

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we could not find the company’s licenses. To legitimately operate the company must have an Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number, US Department of Transportation number or Local State License.

ICC MC number: not provided

(Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier number)

US D.O.T: not provided

(US Department of Transportation number)

Local State License: not provided

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What is PackRite Movers cost?

Be ready that the average interstate move is about $2500. Remember that prices also depend on such factors as date, home size, a shipment size, chosen services, and distance from A to B point. Also, many companies offer hourly rates. This is the reason why you better compare competing moving quotes from licensed movers with our tool here.

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We are here for you to perform a verified and trustworthy moving company to manage your local, long-distance, or interstate relocation. Having years of experience Moving-me is a proven team of professionals who are ready to provide you with the best variants of your forthcoming event. Operating from all over the USA we are considered to be one of the best moving quality&cost service selection companies. We highly respect your time and money and are doing our best to make your move fast, smooth, stress-free, and cost-effective. PackRite Movers is a great representative of the modern move with highly experienced professionals and the latest moving equipment.

PackRite Movers Reviews

PackRite Movers worked non stop from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm! The crew leader had a GREAT PERSONALITY and he knew what we had and where everything went better than I did! For my next move I will ask for the same crew they were TRULY amazing!!!
- Chris Cruz

I have moved many times in my life within state and out of the state and I finally hired someone out this last time. Crew where amazing. Not only did they take care of my family's things during our move from NJ to FL as if it where their own they where fast and reasonable I am so LUCKY I found them and I will be a come back again as a customer and I will make sure all my friends know about PackRite Movers as well.
- Jose Waddell

We just finished moving from a studio in NJ to a house in AZ. Crew from PackRite Movers did an excellent job for US. They were fast, efficient, professional and very easy going guys. The price is also pretty affordable. We will definitely use this company again if we need to move again.
- Lynn John

Will never hire them again Non-professionals, not straightforward, delayed the delivery of furniture more than twenty days, a lot of furniture arrived broken and my disk chair is missing, and they not answer phone calls Minus five stars.
- Fuad Khafaji

This company is set up as a scam from the start. They will give you an “estimate” at the beginning which they will force you to sign prior to them loading any items. Once they have completed, you can expect your price to be doubled. I asked them to remove my items since the price was no where near what we had agreed upon. They refused and said that they now have a binding contract and that I had to pay or my stuff would not be returned or delivered. I’ve never dealt with a company this terrible and obviously set up as a scam. If your furniture does make it to you, it won’t be in one piece and will take well over a month. You’ve been warned! Avoid this company! They are typically used by moving brokers, that is the only way we had the unfortunate chance of meeting this awful company.
- Seth Glenn

They're scam artists. My final bill was triple the original quote. During my original quote I was told it would be priced by weight, as soon as he saw the boxes he said, no, it's priced by cubic feet. Then at delivery they demanded balance in cash or post office money orders. When I couldn't produce either they upped the price another $2000 and held my belongings hostage until it was paid. These are NOT legitimate moves!! If you see them run the other way, fast!!!!!!
- Russ Hughes

Hey everyone I'm putting together a lawsuit to shut this company down and will be sending messages on here to everyone as well to come help me shut this company down forever so they can't scam anyone else. you can email me at [email protected] they scammed me bad and from all the bad reviews on here they are just scammers and im gonna show them they can't do this to people and just get away with it.
- packrite lawsuit

How can you treat Veterans even Americans like this? These are scam artist, All American & Easy Moving! Initially we had no dealings with them so let’s add in all negative parties I approached All American Movers that are located in Florida and I didn’t know that they were in Florida...Alexandra was the person I initially spoke to on numerous occasions acting nice sweet and cordial! I had another company which gave me a great price of 2600 dollars for everything pack up delivery set up...the American in me had to go looking for a better deal which WAS NOT! Alexandra listened as I told her I had a 2 bed 2 bath apartment with lots of clothes and shoes and miscellaneous things to add to my move and she annotated 3/4 what I said and gave me a price of 2297.00 I thought oh so much cheaper let me discuss it with my wife and get back to you...couple of weeks went by and on July 3rd I locked in the price of the move and that’s how Alexandra put it by paying the down payment of 854.00 dollars of the above price she asked me when do I want my household goods I told her a date and she said it will be there three days after you move 4 tops! I thought ok perfect! She also said that the movers would contact me 3 days prior to them getting to my apartment and that I would have to pay 700 which would be half the balance when they get there and the other half on delivery! Again Alexandra told me that the 854.00 I put down locked in the 2297 price so at that point it’s no longer an estimate! Here’s where it gets crazy now 3 days before no call 2 days before no call 1 day before the visit no calls! The day of the agreed day and time (22 July 20)that the movers are supposed to be there they don’t call I have to call All American Movers (which here’s where Sierra comes in) cause at this point Alexandra has checked out don’t answer emails phone see where the movers gets worked out I was told they would be here between 12-5! 12 no show 1 no show 2 no show 3 no show 4 no show 5 no at this point I had the drivers number and asked where are you at (his name is Mike) he said oh I’m doing another move or just dropping off it’s going to be a little bit after 5 before I show!!!! You or your company are not realizing at that point you breached your own contract we paid for PGS( premium guaranteed service meaning they were supposed to be on time and the correct day! Because by there standards if you weren’t their on delivery they could leave or over charge you double to come back again so they breached their own contract!) Also a verbal contract is a contract that can hold up in a court of law! The foreman worked it out and said he would be at my house at 9 o’clock on the 23rd of July I said ok which bound the contract again that they broke! The 23rd comes around 7,8,9 o’clock no phone calls no show again you just violated your own contract again and disrespected me by trusting your company! Not only that 10,11,12,1,2 o’clock they show up so you would think they would have their affairs in order NOPE! Mike the foreman came into my house and looked around everywhere and looked at all the stuff(mind you I spent three days packing my whole household with my wife and stacked it so it need nothing but to be moved)! Mike looked at my stuff and said that everything would be tagged and that’s it..walked out to his truck! Mind you he took 30 min to configure his truck....did not ask a question or make a statement of anything concerning what was packed all he had to do with his crew was to move it on the truck! Now when I walked outside cause I had to escort to get them back in notice that the truck they were driving wasn’t All American it said Easy Moving! They took from 2-11pm using 3 guys to move stuff out from stuff already packed unnecessarily used their boxes and materials to rebox my stuff then charged me additional price of 2702! At the end! Mike charged us alone 900 for labor but that was in the original price (labor fuel Pick up and transfer) completely scam artist don’t trust them nor their affiliates go elsewhere!
- R.R. Chisholm

1 star If I could give zero stars I would. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They are completely unprofessional. My truck came, and the gentleman loaded up all my stuff. I watched as they dropped a few of my boxes marked FRAGILE on all sides, and they said absolutely nothing. Once all my stuff was in the truck and closed up, they went over everything with me and decided to charge me double. They added on an extra $1200+. Nothing was added to my inventory. I actually decided to leave my bike off the truck, and i was still double charged. Instead of owing $563 at drop off, we now had to figure out how to pay for $1831.00. I was told 1-7 days from pick up would be my delivery. My items were picked up on June 21st, though the pick up date was written down as June 28th. For about three weeks I had no idea where my personal belongings were. I got no answers, no calls back, when I would get in touch with someone they would tell me they’d call me back and I received no calls. I called every day for a week before finally getting the answer that my things were still sitting in New Jersey and hadn’t even been shipped yet. I was told they were having difficulty finding a truck to deliver my items, an answer that I thought was unacceptable considering they took the job and all of my personal possessions. A whole month after my pick up, my items were delivered to me. I was told they would be delivered between 12 and 2. Then got a call back that they wouldn’t be there until 5. My truck finally arrived at 6:00pm 4 weeks after my pick up date. I am missing two baskets, all my pillows, a lamp, and a box. On of my boxes marked fragile on all sides was completely squished. It has my childhood Christmas ornaments in it and i have had the heart to open it. Some of my dishes were broken when I took them out of the box that had clearly been dropped (judging my the condition of the box). I have emailed the company three times and called and left a message about my missing items and hopefully getting some sort of refund since I had to go out and spend more money to replace the missing and damaged items. It has been a week of attempting to make contact and I have received no responses. I’m absolutely disgusted by this company. I’m upset about my personal belongings being damaged and missing. I’m disgusted with their ability to manipulate and abuse their clients. Double charging someone for space they didn’t use is gross. Holding your personal items in the truck until you make the full payment and then refusing a partial refund after you find you’re missing items is sick. I’m lucky i have family that was willing to help me and loan me some money so that my items weren’t held hostage from me, but the company is a sad excuse for a business. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. You WILL regret it.
- Abbie Cleveland

PackRite Movers was contracted to move my possessions from a 1bdr apartment in Cambridge, MA to Dayton, MA by Misson Moving. The movers who arrived to pick up my stuff were friendly, professional, and attentive. The movers who arrived in Dayton, OH were not. They arrived well over a week late, and I had to spend a total of around 2 hours on call with both them and Mission Moving to even get an estimate (which changed several times before they ultimately arrived). The truck drivers themselves called me day-of (not 24 hours in advance) to say they'd arrive between 6:30pm and 7:30pm; they arrived, of course, right on the dot at 8:30pm. They insisted that I sign a sheet stating that "all the services that were ordered have been ordered have been performed, have been fully satisfied, and the truck was inspected and nothing has been left behind" _before they had even opened the truck_. Multiple items of furniture had been damaged. They attempted to drive away while my wardrobe - the largest item of furniture shipped - was still in the truck. Mission Movers is a full-service moving agency that includes "Reassembly of all items that were disassembled by the movers on the day of pick-up". I had to _remind_ them of this fact, as they attempted to leave before reassembling my bed and corner desk. While examining the state of the corner desk, I noticed damage to one drawer and the mover was unable to find the screws needed to put it back together. He told me he'd "be back in a second" as he went back down to the truck to find the screws and retrieve the inventory sheet so it could be updated. He then immediately drove away. Just to reiterate, this moving agency: - Was well over a week late - Damaged multiple items in transit - Communicated poorly or not at all - Solicited my signature for services that had not yet been provided, and maintained an inaccurate inventory sheet - Through incompetence or malice nearly drove away with an expensive item of furniture - Did not perform the services for which they were contracted - Lied directly to my face I would kindly suggest that you exercise literally any option other than engaging with this company.
- Matthew Alioto

This is the message I got from THESE CRIMINALS after they stole our belongings and I told them we were not going to pay $3896 when they originally said the price would be $1998. And I quote: "Have your lawyer call me. That’s not the way this works. We don’t move items for free. Either you or your lawyer or your realtor is paying me and no one is getting any furniture until I get every penny owed to me. Call the dot call the cops call who you want I don’t really care. Someone pay me and I’ll deliver. That’s the way I conduct my business. I WILL get paid from one person or another. Until then, you WILL NOT have your furniture. Let me make that REAL clear. You have rights. So do I."
- Carolyn Wynn

Worst moving experience I have ever had. These people are crooks and scammers. They took 10 extra days to deliver my property and then held it hostage until I either paid with a money order or cash. Avoid these scammers at all cost. They will ignore your calls, make up excuses, and at the end of the day show up late. I had to sleep on an air mattress in my own home for 2 weeks because they didn't meet their delivery window. Terrible, I would give zero stars if possible.
- Jon Salman

I would give zero stars if I was able. You should run fast and furious if you have to deal with this moving company. They are despicable with the worst business practices. I moved in June 7, 2020 and still do not have my belongings. They make excuses and do not return phone calls. I am beginning to think I will never see my belongings again.
- Joe Word

Run for your dear life; scammers, scammers and scammers.
- Isii Okpokiri

Absolute worst experience of our family’s lives!!! Please stay away from this company!!! Started off nice enough with a good price for our move from Florida to Arizona with Dougherty Brothers Moving. We hired them then after we get everything boxed up and ready to go they call us less than a week out from our move date and want an inventory list. Provide them the list and then they say our move cost will be almost double. This is after they already had 20% of the funds as deposit. I reluctantly accept as they already had my deposit and we were already boxed up like they told us. Then on the day we were told would be our pickup day, they don’t show up. Call them and they say it will be later in afternoon. No show during new pickup window. Call them and they say it will now be the next day. The next morning an entirely new company shows up (PackRite Movers) to pack our stuff not Dougherty Brothers. They never mentioned once about them subcontracting out the work. PackRite driver showed me a new contract with them and it says the new increased amount Dougherty quoted me so I signed it as they said I needed to before they would pack our stuff. After packing, they then told me there was additional charges of $1400 for additional weight and packing materials, but the exact truck amount Dougherty told me it would fit is what it did so there is no way there is more weight. Nor did they even weigh the truck. When I said I didn’t agree to the charges PackRite said I either had to pay the charges or pay them $5K cash and they would unload. It’s extortion. I called our local police, but since interstate moves are federal they couldn’t help. I either had to pay the $1400 or pay the $5K!! So sickening! I felt forced and paid the $1400. The earliest delivery date for our stuff in Arizona was 26 July 2020. It is now Sep 2nd and we don’t have our stuff. Dougherty and PackRite have been horrible to deal with during this whole process. Don’t answer or hang up on you. When they do they give estimated dates and they pass and then give more. It’s been 6 weeks and we still don’t have our stuff. Just filed a complaint on both of these companies with the DOT. Please don’t use this company!!! We just hope we get our stuff and we hope others don’t have to deal with this like we are. All of our priceless family pictures, videos and heirlooms are with these folks and all we can do is pray we get them back. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM DOUGHERTY BROTHERS AND PACKRITE MOVERS!!!
- Trey Hearn

- Elizabeth Perez

Any move is stressful, but Alliance movers and Packrite movers made the experience more stressful than typical. I have submitted a claim and I have not yet heard back for over a month. In short: Packrite has poor customer service, communication, professionalism, and lack of care for your belongings. Details below - Difficult communication - The PackRite Movers phone is rarely picked up by a person. I left multiple messages and attempted to reach Packrite through Alliance Movers (the broker). It is challenging to speak directly to anyone who works there due to their hours and lack of picking up the phone, which is problematic when you have any hitches during the move. Poor customer service - The movers called me the day of pick up with 1 hr notice. This is nerve wracking when it's mid-day and you still have not heard if someone is coming to meet you. Basically, you're on house arrest waiting for them to call, should they call, or you waste the day thinking you're going to get stood up. My husband used the same movers for a different job. His movers arrived hours later than the stated time. His belongings were delivered at midnight, with the movers unloading in the middle of the night until 4 AM. Needless to say, this was disruptive. For my delivery, I was called 24 hrs in advance and they were ready to deliver on the 1st day of the estimated 7 day delivery window. When I discussed moving the delivery date by 1 day, they were rigid and unwilling to accommodate. They threatened hourly and daily charges if they were required to wait. In our rush to meet them, we missed the chance to spend time with family and drove through the night. The movers were 6 hours delayed for a legitimate reason, but we were never called or updated. We were left harrassing the booking and moving companies to find info. Low accountability - I accept that there will be collateral damage with any move, but I had multiple missing items. Be wary when they pick up. Make sure they have a full inventory list that is accurate. Better yet, fill it out yourself, document thoroughly, and take photos of everything. The movers who picked up my belongings requested that I sign everything in advance and they would fill the forms later. This is sketchy. I did look things over before they left in a rush, but they pressure you to sign everything blindly. As a result, some missing items were not listed on the inventory list. Poor care/organization-When the movers delivered my items, my furniture was in a truck shared with two other moves. My belongings were in the middle and the movers had to remove all the boxes/furniture blocking my items. Some poor soul's stuff was strewn around the truck on the street and lawn as they were digging out my belongings. I received a complaint from the apartment management about the mess they left behind in the entrance way and lobby. In the mover's rush, they did put a dent/scuff in the wall of the apt I just moved into. In order to find my missing items, the movers invited me to look in the truck myself to identify anything with my tag color/number. I did find a missing headboard, but they were stepping on other people's boxes to investigate and encouraged me to do the same. This explains why my boxes were dented/scuffed and had broken contents. The challenge with working with two companies (a booking and moving company) is that when there are issues, they point the responsibility to the other company leaving the customer stranded and stuck in the middle. I submitted a claim regarding my broken and missing items, and the damage done to the apartment. No one from Packrite or Packrite claims department has responded to my emails or phone calls for over a month. I have confirmed the accurate contact information, but you are unable to leave a message since their mailbox is full. No one from the claims department or Packrite can be contacted, and you the customer are left high and dry. I would avoid booking with them to avoid the extra stress or unpleasant surprises associated with any cross country move.
- Joyce Jhang

It truly baffles me that this company has not been shut down yet. I don’t even know where to start to describe this horrible company. I’m sure the only reason they even get business is because brokers hire them because I did not hire them. They were a month late. I’ve seen lemonade stands run by three-year-olds managed better than the incompetent Jen runs that company. This woman had the nerve to yell at us on the phone because we were asking why we were upcharged over twice what we were estimated. I even told the movers to stop loading things after we hit our estimate and they said OK don’t worry we will. After they finished loading they told us the price and said we couldn’t take anything off because it was already loaded. To top it all off, once we finally did get our stuff half of it was broken and the insurance company said they would give us $90. I truly pity anyone that has to deal with this joke of a company.
- Matt Glenn

This moving company is horrible.. Poor communication and full of hidden fees.. I DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL
- Beauty Collector

If I could choose ZERO stars, I would. This is the worst company. They promised to deliver My out of state move within a certain timeframe and never responded to our calls asking for updates on arrival. On the 10th day They called 1 hour before arriving and arrived at 7pm and claimed they had to unload the truck immediately not giving us anytime to plan with our building. Furthermore they did not complete the services paid for which includes assembling furnishings. They also promised that we could pay with a credit card and upon delivery they refused to accept anything but cash. When they were unloading, we noticed many boxes damaged. I do not recommend this company. Beware!
- Luna Tic-Tac-Toe

UPDATE: ABSOULTELY DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH THIS COMPANY. After writing my initial review the owner cold called me, cussed me out, was unwilling to have an adult conversation about the problems I was experiencing, then tried to charge me an additional $1000 to return my items. Our stuff was returned damaged and the movers did not wear masks, put any protection on the floors, and arrived with one man and two others they picked up from the construction crew in our neighborhood. DO NOT ALLOW THIS BUISNESS TO TOUCH YOUR STUFF. I hired a broker for our move from WV to AZ called Mission Moving. Mission contracted PackRite Movers to transport our belongings. We were told our stuff would be there on a certain day and no we can not get into contact with them AT ALL. We are in the process of pursuing legal actions against them, and hope to prevent anyone else from letting them touch their stuff.
- Chelsea Guiseppi

AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. email [email protected] for further details if you are considering utilizing their services or already have been burned by them
- Steven O'Brien

DO NOT USE THIS. COMPANY. we used All Pro Moving Company and they contracted out to Pack Rite Movers, (which we didn’t know about until they are the ones who showed up to the pick up) which was absolutely terrible. charged way over the estimate price, very hard to get in touch with, unprofessional, didn’t even get in contact before the scheduled move to go over everything, whole experience felt like a scam and my property ended up being damage. never again will I use this company or the contracted company. I wish we would have been told different moving company would be the ones to show up because the pack rite movers felt like a total scam and made us pay through bank app which was sketchy and they did not assemble furniture which is what was told at the beginning that they would have done. this company needs shut down
- Danielle F

Extremely bad experience. They were late. They lost several items including a 55 inch TV, broke multiple items, smashed glasses and dishes. When I contacted them to notify them of missing items and broken items, all I received was a text from a totally different number that I called stating “ok I will have warehouse manager look for the missing items”. That’s it, no apologies, no concern nothing. No further communication or update on items. Very poor customer service! How is it they lost a large item that was tagged with our job number? They are very careless. A bunch of boxes were smashed. Totally unspeakable.
- Karin Spinelli

Horrible horrible experience. Beware of this company! Never on time. We were promised three days in a row and they didn't show up. When they finally did they claimed their truck could not fit in our community (it can - 18 Wheeler's come in here all the time.). Then, they dumped our stuff at the community entrance (about 200 yards from our unit) and drove off, leaving us to figure out how to make it the final leg. Do not use this company or you will certainly be sorry.
- Tom Moser

Absolute worst experience of my son Life! The movers should face allegations ranging from damaging property to using deceptive marketing tactics and alleged extortion & THIEF!
- eddie hearn

One of the worst experiences of my life. Bait and switch on price then refused to unload my things. I was unable to pay so they put my things in their storage and it became rat-infested. When I filed the insurance claim they had the nerve to "offer" $168!! It has cost me $1000's to replace what they destroyed.. They blew smoke up my but from the beginning making promises only to renege. I wish I saw these reviews before I used their blanked up service. I am filing a lawsuit but it seems a class action should be filed..I think that is the best way to go at this point..this scam will run circles around you..DO NOT TRUST THEM AT ALL!!
- Neva Montford

This was the WORST moving experience I've ever had. The movers were 12 hours late with no communication - which set me back so much in my move. The final estimate was 300% of what they gave me over the phone (illegal much?) - and at the final destination, 2 items were broken beyond repair and one large and valuable picture was missing. I'm bracing myself for a long and probably pointless fight for reimbursement, will update here once it gets resolved
- Maria Goebert

My belongings were picked up in early July and the movers arrived over a month later.... They asked if a 70 foot 18 wheeler would be able to come into the storage unit and I said probably not. However, They still brought my items in a full sized 18 wheeler and then charged me $250 more because it didn’t fit and caused them to have to walk further! When they arrived my desk, dresser, bed, mattress, TV, half of my sectional couch and a few other items were missing. The few boxes that were delivered, were completely destroyed and torn apart. In addition, I was charged more than twice of what I was originally quoted. I was quoted $1600, and have paid well over $3300 for items I have still not received. I’ve called numerous times and left a voicemail each time, but haven’t received a call back. Because of that, I haven’t even been able to file a claim for the very expensive items I haven't received. If you are moving, do not use this company! How they are still in business baffles me!
- MissMandiElizabeth

Total Scam. They lost expensive items and cannot be contacted. Do not use. Repeat: Do Not Use, They are thieves.
- susie McNiff

This is a fraud company, don’t even think to use their services. They rob you legally.
- karthik kantety

Liars. Thieves. Cheats. DO NOT USE. ZERO ⭐
- daniel gordon

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